M-3 Method for Higher Consciousness

There is no doubt that we live in “interesting times” of extraordinary challenge. For example, geo-scientists say that global warming is a massive threat. Biologists say that entire species are going extinct at an alarming rate. There is news of impending epidemics from Bird Flu, West Nile virus, while potential super viruses loom on the horizon, and the climate of terror and war capture the world’s attention.

Paradoxically, wise men from several indigenous cultures have given the message that this is also a time of great opportunity to awaken to higher consciousness.

According to biologist Bruce Lipton, Ph.D., John Diamond, M.D., and other pioneers in this area, vibrant health and longevity are best attained through raising one’s consciousness. Many agree that high consciousness is not only the best answer to health issues but also to the fears, doubts and insecurities that plague our times. The findings of David Hawkins, Ph.D., and others shows that the higher a person is in consciousness, the more happy, healthy and functional she or he is. With very high levels of consciousness, unusual capabilities and creative powers naturally emerge. Old habits and problems may fade out without a lot of effort. He clearly explains the characteristics of consciousness on each level in his book Power versus Force. The low end is bounded by psychopathic states (misery and pain) and the high end by enlightened ones (peace and joy). He points out the well known example of Mother Teresa, who worked with Lepers for many years without ever contracting the disease. He says her super immunity is typical of people above a certain level of consciousness.

M-3 is a practical method for quickly raising conscious to higher levels. It is the work of behavioral scientist Farrell Brenner, MA, who developed it over a thirty year period. M-3 means assisting three kinds of minds to work in unison for immediate self enhancement of functioning. The typical result is a very large increase in Level of Consciousness. The three minds are the higher mind, the conscious mind, and the unconscious mind. M-3 produces three kinds of changes, broadly speaking. It improves information in the system (beliefs), energy level in the system (transmission), and connection between levels and parts of the system (integrity).

Brenner developed a different type of tool for each type of mind. Facilitated Self Healing (FSH) is for the higher mind. His Protocols are for the conscious mind. The Gift is for the unconscious mind. The tools can be used separately or together. Each one is effective on its own and becomes more effective when combined with one or both of the others.

Higher Mind has been called the inner wisdom or higher power. It is the source of true genius and profound inspiration. Mystics have referred to it as divine mind. It knows everything there is to know about you. It holds the blue print for what a person can be in the purest, most functional form. We can rarely “hear” its messages for us. FSH communicates with higher mind and bridges to the unconscious levels. Wonderful results were obtained using FSH alone. With this approach the higher mind evaluates what is in the best interests of the person to change about themselves and the best pathway to attain that change. Consequently it is very smooth, natural and effective. The changes are made from within by the recipient’s own higher mind!

The Conscious Mind is the personality. It’s primary function is to take in information, obtain understanding and make choices; the purpose of which is to adapt to the environment. It has very limited ability to make changes to its unconscious mind, which is its operating system. Brenner’s Protocols focus the power of conscious mind like a laser. They are carefully crafted to address key blockages that suppress high levels of consciousness from manifesting. (You can see the first four stages of one of his twelve level Protocols at “How To Use”.) They were designed to be used with The Gift.

Unconscious Mind holds all the rules and programs that determine the level of functioning for the body/mind. The rules are unconscious beliefs, assumptions, motivations. They determine a person’s reality . These rules, formed during early childhood socialization, are the main reason conscious mind has limited power over itself. Additionally, various traumas and stresses tend to break down the integrity of the system creating split off, dissociated, or encapsulated mental areas. For most people the result is fragmentation. Their system does not communicate well with itself. For all these reasons when we tell ourselves to change something, frequently we don’t. The Gift creates an opportunity to change that.

Brenner found self esteem to be a key factor for overcoming unconscious limiting rules and unlocking higher states of consciousness. Fundamentally it is a set of beliefs that define our ability to give and receive love. He also discovered a strong correlation between raising self esteem and recovery from auto immune disorders and self defeating behaviors. How many modern medical problems are actually self esteem problems in disguise? If we really do not love and accept ourselves, doesn’t this get reflected in our physiology?

To solve this problem The Gift was developed. Independent reports verified that it dramatically increases the Level of Consciousness to a surprisingly high degree. It is made from a highly charged and structured nano mineral complex that brings the recipient out of psychological reversal, increases biologically useful energy, increases transmission and automatically raises self esteem. Although best results are obtained by using it as part of M-3, it can also be used effectively in conjunction with intention setting, affirmations, visualizations, with practices such as Tai Chi, meditation, prayer, and with healing and therapeutic modalities, etceteras.

Author: Life Enthusiast Staff