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Miracle II Origins

Please note that these products do not have Canadian NPN – which means that Health Canada does not allow us to import these products into Canada for resale. The disagreement is over the fact that once you make a claim about healing properties of a product, you also have to support that assertion with scientific studies. The manufacturer (Tedco) has not been able to finance a study that would prove that the soap and neutralizer combination will treat or prevent a chronic degenerative condition. All claims that people have made about curing their cancer, or arthritis or diabetes, etc. have been strictly anecdotal, which is not enough to make the claims stand up to “scientific scrutiny”. As an individual consumer you can still order the Miracle II products from our US shopping cart and enjoy their quality of life benefits.

Miracle II products are spiritually revealed and formulated, creating an organic mixture that has never before been blended. They contain and hold spiritual energy beyond measure. These Products are exceptionally versatile as they will clean anything that water won’t hurt. They are naturally ideal cleaners, antibacterial products, deodorizers, insecticides, and fertilizers. All of these products contain no synthetic oils, no animal fat, and no preservatives. They are biodegradable and naturally concentrated. Use them sparingly, as less is better.

By varying the dilution, these products perform diverse jobs such as:

  • cleansing & healing the human & animal body (internally & externally),
  • household, industrial and institutional cleaning & deodorizing,
  • fertilizing house plants, gardens and field crops,
  • cleaning up industrial oil spills.

By using Miracle II products you will eliminate toxic & caustic chemicals from our environment.

Clean, Deodorize and Fertilize With Miracle II Products

I read some of the God and Miracles book and I do not understand all of the chemical action stuff, but I basically got it. I used the soap for the first time in the shower and I must tell you that my sinuses are both open for the first time in who knows how long. Also I feel something flowing through me. I have read about “energetically charged items” and I think I am experiencing it. I need to use it further to be sure but I think there is something bigger here.
God Bless, Mary Jane

For the greatest wholesome soap experience you owe it to yourself to try this, if you have not already. We believe in our products enough to use them on ourselves, our families and our friends. After more than 20 years of public use and a virtual library of fantastic personal testimonies, these proven products are rapidly growing in popularity. Find out what the fuss is all about. We put Miracle II products to the test and all we can say is: “They’re Miraculous!!!”

Read more about them and listen to Clayton’s audio recording (1.6 MB mp3) of his personal account telling how he “Received” this miraculous formula. The amazing Miracle II products created by Clayton Tedeton through divine inspiration offer incredibly wide-ranging applications including healing, household, and cleaning. The personal testimonies that people tell just continue to surprise.

Some of the Many Uses

Personal Hygiene: Neutralizer and Soap can be used externally and internally to deal with a wide range of concerns. Read the application pages and the product information for specific details.

Plants and Pets: Try it on your pets and houseplants, to detoxify them.

Agriculture: Miracle II Neutralizer has had some amazing results in agriculture, improving crop yields by over 100%, with enhanced product taste and nutrition, without using any fertilizer, chemical or organic.

Cleaning: Miracle II Soap has been used for just about every residential, commercial or industrial application, from glass cleaners to ridding new carpets of their odor, with superior results in every application. Don’t underestimate it’s utility.

Chemical Exposure: The Soap and Neutralizer combination is especially effective for eliminating the toxicity from people’s bodies that are exposed to pesticides and herbicides.

The Origin of Miracle II Products

I’ve bee using Miracle II products exclusively for the past 5 years and I will confirm any and all questions about the product as far as results go. There is no comparison to the quality and efficacy of the products. I use the soap/cleanser, neutralizer, lotion and laundry balls. I have over the years developed sensitivity to Sodium Laurel Sulfate and when I use regular shampoo, my head will begin to bleed after about 3 days of use. I have changed about 100 people to Miracle II and I strongly recommend for everyone.
K. David G., Texas

In July of 1981, Clayton Tedeton woke up in the night to find writing on his bedroom wall. Names of minerals and formulas for mixing were miraculously there. In the following days, Mr. Tedeton assembled and mixed the product, not even knowing what it was for. The first product was the Miracle Soap, and eventually, he extracted the Neutralizer and other Miracle II products. Time passed, and in April of 1982, a strange woman gave Mr. Tedeton a set of instructions for product uses. For more than five years,

Tedeton gave away the product to many people for free, then in 1987, he sold it for the first time. Amazing reports from both the Miracle Soap and the Neutralizer came pouring in; healing of skin cancers, psoriasis, warts, poison ivy, bedsores, athlete’s foot, and many other skin problems. More and more product uses became known. Customers told of using the products to kill fire ants & other insect problems, multiple cleaning uses, and fertilizing in agriculture.

Clayton Tedeton would like everyone to know that God must be given all the credit for the Miracle II products. His first miracle came about from watching a TV evangelist tell him that he was to be healed from auto accident injuries that had him laid up for many months. His second miracle was the writing on his bedroom wall; the formula for the soap.

Concerns about Variations in Miracle II Products

Any statements about changes in the formula or the manner in which we manufacture Miracle II products are totally false.The formulations and manufacturing methods for the Miracle II soap products have remained unchanged for over 25 years. Beside the fact that these soap products have helped untold thousands of people worldwide, there would be no logical business reason to change the formulations in any manner: the soap products as originally formulated and manufactured work fantastically for thousands of people; these people are repeat customers, many times over, who want the soap products in their original formulations; and our company has prospered consistently throughout the years selling these products in their original formulations. As the old saying goes, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”As with any product that uses botanicals in its formulation, there will be certain natural changes in color, natural fragrance and thickness from lot to lot, depending on the conditions in which a particular botanical grows and matures (such as length of daylight and darkness, amount of rainfall, heat, cold, etc.). While these factors may slightly affect the color, fragrance or thickness of the final product, none of this affects the overall functioning of the botanical in the formulation or the total effectiveness of the product. If a particular customer prefers a specific thickness, shade of color, or presence or absence of natural fragrance, and does not find this in a particular lot of product, then he must decide whether or not he wishes to use that particular lot of product. It by no means results from any changes made by our manufacturing or formulating processes, and it does not make our product “defective” or less effective for its intended purposes.Byron Kirk Tedeton
Tedco, Inc.

From the FAQs

Q: Are there chemicals in Miracle II products and will Miracle II react when combined with medications?

A: Data sheets were issued to Tedco Corporation, the manufacturer of Miracle II products. They were completed by the US Department of Labor, Occupational Safety and Health Administration and state that the Miracle II Soap and Miracle II Neutralizer are biodegradable and contain no dangerous chemicals.

Author: Life Enthusiast Staff