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Drucker Labs intraMAX Studies

The results show that intraMAX improved metabolism, increased energy and lean muscle mass.

Lab Analysis – Heart Rate

A heart rate variability test is performed by putting a chest strap around a patient’s chest and measuring abnormal heartbeat activity while the patient performs various activities. HRV measures oscillation in the interval between consecutive heartbeats as well as the oscillations between consecutive instantaneous heartbeats.

Analysis below was taken on an individual before taking intraMAX. It shows several measures but concludes with a qualitative analysis of overall fitness level with a scale of 1.1 = The best physical fitness to 13.7 = the worst physical fitness.

45 minutes after taking intraMAX, the same patient repeats the same test with startling results:

With intraMAX, this patient’s score was 6.5 on the scale of 1.1 – 13.7.

Significant change is observed in heart rate variability simply with the addition of intraMAX. The type of response demonstrated in this example has been repeated on many other patients with similar results.

Blood Analysis

The pictures below show a subject’s blood analysis using a dark stain technique perfected by Dr. Harold Klassen, who has over 16 years of blood research.

Before intraMAX After intraMAX
blood analysis intramax after
The picture below shows red blood cells exhibiting stacking and clumping, indicative of poor health This photo shows the same patient’s blood just 45 minutes later after taking intraMAX.

This analysis performed by Dr. Klassen shows how intraMAX is absorbed at the cellular level. intraCELL V technology penetrates red blood cells with essential nutrients, supporting a healthy state.

Thermal Imaging

The thermal imaging technology used measures differentials in temperatures and displays them as spectral colors. Cooler temperatures are shown as blacks, blues, and greens (see scale on side of picture below). Warmer temperatures display more in the reds and purples.

Thermal image of an individual before taking intraMAX.
thermal before
Thermal image of same individual seconds after intraMAX.
thermal after

The individual shows an increase in blood flow circulation which increases internal body heat. These pictures were taken by an independent party. The thermal imaging equipment used to take these pictures is FDA approved.

Product Analysis

Several different analyses have been performed on intraMAX and intraMIN to certify the presence of all ingredients listed on the label. These tests included:

  • Carbon and Proton Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
  • Ion Chromatography
  • Cold Vapor Atomic Absorption
  • Graphite Furnace Atomic Absorption
  • Inductively Coupled Plasma Optical Emission Spectrometry

Metabolic, Clinical Study

A Clinical Evaluation of the Metabolic Response
to a 100% Organic Micro-complexed Dietary Supplement

Dr. James A. McHale, Director, Research and Development, Atlantic Regional Osteoporosis Specialists, Chief, Medical Advisory Board, The Institute of Weight Management and Health

Peer Reviewed by: Dr. Andrew Collins, Board Certified, American Board of Medical Specialties (Specialist, Podiatric Medicine and Surgery)

intraMAX Clinical Study and Test Results

The purpose of this study was to evaluate the changes and differences among test subjects consuming a 100% organic micro-complexed liquid nutritional dietary supplement, and a control group.

The participants, ages 19 to 51, were placed into Group A (Control Group) or Group B. The Control Group consisted of 21 men and 19 women who consumed various brands and forms of daily multiple vitamins (generic and non-generic). Group B (23 men and 17 women) consumed one (1) ounce per day of intraMAX. Both groups were engaged in exercising at a fitness center, a minimum of three (3) times per week utilizing cardiovascular training, weight resistance and stretching.

All participants were tested via whole body Bioimpedance, an FDA approved medical apparatus. Testing is extremely accurate, body fat is +/- 1.5 percent compared to hydrostatic testing. This technology is used by leading medical and research centers, medical schools, and the United States Armed Forces (U.S. Army, Navy, Marines, and Air Force). Data from this sensitive equipment reveals body fat percent, metabolic rate (calories per day expended at rest), body fat in pounds, lean muscle mass in pounds, hydration (total body water in liters), hydration percentage, and target weight in pounds (body fat plus water and lean muscle mass/lean weight).

The results demonstrated a very clear difference in muscle mass, body fat, and metabolism between the two groups:

Statistic Group A (Control Group) Group B (intraMAX Group)
Group Makeup 21 Men, 19 Women 23 Men, 17 Women
Body Fat Percent less than 1.3% less than 2.2%
Metabolic Rate more than 42 calories more than 56 calories
Body Fat less than 1.7 pounds less than 2.6 pounds
Lean Muscle Mass more than 1.15 pounds more than 1.9 pounds
Hydration Essentially unchanged Essentially unchanged
Number of participants at or near their ideal body weight. 9 7

Important findings:
87% of the intraMAX group (Group B) reported more energy compared to 22% of Group A.

The intraMAX group (Group B) gained about three quarters (3/4) of a pound more muscle than Group A.

The women who took intraMAX (Group B) lost more body fat than the women in Group A.

Both men and women taking intraMAX lost an average of almost one pound more than those in Group A; they also decreased their body fat by 41% while their metabolic rate increased by 25%.

The results specifically prove intraMAX 100% organic micro-complexed liquid dietary supplement performed very well in improving metabolism, increasing energy and lean muscle mass, while enabling the body to decrease unnecessary body fat.

Both groups reported the following on survey:

A Being included in the study encouraged both groups to focus more on their exercise technique, schedule, and overall health during the 30-day period.
B 87% of the intraMAX group (Group B) reported more energy, strength and stamina.
C 22% of Group A reported more energy.
D 80% of the intraMAX group (Group B) liked the 100% natural peach/mango flavor of intraMAX (32 of 40).
E 84% of the intraMAX group (Group B) would use intraMAX again (26 of 31).
F 86% of Group A (Control Group, 24 of 28) reported that they would continue to use intraMAX based on the study results.

intraMAX performs as a unique and proprietary, ultra hypoallergenic, 100% vegan formulation which utilizes 144,500 mg/l of living carbon in each 32 oz. bottle (see conclusive Carbon and Proton Nuclear Magnetic Resonance tests) and 427 mg/l of dissolved and stabilized oxygen (see conclusive Ion Chromatography, Cold Vapor Atomic Absorption, Graphite Furnace Atomic Absorption and Inductively Coupled Plasma – Optical Emission Spectrometry tests).

intraMAX instantaneously provides over 72+ – 100% organic microc-omplexed trace minerals along with over 65 organic micro-complexed electrolytes for significantly increased energy, strength, stamina, and vitality. It is naturally rich in fulvic acid and contains the following 100% organic micro-complexed ingredients: 26 Vitamins, 11 Macro-Minerals, 76 antioxidants, 30 Amino Acids, 12 Pure Plant Digestive Enzymes, 8 Probiotics (non-dairy), 30 Herbs, 14 Vegetables, 15 Fruits, 11 Super Green Foods, Aloe Vera (organically-bound), 18 Natural fibers, 29 Bioflavonoids, 7 Protein Mineral Nutrients, Essential Fatty Acids (Omega 3, 6, & 9), Silver (organically-bound), and an exclusive host of proprietary trademarked ingredients as well as intraCELL V Technology researched and developed by Dr. Richard Drucker.

intraCELL V Technology is a unique and proprietary “carbon-bond” technology scientifically designed to maximize intra-cellular and extra-cellular (interstitial fluid and fatty tissue) detoxification as well as rapidly infuse over 265, 100% organic micro-complexed nutrients into the cell.

intraCELL IV Technology appears to significantly and efficiently improve intracellular absorption and utilization of the 265 organic micro-complexed nutrients.

intraMAX is an exceptional ultra hypoallergenic (for environmentally/chemically sensitive persons), great tasting liquid formulation for anyone desiring to increase energy, strength, stamina and vitality. One (1) ounce per day appears successful in: maintaining healthy nerve function(s), assisting the body in preventing allergies, colds and the flu, building and repairing blood, bones, muscles, tissues, joints, ligaments and tendons, as well as reducing “free radical” (oxidation) damage to the body’s cells, slowing the aging process. For peace of mind intraMAX has a prestigious Certificate of Analysis insuring that all its ingredients work together with each other at optimal levels to bring the person seeking health and wellness perhaps the most scientifically advanced product available.

Author’s Conclusion

It is the author’s contention that intraMAX 100% organic micro-complexed liquid dietary hypoallergenic supplement:

A Was an integral part of the improvement in the metabolism and lean muscle mass production in human beings during the 30-day trial
B Performed well in this study
C Increases lean muscle mass, and decreases body fat as revealed in this carefully controlled clinical evaluation of 80 test subjects during a 30-Day trial period
D Provides adequate amino acids, the “building-blocks” of protein (muscle is composed primarily of protein). By providing adequate amino acid levels, muscle production may have been improved, subsequently increasing “basal metabolic rate” (the burning of calories).
E Increases energy production crucial to countless people suffering from a multitude of disorders. For example, those suffering with a challenged immune system from Epstein-Barr Virus and/or chronic fatigue syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, as well as chronic stress (physical and emotional) consistently need more energy. An added benefit of increased energy levels involves the increased burning of calories (via “basal metabolic rate”). Sugar (glucose – C6H12O6) is used by the body for fuel. When glucose levels rise, insulin rises in response. Long term increases in blood sugar may lead to insulin resistance-and eventually diabetes. Diabetics are at much greater risk of developing blindness, cardiovascular disease, kidney disease, nerve damage, and chronic infections.
F Is an effective adjunct to those individuals who want to maintain a healthy cardiovascular system. Those suffering with cardiovascular challenges regularly list lack of energy as one of their biggest concerns.

Study by Fenestra Research Labs

In February 2008, Drucker Labs launched a research study that was performed by Fenestra Research Labs to study the affects of intraMAX on a variety of subjects with various cellular imbalances. It was a 30-day study that included 125 subjects, 50 of which were a placebo group. Although the final report is not complete, the preliminary results are both excellent and exciting! Here was Fenestra Research Labs’ preliminary conclusion:

Statistical analysis of these data shows a consistent picture between treatment groups over time. Results were race, sex and age independent. No adverse events whatsoever were reported during the study.

intraMAX Study Result Overview

  1. Improved cellular pH on an average overall of 1.8
  2. Improved cellular ORP on an average overall of 42%
  3. Improved cellular Toxicity measurements on an average overall of 18%
  4. Improved cellular Specific Gravity measurements on an average overall of 32%
  5. Improved cellular Carbohydrate Digestion on an average overall of 27%
  6. Improved Cellular Respiration on an average overall of 22%

Based on these clinical comparisons and the complete lack of known adverse side effects, interactions, or contraindications from the ingredients in the product, intraMAX was shown to be a safe and highly effective means of improving ones nutrition while helping to maintain or improve cellular systems functions.

intraMAX is Safe and Effective
The study was performed by Fenestra Research Labs to evaluate the safety and efficacy of intraMAX during the trial period. The purpose of the research was to measure the effect of intraMAX on normalizing and improving overall healthy cellular function. This trial indicated that intraMAX is quite effective in detoxifying the body, helping various organs and systems to work better-and thus promoting your overall good health!* And this very positive result was also confirmed by an independent peer review.

Description of the Trial:
Fenestra Research Labs conducted this clinical trial to examine the effects of intraMAX on subjects using the Optimal Wellness Test (OWT). The OWT measures 39 standard biochemical parameters or “markers” in urine and saliva, and from these measurements, health at the cellular level can be ascertained. The OWT can also be used to determine how a product alters cellular metabolism, which can then be extrapolated to assess organ system function. The study was a double-blind, placebo-controlled test performed on 125 test subjects. This was a thirty day test period, with the two groups randomly assigned between the test group which was given the product (exactly according to label directions), and the placebo group subjects.
intraMAX Is Safe:

During this trial on intraMAX there were the following results indicating safety:

  • There were no adverse effects reported by any of the test patients
  • There were no drug or herb interactions with intraMAX.
  • There were no drop outs within the trial study: all 125 subjects were compliant for the duration of the test, and they reported no issues that would cause them to drop out of the study.
  • No subjects experienced any issues or problems with taste or smell of the intraMAX product.

IntraMAX Is Effective:
Details of the efficacy results supported by the clinical study’s findings on IntraMAX can be grouped into 4 areas:

  • All subjects on the product reported more energy throughout the day.*
  • IntraMAX promotes significant improvement in cellular respiration, and thus enhances energy levels.*

[Note: In all measurements of positive effects, the conclusion of improvement is based on a comparison of the baseline data taken before the product use began with the data after 1 month.]


  • Helps achieve proper composition of body pH.* This improved level of acidity in the body promotes better overall functioning.*
  • Helps achieve proper activation and assimilation of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, glycogens, etc.*
  • Augments the hydration level – essential for normal bodily function.* The subjects were tested on Specific Gravity to determine the effects of IntraMAX on hydration.

NOTE: Specific Gravity is a laboratory test that measures the concentration of particles in the urine. Specific Gravity is a function of the types and amounts of solids found in solution. The more there is of a substance in solution, which is heavier than the water, the higher the specific gravity will be. With dehydration, whether it is intra or extracellular, the specific gravity of fluids is higher because the water content goes down as the solids go up; the converse is true for increased hydration. The higher the fluid content the better the hydration levels in the body. The study group on intraMAX showed a significant positive change in their overall Specific Gravity test, thus showing increased hydration.


  • Assists with proper detoxification of intercellular metabolic wastes; and therefore leads to reduced levels of toxicity in the body.*
  • May help normalize the body’s cellular functions.*


  • Helps with digestive enzymes and optimal digestion (especially carbohydrate digestion), which is essential to wellness.*
  • Helps the body’s natural, normal anti-inflammatory response.
  • Some subjects had improved kidney health.*
  • There was a strong antioxidant effect vs. Oxidative Stress, by neutralizing “free radical” damage.*
* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


Based on these clinical comparisons and the complete lack of any known or reported adverse events, side effects, interactions, or contraindications from the ingredients in the Product: IntraMAX was shown to be a safe and highly effective means of Improving one’s overall wellness, and helping bodily systems to function at their best.*

An Independent Trial:
Neither the owner of Fenestra Research nor any of its employees have financial ties to Drucker Labs, the formulator and manufacturer of IntraMAX, and therefore Fenestra Research provided a non-biased study on Drucker Labs’ supplement IntraMAX in terms of not having a financial interest in producing a desired outcome. In addition, the peer reviewer of the study was completely independent of Drucker Labs.

Author: Dr. Richard A. Drucker, M.Sc., N.D.,, Ph.D.