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Nutraceuticals or Pharmaceuticals

In general, medicinal drugs are synthetic patent medicines comprised of only one reactionary type of molecule utterly foreign to your body. They are coldly and lifelessly manufactured in chemical factories with no hint of life-energy or life-energy compatibility. When they enter the body, they perform a single symptom-dampening task, yet can widely and wildly influence delicate life-processes entirely unrelated to the target symptom. These toxic effects are called side effects. At the bottom line, only a symptom has been altered. If any healing has been done, it has been at the hand of healing forces and systems already present in the body.

Instead of any real help, the struggling body is faced with yet another toxin for which to repair damages and to try and eliminate. The underlying cause of the symptom remains unaltered, awaiting the individual to make life style changes so the natural healing forces of the body can awaken from dormancy. The term Nutraceuticals is a recently coined term. It refers to living-plant-created nutritional substances far more complex than vitamins or minerals. These Phytonutrients, as they are also called, deliver profoundly supportive qualities toward optimum performance, healing, immune support, and even reversal of some of the effects of aging.

These life-active molecules are already found in nature. However they are often not merely one simple molecule. They are usually found functioning synergistically in a complex relationship with other phytonutrient complexes and enzymes within the same plant (or perhaps in a more complex blended formulation involving many phytonutrients from several different plants) in order to achieve the desired support. Because of their easy access throughout nature, and their complex forms, phytonutrients do not meet the profitable, one-molecule patent requirements.

Nor do they meet the financial requirements of investment-generating exclusive patent medications. From a patient’s point of view, phytonutrients may even perform superior to isolate synthetic molecules, but are discarded by the international medical/pharmaceutical cartel, because they cannot be patent protected, monopolized and become wildly profitable. Therefore, even though they work to benefit humankind and alleviate suffering, they are regarded with disdain from the halls of the powers-that-be, because they are financially and functionally competitive with established institutions and expensive patent medications.

Phytonutrients are nontoxic, side-effect-free, plant-life-created substances that work with the body and support it with real resources you can feel. When health or performance falters, often the cause can be traced to a lack of necessary resources. Merely blocking a symptom does nothing to get more structural or life-force resources into the body Phytonutrients provide those essential resources that are missing. They can be a source of enzyme life-energy. And they can provide complex nutrient forms, which support and assist essential enzyme life-processes throughout the body. Someone eating phytonutrients, instead of feeling drugged, is going to feel supported and more alive.

At a root level, the body will be given resources that it can manipulate into a perfect functional form so that every system of the body comes into an Ideal state of balance and performance, readily able to heal and provide a great qualify of life. For someone who anticipates benefits from the use of phytonutrients, the very best time to get started is right now while basic health is in place and all systems are functioning. In this case, literally, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Whereas you can only benefit from a patent drug if a disease has begun and there is a symptom to influence, you can benefit from the resource treasures of phytonutrients everyday from right now all the way through your life. Taking a symptom-specific drug will not prevent the underlying cause of that symptom from developing. But stocking your body’s resources with plenty of phytonutrients will help shore-up your health and performance at the deepest levels, for the best possible and longest term quality of life. In summary, the choice between pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals is wait to get sick, then block a symptom – or act now with real resources to assure superior performance and quality of life.

Your body deserves the best – Exsula

Author: Life Enthusiast Staff