Metabolic Syndrome

In case you have not heard, America is now officially the most obese country in the world! We now have two out of three people overweight, and almost half of them officially obese. Obesity is not something to take lightly, pun intended. But you already know that. What I want to tell you is this: it is NOT your fault. Yes, you know the rules: if you take in more calories than what you use up, it will end up stored as fat. But why are you so compelled to eat more than you need to?

So whose fault is it? I blame the industrial production methods that have been gradually taking over our food processing industry. It starts with government subsidized large scale farming of cereal plants wheat, corn and soy on overly fertilized but under mineralized soils. The top prize goes to the packaged foods that are so rich in addictive flavors and stimulants, that you stand no chance to resist. Once you become addicted, it is nearly impossible to break free.

The biggest trap of all is the convenience food and fast food. It is now cheaper to eat at a fast food restaurant than to make a wholesome meal at home. Probably because of the scale of production, the industrial producers can make a meal for less than you could. Today food is less expensive than it ever was, but unfortunately you are getting exactly what you are paying for. Not much in the way of REAL nutrition.

Genetically we are designed to operate in a world that existed about 10,000 years ago. We are programmed to seek out sweet (ripe fruit or berries), salty (minerals), and fat (lots of energy). In the pre-industrial age these flavors were not easily found, and enjoying them was only natural. But now you are not foraging for food in a forest, you are in a strip mall. And you are not hiking 10 miles to get there, you are sitting in a vehicle, that is probably even air-conditioned. Food producers may be not aware of this consciously, but they are selling you food that is addictive, and that is bad for you in almost every sense of the word.

Consuming conventional commercially-grown food that is pesticide-sprayed, herbicide treated, artificially-fertilized, chemically preserved, colored and sweetened has its consequences. Estimated 47 million Americans are now suffering with Syndrome X.

Recently the movie Food, Inc. was broadcast on CBC. You can catch it online on their website for free. Although, I think we should all buy multiple copies to share with loved ones.

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Food, Inc.

Author: Life Enthusiast Staff