Iris, Orris Root, Fleur de Lys

Aromatic Ethereal Essence of Iris roots, Iris Germanica var. florentina

Iris roots contain only a tiny amount of this precious oil. Pure natural oil is expensive and rare. It yields a warm and comforting fragrance healing to emotional hurts and dissolving of mental blocks. In the healing arts, iris is regarded as cleansing, especially for the blood and skin. It is included in the most precious skin lotions to nourish and cleanse. Spiritually, iris is treasured for stimulating love, intuition, imagination and creativity.

The dried rhizome of this and other Iris species provides orris root which smells of violets (Viola, fam. Violaceae) and which yields essence of violets used in perfumery. Orris root in raw form, which formerly accounted for many allergic reactions, has been replaced by a refined orris root oil which is considered to be non-reactive (Burks 1962). Used internally for coughs and catarrh. Added to breath fresheners and dusting powders. Also used as a fixative in perfumery and pot-pourris.

Author: Life Enthusiast