Life-Enthusiast Liver Cleanse to Rebuild

Next to your heart, your liver is probably the hardest working organ in your body. It’s a powerhouse of functions.

If your liver is clogged with toxins you’ll feel tired and unhealthy. A healthy liver give you lots of energy. Cleansing and detoxifying your liver will slow aging.

Your liver can be cleaned, supported and better maintained. It has an almost uncanny eagerness and ability to repair itself. You can get back more youthful performance.

If you or someone you care about has poor liver health, here’s some really great news…
Your liver health CAN be restored to “good as new”. It has the ability to repair itself and restore youthful performance.

We have one body to carry us through this life. So it is critical to maintain and improve ourselves as much as possible. Please keep reading further down for 3 easy ways to improve the health of your liver.

Detoxify Your Liver to Slow Aging

Although there are many causes of aging – the simplest one is just time marching by. The most common cause of feeling older is your liver becoming overworked and under-paid. It needs you to pay more attention to cleaning it.

Your liver is a major filter for toxins. When it gets filled with junk, it cannot filter effectively. Toxins get re-circulated back into your blood. Then to all your organs because there is no other place for them to go.

When toxic-filled blood returns to your heart, it wreaks havoc with your immune system too. This is when you’ll feel symptoms of rapid aging and degenerative disease.

How did my Liver get so Toxic?

The usual western diet and lifestyle seriously impairs your liver’s ability to perform.

Processed foods, alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, pesticides and environmental pollution. Over time your liver becomes toxic, filling up with fatty deposits and scar tissue.

In extreme cases it is called fatty liver. The filter cells become so swollen with fat that they cannot screen out toxins. There are hundreds of substances your liver has to deal with every day. If it’s not efficient, your health begins to decline.

The list of functions your liver performs is very long.

If you’re feeling any of these…

Allergies Headaches
Blood pressure problems High cholesterol
Blood sugar problems Immune problems
Dark spots on skin (liver spots) Joint aches
Digestive problems, especially fatty foods (bloating, acid reflux, heartburn or gas) Inflammatory skin problems, blotchy (rashes, acne, eczema, rosacea)
Excessive abdominal fat
(pot belly or muffin top)
Pain or discomfort over liver (right upper abdomen, under rib cage)
Excessive perspiration Mood swings, depression, forgetfulness
Fatigue Sexual problems
Fatty yellowish lumps around eyes Sleep apnea or snoring
Gallbladder removed Unexplained weight gain or inability to lose weight

These are signs of your Liver asking for HELP.

Would you ever have imagined that a sluggish liver could be the root cause of all these health problems? This situation is largely ignored by conventional doctors and the drug companies that train them.

If your liver is toxic, so is your whole body.

We cannot over emphasize the importance of restoring the health of your challenged liver. With correct nutritional supplementation and cleansing. Please consider taking the steps below to restore your liver and improve your life.

Your liver is quite amazing…
“It can regenerate itself – given the correct nutrients – even from cirrhosis.” ~ Levy, J.S., et al , South. Med. J. 1951

Here are three easy steps…

Life-Enthusiast Liver Cleanse to Rebuild

  1. Lecithin is a gentle start and can help a lot.
  2. Holy Tea for more rigorous, regular cleansing.
  3. New Liver to rebuild your liver health.

1. XtraPure Lecithin

Gentle Start to Detoxifying Your Liver
This is the place to start if you’re either very sick, or just considering a more gentle approach to cleaning out your liver.

Lecithin – For Every Cell and Every Function

Lecithin enables efficient fat metabolism. Without enough Lecithin, fats will stagnate, clog your liver and overwhelm your antioxidants with life-destroying free radicals.

With age, your liver is less efficient in producing and using Lecithin. Food processing removes natural Lecithin.
And most people’s diet has lots of processed food, so we now get far less Lecithin (and much more bad fat) in our diet than in years past.

This stresses your liver to produce more Lecithin, reducing its efficiency. You become fatigued (including your heart), with more obvious signs of ill health.

Known for being an essential fat that is present in every cell in your body, having a healthy amount of Lecithin in your system should not be taken lightly. Often used in medicines to help combat a number of conditions such as high cholesterol, gallbladder disease, anxiety, skin conditions, and many more. There’s no denying the important role that Lecithin plays in your overall health and everyday life.

As a dietary supplement, Lecithin helps increase cognitive functions, promotes cardiovascular health, and reduces inflammation. Topically, it has also been used as a moisturizer for dry skin.

2. Holy Tea

Rigorous Cleanse to Detoxify Your Liver
Regardless of your state of health, most everyone will benefit from this tea.

  • Easy, Basic Liver Cleanse
  • Improve Elimination and Purge Parasites
  • Take Inches off your Waistline Too

With continued use of Holy Tea, you can expect clearer, healthier, younger looking skin and increased energy.

By choosing how many cups you drink in a day, this tea will regulate your bowel movements to 2 or 3 per day.

Keep toxic waste flowing, not sitting in your digestive system, rotting and filling you with poisons that cause aches, disease and aging.

As this liver detox relieves you of constipation, it promotes weight loss for an overall healthier body.

Holy Tea is the original, but it’s available in a stronger formula called Miracle Tea. It includes stimulants that you may not require if Holy Tea is already working for you. Every body responds differently to natural herbs. You should decide for yourself which tea is better matched to your constitution.

3. New Liver

Rebuild Your Liver’s Health
Many people have knowingly abused their liver to the brink. Others are in a gradual downward spiral of declining liver performance with worsening health problems and new ones beginning – and they wonder why. Their rate of aging accelerates needlessly. Poor energy, low ambition, and uncontrolled obesity that leads to blood sugar complications.

Here’s the answer to rebuild optimal liver performance:

  • Efficiently metabolize fat to speed up weight loss
  • Boost nutrient assimilation
  • Restore abundant energy
  • Strengthen immunity
  • Improve physical performance.

Still not sure if Liver Cleansing is right for you?

Let me help, by explaining other options that Life-Enthusiast has to offer with a complementary 20-30 minute phone consult with me. Let’s talk!

I’ve taught people just like you how to restore their own vitality. How to dig their way out of degenerative diseases. Please take a look at our Customer Reviews to read how people have transformed their lives from hopeless to happy.

Good News Bears Repeating…

Your liver can be restored to “good as new”
because it has the ability to repair itself
and restore youthful performance.

Life-Enthusiast Liver Cleanse to Rebuild

Author: Ann-Louise Evanoff with Martin Pytela