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ORMUS and Women

ORMUS and Women

ORMUS and Women

A Compilation of Experiences

My juices are flowing again… Pardon me for posting this anonymously, as the subject is too personal for me to be comfortable posting with my name and all. I’m 56 this summer, and went through an early menopause due to surgery, starting in my mid-40s. Since menopause I’ve had a lot of problems with vaginal dryness and also with decreased libido and decreased satisfaction. Since a rich sexuality used to be a very important and pleasurable part of my life, I was pretty unhappy about it, and although I’d found “work-along” fixes, and I’ve tried everything, nothing really worked like it used to. What have I tried? I briefly was on allopathic hormone replacement therapy, but on principle didn’t want to continue.

Besides, that was before the dryness issue. I’ve tried every kind of herbal preparation and Dr. John Lee’s creams and etc., and etc. Some of them did give me serious relief from hot flashes, but nothing helped for what seemed like plain and simple atrophy of the sexual function. The last year I’ve been using a natural hormone cream as a suppository for simple comfort, and it stops the hot flashes, and prevents chafing, but doesn’t restore natural moisture or tissue “plumpness”. So, now comes ORMUS I started making my own ORMUS with Trader Joe’s sea salt and distilled water. Not getting a great yield, but more than enough to keep taking it.

When I started the ORMUS I certainly wasn’t expecting a change, and most definitely not after less than a week. However… after 5 days of taking homemade ORMUS, I find that my juices are flowing again-literally! Nice lubrication, tissues getting nice plump blood flow again, and orgasms coming back, approaching “the way it was”. This is a TOTALLY unexpected and totally welcome effect, and there’s absolutely NOTHING else that has done this and nothing else I’m doing that I can attribute it to. So, this may be more than you want to know, and it’s a bit embarrassing to talk about, but it might make other women (and men too!) real happy to learn about such a cheap, easy, and fast solution. Of course, who knows if it’ll do the same for everyone, but it’s good for me!

Anonymous 🙂

Yep, not all women may be all that thrilled about it, and my wife is one of them. She was going through early menopause and at 47 was just about through it, with a 3-month hiatus in cycle activity this spring. Then our favorite producer moved to Florida, and we ordered some fresh product after running out for a while. There’s something different about it; right away I felt it, something stronger, something good. She started her cycles again and they appear to be fairly regular.


That’s great news, in my book. I’m chiming in because we’ve had several postmenopausal women who “rewound” and started menstruating again. While many women would wonder what’s so good about that, these women were all quite excited about it! One such report is on our testimonials.

All the best, Jason

I don’t think that any ORMUS producer would dare resort to the kind of hype that you can read in the transcript of David Hudson’s Dallas lecture: And this is going to sound a little far fetched to some of you, but there are light beings that come to this man and teach him. They never open their mouth but they telepathically are communicating with him. And with the hope that I’m not going to offend anyone, there actually is a female being that comes to him and has sex with him. … And I didn’t understand this until I found in the ancient Vedic texts that it talks about this, having sex with the angels. 2000 B.C. After about 7 months, he begins to have orgasms.

And this is an adult group basically so I better explain to you, he has no erection, he has no seminal emission, but it’s an orgasm. I said, “Is it nice?” and he said, “It’s just like the real thing”. He’s now having about 7-8 a day. … My definition of hype reached new upper limits when I heard these Hudson statements. He is suggesting that if you take his products you will have sex with angels, have spontaneous orgasms 7-8 times a day, you will be able to teleport and ascend bodily to heaven. Do you know of any other ORMUS producer who might approach Hudson’s record in this? I first heard of Hudson in about January of ’95 right when the “Original ORME Consumer” was in the middle of his orme induced state of enlightenment.

I had already listened to Hudson’s Dallas lecture where he talked about this first user who was having sex with the angels and spontaneous orgasms. I got the “Original’s” phone number and called to ask him if everything Hudson was saying about him was true. He assured me that it was. We became close friends. In ’99 and 2000 I moved to the southwest and worked directly with him on an ORMUS related project for 2 years. During that time I had him tell the story of his enlightenment to me many times over. I never heard a contradiction but I did hear new details each time. I know this man as well as his own mother knows him and I can tell you all there is zero hype in what Hudson said about him.

In fact, Hudson understated how fantastic the experience actually was. While this man was taking “true ormes” he could hear the thoughts of everyone around him just like an audio sound track. He would typically pick up the phone just an instant before it started ringing and know who it was and what they wanted (without caller ID), he could cut a deck of cards and identify the top card without seeing it 10 out of 10 times, he only needed about 3 hours of sleep a night, and he knew the whole future in complete detail about an hour or so before it happened. No one could have planned to hurt him or even lie to him without him knowing it.

The angels that started appearing to him would answer his questions about anything he wanted to know. They appeared to be completely physical to him but no one around him could see them. They began teaching him everything he still needed to learn to ascend spiritually. Eventually that teaching process evolved into the personal energy melding that he experienced as sex. And, yes, they really were giving him spontaneous kundalini orgasms 7 or 8 times a day. This man had studied alchemy all his life and had wanted exactly the experience he got more than anything else in life. Perhaps that’s why he got so much more out of it than some of the other early guinea pigs.

But what I would like everyone to know is that he couldn’t stay there. It was simply too intense for him. And also, as Hudson said, his girlfriend felt threatened about the sex thing. So he quit taking the ormes and eventually reverted back to his old self. I witnessed it all in him. To Barry this is just “hype” and he seems to be proud to say that none of the ORMUS producers out there today would ever say such things. Well, I say it ain’t braggin’ if you can do it, and they obviously can’t. I realize that most of the people on this list are fairly new to all this ORMUS stuff and you don’t see as clearly as I do how much Barry has reshaped the whole picture since Hudson was active.

It just leaves me shaking my head in disbelief sometimes at how quickly and easily the past can be rewritten by those with the agenda to do so. What I have seen tells me that ormes really are the “real thing”, specifically because they are misunderstood, hard to acquire, and everyone and his dog has a sign in your face pointing you to a substitute. If the right form of M-state also turns out to be the real thing then great. But the way it is being presented right now leaves a lot of doubt in my mind. Only the pure in heart will see God. That means you have to find your own way through all the decoys. You will make it if you let your heart be your guide.

Daniel Moeck, dmoeck (at)

Background: I have been doing Holosync (binaural entrainment) for two years and ORMUS for about a year. I am a 57 year old woman who has always enjoyed sex. I am also a Lesbian. I came out about 38 years ago, tried bisexuality for a while, but found it wasn’t my cup of tea. I have privately corresponded with other ORMUS people, and have talked to them on the phone, so I think they would vouch for me. The reason I say this is that what has happened to me sounds a bit like science fiction or someone’s wildest fantasy. I have become multi, multi, multi, etc., orgasmic, like 25 – 35 orgasms in a row from just one episode of being stimulated. And I mean the vagina-clenching, neck-arching, can’t-help-but-make-a-noise kind of orgasm. I can do this sequence 3 or 4 times in 45 minutes or so, which amounts to over 100 orgasms.

This started about 6 months ago. I can also now have orgasms with no direct stimulation – just a thought or a memory or a light kiss or touch in a non-erogenous area, or me touching or kissing my lover in the same way. And finally, I also have orgasms when my multi-orgasmic lover does, again with no stimulation, rather they are “empathy” orgasms. (My Myers-Briggs profile is ENFP – the empath.) And they are very, very intense, too. I attribute this to ORMUS I’ve been taking it for about a year. I’ve purchased it from 4 different producers (ZPTech, White Powder Gold, Ocean Alchemy, Priestess Alchemy), plus I’ve made both brine and an olive oil mixture with Himalayan salt. I started taking Golden Emperor Liquid SunLight about 2 months, and it is the most potent ORMUS I have taken to date.

OK, I’m done now.


Barry Carter called Megan (not her real name) and asked her if she had ever had any energy movement up the spine in connection with her orgasmic experiences. As she thought about this she started to have just such an energy movement. Barry asked her to write up her experience and send it for posting to the ORMUS email lists. Following is her response:

Dear Barry

It was wonderful talking to you yesterday. I have always liked you from your moderating/posts on the ORMUS board, and now I really, really like you from talking to you! Where to begin? Please know that I am having a bit of a hard time reading, thinking and writing. I really do think I am in the midst of a kundalini awakening. I apologize in advance for the lack of coherence. As I said to you on the phone, I’ve been mostly watching what’s going on with me out of the corner of my eye. After talking with you last night, I’ve been much more closely watching what’s going on in the present, plus I’ve been going over events from the past.

It’s fun stuff, sometimes scary, occasionally confusing, often new and certainly out of the ordinary. As you know, I’ve been doing Holosync (binaural entrainment) for 2 years and ORMUS, from various producers, for a year. For the past few months, I’ve also been listening to some fabulous CDs in particular “Chakra Chants” by Jonathan Goldman (which has binaural entrainment) and “Holy Harmony“, 4 or 5 times a week. The CD’s contain great stuff from many Eastern spiritual traditions, plus some fascinating items from theories about sound, frequency, harmonic vibrations and intent, all put together very wonderfully by Jonathan Goldman.

You already know about my multi, multi, multi, etc., Orgasmic self, plus my “look Ma, no hands” orgasms. If you post this anywhere feel free to put the info I have already given you in here. Let me tell you first what has happened since I talked to you last night. Even as we were on the phone, you asked if I had tried to move the energy up my spine, and as soon as you said it and I thought about it, it happened. My neck arched and the energy went out the top of my head as I mentioned to you. And it happened a second time while we were still on the phone. It happened some more after we got off the phone, whenever I would think about it.

For the rest of the evening, I also had chills/energy/tingling in my crown, the back of my head and my neck. You mentioned blockages on the phone, and we kind of agreed that the congested feeling in my lower abdomen was a blockage in my second (sexual) Chakra. Last night as I was listening to my Holosync CD, I noticed the congested feeling, so I did the energy up the spine visualization and not only did I feel the energy go up and out the top of my head, but I also had an intense, vagina-clenching, neck-arching, noise-making orgasm. This happened 3 times. The next morning I couldn’t sleep (have been really energized on and off the past week), so I got up, took some ORMUS, and listened to my “Chakra Chants” CD for an hour.

While listening, I had many, many, many twitches in all parts of my body (including my face and even inside my throat) (I think that some people consider that to be the releasing of energy blockages), and at the end, when the crown chakra was being addressed by the CD, the energy went shooting up my spine and I had a half dozen intense orgasms, some of which were vaginal and some of which were more “whole body”. Also towards the end of the CD, my body was shaking and vibrating, in particular my head. I continue now to have a fair amount of tingling/chills/energy up my back, in my neck and the back of my head. There is also periodic pressure in the back of my head.

When I pay attention to the energy and move it all the way up my spine and out the top of my head, I have orgasms about half the time. I am also very teary this morning. This past week, and on and off over the past 6 or more months, I have had episodes of being very energized, very wired, accompanied by trembling, fast-breathing, sweating, and feeling like I’m vibrating. I have felt unable to read much, to spell very well, or to even hand write legibly but I can type much faster than usual! The other obvious thing that has been happening, that I think I mentioned to you, is that I have had weird feelings in what I think is my heart chakra. I think I would maybe call that a blockage. It’s like intense energy/pressure and intense sorrow.

When I focus on it, a voice says to me, “I ache”. This has been especially present during the hurricane Katrina tragedy. I have tried to release it using the Sedona Method (, and I have tried Focusing on it ( These are two things that have helped me deal with feelings in the past, but they weren’t working for me a couple of days ago. I finally just cried and the feeling passed. I had a little bit of it last night, did my energy up the spine visualization and it went away! On another note, some info about me from my distant past I have always been a spiritual person. I was raised Catholic and, starting about age 12, I decided I was going to be a saint.

My spirit guides, which I got in a feminist version of a Silva Mind Control class in the 1970’s, are a snake (named Chastity, of all things, given my very sexual self) and an “Amazon Lady”. I have always wondered about the snake. Now I know that it has some kind of association with Kundalini energy. I am currently allergic to any kind of organized religion, but I have taken bits and pieces from various Eastern and Western traditions and made them my own. I have a bumper sticker on my car that says “Namaste” (the divine within me acknowledges and honors the divine within you), and I try to live my life that way, but I don’t always succeed. OK, I’m done for a while. I look forward to contributing more to the ORMUS cause in the future in any way I can. Feel free to post this anywhere you deem appropriate. All my best to you, dear Barry,


Author: Life Enthusiast

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