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Even considered in only the narrowest, most direct and specific terms, the impacts of Choline and Inositol are immense. Cells shorted of Inositol develop abnormal structures. Dividing cells fail to separate so you end up with a two-cell equivalent of a horror movie monster where two people end up melting together into one hideous mass. In other cells, life-oxygen activities are disrupted. Enzyme levels plummet, and soon, life-energy production sinks to death levels. If this sounds to you like a formula for cancer, don’t think that you are alone in that thought!

Coffee and caffeinated sodas deplete Inositol. Coffee is linked to cancer and birth defects. In a German study, the offspring of 6-or-more-cup-a-day coffee-drinking fathers had substantially more birth defects. Hot weather drinking of huge amounts of water also depletes Inositol. Ever feel slow-minded and sluggish after it’s been hot for a few days? Then try taking some Inositol rich Xtrapure Lecithin to help your body compensate for hot weather Inositol loss.

Author: Jevari Oberon