Ionic SPA Foot Bath FAQs

Is the ionic Spa Foot Bath a B.E.F.E. device?
BEFE, or Bio-Electrical Field Enhancement, is the name of the early Energy Water Systems. All BEFE ionizers work on the same principle. They will recharge your body’s battery, giving you more energy, rejuvenation, and stress release that will leave you feeling great …

Why should I use the ionic Spa Foot Bath?
Would you like to live a life filled with positive energy and vitality? With the ionic Spa Foot Bath there are no drugs involved, the device is completely non-intrusive and all you have to do is relax and let your ionic Spa Foot Bath do the rest. Whether you have health problems or you are fit as a fiddle, the ionic Spa Foot Bath will benefit you. Many years of research and testing have demonstrated that the ionic Spa Foot Bath is completely safe and helps raise your vital energy!

Who should use the ionic Spa Foot Bath?
Almost anyone can use the ionic Spa Foot Bath, alongside of any therapies you may be using, and still receive a benefit. Especially if you are suffering from chronic pain or “have tried everything and nothing seems to work”. Even perfectly healthy people (though very few of us are these days) will receive a boost in energy.

Who should not use the ionic Spa Foot Bath?
We are not really sure that you would come to some harm, but just to be on the safe side, these are the precautions we suggest:

People with pacemakers – or other battery-operated implanted devices – should not use this unit. We don’t think that the field from the ionic Spa Foot Bath is strong enough to cause an adverse reaction, but we must err on the side of caution. People with battery-operated implants should not be exposed to magnetic fields and the ionic Spa Foot Bath creates electromagnetic fields that could affect the implant.

Organ transplant patients – Organ transplant recipients are required to take immune system suppressing anti-rejection drugs. There is a possibility that the ionic Spa Foot Bath could draw this essential drug from the body. This same theory of drug extraction by the ionic Spa Foot Bath also applies to others that may be taking other life sustaining drugs.

Pregnant women – There is a chance that our theory that the resonant frequency cannot be correctly set with two bodies in the tub is correct, and that a pregnant woman responds as two entities. Although these entities are contained in the one body they do remain separate. Understanding why two people should not share a bath can draw a clearer picture of why pregnant (3 months+) women should not use the ionic Spa Foot Bath.

Hemophiliacs – People with Hemophilia should not use the ionic Spa Foot Bath because the unit may thin your blood even more, and you may end up with a bleed that is difficult to control.

How Frequently should I use the ionic Spa Foot Bath?
The ionic Spa Foot Bath can be used every day with sessions lasting 25 to 35 minutes. You may want to skip a day to allow new energies to become integrated into your system and avoid becoming overstimulated.

Can I still use the ionic Spa Foot Bath while taking prescription drugs?
Maybe … ionic Spa Foot Bath sessions may lower the drug levels, and if you take several drugs at the same time, it may upset their balance. On the other hand, you will be more energized, and detoxify the leftovers from futile attempts to heal your body by poisons.

How does the unit leech toxins from the body?
The ionic Spa Foot Bath is reconfiguring and amplifying bioelectric signatures of individual cells. The enhanced bio electric field is affecting the outer cell layers first, cascading inward layer after layer until the dilation of the field strength equals that of the cell integrity. This action results in the purging of toxins and nucleic waste products held or generated within the cells and surrounding membranes and passes it out through your skin.

Is the ionic Spa Foot Bath safe to use for people who have metal plates in their bodies?
Yes it is perfectly safe. Our concern are electronic devices in the body.

Can I share my ionic Spa Foot Bath with someone else?
Yes, but not at the same time! Do not share a bath while using the ionic Spa Foot Bath. Each person or bio-entity has their own specific body frequency or signature. The ionic Spa Foot Bath is designed to enhance and amplify only one bio-signature at a time. You could end up mixing toxins and sharing illnesses with the other person.

Can somebody else use my bath water after my ionic Spa Foot Bath?
Why would anybody want to? You will see, the water is not all that pretty after you are done with it. If you are worried about wasting water you could use the water on the plants in your garden. Your plants will thrive on it, it is like compost to them.

Should I bathe in the morning or evening?
Some people prefer the morning while others prefer the evening. If you find that bathing in the evening makes it difficult to sleep you should bathe in the morning. Often people who have a sleeping problem find relief by bathing in the evening. You may have to try both to find out which is best for you.

Does it matter what material my bath or foot bathing container is made out of?
No it does not matter at all which material you use. Copper, Crystal and Glass give the fastest results, however a plastic bucket is perfectly okay.

Why does the water color change?
The color change in the water depends on dissolved minerals, suspended solids, and also on your health status. It does change with weather conditions, too.

Does it matter what color the water is, whether it be brown, greenish or orange?
No it really doesn’t matter what color the water is in the end. The healing effect is carried out vibrationally, and by drawing out toxins that are mostly invisible.

What causes the bath water to change color?
You will notice changes in the color and the deposits left in the water after your ionic Spa Foot Bath session. Ionic Spa Foot Bath uses water as a medium through which it delivers its message. Even seemingly clear water is full of dissolved minerals and other chemicals. When the electrical current passes through the water, these dissolved particles begin binding together until they become visible and result in reddish, brown, or greenish coloration to the water.

My water is clear and my spouses is yucky, why?
Everybody is different and not one person has the same ailment. The color of the bath water will be influenced by dissolved minerals, water additives, weather and health conditions. We even saw different colors when we used two units on the same person – one for each foot.

Can I drink the bath water?
Just kidding. You won’t want to.

Will the toxins that come out of the water and my body go back into my system?
No, whatever has been released from the water inside your own body will not be taken up again – the process works only in one direction.

Can I touch or move the array while in the bath?
Yes certainly, you can touch and move it around in the bath. Keep the power supply connected. Don’t put your fingers inside the openings, we keep little gnomes in there, and they may bite your finger.

Should I have a shower before I have a treatment?
If you are covered in industrial chemicals, please do wash them off first. You don’t want their vibration in the bath. It is also recommended that you wash off skin care products before the bath to eliminate absorbing them in your treatment.

Should I have a shower after I have an ionic Spa Foot Bath treatment?
Whether or not you have a shower after an ionic Spa Foot Bath is entirely up to you. There will be no adverse reactions if you wipe some of the brownish smudges into your towel when you dry off. They will wash out easily. Do not be concerned either way, just let your personal preferences decide.

Can I put bath salts or other additives into the bath?
Please leave bath salts or bubble bath additives for your relaxing baths. Bath salts or soap are not advisable for use with the ionic Spa Foot Bath. These substances can make the water too conductive and cause the electrodes to erode much faster than they should, decreasing the life span of your unit. The more dissolved solids you have in the water, the harder the device will have to work to remove them.

Can I use the ionic Spa in a hot tub?
Because of the chemicals that most people put in their hot tub we recommend against using the ionic Spa in your hot tub. These chemicals are the same principle of foreign additives to the water, they are bad for the unit and bad for you.

Should I take off my jewelry before using the ionic Spa Foot Bath?
While you are in the bath with the ionic Spa Foot Bath, the unit is reproducing all the frequencies of the body in their entirety. If you are wearing bands, bracelets, chains or rings, the unit will reproduce all frequencies of the body including those of the jewelry as though they are part of you. Now the reason that this is not a desirable effect is simple, for the unit to work on your body at its optimal efficiency there should only be your very own unaltered body frequency in the bath. Therefore, we recommended that you do take off your jewelry before beginning an ionic Spa Foot Bath treatment.

Is it all right to have an ionic Spa Foot Bath directly after I have eaten or should I wait?
It is perfectly all right to have a bath straight after you’ve eaten if you wish to. The type of food you eat or the times in which you eat will have absolutely no effect on the treatment you receive from the ionic Spa Foot Bath. However it is probably not a good idea to eat while you are in the bath.

Do I have to sit still, or can I move about?
Just like in an ordinary bath, you can move about freely, you can read a book, sing a song or even meditate if you want to. None of the above mentioned will have any effect on the treatment you receive from the ionic Spa Foot Bath.

Can I add more water to the bath halfway through the treatment?
Don’t. Once you have turned the ionic Spa Foot Bath on, it begins to alter the frequency of the water to match yours. Fresh water will interfere with the electromagnetic field that the ionic Spa Foot Bath has created and so change the effect of the treatment.

When bathing with the ionic Spa Foot Bath, why do certain parts of my body tingle or slightly hurt?
Generally certain parts of your body tingle or slightly hurt as this is the area affected by the vibrations the most. You can probably recall an old injury to that area. If this tingle or pain becomes uncomfortable, cut the bath short, the next time in the bath will be less uncomfortable.

I get tingles in my legs, but I have never damaged my legs?
You may not have damaged your legs, but your circulation could be in need of assistance. If you feel uncomfortable, get out of the bath, and wait till your next treatment.

I sometimes feel sick in the bath, what should I do?
At any time you feel unwell in a bath or unsure, get out. The most important thing is that you are comfortable. If this happens, don’t feel bad, just next time try for a few minutes longer, until you can feel comfortable in a 35 minute bath. If you do feel uncomfortable having full baths, try having foot baths first. Releasing toxins can make people light headed and queasy.

Why do I feel tired after an ionic Spa Foot Bath treatment?
Our bodies do most of their regenerating while we are asleep. A lot of people comment that they feel tired after a bath, so it is recommended to these people to have their baths in the evening before retiring for the night, so their bodies can get that well deserved rest they possibly need. Other people comment of feeling very active after a bath, which in this case is recommended that they maybe have their baths morning/during the day.

How do I keep the Electrodes in good condition?
Keeping the electrodes in good condition is simple and easy. We recommend cleaning the ionic Spa Foot Bath following every treatment by soaking it in a solution of 25% CLR, (Calcium, Lime and Rust cleaner) and 75% water overnight, or a 50% solution for 30 minutes. Rinse the ionic Spa Foot Bath thoroughly with fresh water before using again.

How can I tell when to replace the electrode sets?
Our electrode set is guaranteed to last at least 200 sessions. Water conditions play a large role in the erosion of the rods. For this reason it is not possible to give you an exact number.

What is the significance of the light on the power supply?
The green LED indicates when the power is on. If it is blinking, your water is not conductive enough, so please add a quarter teaspoon of baking soda. You can also add salt, but that will cause your electrodes to wear faster.

Is it safe to get in the bath with an electrical device?
Yes it is perfectly safe. The ionic Spa Foot Bath converts the AC electrical energy into a low voltage DC current that generates Bio electric energy compatible with the body. Make sure you do not pull in the power supply.

Author: Life Enthusiast Staff