The biological values of Iridium, and other members of the platinum group of elements, are just now beginning to be realized thanks to breakthroughs in high-temp chemical analysis techniques. Monatomic forms of Iridium, and its twin Rhodium, are now thought by some researchers to account for some 5% or more of the dry weight of the brain. They apparently perform essential tasks as superconductors in a sort of nutrient-of-consciousnessrole. The monatomic form of these minerals are thought to be the secret of European alchemists’, Indian holy men, and Hebrew and Egyptian priests.

Their “white powder of gold” or “verbuti” is an Iridium-rich mineral ash used to achieve states of super-consciousness. Iridium is scarce in soils, except certain volcanic soils and those near ancient, major meteor strikes. The utilizable monatomic form of Iridium is even scarcer. Exceptional sources of Iridium In the necessary form include Aloe Vera grown on volcanic Caribbean soil, Grapes, Watercress, Burdock Herb, Sorrel Leaf and Turkish Rhubarb Root. The legendary healing nature of these plants (all found in Iridesca) hints to an overall health tonic benefit with Iridium, and especially to Its relationship with the immune system (health and longevity).

Author: Life Enthusiast