Mycosis, Fungus And Yeast

This article is machine translated from German. We are still working on making it flow in English.

The chemical industry in the meantime produces further and further and finally makes happy the countries of the third World with their “Luck-bringing”.

Because the effect at the beginning had always been quick and thorough, one believed to also have to apply the universal remedy to other, slight illnesses, such as head-colds, angina, influenza and similar illnesses, especially since from year to year, the antibiotics came on the market favorably as far as the price was concerned. Today in almost all medical practices, it is customary, that as a rule, antibiotics will be given without a serious illness being present. Instead of applying them only where it is a matter of life and death – in this case it is a blessed Pharmacum – it is applied for practically all infections whether they be banal infections or slight inflammations. This ignores the fact that viruses, which are responsible for a great many of the infections we suffer, do not react to antibiotics at all. Why, in spite of this knowledge, a doctor will prescribe antibiotics during a simple head-cold can only be understood by the doctor who may gain a certain profit out of it.

But this is by far not the only weak-point, which one can press against this therapy. It quickly was rumored, that many people exist, who partially reject very strongly upon certain Antibiotics. Then one discontinues these and tries it with other ones. But the actual tragedy lies in the fact, as already mentioned in the beginning, that the first successes are fizzled-out mostly very quickly, because already after a short time, the next infection will appear, and this one – how should it be different now – again will be treated with an antibiotic.

But because the at the moment applied one, will not function properly any more, then one applies a still stronger one, a still “better effective one”. Also the second infection disappears again and the surviving ones, which in the meantime have become more virulent, multiply themselves to still stronger ones, to still more resistant Bacteria strains. One can continue this game, as often as desired, but only so long until also the strongest Antibiotics are not any more in a position to adjust to the usual clearance-work with success. The consequences are chronic illnesses and lingering diseases!

The defense, which through the repeated attacks of the Antibiotics, is weakened, Has fallen into a condition of total exhaustion and loss of actions. The now almost without pauses over the body over-taking infections, which are released through bacteria or viruses, practically will not any more be dominated by anything. At the end of such a several times executed Antibiotics-Treatment, stands a chronic ill human being, who always again is inclined to new infections and whose resistance from day to day and from year to year will become worse.

The human beings, who have become ill in this way, are walking by the millions in our country, yes in the entire world and occupy the waiting room of doctors, where nothing else is waiting for them there, as new wide-band-antibiotics and this with the result that they still will become more ill.

Why the recognition of this devils circle has not already created deeper roots within the population, is unfortunately not to be understood, for no one can expect from the society of doctors, who swear by this kind of “Healing”: that with an explanation-study in this sense, they will saw-off the branch upon which they are sitting.

How does it now come to these devastating relapses with infection illnesses, which at the beginning are banal, later however increase distinctly with gravity? One has to determine with astonishment how thoroughly such a Penicillin has cleared away the Bacteria? Yet, however, it has not been so thorough, because an infinitely small part of the Bacteria – these are naturally the most resistant ones survive this inferno -without receiving the smallest damage, and because they are virulent, they multiply themselves again with great speed and produce still more resistant stems, Which during the slightest defense-depth, will release a new more severe infection.

What did happen? How is it possible, that in spite of the” help”, the defense from the outside reacts so negatively and will be damaged so heavily? The answer is simple. Through the Antibioticum, the Bacteria will be destroyed within the shortest time. Their poisons and dead bodies (Bacteria debris), develops in such huge amounts, that the excretion-organs cannot handle any more the evacuation and the removal out of the body. In order to get rid of these residues of the “Battle Field”, the excretion-organs then push them into the connective tissues where they will be stored, in order not to damage the organism any more through the path of the blood and lymph. However, for this self-preservation-mechanism are below set natural limitations. If it thus comes always again – and this mostly blow after blow – to such a massive deposition with the mesenchyme (connective tissues), then this also overburden, and therefore the Bacteria-poisons and bacteria debris will end-up again in the circulation end therewith in the organ-system. The consequences of this are chronic illnesses, with which we daily are confronted today during the medical consultation times.

Because the Antibiotics are already applied in the baby-age, then we should not be surprised, if for example a teen-ager, yearly will get several serious infection-illnesses. Such cases I have treated in my practice. The parents of these children have without exception confirmed to me, that each time several Antibiotics- as well as cortisone treatments have been given in advance.

Here I will appeal to the Mothers: Do not panic each time, if your child just has a banal cold! Avoid to treat this infection with Antibiotics! Give nature a chance to handle it alone, for nature is able in almost all cases to deal with it, all by itself, and this prevents the child from getting chronically ill. Naturally, you should then visit a Doctor or a Natural Practitioner, if other symptoms are present, which refer to a serious illness, or if life-threatening signs are present. But also in such a case, one has to weigh if one should not use biological remedies, so to speak on a soft wave, in order to chose the better way.

If one gives the defense sufficient time to handle the infections, that means to destroy the invaded Bacteria uninterruptedly (without delay) and to carry them away through the excretion organs, then it will not come to an over-burden of the Mesenchyme and therewith also not to a succession-illness. Completely on the contrary!

The immune system emerges strengthened from such a defense-performance and is armed very well for the next infection, which presumably lets wait for itself for a long time.

The same, is I have described about the Antibiotics, their misuse and their disastrous effects, also refer in the same way to the Corticoide, respectively, the Cortisone (Hormone of the Side-kidney-crust) which inset in the meantime has reached a dimension, that will suspect serious matters for the coming generation. For also this, almost indiscriminately with all possible pain- and inflammation-conditions applied hormone, is apt to paralyze not only the side-kidneys with their many life-important functions, but also above this, it damages the entire immune-system, and this especially because of the corresponding frequency and the amount of the substitution.

Cortisone will practically also be applied everywhere, where pains, inflammations, allergies or rheumatic problems occur. Its application, which is palliative, – only directed towards the symptom -and in the meantime has been manufactured synthetically and therefore cheaper Hormone, is also used now for cancer-therapy. During corresponding long or more often applied Cortisone, it will result – apart from serious and most serious side effects, about which I cannot speak in details at this point – similar as with the Antibiotics – to a more or less massive damage of the side kidney crust and the immune system.

The through antibiotics and cortisone we caused iatrogenic, that means, damages, which have been caused through the medical treatment, only count for the misuse, and not for the reasons when both had been applied once or twice for reasons of life threatening illnesses during life.

Blessing and disaster here lie closely together. Thoughtlessness, convenience and having-no-time – for illnesses, are the motives for both of these so frivolously applied medications, which otherwise already have saved the life of so many people.

Since the development of Penicillin and of Cortisone, the so developed immune weakness has spread especially in the industrial countries in a frightening measure. The consequence of that is, that there hardly still exist human beings with a completely intact defense and therefore I am always quite happy, when once in a while, I will see in my practice a patient, who has an almost immaculate immune-system. Only these patients have become a rarity during the last year, because, the measurements, executed with my Bioelectronic-Function-Diagnosisc), can determine from year to year, an always-greater percentage of the ones, which are defense-damaged. I assume on the basis of a great amount of measurements, that today it will be already about 95%, which also refers to children and babies. Only with the last group, the percentage should be lower. A similar result, we find today with Allergies and with Mycosis (Yeast-mold-fungus-illness). Between these two illnesses however, exist highly interesting connections, about which I still will speak.

An age of new illnesses and epidemics has begun. The creation outwits us, because it will not let destroy its concept through us human beings, for if one believes to have won the battle against the Bacteria and therewith against the devastating epidemics of the middle-ages, then to this day will appear unknown epidemics within the plan, without that the almost helpless science can undertake something against it. There I think about the for not too long a time ago appearing Virus-illnesses, as for example AIDS, and not last the Mycosis, which are the actual tenor of this book.

The Mycosis

Morphology of the pathogenic Yeast-Mold-Fungi

Before we turn to the Mycosis and their pathogen (ill-making) consequences upon the human organisms, it seems appropriate, to report first about the Morphology which means about the nature of these metabolites.

We differentiate between higher or mote genuine and lower fungi, whose quantity, according to careful estimate may lie between 100,000 to 120,000 types. However, this number has to be raised still higher by the not yet discovered, or not yet described fungus types.

The lower fungi, about which this book is concerned, belong the Yeast-Mold-Fungi and the Dermatophytes. They exist everywhere in our environment and upon the entire Earth. They belong into the kingdom of plants and possess no Chlorophyll, contrary to the green plants and therefore are heterotrophic. Presumably, they lost it in the course of millions of years or however, we are dealing here with the original plant life. They therefore cannot build up for themselves either the for them important carbon and therefore they feed themselves either at the cost of other organisms or they live as Saprophytes from non-organic substances. In the first case, they lend a secret parasite-life within the organism of the human being and the animal, which has not been noticed by the environment.

The also so much praised Penicillin belongs to these fungi, which only be mentioned at the edge. It requires the growth and the vitality of pathogene microkinds and will for this reason be applied world-wide, during all infections, unfortunately also with the slight ones.

The Yeast-Mold-Fungi best thrive in a moist milieu, while the Dermatophytes appear in a dry area. So one finds on the human skin predominantly Yeast-Mold-Fungi upon the moist areas and in contrast the Dermatophytes upon the dry skin surface. Nail-mycosis (toe fungus) will be caused through both species. In the mouth, in the esophagus and in the stomach are present almost exclusively Yeast-Fungi and only in a small percentage the mold-fungi. Organ system as well as Mycosis of the vagina, are caused exclusively through Yeast-Mold-Fungi (Fungi Dialogue 3/88).

As long as the main metabolism, the pH value that is the hydrogen ion concentration of the body fluids and of the tissues (normal value: blood 7.1 – 7.2; urine 6.8 and saliva 6.5) is in the norm, then they lead an apathogene, therefore not an ill making Symbiont-Life within the organism. We then speak about obligatory Symbionts, we refer to those that can even be of benefit to their host under specific conditions. They live on dead or discarded materials, but also with their nourishment demands, they can come back to the Protoplasma of the host. Their benefit lies for example therein, that they produce enzymes and vitamins, which are of life important significance as a nutritive substance for themselves and also for the host. At least some fungi fulfill life important functions for the human organism that the host organism itself would not be able to handle. Some give net positive results, not pathogenic qualities.

The transition to the Pathogenesis (illness) results in part slowly, and in part fast and in measure, as the biological pH-equilibrium in the blood changes itself towards the basis side. Today, we still do not know, if the one or the other pH value derailment, contributes more to the pathogene situation of the fungi, but it is well to be assumed, that the one (acid) as well as the other (basis) also releases an activation of the Mycosis in the negative sense upon the organism. For the better understanding and for the bolstering, I quote here from the book: “The Blood-Mycosis” by Haefeli (see literature index) literally:

“The Life demands of the fungi in the blood are very modest, as long as they find their optimal media, in which are present nutritive substances with the necessary organic connections, from which also is dependent the pH. As long as the body in which the Symbionts live, holds in equilibrium the Hydrogen-ion concentrations of the blood are between 7.20 and 7.30, then the growth-possibility of the fungi remains far reaching blocked-up. Outside of these pH values, will signals loudly be broken open, which will regulate enzymaticaly for the Symbionte-no matter of which kind – under the maintenance of his original fungus quality, the ascent, or descent of the pH. This debolting forces the Symbionte into a position of the self conserved defense, when then in a reverse way, will be directed against the host. This will be obvious in illness pictures, which refer upon a disturbed Symbiosis. Protits and Symprotits, sporoide swarmers and macrosymprotits, which first of all had to fulfill the regulative function for the host, then transform themselves very extensively in size and form, however they further fulfill their regulation, but with excess they call forth serious consequences (consequences in the arterial-venous system). It is not yet clarified definitely, whether the lower or the higher pH, will release an impulse upon the Micro-Parasites, so that they can contain their growth-impulse. However, some observations show, that the elevated acid-value does release a favorable influence upon the growth-effectiveness, because the blood-acidosis can at the same time be useful for the judgment. Not any less interesting is also the observation, that a pH value in an elevating tendency from 7.40 on and more, can also be of importance upon the Mvcelia-growth, of presumably a few, but not for all fungi-parasites. Thereby will appear blood, in an alkaline fertile soil., however very slowly (it takes one to 12 months, without fertile-broth). however, with a pH 7.40, the competition of the fungi, will appear regularly.”

Seen thus, it is the abnormal pH-value of the blood, which disturbs or even withdraws from the life-foundation of the Symbiont, so that it will be forced to resign his tranquil, for human being even useful. Symhiont-existence and to develop into a pleomorphic (multiform transformable parasite, which has the capability to break-out from the Symbiosis, in order to develop spores and to establish itself with various growth-forms, which are based upon strictly outlined regulations in blood and tissues of the host. It is the merit of the Haefeli, that through certain color-tinting-methods, he made these forms visible and therefore their development was able to be recognized. He, who is interested in details, should not avoid to read the with many highly interesting picture equipped book “The Bloodmycosis” (“Die Blutmykose”) (see Literature-index)

As soon as the Yeast-mold-fungi have entered into the pathogene condition, we then refer to them as Mycosis. Under this designation, we understand the derailment, which was caused by an inflammatory illness of all mold-fungi and yeast fungi and all of the unknown fungi-species. Only the pathogenicity (ill-making factor) of the mold- and the yeast-fungi, will decide about the fact of becoming ill, respectively of the illness of the stricken individual, which can rise-up (elevate) to the fungus-sepsis and therewith to the exitus (death). To classify here the individual fungus-species by name, would transgress the sense and task of this book. It can be read in the accessible literature. How does it come to an inside or deep Mycosis, because only these are the ones, who threaten thus our life, – this has been written in another chapter in details.

A professional, however also for the layman a well understandable explanation of the concept of “Pathogenity” with the Yeast-Mold-Fungi, has been given by Prof. Dr. H. Rieth in the area of the Mycosis (Fungus Dialogue 2/88), which I will give here in the full text for better comprehension.

The term Pathogenesis will be used in 2 different concepts:

  • As expression of the ability to cause illnesses.
  • As expression of the manifestation of an illness.

If the accents will be laid more upon the 2nd meaning, then one speaks of the becoming pathogen of the Yeasts. If one refers this – becoming pathogene – upon the yeasts itself, then the impression exists that yeasts, which so far did not have the ability to cause illnesses, have now acquired this ability as a new quality.

With this would completely be eliminated a differentiation between pathogene, facultative pathogene and completely apathogene yeasts.

The fact however, is that there exist absolutely useful apathogene Yeasts, for example: Beer-yeast , various Wine-yeasts, and well known Kefir-fungus, the Baking-yeast and Sausage-yeasts. In comparison however, capable to be effective pathogenically, are Cryptococcus neoformans, Candida albicans and some other kinds.

Pre-disposing Factors

Of special importance is, that the ability to cause illnesses, is very often, but not always dependent upon pre-disposing factors, among those play an important role the innate or acquired defense weakness.

To therapeutically reach into this situation, For example through diminishing-the the germ-number with the help of antimycotic effective substances, opens the chance, that the attacked organism, with the not with medication reached yeasts – as far as their number remains under the border of tolerance – will be able to achieve it alone.

Especially within the digestive tract, the pathogene yeasts have to be fought effectively. Healthy people can live with a small amount of pathogene yeasts, without the appearance of grave illnesses.” (Remark of the author: Healthy human beings have an intact defense and therefore do not have any Mycosis!)

“In the case of illnesses – and especially with yeast-promoting nourishment of a lot of sugar, especially with lots of Dextrose (grape-sugar), fruit-sugar and beet-sugar – it can then come to a disproportion of defense and attack, so that it will be demanded with the ill person, to recognize the pathogene yeasts as such and therefore to eliminate them, before they belong to the 7000 people, who die yearly of Mycosis.”

The first reaction, after the application of the Penicillin and later with enforced measure with the application of the Cortisone, were skin-mycosis (for example foot-fungus). People sit in the overflowing waiting rooms of’ the Dermatologists and do not realize, that they not only have their fungi between the toes and the fingers, but already also in, their organs, but already they slowly but surely continue their destructive work and even have deadly consequences, if one does not recognized them early enough and does not offer them parole, at the right time.

According to the high calculation in the Federal Republic of Germany, about 7000 people die yearly of Mycosis. They use an eloquent language about it, which one deals with mycosis with bagatelle-illness, which can be dispatched with the movement of a hand. In addition, one deals here with this number exclusively with accidentally recognized cases of death – for example through autopsies. The dark-number will therefore in most cases lie much higher, because in most cases of death, one does not recognize the actual cause, which is not astonishing, when we consider the indifference, which has here been displayed (exhibited) by the Medicine-School. If one considers that of the so-called cases of death, about 70 % during life-time are neither recognized nor differentiated diagnostically be drawn into consideration, then one receives a frightening balance (Mueller BG).

In this connection, I would like to make known a contribution in extracts, which, underlines the deadly danger bf the Mycosis. Under the heading “Lung-mycosis with Pre-disposed patients”, is written by W. Fegeler in the Fungus-Dialogue 3/89:


“The pulmonary form of a mucor-mycosis under the clinical picture of an unspecific Bronchitis and Pneumonia, with the sign of a Thrombosis and of infarcts goes along with a high lethality (over 80%). Only 5 from 38 patients with a pulmonary mucor-mycosis survive, of the 21 patients, by whom it has come to a generalization, not one survived (3).

The subststantiated suspicion of a Mucor-mycosis presents an absolute indication of a large overdose immediate antimycotic Therapy, parallel to further diagnostic and eventual operative measures.”

When the medical school here sticks the head into the sand, how then shall the layman recognize the approaching disaster? How shall he be warned in time and how the illness can be stopped, if any explanation has been denied? Only a few from the Medical Healing Professions have recognized this avalanche accurately, which already approaches us with full impact in the near future, and they have drawn it into their therapeutic endeavors.

The literature about the deep Mycosis is comparatively sparse. In contrast to this, it is with the outside Mycosis difficult to survey, especially from the English speech area.

For the layman, the at the end, of this book listed small interesting Literature-index, is a persuading prove of it. Here however, I have to add, – that I am not familiar with all the books, thus may the authors forgive me, if I have not listed their publication.

Therefore for this reason, should you dear, reader not, be surprised when the information, which exists about the Mycosis, so sparsely does penetrate into the consciousness of the Medical Profession. With it is added the expensive and often complicated Laboratory-examinations, whose value, at least, according to today’s standards has to be questioned very much. The at the beginning by I me obtained results from the professional laboratory examinations, did not agree at any corners or ends with the by me applied Elector-Acupuncture-Diagnosis. Why this is as such, I shall try to explain in a later chapter.

One simply does not want to admit, that here, an illness approaches us, with has the best chances to develop itself into a disease of a completely new shape. Unbelievable head-shaking is almost always the reaction, when my patients for the first time in their life, hear the diagnosis” inside Mycosis”. Constantly;’ I am presented with a frightening ignorance. The explanation, which usually follows this reaction, unfortunately takes so much time, that also during the consulting hours, the existing time, is not enough any more.

H. Rieth writes in the “Fungus-Dialogue” 1986:

“Positive Fungus-findings obviously have still been misunderstood, have been dismissed as irrelevant, and have been left out of consideration from ‘the ‘chain of causes.

Too little is known; that yeast-nests, – whereby take the lead the Candida albicans – within the small gut with a light diet, or when the defense is weakened, -they then will multiply themselves rapidly and within hours, as fungus-threads they will actively and aggressively enter into the tissue. If it comes to a hematogene sowing (over the blood-path); then very quickly can be caused life-threatening Mycosis of the inner regions.

Candida-Mycosis will be released to about 90 % through an intensive and often of many years lasting settlement with the yeast-fungus Candida albicans. Other Candida types, such as Candida krusei, Candida glabrata, Candida parapsilosus or Candida tropicalis, are only involved to a small percentage.”

Mycosis and the Immune-System

For the better understanding about the with the immune-system connected proceedings, I believe, that I have to explain more about it. As I have already mentioned, the life upon our earth-would come to extinction within the shortest time, if the defense within the animal or human organism would fail from one day to another. This of course is a Hypothesis, but it has to contribute to a better understanding.

In a world, which is full of Microbes, also Bacteria, Fungi and Viruses, we are dependent upon a faultless functioning Immune system, which guarantees our health, thus our life. According to today’s stand of the research, it consists of two different systems, which through a close teamwork, are connected with each other and in spite of it, we have to undertake a strict differentiation. The one is the humeral defense system, which is directed towards Bacteria, Fungi and Viruses and mainly will be -steered by the Payer Plaques which have their seat in the gut. They form the B-lymphocytes, which are responsible for the development of the Anti-bodies and establish themselves within the Lymphoknots, the Red Pulps and the spleen.

The second system, the cellular defense, in contrast, has its seat in the Thymus gland, where the T -Lymphocytes are being formed. Under their influence mainly stand the degeneration – and Neoplasma-phases (Cancer).

Both systems will be controlled through the endocrine glandular system as well as also through the Central nervous system. For these recognitions, we are indebted to the research-results of the newest time.

In my book “Successful Cancer Therapy according to new biological views, I repeatedly have referred upon this connection. So through many hundreds of tests with the Bioelectronic-Function-Diagnostics, I became aware of the facts, that the through pathogene radiation-influences damaged Neuro-endocrine-system (Hypophysis), Epiphysis and Hypothalamus) does not only have, a damage as a consequence of this highly sensitive system in the sense of a hormone-insufficiency, but also a serious derailment of the immune-system.

Payer Plaques and Thymus are therefore not only lymphoides, but also inside secretarial organs. A prove for the latter one, was brought by the Max-Planck Institute, which discovered a new hormone, the Liver-hormone “Hepatopeotine”, which will be formed in the Payer-Plaques. This hormone is able to completely to regenerate again – during a part removal of the liver – provided that, it is not damaged by a Cirrhosis – (Literature reference: Dr. Zoubeck “Out of Space and Time”, Book 25/86).

Both of these Immune Systems are in close Connection, in spite of the various tasks, which they have to perform, through the so-called chemical messenger-substances. One of them is the Inteterferon, known to most readers as the “Cancer-Remedy”, which however soon turned out to be a great mistake. Formed and developed in the organism, it will be a most effective weapon against Bacteria, Viruses and their toxins. It therefore fulfills an important task within the teamwork of both immune systems.

Mycosis – the Pest of the coming century

Viruses and Fungus illnesses are nothing else, as the consequences of a damaged immune system, especially through the misuse of allopathic medications, which however have contributed to the disappearance, the through the smallest living creature epidemics, but they also have created completely new illnesses. An answer from Nature? Do the epidemics not come again to us through the back door? Here, one gets more or less, into Philosophy, if one lets pass by the connections of these tragic development reviews.

If once we ignore the viruses, which during the next centuries, presumably still will cause a log of head-aches, then our view falls upon species of the smallest living creatures, which so far have only been known to us, as harmless, resulting from the food as yeast- or Mold-fungi, which in the worst case, have been known as foot-fungus. The secretly clammy, and not only by the world’s laymen hardly unnoticed, there developed itself a new grandiose strange I epidemic, which in its malice, as we can name it, finds itself upon an advance, and is searching for its equal.

The amazing fact, of this phenomenon is, that the Mycosis have been known by the science for already quite some time, but however, have been played-down, yes have hardly been recognized, by, the Medical school. Only the Dermatologists deal with the fungi, which considered by themselves, namely as exo-fungi, which have resulted in an almost unmanageable “Pest”.

Single measures of the immuno-therapy to be indicated here is not possible, because of the extensive material, which is offered by the Mycosis, which I still would like to take care of. here. However, I gladly will agree to pass on m until today gained experiences of biological working-therapists. With a self-treatment, I would firmly advice against, just because of the complexity of this Therapy.

The Merry-Go Round of the Immune Damage

How does life (a course of life) now look in the age of the Mycosis, whose pathogene existence is only possible through a damaged, respectively inactive immune-system? Already at birth, the new born experiences the first contacts with pathogene yeast-fungi, because in the womb and the vagina, already are settled a high percentage of Mycosis. One does not need too large of a fantasy in order to imagine, how this first contact with fungi on the birth path has taken place and which consequence this has upon the defense of the new born.

A in this way with pathogene fungi infected baby, comes therefore to this world with the stigma of the defense-weakness and because during the first years of life, It has to build-up first of all its defense… so the human being is, practically born with a virginal immune-system – therefore the fungi have an easy game to nestle and spread themselves out into the organs. Through the toxins of these Metabolites, it will come to a further damage of the defense, which is active in the building-up, and therewith the foundation is layed for a life-long immune-weakness.

But the Merry-Go-Round only properly begins to turn in the baby-age; For now vaccinations begin to line-up against all possible children-illnesses. Instead of giving the baby the chance to build-up itself the body-own defense through the formation of anti-bodies against the coming infections but now the baby will be vaccinated against half a dozen to the greatest part banal children-illnesses with the result that the defense will experience a further weakness.

Then come the first colds and grippe-like infections which through natural healing could repair much upon the already set up immune-damage. For now only properly begins the hunt for the already attacked defense. Antibiotics, Cortisone and Allopathic chemical preparations will be applied almost without any pause with the aim to destroy the Bacteria and Viruses in the fastest way whereby the liver and the kidney will be damaged already during the first years of life. The in this way constantly worsening defense situation has therewith been taken any possibility to strengthen itself or at least to recover.

Outgrown from the child-age the defense already is ‘so much weakened alone through these often completely unnecessary measures that the Bacteria the pathogene fungi and the Viruses long ago can not find any or only still a pitiful resistance. The more often the immune-system experiences such a radical “assistance” (support) the more dramatic and more frequently will progress the there upon following infections in order to finally end in a chronic phase.

In addition to this come the damages of the nourishment through poisons such as Insecticides Preservation methods to which since sometime have also associated Hormones and Antibiotics from the slaughtered animals. Almost daily we get frightened through the report in the news papers that in spite of issued prohibitions the animals are still secretly being injected.

How long have we already taken unwillingly these defense-damaging materials this we really do not know. And who will guarantee us that we in spite of all prohibitions will not be made ill any further with it?

The drinking water which today has been given to us with an unreasonable demand especially in the large cities but also in the country will get worse from year to year in a frightening measure. A water preparation-plant after another is forced to close its doors because it cannot fulfill any more the norms of a still permissible drinking-water-quality and these are being handled very generously.

The breathing-air our life-elixir No.1 polluted through Auto- and Industrial exhausts does something further in order to exert our burdened defense. With this is added the constantly multiplying radioactivity through Atom-bomb experiments Nucleus-reactors – although when the involved scientists will not admit to it – and through the not wanting to break-off small and larger accidents within the supposedly so secure Atomic reactors.

Last but not least the increase of tile ionizing and the non-ionizing radiation such as electric and electric-magnetic fields Radio- and Television-waves which lately are also responsible for the forest-death.

What in our environment really still intact? Where upon this earth could one still live without being subjected to these immune-damaging harmful substances? For in the meantime they also have reached into the areas of our earth which so far still have been considered as Paradise.

Let us now only think about the recently occurring action of the dying seals in the North-Sea. Are we not able to count at our fingers that soon also in the other Seas not only these animal-species but also still others will be threatened by the same fate? The Fairy Tale of the Killer-Algae has long been added to the records. However the animals do not die directly from the environmental toxins with which the Oceans today are being contaminated but from a desolate defense which finally has to capitulate from the smallest infections as for example an inflammation of the lungs. What would be the use to take into quarantine just a few animals-derivatives from the animal species – which are threatened through destruction? Such measures would not turn back the wheel because one animal species after another will sooner or later be run down after one already knows today that daily about one animal species will be extinct. This is a process which will still last for many years but cannot be detained any more and it finally will also seize mankind. This shall not be considered as a panic and may not be accepted in the apocalyptical sense but everything approaches us slowly and creepingly just as a time bomb whose adjusted time we do not know.

Herewith I want to show that also the know-it-all the unbelievers and the incorrigible head-into-the-sand-optimists do not have a chance any more to keep their life and that of their children out of this process out of a continuously worsening itself defense and from the there from resulting consequences. The raised objection that mankind has to change itself radically in order to bring the environment into order again however sounds great yet it is not possible since we are extradited by a creation-conception upon success and destruction.

Mankind does not change itself yet it is indeed not able to change. Thinking about profit and greediness for money will drive mankind slowly toward the certain destruction. Somewhat of help perhaps are the first large world embracing catastrophes but then it will already be too late.

Author: Dr. Benjamin Gehl