Natural Flu Remedies: Four Effective Tips

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Confusing the common cold with influenza is a common mistake. They do start in a very similar fashion chills, dizziness, headache, and fever. The common cold turns into sneezing or coughing fast, influenza usually takes longer to get to the other symptoms, is more severe, and takes longer to recover your old self. You can get a test by growing the culture from a swab of your throat or your nose, but if many people are showing up with similar symptoms, the doctors usually don’t even bother.

Sometimes people confuse colds and flu. They do share some of the same symptoms. Most people get a cold several times each year. But they usually get the flu once every few years. People call a viral illness that makes them throw up or have diarrhea the stomach flu. This is incorrect. The flu mostly causes symptoms in the nose, throat, and lungs.I agree on the symptoms, but I beg to differ with the treatment suggestions. I mean they want you to use Tylenol to knock back the fever, and I say let the fever help you kill the infection read on for 4 key natural flu remedies:

1. Ride out the storm, let fever kill the bugs

Your body is trying to defeat a viral infection by raising its temperature. The virus is more fragile than you, and will die off in the hostile hot environment. It is actually a good thing to go to bed early, and work up a real sweat. Instead of carrying on as if it were not happening, one of the best natural flu remedies is to get under the covers, sweat, hydrate and sleep. Just dont let it go too high, you may get into serious complications with temperatures over 106. One of the easiest ways to lower your temperature is to take a cool bath.

2. Fix your pH to increase cellular oxygen

Viruses (or viri if you like the correct plurals) are able to reproduce in low-oxygen body fluids, and not at all in fully oxygenated cellular terrains. That means that weak and unfit people can (and do) get the flu much more often, and suffer greater consequences. Fit people can lower their oxygen carrying capacity by sleep deprivation (like staying up late or jet lag) and also by hard aerobic training that creates a lot of lactic acid. The oxygen carrying capacity is directly related to the pH balance of the fluids. With increasing acidity, the fluids capacity to carry oxygen is greatly diminished thats why acid rain kills fish they suffocate from lack of oxygen dissolved in water. Therefore, another great method chosen from the top natural flu remedies is to eat foods that are alkalizing (know your Metabolic Type), and stay away from sugar, starch and alcohol. You may even want to take an alkalizing bath or drink some baking soda shots. Dr. Mark Sircus wrote an interesting article about that recently, and published a book about the benefits of simple baking soda.

3. Deny the virus its cloaking ability, and expose it to your immune defenses

Most viruses are able to cloak themselves in a lipid layer that makes them invisible, or at least less visible to the immune system. There is a natural ingredient that helps the immune system uncloak the little wolves by stripping their sheep coats it is lecithin, the universal emulsifier that help you transport and absorb all fat soluble nutrients, including vitamins A, D, E and K. Here is a link to a scientific study that supports this idea.

4. Use sauna frequently

When you raise your internal temperature, you are creating an environment hostile to all viral and bacterial invaders. When you sweat, you are forcing toxins out of your body that would otherwise interfere with healthy immune function and that would push your pH in the wrong direction. Here is my natural flu remedies summary: load up with lecithin, get lots of sleep, stay away from acidifying foods, take alkalizing baths or supplements, and get in a sauna (that’s sweating without much exercise).

What has been your experience? Do you run to the doctor, or are you taking care of the flu on your own?

Author: Allan Foster