Iridesca: Designing the Ingredients

The Power of Iridesca

Proper diet, quality water & exercise are foundations of every healthy lifestyle. The core of your nutritional program should begin with 100% natural live whole food nutritional products. Exsula Superfoods provide a naturally synergistic source of thousands of naturally occurring nutritional compounds, vitamins, minerals, live enzymes, antioxidants, amino acids and phytonutrients that can only be obtained from live whole foods. Exsula products provide highly beneficial and the most nutrient dense nutrition available. 100% pure, naturally complete live whole food nutrition just the way nature intended. Learn how Iridesca can transform your life.

A comparison of Iridesca to a typical major brand mineral supplement will show that daily-supply to daily-supply Iridesca provides:

3 times the Boron
2 times the Calcium & Magnesium
160 times the Chromium
100 times the Copper
2000 times the Germanium
4 times the Manganese
16 times the Molybdenum
6 times the Nickel
8 times the Potassium
75 times the Selenium
4 times the Silicon
4 times the Tin
11 times the Vanadium
175 times the Zinc

And this is just the minerals. We don’t even list most of these on the Iridesca label because they are nutritional consonants of Iridesca’s 300-some ingredients. There simply isn’t room to list every vitamin, trace element, digestive enzyme, metabolic enzyme, antioxidants enzyme and phytonutrient.

The Form

Many supplements contain a lot of stuff you really don’t want, and hit and miss levels of the precious ones you do want. The resultant material enters your body without any of the life-characteristics of plant concentrates. In order to use much of these denatured nutrients, your body has to jump through all kinds of hoops to convert them into useable form. These complex conversions tie up all sorts of your cellular equipment and consume other valuable nutrients and resources, leaving you feeling more run down after taking them than you did before. Now apply this effect, across dozens of vitamins and minerals, and see the obvious, vast difference in performance (and your experience) between regular supplements and our Plant-Life-Created Exsula.

The Balance

Balance not only means having everything you need in a list, but having enough of each one to actually make a meaningful nutritional difference. In Iridesca we call this having an abundant, significant, meaningful amount. At Exsula, we get ingredients to do a much different dance than they would by themselves. Do not assume that 50mg of something in Iridesca is inferior in benefits to 1,000mg of the same ingredient by itself. If you have way too much of some nutrients, or meaninglessly tiny amounts of others, then what is the point? Just to pretend you are getting nourished? Without balance, the tripod will eventually tip over. How do you get 240 ingredients to fit into one product? “Simple,” you eliminate fillers and tableting agents used in typical supplements. Then you concentrate each ingredient into its optimum form.

Every ingredient in Iridesca has a specific mission and purpose. Iridesca has no meaningless fillers. Every microgram of each component is working at maximum for you. Many supplement products contain between 50% to 90% fillers. You would have to gomn-down these capsules by the bowl-full to even pretend to get what we have in Iridesca. And then you would go broke filling your vitamin cabinet with all the necessary bottles. With Iridesca, everything is in one convenient, perfectly designed, easy to use formula. We don’t even list many nutrients on the Iridesca label because they are nutritional consonants of Iridesca’s 240-some ingredients. There simply isn’t room to list every vitamin, trace element, digestive enzyme, metabolic enzyme, antioxidants enzyme and phytonutrient.

  • Ginger alone contains over 400 different Nutrients, Enzymes, Coenzymes and Phytonutrients.
  • Royal Jelly’s list may be even longer because of its vast library of Enzymes.
  • Lecithin has a dozen key Vitamin, Mineral, Essential Fatty Acid and Phytonutrient components.

But no room to list these. Does your supplement have them all?


If the spectrum isn’t genuinely complete, beyond the Recommended Daily Allowance or Reference Daily Intake (RDA or RDI) which are a minimum for basic health, you may be missing entire nutrient modules necessary for optimum health and performance. If the spectrum goes too far, you end up with toxic elements, that you don’t want or need.


Organic only means that a particular crop wasn’t chemically fertilized or sprayed for pests or weeds. It doesn’t always ensure a major difference in nutrient content, where the soil didn’t have that mineral to begin with. Going organic won’t necessarily make a missing mineral magically appear. However, when a given plot of soil is nurtured organically over a long enough period of time, eventually the soil comes alive again and digestive acids and enzymes from living bacteria and earthworms begin unlocking minerals otherwise biologically inaccessible. With organic, eventually you tend to get more of the minerals that would otherwise remain locked-up in soil away from plants and away from your food and cells. So, organic doesn’t necessarily mean balanced full spectrum minerals. If the soil hasn’t been carefully built-up and balanced by a serious organic gardening enthusiast, organic may only mean “free-of-chemicals”.

Three Ways to See Organic

There are three ways to look at organic ingredients.
Exsula utilizes all three and has spared no expense in selecting the best.

1. Certified Organic
Meaning the crop was grown without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, etc. Examples of these in Exsula include the Kona Spirulina, and Vegetable and Grass Juices.

2. Pure Culture Grown
Where living plant cells are nurtured by natural growing mediums in large stainless steel or glass tanks. Examples of these include Chlorella, Q1O and our Plant-Life-Created Vitamin and Mineral Complexes.

3. Wild Crafted
These plants are gathered from the wild, having grown to harvest only as nature provided. Examples of these include Cat’s Claw Herb (Peru), Siberian Ginseng (Siberia) and Suma (Amazon Rainforest, Brazil).

Exsula’s Research for New Ingredients

Research is finally lifting-off in the field of phytonutrients. As you may have noticed, we here at Exsula are not always the first to jump on the bandwagon of every new nutrient or herb that comes along. And you have seen many of these fad nutrients come and then go just as quickly. We consider each new item at deeper levels than the marketers’ headlines. We ask tough questions, and then we do our own research. And we are constantly reassessing each element of the existing formula and production processes. Parallel to the new ingredients are a dozen refinements to how we put the product together. This can be far more important than items and potencies.

We believe in common sense and in the mysteries of the human creative instrument. We love solid scientific evidence, but aren’t so stubborn as to ignore exceptional clinical results whether they can always be perfectly accounted for scientifically or not. We are not so naive to boast that it is all energetics – nor, so equally naive as to pose that it is only chemistry. Thus we aren’t trapped by mere numbers. We want above all, the answers to some simple questions:

  1. Are there positive results? – For young and old, male and female, for healthy people as well as those whose health is challenged?
  2. What are those results? Are they real? Do they last?
  3. Is it utterly safe at meaningful levels? Has it been used over time?
  4. Is it economically practical?
  5. Can we be assured of quality and quantity?
  6. What are the synergies with other ingredients?
  7. What is the balance of the new whole?

Iridesca’s Superior Grade Nutrients

We take high-altitude Himalayan and Andean adaptogens, and boost them with some good old Yankee ingenuity and phytonutrient assimilation/utilization enhancers from the Amazon Rain forest. Nobody has ever done this before.

Vitamin C & Bioflavonoids
Nobel Prize winning scientist Szent Giorgy, discovered that effective functioning of Vitamin C in the cells took more than merely getting it in there. Its usefulness and benefits were utterly dependent upon complex phytonutrients called Bioflavonoids. Some of these help Vitamin C stay on the job, while others of these are teammates that custom-assist Vitamin C at its varied tasks. A daily supply of Iridesca has several sources of Plant-Life-Created Vitamin C, plus an unheard of high level of Bioflavonoids from many different sources – including Pycnogenols, Anthocyanidins, Quercetin and Citrus Bioflavonoids. Looking at the complete picture, no other product approaches the range, potency, nor the activity level of Iridesca’s Vitamin C team’s performance.

The B Vitamins
With many supplements, for the sake of convenience many B Vitamins left out, resulting in far below optimum utilization of the Bs that are in there. Ever hear anybody say “I took vitamins and couldn’t feel a difference”? Well, imbalanced formulation is often one big reason why. Minerals aren’t the only things shortchanged in typical supplements. Biotin of the B-complex group is almost universally neglected because of its very high cost – roughly equal to that of the other Bs combined. When you have a supplement with big RDA percentages for the other Bs, but no Biotin, or only 5% or 30% of the RDA, you may wonder out loud where else they cut corners in that product.

And as you may know, balance is especially important within the B-complex group as they support assimilation and utilization of each other. Neglect even one and the activities and many of the benefits of the others evaporate also. A daily supply of Iridesca provides plenty Biotin – and in the fully-assailable, ready-for your-cells, plant-created form. Jumping across from the neglected micro-nutrient end of the nutritional spectrum we find two other universally neglected macro B vitamins: Choline and Inositol. Does your B-complex provide these? In meaningful amounts? Probably not, because they are bulky. In your body they make up something like half of your total vitamin mass, and therefore would approximately double the number of tablets needed for a supplement.

Did you know that nearly all of the carotene sold as “natural” in supplements is manufactured by a drug company, in a chemical factory, and made from petroleum byproducts, processed with an industrial solvent banned in other countries because it is so carcinogenic? Exsula uses only living plant sources of Carotenes, and only in their full-life-spectrum, providing dozens of different Carotenoids in their genuinely natural form.

Vitamin K
The common, synthetic form of Vitamin K as found in some supplements and as injected into newborns must be taken with care to avoid overdose reactions, whereas the natural K-1 and K-2 forms in Exsula are regarded as the safe forms – resources available just as your body needs them, and with any extra being easily eliminated rather than accumulating at too high of a level.

Did you know that typical nutritional lecithin is manufactured in crude facilities originally built to remove lecithin from cooking oil and use it as an oil well drilling lubricant, and for the manufacture of recording tape? This crude form of lecithin is high in oil and water (up to 20%). These impurities combine with oxygen, heat, light and time to generate dangerous levels of free radicals (rancidification) right on the shelf in the retail container. Commercial lecithin is now a widely distributed emulsifying ingredient for foods such as gravies, ice cream and chocolate where it is necessary to blend fats and water.

It goes from manufacturer to regional distribution warehouses where it can sit for several months prior to being shipped. It then is warehoused at supplement manufacturers, and then again at regional distributors, and then accumulates up to another 18 to 24 months at the retail and customer level – as much as 3 or more years in all. The Lecithin in all Exsula products is from a new facility, specifically designed to produce scientific-grade Lecithin of far higher purity and stability (less than 2% oil and water).

In addition, though we could get our Lecithin from a nearby regional warehouse, we have arranged to have it shipped directly from the manufacturer to assure that we provide you with the very freshest Lecithin possible. Oxygen-absorbing and moisture-absorbing packets continue to remove oxygen and moisture after our Lecithin is in the bottle. The light-shielding amber bottles and full-coverage foil labels protect the lecithin from light (photon interactions), which can accelerate free radical reactions. The Vitamins C and E, and other naturally occurring antioxidants, in Iridesca, further protect the precious and vulnerable Lecithin in the bottle just as they protect the precious and vulnerable structures in your cells and body.

Why Have a Recommended Daily Allowance

RDA = Recommended Daily Allowance, RDI = Reference Daily Intake

The RDA is an old-ideology-based system which is OK for quick identification of a few basic nutrients, that when lacking, result in fairly rapid disease conditions. Like Vitamin C for scurvy, Folic Acid to prevent birth defects, or B-12 and Iron for anemia. But even the term RDA is being modified to Reference Daily Intake. No longer “recommended” but merely a “reference.” Many of the non-RDA nutrients are equally vital for healthy functioning of your cells, organs and systems, but because your body is able to hold-up under deprivation of these nutrients for longer periods of time before obvious disease sets in, no RDA was ever established. A perfect example of this would be how a slight shortage of Lecithin may take decades to manifest as cholesterol-clogged arteries.

The body can work around this eventual killer for many years before it becomes obvious and inescapable. Also, the RDA system originated out of an era riddled with commercial bias and incomplete scientific information. For example, there is an RDA for Vitamin A but not for Carotene – even though Carotene is a safer, more widely functioning source of Vitamin A. The pre-formed animal-form of A is cheaper and less bulky, so it got picked while the plant-form Carotene, got put off. Then once Carotene did begin to gain recognition as a superior, more widely beneficial form of Vitamin A, only one member of the diversely capable Carotenoid family got selected – Beta-carotene (the easiest to synthesize).

Beta got all of the attention to the neglect of the other naturally-occurring Carotenes: Lutein (for eyesight), Alpha Carotene (Canthaxanthin for a healthy tan), Xanthophylis, Lycopene, Cryptoxanthin, Echinenone, Euglenanone and Zeaxanthin (for synergistic support of your immune system). Two other examples – even though Coenzyme Q-10 and Lecithin are indisputably vital for proper cellular functioning and for your health, these precious nutrients won’t get elected to RDA status because of a goofy technicality – your liver can make them from other nutrients in your diet. Well, it can do this while you are young anyway – while your liver is perfectly healthy – and assuming you are getting a complete diet otherwise.

However, once you begin to age, the efficiency of your liver begins to taper-off and your production of these nutrients drops along with it. This decline is accompanied by all of the normal signs of aging – lessened physical, sexual, mental and immune performance, the look of aging (wrinkles, joint and circulatory problems, fat-gain and muscle-loss and sag). Not all of us consider these traits as normal, nor do we desire to experience them 20 or 30 years prematurely. The Life Enthusiast’s response to these “minor” challenges is not centered around worshiping the god of ink and paper called the RDA, but rather embraces all of the beneficial nutrients provided by our Creator throughout living creation in the form of nutrient-accumulating plants – the form your Designer and Maker provided and specified.

Iridesca Has More Than the Recommended Daily Allowance

So many nutrients have been proven necessary for life, and optimum longevity and performance of your cells, organs, tissues and systems, such as… Spirulina, Barley Grass, Lecithin, Royal Jelly, Antioxidant Enzyme Sprouts, Digestive Enzymes, Acidophilus, Beta Carotene, Alpha Carotene, Lutein, Bioflavonoids, GLA, Omega-3, Coenzyme Q10, Tin, Chromium, Nickel, Selenium, Silica, Molybdenum, Boron, Vitamin K, Biotin, Choline, Inositol… yet there is no RDA for them. And try to find a supplement that has any of these treasures – let alone one that has them all. If you attempt to purchase them all, the cost would be high. Then consider the inconvenience of taking handfuls of pills from a cabinet full of bottles. Quite often supplements touting big RDA/RDI numbers actually leave out or neglect vital nutrients with established RDAs.

Iridesca supplies:

  • 125% of your daily need for Biotin (an essential B-vitamin), necessary for utilization of essential fatty acids (for healthy brain, nerves, skin, hair, sex and heart)
  • Both Life-Created types of Vitamin K (K-1 and K-2 in the safe forms), for healthy clotting in event of accident or injury, and for relieving menstrual cramps
  • Significant amount of Boron, to benefit youthful hair, muscle mass and attractive body form. Gives you more benefit from any given exercise! Boron is diminishing in our food supply yet is necessary for production of sex hormones.

Iridesca and PhytoNutrients

“Phytonutrients” is a fancy word for nutrients from plants. Use Them To Create A New Quality Of Life!

Exsula Iridesca is unique among Superfood blends. It provides a full spectrum of enzyme-supporting phytonutrients, 100% plant-life-created vitamins, minerals, trace elements and essential fatty acids. Plus an entire array of all 3 categories of plant-enzymes (antioxidant, metabolic & digestive). Iridesca contains a whole host of phytonutrient Superfood ingredients that support youthfulness, vitality, oxygen transport and general nutrition, for a more energetic and attractive lifestyle and body. Nearly every one of Iridesca’s hundreds of ingredients and nutrients has some function for either burning fat, building muscle, enhancing shape or satisfaction of appetite.

Phytonutrients – The “Weight Loss” Breakthrough

Iridesca is the perfect, natural, healthy, gradual, maintainable, stimulant-free, super-synergist, fat-loss alternative! Now that two of the most popular prescription weight loss drugs have been pulled from the market, millions of people are desperately seeking alternatives. These drugs were recalled because they were shown to damage heart valves in one-third of healthy people taking them. Iridesca is a gold-mine of phytonutrient weight loss alternatives. Nearly half of the adult population has an urgent need for these fat-moderating resources.

Remember, when someone says “weight loss” they actually mean “I want to look fit!” Muscle is heavier than fat, but muscle is what provides shapeliness, and it is muscle that burns most fat. At my last physical, the nurse operating the scale underestimated my weight by 30-some pounds. Finally, I asked if I could operate the scale and slid the balance weight to my true weight. She thought her scale was broken. Minerals are heavy. So remember, keep your focus on building muscle, defining shape and losing fat – not merely on scale weight. If you could achieve the shape and trimness you desired, would your scale weight really matter?

Some of the ingredients in Iridesca are so powerful they sell successfully as stand-alone weight-loss products. Three of the most popular and effective of these are the mineral Chromium and the phytonutrients Inulin and Citrimax (hydroxycitric acid) extracted from Tamarind Fruit. Iridesca also employs Cardiovascular resource nutrients like Coenzyme Q10, Saffron, Ginkgo Biloba, Bilberry, Siberian Ginseng, Garlic, Vitamins A-&E, Niacin, Vitamin C, Pycnogenols and Bioflavonoids, plus key minerals like Chromium, as well as the Essential Fatty Acids GLA and Omega 3. This team in Iridesca makes a cardiovascular difference you can feel – NOW and well into the FUTURE!

Phytonutrients – Your Heart’s Best Friends

Forty percent of heart attacks occur to people who have perfectly healthy cholesterol levels. Many of these people are otherwise healthy young people. Until recently, these hundreds of deaths per day were somewhat of a shocking mystery to doctors. Now it is known that there is a major cause other than cholesterol. The culprit is called homocysteine. Cystine is a protein readily available in your diet. It is essential for metabolism and structure. Three B-vitamins work in concert to keep the homocysteine form of it in balance. Otherwise, it acts to thicken the walls of blood vessels until they are too narrow to supply sufficient blood for the ever-laboring heart muscles.

Homocysteine also makes blood platelets stickier and more likely to clump together and clog capillaries. These over-thickened walls and reduced flow can’t be good for supplying oxygen and nutrients to other cells of your body either. Consider your brain’s extraordinary needs and those of vessels in your legs, for example. Here it should also be noted that cancer thrives in low-oxygen and nutrient-deprived tissue. Anyone below optimum levels of the key homocysteine moderators will experience some excessive thickening of vessel walls, and some declines in overall well-being and performance.

When you think about the profound overall impact this has, you must wonder how many of the aches and pains blamed on old age are actually the result of sub-optimum levels of the balancing B vitamins. The overly-thickened vessel walls and proportional decreases in delivery of essential oxygen and nutrients can conspire to create many of these aging symptoms. In a young person they may simply register as fatigue or a lack of drive. The “magic” nutrition combo doctors and scientist are now recognizing is so simple. Here it is: Folic Acid, B-6 and B-12. And, they are emphasizing how important it is to get these nutrients in a dietary form such as fruits, or vegetables as in Iridesca – where the phytonutrient form is ideal with all supporting factors present.

It takes plentiful amounts of these 3 nutrients working synergistically to give your body the nutritional support it needs to “dissolve” balancing, like your body does with lecithin and the dissolving of cholesterol. Yes, you could probably take these nutrients as separate bottles of supplements and get results. Or you could simply realize that Iridesca already contains generous amounts of all three, plus lecithin. With the announcement of these new findings, those of you who have already been taking Exsula should find some rewarding comfort for your wise investment. In Iridesca each of the key nutrients is provided in a genuinely natural, life-created, phytonutrient form. And these are only the tip of the iceberg in Iridesca’s overall phytonutrient cardiovascular strategy!


Virtually every ingredient and nutrient in Iridesca has some function for either burning fat, building muscle, enhancing shape or for satisfaction of appetite. Here are some of the more important ones:

GTF Chromium

All of Iridesca’s Chromium is in the life-created TM phytonutrient form. This means it is in the ready-to-use Glucose Tolerance Factor (GTF) configuration with other nutrients essential for its actual utilization. Chromium is effective for helping people increase energy, moderate blood sugar, alleviate cravings and reduce fat – while also increasing muscle.


The word Inulin sounds a bit like insulin because they are related chemically. Inulin is a fiber-like carbohydrate found in small amounts in many foods. Chicory and Dahlia Flower Bulbs are especially rich sources. Inulin supports a leveling of extreme peaks and valleys of blood sugar levels. These are key triggers of hunger (and also foul moods). Similar carbohydrates in Spirulina account for its appetite-reducing reputation.


Coenzyme Q-10 releases more energy by helping to ignite overstocked calories. It is a chromium synergist that switches on the “brown fat” cells on the back of the neck and upper spine. These cells are responsible for burning off excessive calories as heat. They burn hot in most teenagers, but begin to “foul their plugs” as one grows older. The Coenzyme Q-10/Chromium team turbo-charges these fat-burners with the nutrients they need.


Lecithin (though itself a fat with notable calories) is essential for transforming solidified, stored fat into solution with water so it can be converted into energy. With lecithin, unsightly fat can be moved from where it isn’t wanted to where it is needed for natural stimulant-free energy. A few calories of lecithin help your body process several times that many calories of unwanted fat. As a plus, lecithin immediately starts moving fat from accumulation zones to areas where it is more attractive and evenly distributed.

Powerful Synergists

Vitamin C is one of the most powerful fat-loss synergists. Its form and combination in Iridesca is astoundingly powerful. Vitamin C is best taken every 2 or 3 hours throughout the day for maximum fat-loss effect.

TFA – TransFerulic Acid

When white rice is processed, the outer membrane of the kernel is discarded. This membrane is a source of a super-antioxidant called Trans Ferulic Acid, or TFA for short. Nature uses TFA to protect the rice kernel so it will sprout. Your body can also use TFA to support youthful hormone production (like DHEA), which results in improved muscle building and fat-burning at a more vigorous rate like when you were a teen.

Author: Life Enthusiast Staff