Miracle II Reviews: Horse Stories

Let me introduce myself: my name is Jacque Chapman and I have been involved with Miracle II for about 6 weeks now and have seen results that have been wonderful. I live in Bozeman, Montana with my husband and three sons, ages 18, 13, and 12. We own 5 horses, 1 dog, 1 cat, and 4 goats. Three of our horses have been rescue cases. We handle our land and our family and our animals holistically and have done so for some time. I have seen so many wonderful results firsthand and I just have to tell you some of them! (The most fun part of this business is hearing the stories, I think!) My horses are my pet project (especially my rescues). I have one mare that has been with me for over five years now. She came to me basically wild, and at five years old had never had her feet even trimmed.

A year later I sent her to a reliable trainer and after a month at the trainer’s, she came home a very lame girl. The vets had checked her while at the trainer’s and I had her x-rayed when she got home. She could barely walk on her two front feet. Nobody could explain the lameness. After a month she was finally better and then I was injured and could not ride for two years myself and so, she was not ridden at all since the training. Well, she’s always had the best of care, and vaccinations, all feed and handling is completely chemical-free, and even with all this good care, as of this summer she has still been a hormonal mess.

Always moody, always touchy, ultra-sensitive…. To even just put a halter on her and play with her on the ground for even five minutes would result in her turning into a physical wreck from her own emotions! Her digestion would shut down, her neck would crest up (she had formerly foundered at her previous home), and her stifles would lock up (this is why she went so lame in the front feet at the trainer’s!) I wondered if she’d ever be able to be used for anything! Well, in August, she mildly foundered and why, I am not sure… But, about the same time as this happened to her, I was introduced to the soap… So, not only did my family go on the soap, but so did my horses!

I also began to put it on my foundered mare’s crusty neck every single morning along with spraying on the neutralizer afterward on the neck. For about a week I just worked on the crusty neck and eventually it began to ‘unswell,’ and then it even fell over like a camel’s hump sort of very interesting! I continued with the soap and neutralizer on the neck and a few days later it became uncomfortable for her and began to swell again – this time a weird, lumpy swelling. Very strange! On the third day, the neck busted open and began to ooze what I believe was toxic junk! Ask anyone who’s had a foundered horse if that’s ever happened before!

The very best part, though, is that the day that neck broke open is the day she absolutely changed emotionally. She is today a very different mare… I can ride her and play with her and there is no longer the physical changes that held her back before! I am confident that by spring I will be able to have her ready to go to a new home, at a level of training that before I truly questioned if it could ever be. The soap seems to have an incredible healing effect on hormones and emotions… About six weeks ago I just adopted a new horse who had been labeled very dangerous and was to be put down. Schizo, paranoid, freak, psycho… were all the names I heard from the stables where I picked him up from. I brought him home absolutely so very afraid.

He is 12 years old, a 4th-level dressage horse, and a show-jumper that over the years according to others has just gotten worse and worse and worse. I could hardly believe that a horse this afraid was even ridden… Well, on the third day here, I put him on the soap and neutralizer internally (along with the other horses). I changed his name to Johnny Bravo (he needed to be more brave!) He took to the soap right away and within a few days was taking it at liberty (no halter or rope!). He has of course gone to the chemical-free lifestyle of the others here as well, but, I know from experience that it is a long haul to get the changes desired in a case like this… (or is it?)

I believe it is because of the soap that I have seen the miraculous changes in him and continue to see them every day… Johnny is doing beautifully! I can touch him everywhere with a plastic bag on a stick at liberty now (he would’ve killed himself – literally! – to get away from that bag when he first arrived). When something does scare him, he now stops to think about it instead of going into automatic self-preservation mode. He’s turned into a playful, funny, kind horse that I can see will be absolutely stunning to use in exhibitions to tell his story to others. His is truly a story of hope. He is 16 hands and pure white with big black eyes and black feet; very, very beautiful.

Something else that is exceptional is the fact that two of my horses have been ‘blanketed’ every winter for about 10 years. They’ve never been allowed to grow a real winter coat and have been ‘babied’ all that time. So, this is their first winter at the ‘a la naturale’ ranch… The last two weeks have been increasingly cold at night and the last two nights have been frigid (around 5 degrees) Brrrr!!! I have kept a close eye on them to assure that they are staying warm of course and they get extra hay at night and plenty of fresh water available.

Johnny is one of the ‘babied’ ones I was referring to; no blankets, and doing very well. This afternoon I realized that Johnny not only is getting a nice winter coat, but he has great big dapples on it as well! Their former owners would have to see it to believe it! I tease my husband that I’ve played nurse for my horses so long that for the first time everybody is ready to ride! I actually have to ride them now! When I bring out the saddle to ride they literally line up! They all want a turn to wear the saddle! I could go on and on about the horse stories, they are many!

Secret Lives of Horses and Pets

by Jacque Chapman, the “horse lady”

Hello People,

I continue to learn more and more about Miracle products and am constantly amazed! My rescue gelding, Johnny, was on the soap and neutralizer internally for 120 days and strangely I didn’t see any signs of him detoxing,,, not even a runny nose or goopy eye… I did expect at least that. Well, he did come here with a sore hind left leg that I never really pinpointed and I figured to let the diet change do it’s thing first before I worried too much about the leg as he wasn’t limping, just sore.

I’ve been told before that an injury to a point on the body whether you whack your hand on a board or stub your toe is actually the body’s way of bringing energy to that exact point and the ‘accident’ is not really an ‘accident’ at all… So, with that in mind… on with this story. I went out to feed a few weeks back and Johnny had cut himself on his left hind leg on the front above the hoof at the joint… So, I treated the cut with the soap and the neutralizer. I would rub the soap and then the neutralizer into the joint, clockwise, three times in one treatment and then I would walk him out to get it worked into the joint.

I found that he had heat on the inside hock and even at the point on his spine between his hip points. So those areas got rubbed down as well with the soap and neutralizer. I did this twice a day for three days and watched the wound do well. On about the third or fourth day I realized that the wound had begun to drain blood and clear liquid and also strangely his leg drained a lot of clear liquid ABOVE the wound as well! I believe this was the beginning of the detox I had been waiting on… About three days into the ‘draining’ phase Johnny began to exhibit stud traits. Now, this is a 12 year old gelding who up until this point has been a few months of a very docile and nice gelding.

When he came here he was the world’s biggest chicken with hair… and eventually that was overcome. So, after the leg begins to drain, we suddenly have a huge hormonal imbalance that actually is flat dangerous at times. From past experience this is actually a detox of chemicals that somewhere in the past the animal has been exposed to… Most likely 2-4D or something similar. So, for the last few weeks, it’s been kind of like having a teenager in the corrals. I am not trusting of what the mood will be. 90% of the time he is quite docile.

The other 10% I have been chased out, he has run my other gelding into the fence and hurt him badly, and I am so glad that at least this is temporary! He is on the neutralizer spray every day at this point and his leg is healing up very nicely. The hormone imbalance seems to have evened out better and I look forward to it being done, although, I do not know what all he has left to get rid of. I am very happy to have such products as the Miracle Soap products available to use. It is always a blessing and I am happy to be able to share some of what they’ve done for us. Please share this with others. Thank-you for all you do for us!


Author: Life Enthusiast