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Love and Light: Source of Life

Love and Light: Source of Life

Love and Light: Source of Life

Here is what life is, physical life, and where the power which “animates” it comes from. The Protits of Enderlein are the smallest of living things but there is some point in space and time where even these were begotten from something or ‘somewhere’ else. Even if the cell were the smallest living thing then where did the first cells come from? This question has never been answered. Pleomorphism answers this question.

The first individual to actually catch a glimpse of this occurrence was Anton Leeuwenhoek who lived in the 17th century. He had ground glass to create the first microscope. In observing some rainwater he collected, he made note that there were teeny creatures moving about. Wondering where they came from, he did an experiment. He collected clean fresh rainwater and sealed it in pipettes. At first, nothing was in the water. Hours and a few days later, nothing still was in the water. But on the fourth day, all of a sudden, little teeny creatures (Protits) appeared. Where did they come from? Was it spontaneous generation? What the germ theory failed to explain then, and fails to explain to this day, is the question; from where exactly do germs come? Where and what is the mother-father microbe?

Leeuwenhoek took his research to Robert Boyle, the father of chemistry as we know it, and to Sir Isaac Newton who wrote many of the principles of physics. They did not believe that life could beget from light or in their way of thinking, from nothing. This was a time when the church played a big role in every major decision that was made. To have life you must have procreation, a mother-father union, sex. Since there was no mother or father that created Leeuwenhoek’s teeny creatures, his observations were surely flawed, and they were dismissed. Since they had no concrete evidence to answer the question, they left it unanswered and it remains unanswered to this day. In any textbook of science, medicine or biology, there is no explanation of where the cell, life, comes from and this is where a new paradigm unfolds. Pleomorphism.

This new paradigm is Wholistic, pleomorphic and ever changing. It is Holographic. The mother-father microbe is of course the Protit, which is physical. It is asexual, polypotent (can turn into any life form) and immortal. Every speck of Life from the Protit on up is a holographic projection into this time and space of a Power which is not physical, a Power that manifests as life. A Power is the ability to accomplish something, in this case Life. What follows is not about what this Life manifesting Power is, it is about where it comes from and how It gets into this three dimensional, material world we find our selves in. From Do No Harm, Writers and Research, by Charlie Pixley; Gaston Naessens has made the following observations concerning his Somatid/Protit and pleomorphism:

“Composition of the Somatid: It is probably the link between energy and matter. Energy can take many forms. The Somatid may be the link between the biological sciences and the physical sciences.”

According to George Merkel, Protits are;

“composed of tiny, pyramid shaped crystals of ATP, adenosine triphosphate, the chemical fuel that powers the machines of our bodies. ATP is the energy molecule of the body, the muscles ‘burn’ ATP when they contract. These crystals are what spawned in the oceans of all worlds to transduce Life down from the bi-directional electromagnetic wave structure in the scalar potential of vacuum”. (Genesis II, George Merkel, pg. ii)

These Protits are the physical elements that transduce the energy called Life from the infinite, scalar potential of vacuum, down into this three dimensional, physical world where they physically manifest, pop into existence, protits, for ever, always moving, always, an infinite source of new Protits/Somatides. Where do they come from, what Power keeps creating them, what energy keeps them moving, for ever? We are immersed in a sea of infinite energy called here the scalar potential of vacuum, a Power that is beyond our… it can’t even be discussed. This scalar potential of vacuum is the electromagnetic potential of vacuum which is; The ZERO POINT POTENTIAL, the energy of nothingness, of vacuum, of chaos. This is the energy that holds all this corporeal existence together. It is Free Energy and it is infinite.” (Tapping The Zero Point Potential, Moray B. King, pg. iii)

This energy of nothingness is completely random energy, incoherent. The energy of vacuum is totally chaotic, unorganized, unmanifested. There are no harmonics or chords in it’s chaos. Quantum theory predicts a whole spectrum of virtual particles spanning every possible wavelength which is then, by definition, infinite. The higher the wave length the more energy contained in it. Calculating it this way, by adding up all the energy of these virtual particles, the total energy comes out to be ‘infinite’ or at least, the calculated energy is roughly 120 orders of magnitude larger than the energy contained in all the matter in the universe. That means you take all the energy contained in all the matter in the universe and add 120 zeros to it to get the total vacuum energy!

To cohere this energy is to organize it into harmonics which manifest as everything we know and see. This of course includes Life which is what we are talking about here. Out of this sea of infinite energy comes the Protit/Somatid which manifests all physical life. Which way it grows depends on acid base, among other things of course. In the last two chapters of Misner, Thorne and Wheeler’s Gravitation is the statement that in quantum mechanics there existed an all-pervading energy embedded in the fabric of space consisting of fluctuations of electricity. The term for this energy, the zero-point energy, came from the equations of quantum mechanics in the 1930s. Zero-point refers to the fact that these fluctuations persist even at zero degrees Kelvin (the point, temperature at which all molecular motion stops) and therefore are not thermal in nature. (C. Misner, K. Thorne and J. Wheeler, Gravitation, W.H.Freeman and Co., 1970)

In the 1930’s Dirac derived the idea that space, vacuum consisted of a virtual sea of fluctuating energy that could manifest electron-positron pairs. The random electrodynamics theory of Boyer mathematically describes how the zero-point energy oscillates in its interaction with matter. In this theory Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle allows the Zero-point energy to produce Brownian motion, relevant here as the motion of the Protit has been ascribed to Brownian motion. Wheeler’s Geometrodynamics showed that the energy density of this “nothingness”, of space, vacuum, was enormous, 1093 grams/cm. The energy density of one cubic centimeter, 1 cm, of matter, contains energy on the order of 1016 grams/cm, that from Einstein’s equation, E = MC. According to this calculation, there are 77 orders of magnitude more energy contained in 1 cm of vacuum than in 1 cm of matter. That means there are 1, with 77 zeros after it, times more energy in vacuum than in matter. It takes more energy to hold matter together than the amount of energy contained in the matter itself. That only makes sense.

“Quantum mechanics showed that this energy was constantly interacting with matter and the elementary particles in what is called vacuum polarization. Quantum electrodynamics shows all particles are intertwined in a vacuum polarization interaction with the zero-point potential and shows how the interaction yields the mass of an elementary particle.” (B. Toben, J. Sarfatti, F. Wolf, Space-Time and Beyond, E. P. Dutton, New York, 1975)

Concerning this Power of Creation that we have been talking about, since 1991 some very startling discoveries have been made in the fields of astrophysics and cosmology. According to the Big Bang Theory the universe was, at the moment of creation, all clumped together in one ‘place’. From there it exploded outward and has been expanding ever since. A basic premise of this idea was though, that one day all the gravity of everything in the universe would start to pull all the expanding stars back together. The expansion would stop and then the universe would start to contract, ending in a giant crunch.

Discoveries in this decade though have shown that the above idea is not happening. In fact the expansion of the universe is actually accelerating with time! In the beginning the universe was expanding much slower than now so that distant supernovae (stars that explode) appear to be 25% fainter than expected, assuming that the universe had been expanding at the same rate since the beginning. “…an explanation of the unexpected faintness of distant supernovae is that they are farther away than their red shifts suggest.” (“Surveying Space-time with Supernovae,” by Craig J. Hogan et al; SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, pg. 51 January 1999.)

Red shifts show how far away stars are and if they are further away than expected they must be expanding away faster than expected. What strange force is pushing the universe apart?

“According to Einstein’s theory, the expansion (of the universe) can speed up if an exotic form of energy fills empty space everywhere. This strange “vacuum energy” is embodied in Einstein’s equations as the so called cosmological constant. Unlike ordinary forms of matter and energy the vacuum energy adds gravity that is repulsive (antigravity) and can drive the universe apart at ever increasing speeds (Surveying Space-time Supernovae,” by Craig J. Hogan et al; SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, Pg. 51 January 1999; and “Cosmological Antigravity,” by Lawrence M. Krauss, pg. 52). The energy associated with this energy does not depend on position or time (or temperature as above), hence the name “cosmological constant”.


The force caused by the constant operates even in the complete absence of matter or radiation (vacuum energy). Therefore, its source must be a curious energy that resides in empty space, even the space in front of our noses. The cosmological constant, like the ether, endows the void with an almost metaphysical aura.

“Physicists Paul A. M. Dirac and later Richard Feynman, Julian S. Schwinger and Shinichiro Tomonaga showed that empty space was more complicated that anyone had previously imagined. Elementary particles, it turned out, can spontaneously pop out of nothingness and disappear again.”(Exploiting Zero-Point Energy, by Philip Yam; SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, December 1997.) “The aggregate energy represented by these ‘virtual’ particles, like other forms of energy, could exert a gravitational force, which could be either attractive or repulsive depending on physical principles that are not yet understood.”

We live in a sea of infinite energy. Where there is energy, there is gravity but it turns out that the gravity associated with this energy that is pushing the universe apart is, by nature repulsive. It is antigravity. It is not heavy, it is Light. It creates life too. This energy is infinite, is pushing the universe apart at an ever increasing rate, always creating new space, time, matter and energy to fill the resulting central ‘void’. Everything animate and inanimate comes from it. It is conscious; knows what It is doing, where It is going. It is alive, never dies and is always creating… universes never ending, worlds without end. Amen. This is the same ‘POWER’ or FORCE that animates the PROTIT, that keeps it alive forever. This puts a rather more optimistic philosophical slant on our existence than the one of being ending in a big crunch.

Where does this energy come from, where is this sea of infinite energy? It does not come from ‘this world’, this three dimensional existence we live in. Recent experiments have shown that the brightness of the zero-point energy is independent of the existence of reflectors and absorbers. This shows that zero-point energy does not arise from an electromagnetic propagation in our three dimensional space. It comes from and returns to the fourth dimension and beyond, all mathematically known and proven with science’s giant cyclotrons and computers. These machines are proving the existence of “Spirit”, other dimensions, the undeniably indefinable…

Computers can ‘think’ in 12 dimensions where we can’t and by being able to do this, all ‘anomalies’ in Einstein’s equations were resolved. These anomalies were a big problem for Einstein as many of his equations ended with a final answer of zero or infinity, that was the anomaly. These were not satisfactory answers but with the advent of computers that could ‘think’ in twelve dimensions, this problem was solved. This was a big problem for Einstein. According to current science we live in a ten or twelve-dimensional existence;

“This zero-point energy pops into this third dimension in the from of the electron-positron pairs or tachyons (super fast subatomic particles) which sustain and nourish us.” (Genesis II, George Merkel.) These are, “scalar waves with opposite oscillation and spin that braid into one single photon, quantum. The photon is an intermediate between particle matter and Free Energy and then pairs of photons braid into the electron and electrons braid into protons and neutrons.”

This energy starts out as LIGHT;

“Luminous quanta of divine intelligence thrilling out in infinite vibrations of accordance breaking joyously into the rhythm of greater and higher waves of illumination intensifying towards the growing light of a self-existent Knowledge spontaneously awaking to Itself as the SUN OF TRUTH receiving the world from the murky depth of an obscure physical bondage into the enlightened height of spiritual freedom by the transforming radiation of ITS glorious Arc-Light.”
(Siva Kalpa; September 19, 1966, published by The Foundation of Revelation, 59 Scott Street, San Francisco, CA.)

Out of “no where”, and under the direction of divine intelligence it organizes. This appears to be contrary to the second law of thermodynamics which states that everything is falling apart. Yet, if the universe is expanding at an accelerating rate due to the continuous formation of ‘new’ space and matter then perhaps even this second law must be questioned. Life is created. It is happening all the time and is continuous. Life is everywhere. It is pushing the universe apart at a faster and faster rate. Suns form, all the elements, all the time. Protits form in the oceans of our bodies all the time, new life. In new worlds, the primordial soup of those oceans form and as “Luminous quanta of divine intelligence” interact with those oceans, they begin to live. This is a nature of Life too isn’t it, to continually birth itself and to never die. Remember Antoine Bchamp’s statement;

“Nothing is the prey of death; on the contrary, experience daily proves that everything is the prey of life, that is to say, of what can be nourished and what can be consumed.”

In this world Protits form, are created continuously, in the body or in oceans. (Genesis II, George Merkel, Ibid);

“The hydroxyl (OH ions from water) groups and the protons fill the inner membrane matrix of the Protit as it is formed so as to provide an electrochemical gradient that allows the storage of energy. Its like a drop of water forms with an electrically charged membrane around it, a condenser. This electrical charge creates a magnetic field with the net effect that the condenser membrane of the Protit is being charged with glowing energy. This energy can be used in several ways. It is first stacked up as an ATP reservoir of energy in the chlorophyll of plants and then as the mitochondria in animals, it can be used to induce birth (reproduction) and it is used to disassemble the genetic material of anything that tries to destroy it (the beginning of our immune systems). These Protits in fact enzymatically devour bacteria, viruses or any chemical that may jeopardize the genetic process of mammals, they differentiate into the cells, lymphocytes etc., that do this job.” This energy is transmuting all the pollutants in our bodies, is transmuting our bodies, from the inside out.”

So, these ‘created’ Protits evolve too, guided by an ‘internal’ Intelligence or Will…they become whatever they are needed to turn into. These original Protits differentiate first into chlorophyll (the ATP energy source for plants) and then into mitochondria (the ATP energy source for mammals) and then into cells and then, as per George Merkel; “…in a foreword direction, if acid base is correct, from pleomorphism they synthesize all living organs, things. These original Protits are stored in the tails of sperm (which are a separate life form from the heads of sperm) and from them all the old things our bodies ever were can be cultured, by genetically growing them in the reverse direction”. Isn’t that strange. In reverse synthesis one can grow old and even meet our million year old ancestors.”

Blue green algae and chlorophyll have been grown from shark testes by reverse synthesis. In this manner we can and will recreate or remember our old immune systems, which will reconstruct and start over if you will, that which we lost by growing up in this polluted world we live in. Old organs, our embryonic organs can and will be regenerated from these primordial Protits. You have to pay taxes and die, who says so. Just take base powder. Remember, in utero, while an embryo, our bodies were first one celled things like algae, amoebas, and then fishes, then frogs, then animal. Ontogeny recapitulates Phylogeny, the Biogenic Law of Genetics. Our embryonic development (ontogeny) travels through the ancestral forms (phenotypes), as if to say millions of years ago our heritage was evolving in salt water. In the womb the fetus recapitulates, goes through, all the past forms it ever had.

This study of Life is fun, exciting, not dead like medical school. Without the Protit/Somatid life is atheistic, dust to dust. With the Protit/Somatid, as a transducer of energy from “beyond”… the yin and yang of religion and science become the complements they are, not opposites. The concept of opposites is an illusion. There are no opposites, only compliments, as you can’t have one without the other. Scientists have broken matter down into smaller and smaller pieces, the atom, the proton, neutron, electron, then quarks, antiparticles, etc.. In today’s giant cyclotrons, what they have found though is that as they break these ‘pieces’ of matter down further and further, the pieces just finally disappear, “pop in and out of existence” as stated above. The particles enter the fourth dimension, just as they are supposed to, according to these now corrected ‘twelve’ dimensional formulas of Einstein.

What is even more fascinating is that when these particles disappear and get into this fourth dimension, which is a supra-physical, mental dimension, the scientists find that whether these particles even exist in this dimension or not is controlled by the thought of the observers, by the thought of the scientists themselves. Quantum theory demands the inclusion of the psyche since the observer effect of any phenomenon will instantaneously alter its state. Einstein, Rosen, and Podolsky postulated this and supported it with flawless mathematical proof, it was called the ERP Effect. The process of observing and being observed become one. The process of observing does not just effect the results of the experiment, as per the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle, it determines them. The observer and that observed have become One. This is Wholistic.

Author: Life Enthusiast
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