How To Use Vibrational Healing Tools

There is a very important, but often ignored, aspect to to existence: subtle, invisible, vibrational, electromagnetic fields and waves. Every cell in your body acts as a receiver and also as a transmitter, of vibrational information. Electromagnetic signals are the basis for every thought, emotion, heart beat, taste, smell, and move you make or experience. Fields from every electric or electronic device affect us in some way. The rising volume of wifi signals from routers and cell towers is starting to show.

There are two ways to address this: you can block by putting up a shield that will create a safe zone with lower electro-smog, the noise that disrupts normal function, or you can balance the persons subtle fields regardless of the environment in which he or she is operating right now. The shields are great for sleeping. You can enhance this by setting up an orgone accumulator, a bed or mattress pad filled with Laminar Crystal, much like we do in our Star Chamber rejuvenation systems.

If you need to work with electronic devices, you need to balance your body’s energies continuously. You can reduce their effect by grounding, or earthing by supplying your body with the negative ions that reduce your oxidative stress, and slow down your aging. But this is not all. Beyond electromagnetic frequencies we have subtle energies that move faster than the speed of light, that allow us to be in constant rapport or contact regardless of location.

This issue has been sufficiently tested by NASA and military to prove that we can tune into another person and know what they are feeling or experiencing. It is the system by which remote viewing and healing is possible. One of the names used for these communications is tachyonic. We have a number of subtle healing tools that help communicate to your body the information it needs to function in harmony with the original design.

Using the vibrational healing tools is an empirical process. If you read a book about skiing, you will have a general idea about what to expect, but you still need to put on the skis and get on the slope, to really know what to really do. Or maybe it is like a kiss: I can tell you about it, but you need to do it to know what I really mean. Explore our Transformation Tools to get your vibrational healing experience.

Author: Life Enthusiast