Non-Drug Chronic Pain Relief

There are two distinct issues to understand…

1. Getting out of pain and
2. Getting rid of the cause of pain.

They are not the same: one is tactical, the other is strategic.

Your doctor will be able to give one or more Latin name for the condition or conditions that describe your physiological dysfunction. Why would you care if you are experiencing the pain from arthritis, fibromyalgia, angina, vasculitis, phlebitis or some other hard to pronounce label? All you want is for the pain to stop! The pain is a signal. Taking a pain killer stops the alarm bell from ringing, it does not put out the fire. To put it plainly: a joint pain is not caused by the deficiency of painkillers.

We believe that chronic pain is an expression of dysfunctions and imbalances within the body, outside influences provide the stimulus and the contributing factors. To provide chronic pain relief you must repair the cellular terrain conditions that give rise to the inflammation, the immediate cause of the pain. To achieve chronic pain relief your disease has to be addressed at the root of the problem. More often than not the primary cause is a depleted immune system. A healthy functioning immune system is naturally able to establish, maintain and restore health.

The mainstream medical mind set focuses on symptoms and their suppression. It is possible to suppress a symptom using poisons, but unless the cause is dealt with, it will return with a greater strength, or at a broader and deeper level, which will be even more difficult to deal with. It is generally known as “aging”, and is preceded by “you’ll have to get used to that.” We don’t quite agree with this philosophy.

Most chronic pain is caused by inflammation. There are four symptoms of inflammation: pain, swelling, heat and redness. If this is an internal condition, you cannot see the redness, and the heat is undetected, only the pain and possibly the swelling will be obvious. Many conditions are of sub-clinical nature – it will have taken years (for example) for the pain of arthritis to develop to the point that you are taking painkillers.

Consider this: is your joint pain caused by the deficiency in an analgesic? To put it simply, is Ibuprofen an essential nutrient that you need to ingest for your body to function correctly? No, it is a signal-blocking substance that causes your nerves to not transmit the pain signals, or your brain to not interpret these signals with such intensity. Taking a pain killer is like turning off the sirens on the fire trucks. You have taken care of the noise, but not of the cause. Natural anti-inflammatory supplements can both suppress the symptoms and reverse the cause. Look up the article “Cause of Disease“.

Consider the wonderful anti-inflammatory effects of cannabidiol.

Author: Life Enthusiast