Letter to AARP

Elliot Carlson, Editor AARP
Carole Fleck, author of Scam Alert Column
P.O. Box 199, Long Beach, CA 90801

Dear Mr. Carlson and Ms. Fleck:

I want to thank you for mentioning me in your column “Scam Alert” in the January 2003 issue of the AARP Bulletin, page 18. Obviously my message of Natural Healing is having a major impact throughout the country if an organization the size of AARP, 30 million members, feels the need to attack me.

Yes, I am an orthodox medical doctor who was for 15 years on the faculty of the University of California, San Francisco, School of Medicine, considered to be one of the three top medical schools in the country. As Associate Professor and Vice Chairman of the Department of Orthopedic Surgery, I trained thousands of doctors.

In addition, as Chief of Orthopedic Surgery at San Francisco General Hospital, one of the premier trauma hospitals in the country, I ran the equivalent of a M.A.S.H. unit for many years. For the past 20-25 years, I have been invited to lecture to doctors at numerous University medical schools including Vanderbilt, Baylor, Cincinnati, Tufts, South Carolina, Iowa, USC, Minnesota and countless medical societies throughout the US including the Massachusetts Medical Society, as well as other medical organizations around the world, including the Royal Society of Medicine in London.

How surprised they will be to find out that the very doctor, Dr. Lorraine Day, these highly distinguished medical groups invited as a guest speaker, you, the editors of AARP, have designated as a quack.

How could I, overnight, go from a highly respected surgeon at the top of my field, to an AARP-designated quack?

What was my “crime?”

Answer: I had the audacity to successfully reverse my severe, life-threatening cancer WITHOUT DRUGS! According to your business partners, the pharmaceutical companies, this is the GREATEST crime of all!

Yes, I did reverse my life-threatening, end-stage cancer by totally natural methods. (You can see the pictures of the huge tumor I had, as well as my biopsy reports at my web site www.drday.com

Yes, I did refuse chemotherapy, radiation and mutilating surgery because, as a medical doctor with years of experience, I saw thousands of cancer patients die, NOT from their cancer, but from the painful, maiming, destructive “treatments” we doctors give them.

And Yes, I am TOTALLY WELL and Cancer-FREE a full 10 years after my tumor first appeared, and EVERYTHING I used to get well is totally free, except for food, and almost everyone has to buy that anyway.

But I understand your need to attack me and my reputation. Certainly you don’t want your membership to learn how to get well from Cancer, Heart Disease, Parkinson’s, Lupus, Arthritis, Diabetes and many, many other diseases by natural methods, without drugs of any kind. After all, one of the main functions of AARP, according to your own advertising, is to sell drug medications to your members.

Let’s see, with 30 million members (all over 55) and each one spending maybe $100.00 per month with AARP for their medication (a conservative estimate), that amounts to $3 BILLION in drug sales per month. If your organization gets a cut of just 10% of that total, that’s $300 MILLION per month for you! If your cut is only 1%, that’s still $30 MILLION per month you are receiving, a minimum of $360 MILLION per year!

When you have a multi-million dollar arrangement with the drug companies as you do, my message of inexpensive natural methods of healing, with NO adverse side effects, could really cut into a truly phenomenal income such as you are receiving. It’s easy to see why you would choose to attack me.

One more thing, in your column you referred to natural healing as quackery, yet on the back page of your very same AARP Bulletin, January 2003, you promote a “Yearbook” with an advertising headline stating “Ordinary Ailments, Extraordinary Cures – Health Breakthroughs and Remarkable Remedies.” In that advertisement are listed SIX or SEVEN points of the TEN Step Natural Health Plan I used to reverse my end-stage cancer!

Why is it “quackery” when I promote it, but it’s NOT “quackery” when YOU promote it? (see ad in AARP bulletin)

Even MORE interesting is the fact that you CHANGED the headline for the advertisement when it was published in your Bulletin. Here is the SAME ad found in another paper. The heading is very different. It includes the words:

“Remedies That Work Better Than Dangerous Drugs Or Risky Surgery”

Your AARP Bulletin obviously required that the ad be changed to eliminate these important words – to protect your enormous payoff from your drug business. You have deliberately withheld potentially lifesaving information from your membership for your own monetary gain.

In the interest of fairness, I’m sure you will be more than happy to print this letter in a prominent spot in your upcoming February AARP Bulletin. I give you permission, but ONLY if it is printed in its entirety. You do not have my permission to cut and paste portions to suit your own agenda.

Just in case there’s an outside chance you are NOT interested in fairness, I will post this letter on my own web site at www.drday.com as well as other web sites, as the public does have the right to hear both sides.

Again, thank you for mentioning me. I could never afford to buy publicity like this to an organization the size of AARP, and here you have provided it for me free of charge. You have probably forgotten, or at least have not considered the fact that there are millions of intelligent and discerning members in your organization who will be perceptive enough to search me out, to find out how they too can get well without the torturing pain, surgical disfigurement, and bankrupting expense of orthodox methods.

Thanks for letting them know I’m here! They may not have found me otherwise.


Lorraine Day, M.D.

Author: Life Enthusiast