Ionic Minerals Can Restore Body Functions

These mineral supplement drops contain a powerful energy that electrically energizes water, which in turn energizes your body. It also destroys bad bacteria and removes chlorine from drinking water.

This amazing ability is duplicated in nature every day. We can see it in plant roots as they dissolve and uptake minerals, and we can also see it when volcanoes bring forth sulfuric acid to help dissolve stones.

This electric life energy works well only when we have abundant ionic state minerals in our body. Minerals serve as the carrier of energy and as the communication device for life. Without minerals, life as we know it could not exist. Plants, animals, humans and even water become unstable and start showing degenerative symptoms when required minerals are not present in an ionic form.

Most people do not realize that acid by definition is positively charged hydrogen. In nature, this acid is the charge that is used to properly charge minerals. In the presence of acid we have the ability to raise the available oxygen levels in water. This special ability keeps unwanted bacteria from taking over the liquid environment, and in turn the whole world.

This critical balance in nature is essential for a homeostatic self-sustaining biological system. In recent years the entire planet is showing signs of being off balance. Phytoplankton in the oceans is taking in less carbon dioxide and releasing less oxygen.

Discovery of Ionized Minerals

Dr. Asao Shimanishi of Tokyo is a noted scientist, an authority on water in Japan. His clients include Japanese manufacturers like Toyota, Hitachi and Matsushita. He patented the extraction of balanced minerals and their ionization in a solution called acid sulfate from black mica. Someday he should be nominated for the Nobel prize – the implication of his discovery affects healthcare, agriculture, horticulture, raw sewage treatment, orchards and poultry industry, and many more.

His discovery started when he was viewing a picturesque landscape on an island off the coast of Japan. A shapely pine tree was sitting on top of a boulder against the background of the gorgeous Pacific blue. Questions occurred in his mind, “How does the tree sustain its life sitting on a boulder?” “Where does its nourishment come from?”

His guess was it had to be the rocks. But, how? His conclusion was that those hair-like roots (like our capillaries) had a natural ability to extract minerals from the boulder and the rest was up to the rain and the sun for its health. His eventual conclusion was that answers to everything in our life could be and should be found in nature.

After decades of research, and lots of travel in search of the best rocks that contained the most abundant minerals, Dr. Shimanishi found what he was looking for practically in his own backyard! Thanks to his work we have become the beneficiaries of his discovery. He invented a patented way to extract minerals from rocks called black mica and maintain them in an ionized form.

Dr. Shimanishi became the authority on the treatment and cleaning of water in Japan. This extraordinary discovery has led not only to the betterment of human health, but to revolutionary changes in agriculture, poultry, horticulture, aquatics, raw sewage treatment, and wastewater treatment. As a result, major conglomerates now use his lab as the final resource for their respective water treatments.

Dr. Shimanishi made his discovery in 1960s. Minerals he extracted from black mica rocks from north of Tokyo had a tremendous healing and nourishing power. Plants and farm produce grew better and stronger when he fed them with the mineral. Cow dung considered difficult to be made biodegradable became easier to treat. People who ate vegetables fertilized with his water became healthier. Fish in his fish tank lived longer even in a constricted space, and when they died, they did not rot. Chicken eggshells became harder and the yolks were larger.

He proved that dead ponds could be revived with his Mineral Solution. Fruits from trees watered with the solution tasted better. Eels and other fish cultivated in fish farms with the use of his minerals instead of antibiotics proved to be healthier. Korean rice growers saw with their own eyes that rice stalks did not easily succumb to the powerful wind force from typhoons. The Orange County of California tested this solution for their raw sewage treatment successfully, but later dropped it because the cost was too high. The water taken and treated with this solution from a dirty, soapy river of India became drinkable before the native’s eyes.

Curing Mineral Deficiency Eliminates Diseases

Dr. Hisatake Nojima published a book in Japan called “The Mineral Deficiency Has Been the Cause of All Modern Day Diseases and Life Style Illnesses”. The title of the book is self-explanatory. He writes “If our government forces farmers to mineralize their soils, there won’t be any cancer, diabetes, and heart-related illnesses. Medical facilities will not be required other than for emergency and cosmetic surgery.”

Imagine the implication of this statement. Insurance companies, government controlled medical services, hospitals and drug manufacturers would have to find something else to do. Dr. Nojima showed that our body can be made whole with the use of ionic minerals. He owns a clinic in a fashionable part of Tokyo where he cured over 4,500 stage four cancer patients in 11 years of his practice in Tokyo. As you’d expect, he was ostracized by the medical establishment.

Dr. Robert O Young asks a challenging question in his book “The pH Miracle”: “If a fish is sick, would you treat the fish or change the water?” Our cells are the fish. Our lymphatic fluid is the water in the aquarium. Dr. Emoto and other researchers say that we are water-based life forms.

We must constantly replenish the stagnant water in the body. We must be using living water to build healthy tissue, not the dead water supplied us by the industrial water processors.

How long do you think it takes for a glass of water you drink now to come out of your body? Yes, the water has to come out in one form or another sooner or later. Would you be shocked to find out that it takes twenty-one days?

Can you see the connection between stagnant polluted water and aging? What then is this “living water”?

If water that can cure our internal problems, as Dr. Batmanghelidj documented, what are the minimal components to sustain life? Let us list it here:

  • Oxygen (not stale, polluted air, but negative-ion-rich humidity-energized air)
  • Nutrients (not dead, fried, industrial food, but nature-grown whole living foods)
  • Water (not dead, chlorinated and fluoridated water, but micro-clustered low-surface-tension water)
  • Minerals (not ground up rocks or colloids, but ionic or chelated minerals).
  • Circulation (not a stagnant sedentary swamp, but exercise and activity supported fresh stream)
Author: Life Enthusiast Staff