Mercury in Vaccines

by Dr. Mark Sircus, Ac., OMD, DM (P)
Director International Medical Veritas Association
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine

I heard David Kirby on a radio show say that all vaccines are mercury free for children or a few that have trace amounts. And that there is still no “scientific proof” this can happen. Meaning our autism “mercury poisoning” epidemic. I have also read that in his book. I am very confused about his statements. Who side is he on?

Well from what little I know he is on “our” side. Perhaps you heard him a bit wrong and after all, this is a very tricky subject. First, as everyone knows, the flu vaccine for kids, most of them, still have full mercury doses. Second, and very important, THEY ALWAYS SAID THE MERCURY IN VACCINES WAS A TRACE, so that is nothing new. Third, medical science is hardly a science, and science in the area of medicine has turned out to be quite retarded, and that is being polite. Yes a few brilliant and courageous scientists are standing up tall…but in medical areas the tendency is toward herds of intellectual cripples marching in lockstep.

Who needs scientific proof to say there is only one moon revolving around the earth or that mercury is a poison without equal in the non-radioactive area? You said you saw something like this in the book? I do not have a copy can you type it in so we can talk clearly about it? And on top of everything I really hope David has not turned into a nationalist, meaning only cares about this issue in a local sense. The vaccine issue knows no borders and it matters very much what is happening in the third world where they have not even thought about the idea of taking the mercury out. The United Nations and the World Health Organization have made sure of that, God bless their souls.

First mercury is still in the TD, some Hep B, the HepB/Hep A combo, Allergy testing shots, flu shots, etc.. Trace amounts for children who already have a mercury burden can be the point of being pushed into neurodevelopmental disabilities. Also, mixed with the aluminum, it may as well be the full amount. He needs to stop misleading the public that vaccines are now virtually mercury free. Even if they were free, which they are not, as you point out strongly, they are still a cruel barbaric idea that is not substantiated by science, experience or proof. I never thought I would reach fifty years of age to realize that I am living in a society where people think nothing of poisoning babies thinking it a great idea. There are plenty of other nasty chemicals besides the mercury – medical fascism has taken over the world – at least most people thought the Nazis were a bad idea, and the Nazi doctor cruelest of all.

I imagine it is obvious that I believe it is impossible to talk too strongly about such subjects. I am at heart a nonviolent man, and even belonged for many years in a group called NVC or Nonviolent Communication and am a long time practitioner of a process called Creative Conflict. But my God, if there was any cause worth being violent about it would have to do with the protection of babies. Any mother, human or beast, when backed into a corner, would come out in a killing rage to protect their young. For all the Americans who still believe in their government and in their basic society, which so easily sends troops to war over issues doomed to failure, meaning for all those who believe violence and war still have a place in life, to arms! Fight for what is right, just, necessary. Do we really think anyone in power is going to stop what they are doing unless forced?

And by force and violence I am not talking about killing anyone but there is a great difference when we have a fighting spirit in our bellies. Personally I have been fighting a war of words these past few years and it is mostly tears that feed my spirit. And for those who believe in the one true God and the heavenly host of angels, do you think they do not cry? Has not anyone listened to the wailing…. to the lament in heaven at what is being done to God’s most precious and vulnerable beings that are chosen to come to this earth?

Can any Christian imagine Christ coming to earth only to be ripped out of his mothers belly by C section, (where I live, believe it or not, the C section rate by private doctors is 90 percent and 40 percent in the public institutions), or imagine God’s son being crucified on the day of his birth with 25 mcgs of mercury (75 trillion atoms worth). There is not a doctor or government official in the world who would take the same dose adjusted up to their body weight! And these same doctors defend what is indefensible with twisted logic that will send future generations to wonder in shame how their ancestors ever fell into such absurd darkness. I am almost tempted to say sorry for my passion here but to be sorry would be a betrayal of all the beings that command my soul to do and say what I do.

Author: Dr. Mark Sircus, Ac., OMD, DM