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ORMUS and Spiritual Advancement

There is work to be done and effort must be put forth if one is to advance on the spiritual path. While certain ORMEs may be like a fast forward button, it does not cure all and bring spiritual evolution with it. It is only a tool. Spiritual evolution is something that one must work towards. It is not a gift that comes by taking an ORME pill. Spiritual advancement accelerates with commitment. For the past year I made it my primary goal. Subsequently I have advanced further in the past year than ever before. Everything has its price. Everyone has a choice to advance or regress. I left behind an income of $132 per hour and many personal possessions and creature comforts.

That is only part of the price I have paid. In retrospect I would make the same choice again. Your present level of attainment is irrelevant. What is relevant is that you make the choice to advance and actively put effort into it. Present abilities are not a good reference point to determine one’s level of spiritual development. Expanded abilities don’t make the path to attainment easier. They are often very distracting and can lead to spiritual devolution. Some believe the gift of telepathy is highly desirable. It takes a very thick skin and a great deal of understanding, wisdom and non-judgment to handle this gift.

Empathic abilities are much the same. Feeling others’ emotions can become distracting and polluting to your own emotional state of mind. How do you view the things that happen in your life? Do you see them as road signs and prepare for the sharp curve ahead? Or do you get all upset and misinterpret the signs? Do you go out of your way to help people? Are you happy with yourself? Are you happy with what life has brought you? What are your motives? I can honestly say that my expectation of what ingesting ORME gold would bring and what it has actually brought is very different.

In fact it is totally not what I expected. I hope that people will take the mild forms of ORMUS first to get ready for more powerful forms. I also hope that it will put them into a place where they can better understand what their spiritual path involves. Why have I worked so hard on the water machines? Because I believe that it will wake lots of people up and give them the chance to make a conscious decision of which way they want to go on the path, while helping them to become healthier.

Are you ready to consume ORME gold? Just about everybody thinks they are, and I can say that before I started I thought that I was. I went through many experiences that showed me that I was not ready. But I know this only in hind sight. How many people really listen to what I’m trying to express? Not very many. But if just one does, then all the effort is probably worth it. How many people do I really think are ready for ORME gold? Not many, most would cuss the day they consumed it. When one is ready for ORMUS gold, they will probably find it, if they desire it. This is a truth that transcends many levels.

Ron Talmage

Author: Ron Talmage