Life Energies and Our Environment

I was at my home, thirty miles outside Austin, when I got a call from an old friend. “Farrell, I’ve got to speak to you,” Chuck’s voice was dry and breaking up. I could hear the stress in his voice and asked, “What’s wrong Chuck?” His surprising reply was, “I’ve been extremely depressed lately. I think I’m dying.” That set me back on my heels. He grew up in East Texas and has a Texas-tough persona, so I wasn’t expecting the intensity of his revelation.

When Chuck says he wants to talk it means something serious is going on. He doesn’t mean let’s cozy up on the phone. He means he wants to visit. I had other plans and wanted to know more before changing them. “What happened, Chuck?” He responded by telling me about the strange events that befell him on an expedition to the Big Thicket, a national preserve forest in East Texas. Renowned for rich oil finds, a wealth of bio-diversity, “ghost lights” and weird encounters, it sits on the intersection of some major earth energy intersections.

When Chuck and his usually intrepid shaman companion stumbled into a particular area of the forest, he was surprised that the shaman refused to enter. Muttering that it was a “primordial evil”, his companion headed back to the base camp. Undaunted, Chuck entered it and spent some time meditating there. Soon after that, the resultant severe “illness” became apparent.

My first thought was, “Is this a mental health issue?” Then I remembered having read an article describing nearly identical problems for an entire group of people that had strayed into a wilderness area. An amazing synchronicity was that another personal friend, who claimed no prior knowledge of this type of occurrence, had recently confided an experience of being on death’s doorstep after he and some friends had gone exploring. The entire situation was very similar. With this background, I realized the probable cause of Chuck’s difficulties was exposure to a “bad medicine” area, as a Native American might say.

Sound too weird? Can it be that there is a common denominator for “sick” buildings, cancer clusters (areas of exceptionally high incidence of cancer), geopathic zones (European research linking certain locations with prevalence of disease), high illness rates around radar installations, and ‘bad medicine’ areas? Aren’t they just the opposite of sacred spots, healing springs, and specific places known for the great longevity and virility of its inhabitants? It is a fact that there are natural and man-made places where people experience a much greater sense of well being or the exact opposite. For example, positive effects have been observed around cathedrals and pyramids, while negative effects prevail in the vicinity of high voltage power lines and other high tech equipment.

To help my friend and to test my theory that exposure to negative environmental energies was the source of his distress. I prepared an elixir for him infused with positive energy, shaped and modified with sacred geometry. I was able to make this elixir because I had been researching life energies for the past thirty years or so. I call this work Energy Biology.

Chuck looked at the little bottle (an early version of The Gift that is no longer available) I gave him with obvious skepticism, but he took some of it straight away and reported feeling improved by the end of lunch. I was not convinced that my theory was correct until he called later in the week to report complete remission from the deep depression and physical symptoms. They never came back!

Chuck’s response to my elixir was a clear success for Energy Biology, a life energy technology integrating several knowledge areas with my own research. It includes knowledge of power spots, feng-shui, sacred geometry, esoteric yoga, alchemy, acupuncture, chi kung, lay lines, and more that is beyond the current scope of this article.

When environmental, negative energies overwhelm our personal, healthy, internal signaling patterns, the results can masquerade as mental and physical illness and can be just as devastating. This concept has been validated by Dr. Ibrahim Karim, an architect who has dedicated most of his adult life to unlocking the secrets of the ancient Egyptian energy science of geometry.

His published university and medical reports give strong support for his findings, which go far beyond the well known effects of “pyramid power’. For example, food crops that would normally be killed by seawater flourished on seawater alone after it was treated with his geometry technique! According to Karim, electrical power lines, microwave towers and other technology are impacting our personal energies with a force about one thousand times more than the carrier signals that regulate our internal processes, blocking or distorting them!

Many teachings have asserted that we are an organic part of all life. Recently, a few have hypothesized that humans are part of the energy structure of the planet. If correct, it follows that Interference with the planetary energy fields by modern technology is interfering with our mental and physical functioning. Since we all cannot live in a pristine wilderness area, we need a practical means to increase the power of our internal energy signals and to balance our home and work environments. Apparently, disruptive technology is here for the duration. We can’t stop it from raining; what we can do is get an umbrella. This is what Energy Biology is all about. It incorporates a synergy of information and practical methods to restore energy to a healthy, harmonious state. The result is an increase of personal balance and power.

The role of technology in undermining our well being is not well known. Scientist Robert O. Becker, MD and others have documented a lack of support for research in this area: in fact, it has been actively and aggressively blocked. What is the result? According to the World Health Organization, the number one health problem on the planet is depression. How much of the world’s depression epidemic is produced as a side effect of modern conveniences? In Chuck’s story, we have seen how easy it is to create depression by environmental energy effects, He was also burdened by a variety of other symptoms that mimicked physical illness. How many apparently physical problems are actually caused by negative energy?

Our personal energies are interdependent on those of the environment. Due to ever-increasing levels of energy distortion caused by the proliferation of modern technology, dealing with these issues may be a matter of personal survival.

Regardless of the advantages enjoyed by mankind in modern society, we are out of tune and out of harmony. Ancient disciplines such as chi-kung, feng-shui, acupuncture, yoga and the like are wonderful helps and stand on their own merits. Yet, many using them will not reach the energy levels required to defeat the problems created by Western technology. Energy Biology shows us how to keep the best of what our society offers without being damaged by its negative energy. It can help restore the missing balance, rebuild our frayed energy systems and enhance our functioning through private energy sessions, information, learned techniques and physical tools.

Author: Life Enthusiast Staff