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Need for Silence

Need for Silence

Need for Silence

John wrote: … For example, if the stone actually IS some kind of medical cure for such things as cancer, how could anyone with any love for others deny this knowledge from the suffering?

If the stone would be only a remedy against cancer then you would be right. The use of the stone by man himself however opens all those perception channels, their opening and domination also is the goal of a genuine magician. With one gigantic difference: A magician can reach in principle the same by domination of the elements or by the application of other methods. It is his consciousness, which focused and supremely concentrated induces magic effects under the supposition that he has reached the inner balance in his body, soul and spirit. A so highly developed magician can even transform matter directly.

He becomes himself to the stone. However this way does not belong to this forum. The stone of the philosophers on energetical consideration owns the same potential as a flash of consciousness sent by the skilled concentration of a magician. With one difference, that the effect is contained in the stone itself and can go into action independently of the state of the development of the one who uses the stone. The effect is there, even if its user is no superior being.

The effect is also completely independent of it, whether the intents of the user are “good or evil”. While the magician can work like God or at least godlike in the final analysis, the adept can do the same with the help of his stone. In fact a true adept even is mightier than an “usual” magician, because his influence on this world is not bound directly to his person. Perhaps you understand now, why the property of the stone is more than only the property of an “excellent remedy”.

John wrote: However, if the stone is something else – say a highly symbolical process for self-evolvement that can only be of benefit to the person going through the lessons, then I can fully agree that this information should be kept veiled.

The stone is no symbolic process, but a physical reality with transmutational characteristics, which goes out far above the imagination of the ordinary man. Who owns the stone and utilizes it to himself to whom all the other worlds open practically immediately, about which the ordinary man has received only a dark reflection in many legends, myths and religious descriptions. John wrote:

There are many other variations between these two scenarios, such as the knowledge of the process itself may also be the same knowledge that can be used to inflict evil on others (such as the same knowledge of beneficial energy sources can be used to destroy entire populations – the atom bomb). There are neither good nor evil. Good and evil are only the designations for the both extremes of a pair of polarities. We are they, who name classifying the both properly speaking identical poles of a pair of polarities. We could step in no interaction with matter, if polar characteristics did not exist. For without day there is no night, without light no darkness etc. The polarity is one of the seven axioms of the hermetics.

Thus have:

John wrote: … none of the old Adepts ever mentioned that this knowledge could be extremely dangerous if used with ill intent.

For they knew, that the stone is neither good nor evil. They knew however, that its effects exceeds everything other of this world in a way, that caution is appropriate. It is the responsibility for all the own actions each and every carrying alone, which hinders the adept of relinquishing the stone to the world. He uses the stone there, where he can answer for himself. As giver of birth of the greatest good of this physical world he also is responsible for each usage of this, his stone, in the good as in the evil from the view of the world course.

And because the stone – once born – owning divine powers independently of the adept, the range of the own responsibility becomes next to endless. This own responsibility in the knowledge of the major connections of the cosmos and the newly created possibilities possessing the stone being able to work creatively or destructively in enormous dimensions as a gadget man, leaves the adept shrink back from presenting in undisguised words:

  1. The true matter,
  2. Its nature and preparation,
  3. Just as the basis of all transmutations: the secret fire.

Everything else can be discussed openly.

You surely will agree with me never to give a three-year-old child a lighter into his hands, if he stands in a dried up wood. You surely will not show him how simply a fire can be kindled. For the child cannot comprehend, which power is concealed in this little thing in his little hands. Of course it is only a flame however kindled at the wrong moment on the wrong place, can devastate gigantic areas. The fire and/or the lighter are both neither good nor evil. But both are powerful, if met with combustible materials. It will inflame anything both to the good (gives warmth) as well as to the bad (gives destruction). So the stone can both cure as well as annihilate.

The true matter is the outer form of the lighter, which filled with the right fiery “material” – the secret fire – can carry the true fire of nature into the whole world after due processing into the universal stone of the philosophers. The stone is neither good nor evil. It is only the vehicle, giving you the ability to apply enormous powers goal-orientedly. It is the power to shake the world to its foundations. Only the one may own and use these powers, who has become mature to recognize the full extent of his responsibility and is working responsibly in this our small world.

Annotation: The projection powder for the transmutation of metals is specified on the metals and not the Universal medicine. Thus the former often was transmitted to third to the proof of the accuracy of the alchemy. To accomplish a transmutation is nothing in comparison to the power and might of the universal stone.

John wrote: In fact, I understand that the knowledge can ONLY be understood and used if the philosopher has good intentions.

That is both right and unfortunately also wrong! It is true in so far as the search for the stone of the philosophers none will lead to the goal, who has not achieved the inner balance similarly to the balance necessary for every magic success. There are transcendental powers preventing that. However your sentence is wrong, if the stone has been prepared. Everybody who holds the stone in his hands, can utilize it, even if another has prepared it. And because the knowledge of the true matter and the secret fire can be put into instructions, which each and every could rework, whether mature or immature, this knowledge never openly was relinquished.

John wrote: Thus I can only assume at this time that there are few compelling reasons to keep this knowledge from others. To do so seems to me to be highly selfish and egotistical.

Sense of responsibility has nothing to do with selfishness and egoism.

John wrote: I still haven’t heard any good reasons why it should be kept so secret today. I think it is based on an old tradition that was necessary a few centuries ago when there was persecution – but is no longer valid today.

Perhaps now you can revise your view. If not, so you are free to fight for revealing everything now hidden before. Then reveal us your wisdom and your knowledge in these things please. But YOU ALONE carry the responsibility for all that you are doing. But perhaps you also will become ever more modest and quieter and start to be silent, if you will have overstepped the threshold to true alchemy…


From Farrell:

In my opinion the logic of your statements shows an absence of the concept of stewardship. I agree with John that partial knowledge can be a very dangerous thing. Whoever has whatever they have is responsible for how they use it and the effect it has on others. The same is true for what we know. What I like least about this list has been the outrageous demands made upon very generous people who have shared what they are comfortable with, to share what they sense is inappropriate. This demonstrates a focus of attention that is, at that time, self-centered. There is a non-matured social sense that so characterizes our society as a whole. We are all part of this society in one way or another, so it is part of what we are mutually learning.

Let us learn it and move on. In my opinion, accusations as to why people do not share all they know are unfounded and have no place in the mind of any serious person. Who can accurately judge what is in the heart of another? So, why judge at all? Perhaps the honest statement about unrevealed knowledge is simply, “You have it. I want it. Please give it to me.” When the answer is, “No.” again, the honest reply can be, “I don’t like that.” Fair enough. Why go beyond that? It is mere name-calling and nothing else. I also think you are correct that telling what has been told was not altogether well conceived. Spilled milk now.

I well understand how that can create a sort of feeding frenzy for more information. However, if we continue to attack people when they reveal some of what they know or have, the long term effect will certainly be that the well will go dry. It will drive contributors away. That is unwanted and unnecessary. For the many people who have contributed in so many ways on this list, I offer my humble thanks. Much appreciation for all your labor of discovery, experience and sharing. I have no right to have been given the gifts you shared. You have enriched my life greatly with your contributions. I wish I knew all that you all do. I wish I understood all that you all do. Perhaps some day I shall. In the meantime, thanks.

With respect for one and all,


Reacting to a David Hudson statements in one of his lectures:

On one hand he says: “I don’t believe that it’s right for anyone to own this technology. I’m here giving it to you.” A few breaths later he states the opposite: “even though every piece of the puzzle is in my patent no one can do it unless I teach them how to do it.” I, for one, have duplicated the David Hudson patent, making white powder gold directly from metallic gold. I say this respectfully, as I know of many who have tried and failed. I did not succeed in my first attempts either… but then I realized that my mental state, sincerity, dedication, and reason for wanting to do this thing… were possibly far more important than the mere chemistry of it.

And I think this is the part of the puzzle to which David Hudson was referring. He said, “even though every piece of the puzzle is in my patent, no one can do it unless I teach them how to do it.” I do not believe that David was or has concealed anything. I think he is telling us that WPG is more than chemistry… that it is about attitude, it is about sincerity, it is about reason. I believe this might be what imprinting is all about… I believe the atoms of gold in a high spin state are capable of discerning the mind of the one trying to manipulate them, and that they become agreeable when we are.

All the Best…


Author: Life Enthusiast

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