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Your Health Coach

A critical difference in your outcome can come from the service we provide. It sets us apart from most online stores: our health coach services. We can work with you remotely, by phone or video, to help you determine what is causing your problems, and what course of action may be most effective. We also encourage you to share your stories about people or methods that work well for you. We continue to learn and to expand our knowledge, as well as our product line.

We can approach our health either tactically, or strategically. The tactical approach focuses on the symptoms, and tries to block their expression – such as taking a pain killer for an ache. The strategic approach focuses on causes, and tries to resolve the issue not at the organ level, but at the cellular level. To explain: a headache is seldom caused by the deficiency in acetaminophen or aspirin, and cancer is not caused by deficiency in chemo therapy.

We see four major types of issues:
Toxicity – presence of things that are blocking normal function
Malnutrition – absence of things that we need for optimal function
Stagnation – lack of movement and circulation
Trauma – subtle non-physical influences that are distorting or blocking function

It has become known as Functional Medicine and its primary premise is Root Cause Resolution. We are not practicing medicine. We do not diagnose or treat any specific medical condition. We work towards understanding the blocking factors, resolving the issue, and allowing the body to return to normal function.

Your initial session is free. We offer product selection advice to match your needs with what we offer. We focus on quality and results.

The Program

When you commit to living your life outside of the box, not according to the prescription written out for you by the mainstream media and by the common culture, you qualify.

There is more, but these are the basics, the corner stones of the temple. You know the saying: Treat your body like a temple.

Author: Martin Pytela