Liquid Sunlight

No scientist in the world is able to estimate how many cells there are in a human body. The number is so huge that even if we knew, it wouldn’t even be imaginable to a human brain. But every single cell in our body, even the tiniest one, has its purpose. Every cell has a core, and every core contains compounds called nucleotides. Nucleotides serve to carry energy within the cell and they are the main building blocks of DNA and RNA, which carry our genetic information. They also play a key role in our metabolic processes and enzyme reactions. To function perfectly, we have to make sure our bodies have enough of all the necessary nutrients in proper balance; all trace elements, minerals, and vitamins, but also the right ratios of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins for our bio-individuality. As we grow and our cells create other cells, for example during skin or blood regeneration, we also need to have enough building material for those new cells, including nucleotides.

When we are born and we start growing at a very rapid pace, our cells divide faster and need more of these compounds. That is why proper nutrition is extremely important for babies and children. The immune system of the human body takes up to two years to fully develop and in this timeframe, its necessary to get enough nutrients and nucleotide rich food. Of course, for babies, the best source of all nutrients is mothers milk. This first food contains a lot of nucleotides, but as baby grows, the concentration is getting lower. And because nucleotides are basically genetic information for our species, it is not a good idea to fully supplement babies with cows milk. Simply put, feeding human babies milk of another animal means feeding them foreign genetic information.

But its not just growing children. Nucleotides are important for everyone, because of their role in cell reproduction and regeneration. Aging organisms need faster regeneration of tissues, blood production requires nucleotides too. They help to slow down the aging process, heal chronic diseases, speed up healing of tissues and boost immunity. Our cells would not be alive without nucleotides. Two of the most important nucleotides are Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) and Guanosine triphosphate (GTP). ATP is a very universal compound that has a number of functions. It is a vital energy source for our cells, plays a major role in maintaining cell structure, cell signaling in the nervous system and DNA synthesis. GTP plays a very similar role, but more specifically is used for protein synthesis or gluconeogenesis (body’s ability to create glucose).

In the 1970s, Hungarian scientist Dr. George Merkl discovered something he called Life Crystals. Extracted from organic sugar molecules, in this case, fruit juices, oolong tea, coffee and honey, these crystals contain a significant amount of both ATP and GTP in a very pure form. When combined with organic fulvic acid, antioxidant and natural electrolyte that is able to transport nutrients right into our cells, Life Crystals are a perfect source of vital energy. Joshua Flint, a co-founder of The Goodly Company and a personal friend of Dr. Merkl, joined Martin and Scott for a podcast episode to further explain the effects of Life Crystals in combination with humic and fulvic acid. Joshua introduces HumaLife product line including Divine Vine, blend of Life Crystals and fulvic acid and so-called Elixir of Love. This very informative interview raises the importance of restoring vitality in order to get our bodies back to their natural state of health, happiness and self-healing abilities.

Author: Nina