Ionic SPA Foot Bath Detox Benefits

In case you ever wondered whether the ionic spa was working, try using two separate units on two different limbs. You will see that the water changes will indicate where the garbage is originating.

The picture you see above is from the clinic. We wanted to see what happens when we separate the feet: same water, same time, same hardware. The lady in the tubs has a breast tumor. Can you guess which side? It is pretty intense. The Ionic SPA Foot Bath is another way to get negative ions into your body, or perhaps to get the positive ions out of your body. When you do either of these two things dump positive charge, or take on negative charge you enhance and amplify your body’s ability to heal itself.

The ionic charge created in the foot bath is similar to hot springs and other naturally charged water sources beneficial to the body. The ionic charges from the energized water travel up your energy channels (the meridians) and permeate and realign your energy fields. Most of the benefits of the Ionic SPA Foot Bath can be attributed to the re-balancing of these energy channels.

But there’s more.

I was diagnosed with breast cancer. At my first Ionic SPA Foot Bath session within 20 minutes, the pain from the breast biopsy was gone!! Two days later, I had my right foot in one bucket, my left in another and one more for my hands, each with an Ionic SPA Foot Bath. After 10 minutes, my right bucket was clear water, and the other two were brown. I have cancer in the left breast, not the right! I feel great and will beat this cancer.
~ Roberta

My daughter is a Type 1 diabetic and her blood sugar level was 271 before a 30 minute Ionic SPA Foot Bath. Immediately after it went to 215, and an hour later it dropped to 198! the pain in her ankle disappeared too.
~ Pattie I.

I couldn’t walk; I was hopping around the house on one leg. After one session the pain was gone. My doctor told me it probably took out the lactic acid. I don’t care what it did, I am pain free.
~ L.N.

The Ionic SPA Foot Bath is used by health practitioners, spas, salons and individuals with high levels of success in cleansing and energizing applications. The simple non-invasive and relaxing negative ion charge produced in the water has a positive effect on a wide range of conditions. Common results of this treatment include detoxification, reduced inflammation, shortened recovery time, improved liver, kidney and colon function as well as improved sleeping patterns. It is typical to feel relaxed and have heightened mental clarity after a single session, but cumulative effects of multiple sessions provide a lasting long-term benefit.

Because of poor diets, high stress, disease and frailty, we tend to accumulate and store excessive quantities of waste products. The Ionic SPA Foot Bath creates an ion charged environment similar to a barefoot walk along the beach, only more powerful, because your feet are immersed in the ions being generated in the foot bath. Neutralized particles and waste material are pulled out of your body via osmosis. Vibrant color changes in the water are just a partial indicator of the toxins that are leaving your body. The unseen energetic effects are much more profound.

If you do your research, you will notice that there are BEFE units on the market that sell for $1,500 and even for $3,500. How is it possible that we sell ours for $595? Because we can. Once our engineers understood the function of the ion generating array, they were able to simplify the design, make it more durable, and use more standard parts that allows us to drive the costs down dramatically.

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Author: Life Enthusiast Staff