Not Seeing Is Believing

Although most people can no longer see them, there are, and always have been, subtle energies that surround and permeate our physical bodies. These have been known even in the Western world since ancient times, as is evidenced by drawings and pictures of various saints with halos around their heads. The halos, which are accepted in most major religions, are artists’ attempts to portray the “light” emanating from spiritually advanced individuals. Spiritually advanced individuals have stronger subtle energies; light or auras are most easily seen around the head. So the presence of auras (details below) has been well documented in our religious art.

Energies an Ancient Concept

Eastern healing traditions such as Acupuncture and Ayurveda (details below) take for granted that these energies exist. Both systems work to balance the body’s subtle energy, with the idea that when our subtle energies are harmonized and flowing properly, our physical body can and will heal itself from any disease process. Acupuncture and Ayurveda have been around for at least 5,000 years, making Western medicine a very recent development!

Energy Flow Maintains Health

It may help to think of energy flowing through and around our body in much the same way as our blood circulatory system. We know what can happen when an artery gets constricted or blocked: the result is a stroke or a heart attack. In much the same way, the subtle energy flows can become constricted or blocked and cause energy “glitches”. The result is thankfully not as dramatic as a stroke or heart attack but it is disruptive to our optimal functioning, all the same. In fact, medical intuitives who can see auras, energy flows and chakras (details below), often can see a health issue coalescing in the subtle energies long before it manifests as a disease or syndrome in the physical body.

Mind-Body Connection

The subtle energies around our bodies are very sensitive to emotions and thoughts. As we enjoy positive emotions such as joy, appreciation and love, our subtle energies flow more smoothly and become stronger. As we engage in negative emotions such as anger, resentment and depression, our subtle energies become weaker and disrupted, sometimes to the point of becoming completely blocked. It is this relationship between emotions, thoughts and our energy “bodies” that is the basis for the mind-body connection that is being talked about more and more frequently by leading thinkers such as Deepak Chopra and Andrew Weil, Christiane Northrup and Caroline Myss. (details below)

Energy Structures

Auras, chakras and meridians are just a few of the energy structures that make up our energy bodies. Some people can see these structures, and follow the flow of energy around and through the body, and detect areas where a person’s energy is disrupted. Some people can feel the energy and where it flows in a healthy manner and where it does not. Some individuals can sense, without actually seeing or feeling, what is happening with another person’s energy. Most people can be taught to sense and feel these subtle energies if they are willing to learn, although it takes practice. We apparently need time to break down the assumptions about the body which have been taught by science and medicine for the last three hundred years. It is only recently, when a number of highly trained doctors and scientists have begun to reveal that they have always been able to see auras and/or chakras, that Western consciousness is beginning to accept the existence of these energy structures.

Elizabeth Kubler Ross was one of the most prominent examples of a scientist who learned to see and understand energy during her famous studies of death and dying. Former NASA research scientist Barbara Ann Brennan has written several books on healing, revealing that she was always aware of energy and colors around bodies. More recently, Dr. Masaru Emoto’s book “Messages in Water” has graphically revealed the power of thought to change the cellular structure of water crystals.

Subtle Energy Systems Interconnected

As more people become able to sense the energy bodies, many new systems of healing the energy bodies are being developed. An interesting point is that all energy systems appear to be so interconnected that to rebalance one is to create an improvement in balance in all of them. In other words, increasing energy flow and balance in the meridians also improves the chakras and the aura as a whole. Working on the chakras creates increased balance and energy flow in the meridians and aura. Some healers work only on the aura but there are obvious and immediate benefits visible in the chakras, and so on.

Emotional Healing Affects Energy Structures

Another interesting point is that healing the emotional state or adopting more positive thoughts also creates an immediate improvement in the energy systems. Many intuitives can “read” a person’s habitual emotional state by the colors which show up in the person’s aura, or by noticing which chakra is weak or disrupted. If the client has “muddy” or dark colors, they are in the habit of holding negative or destructive emotions. A seriously angry or resentful person will actually create powerful negative thought forms in their own aura, thought forms which are believed to set up changes in the cells of the body which eventually lead to physical imbalances or diseases. If such a person resolves the issues over which they are chronically angry or resentful, the negative energy visibly dissipates from their aura and the body may be able to begin physical healing. It sounds simple when put like this, but in fact people can become entrenched in emotional patterns and it may take many healing sessions before they are able to consider holding a new, more enlightened emotional pattern.

Energy Healing Can Heal Emotions

It should be said, however, that emotional healing can certainly come about from energy healing sessions. Just as the aura and other energy structures are sensitive to frequency, so are emotions and thoughts. In other words, if a person who has no interest in emotional healing, comes often enough and long enough for energy healing such as acupuncture, chakra rebalancing or any other energy healing modality, eventually their emotional patterns will begin to shift. Some people are ready and willing to shift their emotional patterns quickly and easily, and these clients will notice improvements quickly.

Secondary Gains Can Prevent Healing

Other clients are not aware that their chronic negative emotional pattern is serving them in some way. For example, a chronic complainer may not realize that her complaining is her way to get attention. If it is the only way she knows to get attention, even negative attention, she will not be willing or able to give up the complaining until her energy patterns shift (and hold) to a whole new positive frequency. Only then will she have the confidence to try new, positive behaviors which will bring her positive attention. Clients who are chronically angry are often using anger to feel powerful, although usually this is not understood by the angry individual.

Anger is better, from the mind’s point of view, than feeling powerless or depressed. So anger can serve a client by bringing up adrenaline levels and making the person feel energized and powerful. This will also not be given up by such a client, when the alternative is feeling powerless. This type of client will also have to come for many sessions on a regular basis. Each session, the healer will bring the energy structures back into a healthy balance, but the chronically angry client will soon knock them back out of balance with his anger, just as the depressed client will soon knock her energy systems out of balance with her depression, and the resentful client will disrupt his energy systems by falling back into resentment. An experienced energy healer is aware of this, and accepts it with compassion and patience.

Science Not Up To The Task

Many people want to believe only what modern science can prove. Science has certainly added to our understanding of the natural world but it is still evolving. Every day some scientist demonstrates something that had previously eluded clear proof. What science “knows” today was often derided in the past. Consequently, while we can continue to strive to find scientific proof for the existence of subtle energy bodies, the fact that science today cannot provide that proof is simply evidence that science has yet to design appropriate experiments and ways to measure that energy. It in no way proves that these subtle energies do not exist!

Kirlian Photography has provided many wonderful photographs of energy around the body, plants, and other objects. As daring scientists gain a deeper understanding of subtle energies, which tends to be a slow process due to ridicule by fellow scientists, no doubt one day there will be definitive proof that is acceptable to the scientific community, that subtle energy structures exist and play a vital role in the state of our health. Until that time, we have to believe those individuals who are gifted with the ability to see or sense these seemingly magic energies.


Aura – visible portion of a cocoon or egg-shaped body of energy which surrounds a permeates our physical body. Sometimes seen as a single body of energy, sometimes as layers of energy, depending upon the skill level of the intuitive. Our aura reflects our current emotions and attitudes as well as our current health.

Acupuncture – a system of energy healing developed in China in which very fine needles are inserted into specific points on the body in order to treat health problems. Acupuncture has proven to be highly effective in treating pain as well as many health disorders.

Ayurveda – a system of healing which originated in India over 5,000 years ago. Ayurveda is a philosophy of health and healing which works through principles of balance. Balance may be achieved by the use of herbs, breathing, right attitudes, meditation, correct eating patterns and many other factors.

Chakras – vortices of energy that look like spinning wheels of light and sparks. There are seven major chakras located on the body, which are commonly known. However there are chakras nearly everywhere on the body, anywhere energy concentrates. Chakras act as energy transformers, allowing us to take in energy from the universe.

Author: Life Enthusiast Staff