Humic and Fulvic Acid

Earth is an amazing and complex organism by itself. It is a closed circle of life and energy. Think about all the perfectly working systems it contains: water circulation, birds and animals migrating to warmer areas for winter, bees pollinating plants, earthworms loosening the soil to help air and water get in, cows eating the grass and later fertilizing it naturally with their feces, incidentally creating more topsoil which grows more grass and produce This is not something humans intended to do, this is an inherent system of nature, this is how life on Earth is supposed to work.

Modern agriculture is not just slowly killing our planet, but also makes people sick by providing them hollow, nutritionally empty foods grown on depleted soil, using chemical fertilizers that are not safe enough for the farmer to walk around the field without a face mask, but somehow are perfectly safe for us to eat. Healthy soil is rich in bacteria and microorganisms that are not just crucial for growing healthy plants and trees, but also very important for us humans. Earthing, gardening, barefoot walking, just any form of direct contact between human skin and bare ground and dirt is proven to be extremely beneficial and have a huge impact on both mental and physical health. Additionally, bacteria found in the soil help us strengthen our immune system, making us more resistant to viruses, pathogens, and infections. When those good microbes decompose the organic matter, they create a very rich compound that is called Fulvic Acid. It is a very complex substance that has an ability to bind both positive and negative ions, making it an excellent vitamin and mineral transporter.

It brings all the necessary nutrients into our cells when consumed, works as a natural electrolyte and powerful antioxidant when ingested, but also works topically when applied to rashes, skin irritations, burns or even open wounds. Fulvic acid derived from humate contains over 80 minerals and trace elements that are essential for our bodies. Essential does not mean that those compounds are rare in nature, it means that our bodies are not able to create these elements themselves. The human body is able to convert beta-carotene from food into vitamin A. However, we are not able to create linoleic acid, for example, one of the essential fatty acids, and we must simply obtain it from other sources. Humic acid supplies us with trace minerals and vitamins, amino acids, and phytochemicals. It has an antiviral effect against the common cold, flu, and many other diseases. It doesn’t just fight the virus, it is also a great prevention tool, is reported to work as an excellent immune booster, and also helps with hormonal balance.

Both humic and fulvic acids are commonly used as a soil supplement in agriculture, making the soil nutrient and mineral rich. Depleted soil doesn’t grow very healthy plants, but rich topsoil full of minerals and beneficial bacteria provides us with healthy and nutrient dense food. In today’s world, it is necessary to supplement with certain compounds, but we do not need any chemicals and drugs because nature provides us with medicine in the very pure and natural form of fulvic and humic acid. Both are explained in great details on Life Enthusiast website and podcast, so take your shoes off, put your feet in the dirt and learn more about natures dirty little secrets.

Author: Nina