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ORMUS Alchemical Nano Minerals Explained

The term ORMUS comes from Orbitally Rearranged Monatomic Elements (ORMEs). It’s an attempt to describe the nature of this unusual phenomenon. ORMUS is the material sought by ancient alchemists…

The Magic Elixir of Longevity

These alchemical products can nourish your body, mind and spirit, for general health support/rejuvenation and spiritual practice enhancement.

Nourishment for Your Body, Mind and Spirit

Throughout history, ingesting ORMUS has been a magical and important practice for many peoples. Incredible effects have been reported.

ORMUS Alchemical Nano Minerals may also help:

  • Strengthen cell to cell communication
  • Promote emotional balance
  • Increase psychic awareness and abilities
  • Energize your light body
  • Slow symptoms of aging
  • Enhance your immune system
  • Repair damaged DNA.

ORMUS Alchemical Nano Minerals increase the flow of your subtle, natural energy or life force (holy spirit, prana or chi) at the cellular level. This increases your physical and spiritual health.

ORMUS elements allow the expression of more spiritual intelligence through your body and mind, enabling a more integrated, holistic state of functioning.

In ancient times this “Food of the Gods” was the key to growing in body, mind and spirit, with compassion, love and light.

Extraordinarily Rejuvenating

For a renewed sense of spirit and energy.

Alchemy Defined…

A medieval chemical philosophy that transforms base materials into gold, or the magic elixir of longevity. This ancient practice has been passed on for thousands of years by adepts and spiritual seekers.

Recently rediscovered, we present it here for those enthusiasts wanting access to alchemical mineral supplements from competent practitioners.

Many people equate alchemy with the quest to turn less desirable, or base metals into gold or silver. This was often the goal of ancient alchemists. They pursued transmuting their own “base” soul (spirit) into its more heavenly or “golden” enlightened state.

When natural source elements are transmuted into ORMUS, they no longer display original toxic properties (when ingested). The transformed elements assume a non-toxic, easily assimilated form. 

Very powerful nutritional supplements.
ORMUS Alchemical Nano Minerals strengthen the link between our material world and the non-material worlds.

Unseen and Immeasurable?

Nope… try seeing it this way:
When a tree is planted in a pot, given appropriate light and water, it will grow, gaining in mass and weight. Research has proven that this growth is more than the sum of the plant, soil, water and light. Plants are capable of forming elements that did not preexist in their external environment. Some believe the gain is from absorbing and concentrating ORMUS elements from the soil and light they grow in.

ORMUS Found in Nature

Nano particles containing ORMUS are abundantly available in nature and can be extracted from:

  1. Volcanic sources
  2. Gold bearing ores and sands
  3. Sea water.

Food grown in volcanic soil (or fertilized) with ORMUS will produce substantially more nutrients.

Eventually, volcanic soils wash down to oceans through erosion. Then they can be concentrated by sea creatures (corals, oysters). Mineral supplements made from these sea creatures are again more beneficial, beyond simple mineral content.

What you need to know BEFORE taking ORMUS Supplements…

ORMUS elements are chemically inert. Their effects are not from chemical reactions in your body. What you feel is an energetic effect.

ORMUS Alchemical Nano Minerals are easily imprinted with the energy of thought.

Before ingesting, you need to set your intentions, to encode your intentions into your product.

  • Do this with meditation, prayer, or another loving method.
  • Maybe write your intentions on paper, then set your product upon it.
  • Or perhaps use kinesiology testing.

Use your intuition (maybe try several) to decide which  works best for you. Each one varies slightly from the others. Read ORMUS User  Reports to see if one could inspire you.

Some will work faster, depending on your current state of health and genetics. Let intuition be your guide.

We can assure you that these products are safe. They’ve been tested at 20 to 50 times recommended dosage, and still produce no serious problems other than healing reactions.

Nano Defined

ORMUS Alchemical Nano Mineral supplements contain Nano Particles of Energy.

Nano particles are much smaller than atoms, one-billionth of a meter in size. Twenty million nanos are the size of one atom.

While our visible world is three-dimensional (having width, length and depth), a nano is two dimensional.

If it were turned on its side, it would disappear. It has no depth or weight. But it does have a large surface area, that holds an enormous amount of energy.

The two-dimensional characteristic gives a nano its incredible amount of energy.

All matter in our universe is in a state of rotation. Stars, planets and moons rotate. On another level, subatomic particles continuously turn around the atom’s center. Trillions of times per second.

All these rotating systems are generating life force, from the vacuum.

We see the possibility that these spinning elements act to stir the vacuum, giving rise to a subtle essence that the ancients called life force.

About David Hudson, ORMUS Pioneer

David Hudson boosted the current ORMUS movement in 1995. His lecture tour promoted his Science of the Spirit Foundation, and his research into these mysterious ORMUS Alchemical Nano Minerals.

He spent a great deal of time and money investigating, spawning a whole movement and growing community.

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