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ORMUS and SubStratum Chemistry


In order to properly understand the relationship between ORMUS and Chemistry, we explore here new levels to our knowledge of nature and how an expanded theory of relativity contributes to this sub-stratum (S2) of our knowledge.

One reason why this new theory deserves the attention of everyone is that it impacts all aspects of our lives. For example it came as a surprise to us that there are eminently practical applications of S2 Science to technologies such as S2 nutrition and S2 agriculture. The applications are starting to show up in the world and offer a vision of vastly improved health for all of us. How is that possible?

Science deals with our knowledge and understanding of nature. As our understanding has grown, it has usually happened that the phenomena that we observed at a given level of refinement and detail could be explained by delving into a deeper level of detail, in effect into a sub-stratum of the given level. Such a sub-stratum we will call here an S2 level from the current levels of detail being considered in consensus science. The most refined level of science that we currently have, involves quantum physics in the context of Einstein’s theory of special relativity. We note en-passant that these two are not totally free of contradiction with each other, especially when it comes to the theory of measurements and observations.

Such contradictions are usually a sign that there may be a relevant S2 level that needs to be considered to resolve the contradictions. Special relativity deals with phenomena that take place in 4-dimensional space-time, that is, 3 space dimensions (x, y, z coordinates) and one time dimension, usually labeled t. In this model, space is assumed to be made of points with no size of their own. Starting with such a 4-dimensional space-time, quantum mechanics derives the existence of 6 electro-magnetic fields, namely 3 electric fields, Ex, Ey, Ez and 3 magnetic fields, Bx, By, Bz.

This derivation uses sophisticated functional integral methods that we will not examine in detail here, since there are good textbooks which go into many more of these details for those who would have an interest in such things. It is believed in some quarters that from the notions of physics derived from quantum mechanics and relativity, one should be able to derive the properties of chemistry and from the properties of chemistry, derive the properties of biology. Such a program has had rather modest successes, so that a great many questions in biology remain unanswered, and by now, a growing number of questions in chemistry also go begging.

A most interesting one is: “What is the life-force?” and does it arise from consensus (= Standard = S1) physics and chemistry? So far, no satisfactory answers to these questions have been given. In this article, we will examine what happens when we study relativity at the S2 level, a level that goes deeper than 4-dimensional space-time. This S2 level of relativity is what we called Tetrahedral Relativity, here. Then we will discuss some concepts of S2 Chemistry and its relationship to ORMUS and lastly, notions of S2 Biology. The big surprise is that the life-force (or a very good candidate for it!) emerges already at the level of Tetrahedral Relativity.

Tetrahedral Relativity as an S2 Level of Special Relativity

The gist of Tetrahedral Relativity (TRel) is that it is possible to extend Einsteins theory of relativity, defined on 4-dimensional space-time, to a larger one where a point in 3 dimensions is replaced by a very small tetrahedron (a 3-sided pyramid) with 4 distinct apex points. Thus TRel operates in a 13-dimensional space consisting of the usual Einstein 4-dimensional space-time and 9 internal dimensions, being the internal degrees of freedom of vibrating and rotating tetrahedra.

These tetrahedra are not normally visible to the naked eye, because they are extremely small, probably many times smaller that the size of even the smallest known particles. In TRel, we can do a similar derivation as was done with Special Relativity and we find that there are now 14 electromagnetic (EME) fields, 8 more than the usual 6 (being 3 electric and 3 magnetic fields) of Einsteins relativity. The properties of these 14 fields are best studied using quantum physics as applied at the S2 Level of current consensus physics.

S2 (Quantum) Physics

Quantum Physics deals, among other things, with creation and annihilation operators for individual quanta of the fields and we soon find that, at the S2 level where we operate in a 13-dimensional space, the 14 fields break up into two groups of 7. The first group actually consists of fields that we are already familiar with, namely, electric fields, magnetic fields and the gravitational field (G). In component form, we have the 7 fields: Ex, Ey, Ez, G, Bx, By, Bz. It is indeed somewhat surprising to find gravity put on par with ordinary electro-magnetism but there has been considerable speculation in the alternative physics literature in the past decades that such unification should be found.

We will not go into the mathematical details here of how gravity shows up here, other than to say that TRel offers a novel physical interpretation that involves consciousness itself, of covariant vs. contravariant coordinates. It is this alternative interpretation of these two mathematical concepts that allows gravity to enter in this way, above. But the greater surprise comes when we study the properties of the other 7 EME fields of TRel. For one thing, they show up as having a memory effect, so that all transformations of these 7 have a permanent effect on these 7 fields. One consequence of this is that once created, it is practically impossible to destroy these fields as this would require a detailed knowledge of the field history and of its complete environment, since its creation.

The mathematical tool, out of which this property emerges, is the lack of associativity of the propagator that traces out the field history. But enough said about mathematical physics. Instead we turn to attempts at constructing a theory of elementary particles and atoms, using S2 Quantum Physics. Some 3 decades ago, in Cambridge University, England Salaam and his student Philips did a study of the properties of the particles that one might find by considering the group theoretical structures that are possible in the 10-dimensional space that results when we consider the 9-dimensional internal space of TRel along with the time variable.

Although their technique did not say anything about the elementary particles that were known at the time, it did predict with amazing accuracy the masses of hundreds of neutral atoms that are known to exist in the current science of S1 chemistry. In this theory, protons and electrons are each made out of 3 quarks but the quark themselves are each made up of 3 quarklets. Thus the proton is made of 9 quarklets and the electron is made of another 9 quarklets so that a neutral hydrogen atom is made up of 18 quarklets. At this point, it is easy to surmise that Philips quarklet is the ANU of Occult Chemistry.

Philips did not study in details the physical properties predicted for these atoms, but in the last 3 decades many atoms such as gold and other rare earth elements have been found to have wondrous new properties, when treated in new and unique ways, such as apparent room temperature superconductivity and even psychedelic properties when ingested orally in various preparations. Such properties are unexplained using S1 chemistry models but can be incorporated in the S2 chemistry of these atoms when they make the transition from being made of electrons and nucleus to being made of quarklets/ANU. The S2 physics of atomic properties is substantially different from normal physics and as such has given rise to considerable controversy over these same last 3 decades. For this reason we will not delve further here into this intricate and amazing realm. Instead, we explore briefly some of the elements of S2 chemistry.

S2 Chemistry and its Relation to ORMUS

Chemistry is often partitioned into several branches, such as inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry and biochemistry, the chemistry that is observable in living biological systems.Over the last thousand years of our recorded science history, there have often been reports of processes that might have been classified as chemistry of one kind or other but which occurred in a context that seemed rather incongruent with the science principles known at the time. Such reports have become known as “alchemy. Perhaps the single greatest characteristic of such reports is that of being fickle and difficult to reproduce, as if it mattered who was doing the experiment, implying that the consciousness of the experimenter could affect the results.

When S2 chemistry intrudes into inorganic chemistry, it is often called alchemy, with its contradictions and difficulties. But when S2 chemistry intrudes into biochemistry, the resulting controversies unfortunately often degenerate into calls of quackery. One of the most famous such controversies arises from the 17O (Oxygen 17 has 8 protons and 9 neutrons!) Nuclear Magnetic Resonance study of the line broadening of water coming from various sources. A qualitatively plausible argument has been made that if the water clusters contain a large number of molecules, the line width will be large because such clusters have incoherent vibrational modes.

Similarly, when the cluster size is small, the line width should be narrower, indicating greater coherence. But, it has not been possible to derive this result from formal statistical mechanics applied to large clusters of water molecules. Yet, it is known that tap water has some of the largest line widths, up to 125 Hz. It is also known that mountain spring water has some of the smallest line width at around 63 Hz. It has been observed that bottling of this mountain spring water will often increase the width almost up to the width of tap water. More recently, work utilizing novel treatment of water has reported line widths around 50 Hz, thus deepening the puzzle.

The S2 chemistry of water vastly enlarges the domain of possible structures for water. Water molecules can be made by attaching one atom of oxygen to two atoms of hydrogen, but this is not always a permanent structure. Under appropriate circumstances, water molecules can undergo a phase transition in which the oxygen and hydrogen disappear and are replaced by 324 ANU (see “Occult Chemistry” by C.W. Leadbeater and Annie Besand) which undergo complex orbital motions in the water atom. It is probable that the line width will vary depending on the fraction of the time when water is in the ANU configuration.

Such an explanation suggests that the line width may not depend only on the cluster size and shape but also on the fraction of the time that the water molecules spend in the ANU state. The existence of this ANU state of water is of course a property of the S2 chemistry of water. There is a vast array of other properties of S2 chemistry, some of which we will mention as needed below. Water is hardly ever totally pure and can contain molecules that have known ORMUS properties. The study of these ORMUS properties of certain molecules falls into the purview of S2 Chemistry as it is most probable that many of the ORMUS properties can be understood on the basis of the alternative ANU structure of the elements of the periodic table, as described in the book “Occult Chemistry” mentioned above.

S2 Biology

It is often pointed out that the molecular complexity of DNA allows these extraordinarily large molecules to carry all sorts of information about the cell in which this DNA is found and, when appropriate, about the organism to which individual cells belong. S2 Biology, then, concerns itself with the range of phenomena that come into play when one considers that each atom in our DNA has the ability to transmute itself into its ANU representation where the number of ANU is around 18 times larger than the atomic number. Such a transmutation now allows the same DNA to carry astronomically larger amounts of information than just the base pair information that is being mapped out in the human genome project.

In S2 biology, one recognizes that these S2 levels of our DNA are continuously being programmed and reprogrammed with information that is pertinent to the participation of the particular cell into the organism as a whole. This happens through the existence of etheric energy filaments that emerge from the DNA of each cell and then travel through the body up through the pineal gland, to emerge as a thick, divergent bundle of antenna-like filaments that extend up to around 20 feet away from the head of the person. These filaments carry some queries from the cell into the surrounding space (which is full of tetrahedra) around the body where the information about the whole organism is stored as vibrational modes of these tetrahedra.

This collection of vibrational modes and the 14 tetrahedral EME fields that accompany it, constitutes the “light-body” of the person. This light-body formulates an answer to the query of the cell and the answer is transmitted back to the cell via the etheric energy filaments, so that the cell can take appropriate action, for example, shifting its protein fabrication profile, to suit the goals of the whole organism. In essence, S2 biology offers a mechanism to correlate the behavior of trillions of cells in a coherent fashion that is structured by the goals and attitude of the consciousness of the individual, which reside in its light-body, substantially outside the physical body as we usually perceive it with ordinary eyes.

In truth, we have here a much, much deeper level of psychosomatic phenomena that what can be explained by dissecting a cadaver which is but an empty shell with no light body left. In this approach of S2 biology, it becomes possible to formulate nutritional programs and agricultural programs that can greatly facilitate the healing of all sorts of conditions and can ultimately allow the organism to develop many new capabilities that are sometimes written up in Eastern mystical texts, such as bi-location, remote viewing, teleportation and even time-travel of a different sort.

Applications to S2 agriculture and S2 Nutrition

In the S2 model of the biology of our body, it becomes important to supply nutrients that take into account the relationship between the light body and the atoms and molecules in our body. We might imagine what the ideal nutritional profile for a body might be as this body develops from a fertilized egg in the womb of the mother. Clearly that would mean a certain nutritional profile for the mother, and so on up to several generations back. Correspondingly, we can imagine what biological catastrophes can befall our body and our light-body when the nutritional profile is selected from an agricultural profile that has been ignoring the right principles of S2 Chemistry in growing crops that will be used to prepare food to feed the body and the light-body as it grows from a fetus to an adult.

Given that the overwhelming majority of the population of the planet is currently fed from plants grown by ignoring the principles of S2 Chemistry, we believe that our immediate attention needs to be focused on deriving rules of agriculture and nutrition that specifically aimed at healing the most egregious of our biological deficiencies acquired through decades and often generations now, of misnutrition, being a nutrition that is abundant in calories but deeply deficient in S2 nutritional value. In the raw food movement, it is often stated that one needs to ingest “live food, being food that is close to the form in which this food was in when it was growing. That is certainly a worthy goal in itself, but it is not as effective as it sounds, if we don’t apply the principles of S2 nutrition and S2 agriculture in our animal foods and our vegetable foods growing and preparation.

In other words, there is a vast range of “aliveness” in our vegetable and animal food, both on the hoof and when it reaches our table. As an other example of the confusion that currently reigns, the “organic” food movement goes to great length to specify what should “not” be included when growing food but says preciously little about what “should” be included to maximize the S2 nutrition. As a result, organic foods are often hardly more S2 nutritious than their commercial counterpart. Biologists have known for a long time that the mineral profile of our blood is amazingly similar to that of sea water. So, many enlightened growers have found that they could fertilize their fields with whole sea water, even though it contains too much sodium for the optimum health of plants.

Other researchers have found ways to decrease the sodium content of their sea water fertilizers so that plants can thrive even better. S2 chemistry offers an interesting explanation for the value of using such broad spectrum mineral-rich vegetable tonics. It turns out that the very small amounts of rare earth elements in such tonics has the ability to generate substantial amounts of S2 etheric EME fields that are sometimes called “life-force” when they are present in crops and in the body. These S2 EME fields can, in turn, greatly strengthen the communication between the DNA of our cells and our light-body in the surrounding space around our physical body, by means of strengthening the etheric energy filaments that run out of our DNA, as discussed earlier.

Another avenue of S2 nutrition is the abundant use of seafood and sea vegetables prepared and served with as little processing as possible. The art of sashimi in Japan often takes this to high refinements and one of the great delicacies of this culture is the krills, these shrimp-like creatures of the ocean which constitute the staple food of the majority of the sea-going mammals on this planet. Another example of S2 nutritional miracles is the ancient limu (a brown seaweed) drink that the citizens of Tonga have been consuming for millennia. Research has shown that the limu seaweed contains a complex of glyconutrients called fucoidan. These rare-earth-rich polysaccharides have the ability to stimulate the adult stem cells of people for the purpose of healing all sorts of conditions, especially those whose root lay in the fundamental misnutrition of our time.

Given the ease with which this seaweed could be grown just about anywhere in the tropics, it is easy to conceive of a situation where not only would the limu and other similar seaweed would be used as a nutritional supplement, but the left-over from the fabrication of these supplements could be used as fabulous organic fertilizers for land-locked agriculture. This would open the door to growing agricultural products that would have many times more life-force and therefore healing abilities that what we currently are doing. Similarly, our farm animals are largely vegetarians and feeding them with produce that have more life-force would result in animal foods that would be a great deal more S2 nutritious.

Of course it is often said that our oceans are currently so polluted that many of its products are contaminated. S2 chemistry can help here too by strengthening our immune system so that we can detoxify our system of these heavy metal toxins. Here it is important to keep in mind that when an element undergoes its phase transition to its S2 form, its nucleus and electrons disappear and the element contains only ANU. In that form, the element can actually undergo a biological transmutation to another element that is less damaging to our physiology. This work was done for many decades by Louis Kervran of the French Academy. This opens up new avenues for the detoxification of our bodily functions, via biological transmutations.


We have started from the basic principles of Tetrahedral Relativity and we have briefly traced our path through S2 Science down to S2 nutrition and S2 agriculture. We have discussed how S2 Chemistry relates to ORMUS. One question that might well be on our reader’s mind is why do we not give a lot of attention to S2 Technologies, as surely they must exist abundantly. We will give 2 reasons for this omission, at this time. First, our planet is currently in an emergency situation with respect to health and diseases and this is the issue that needs to be addressed most urgently. Under these circumstances, we can easily argue that inventing new ways to teleport our automobiles across town can wait a while longer while we heal ourselves. Second, we had an interesting surprise during the development of the basics of Tetrahedral relativity and that surprise was that the very basis of the structure of space-time involves consciousness at its S2 level.

So, we should expect that S2 Technology will have the interesting properties of being affected by the consciousness of the users of the machines offered by this technology. But when users are emotionally sick and unable to contemplate a healthy outlook on the phenomenon of growing and changing, there is a great risk that these machines could be thwarted by these unhealthy outlooks and used for destructive purposes, instead of being helpful adjoins to our lives. Over time, we do believe that S2 Technologies will have a great deal to offer humanity, especially when we have set in motion the healing of our physical body and our light-body. Once that happens, we can truly say that we have found paradise on Earth.


We are immensely grateful to a number of enlightening conversations with Barry Carter, who has been a source of inspiration at many junctions in this work. Ron Cusson obtained a PhD in physics and Mathematics from California Institute of Technology in 1965 and for 20 years practiced nuclear physics in the academic world and for the US Government. He retired in 1998 to focus on developing healing modalities as applications of S2 Science and Biology. This work is ongoing.

Author: Dr. Ron Cusson