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ORMUS User Reports – Part 1

ORMUS User Reports – Part 1

ORMUS User Reports – Part 1

Compiled by Life Enthusiast Staff

Please remember that we all are individually different. These products are experimental.

One commentary suggested that this ORMUS thing was a scam. Scam? On a personal level and speaking from my heart, there is one thing I do know. After taking ORMUS after only a few days I felt a profound difference, physically and emotionally. I was very very ill with a hybridized form of the West Nile and it was definitely getting the best of me. I was on several neurological drugs with several terrible side effects. I could not read, drive, or even walk a short distance. I could just sleep. Neuropathy was everywhere in my body and I was also starting to lose sensation in my lower torso and was tripping and stumbling. I was also experiencing problems with my breathing due to damage from the virus. Then there was Manna Tonic and my life had entered a new realm immediately.

Since, I have tried many forms of ORMUS, moderation is the key. My neurologist said that I would be on these drugs for at least a year if not longer. Several people here are still experiencing paralysis on a continual basis. I gave a presentation at a school with an individual whom has been in the hospital several times from the virus due to paralysis. This person caught the virus the same time I did and is still taking all of the drugs. I have shared my experience with her. We both caught the virus in August of 2003. By week number three I was off of all of my drugs against the advice of my doctor. I still have some neuropathy it is slowly healing but I am alive and growing on levels I never knew existed.


In my heart and my experience I know this is not the case. I am alive and have a sense of inner peace that I never thought possible. Time for a new reality. Peace and Love to all of you, Don Gifford.

I see questions of this sort a lot:

  • I’ve tried about 5 products over the last 3 months and I don’t feel anything. Is this common?
  • I have been taking ORMUS for about 3 months. I tried white dove, liquid chi and golden tear. I think I feel a general sense of well being. I have not found any product that I can definitively say that I really felt anything spiritual.
  • I was wondering what is the strongest product out there just to feel something. Something that after you tried it you would say to yourself this stuff really does something.

These are just a few examples of letters I receive from people. As both an ORMUS supplier and someone who has been directly and intensely involved with the phenomenon for years, I have received letters and inquiries of this type countless times. Having to respond to them is one of the most difficult and often depressing things I must do as I play out my part in the continuing evolution of the human species. This is not because I feel that it’s a chore or a burden on my time, but because I know that the truthful answers I must give are always a letdown to the recipient, and trust me – I feel your pain. So, without further ado, let me quickly and thoroughly burst all of your bubbles:

The immediately perceptible physiological effects of ORMUS materials are EXTREMELY subtle, so subtle that in most instances your body must already be totally flooded with them and you must be a very sensitive individual i.e., an experienced meditator who is highly attuned to enhanced / altered states of consciousness and perception (think: 70-year-old Buddhist monk) to even detect their activity at all. That is why Barry Carter’s site is named SubtleEnergies. The “feeling” you will get from taking one-tenth of one-half of one-quarter of a 2 mg Valium tablet is about 100 times more noticeable to the untrained individual than a gallon of high-grade ORMUS shotgunned through a beer bong.

The best you can hope for is a little temporary increase in the “hu” or “nada” sound – if you can hear it at all yet – and perhaps a slight sensation of pressure about the temples, as if you were wearing a baseball cap that is one size too small. The one exception to this is of course the fabled “Real Thing” – the synthetic ORME cooked up by David Hudson’s chemists. This substance has a relative psychoactive potency level roughly 70 times more intense than d-lysergic acid tartarate, commonly known as “LSD” or “acid.” It is so strong that ingesting a dose of just 5 or 6 millionths of a gram will leave pretty much anybody this side of the Dalai Lama babbling incoherently, and tightly laced into a strait jacket drooling at the nearest Rubber Room Inn for 60 to 90 days, followed by their never ever wanting to hear the words “White Gold” mentioned again in their entire life.

And absolutely the most bizarre, unexplainable phenomenon of all is that everybody seems to think – “ah, bullsh#t, that wouldn’t happen to me – I could handle it.” Many of you reading this are thinking that right this minute, I know you are. It’s a totally baffling situation. Nobody in their right mind, after having been told that eating a tablespoonful of mercury chloride would send them screaming to the emergency room with excruciating stomach pains followed quickly by total insanity, uncontrollable convulsions and swift death would think – “Aw, hell, I don’t believe that’ll happen to me, I want to try a leetle ol’ taste anyhow!” Yet this is exactly the situation with ORME.

It’s like everybody thinks there is some elite private clique of ORME-eaters that secretly meet behind closed doors to snort up big fat lines of ORME off of a golden mirror and conspire with the gods to deprive the rest of the world of it under the excuse that “they can’t handle it.” It’s absolutely unbelievable, and a truly sad testimonial to the state the world is in today, and as to how unhappy most of us are with our lives and how desperate we are to attain something better; some peace of mind, somehow, anyhow – even if we lose our minds in the process – maybe it would be better than this. But all is not lost. If you can manage to get past the “Harry Potter Syndrome” – that burning desire to take a pinch of magic dust, feel “an incredible rush” and instantly leave your body and zoom up out the chimney to have tea with Buddha on the astral plane.

M-state materials will have an absolutely amazing effect upon your existence. What they will do is accelerate the manifestation of your thoughts and desires into physical reality, which is the reason we are all here. Take a second or two and really think about what I just said. The universe is actually a machine – an amazingly wondrous machine – it’s an “experience generator” a bona fide mechanism whose standard procedure is really very simple; it assumes that you are a capable master of creation, and it takes the things that you mentally focus on and think about all the time and brings them into the 3D world as real physical events for you to experience and learn from.

Due to the fact that this typically happens at a snail’s pace, many of us go through life thinking that things just randomly happen TO us, rather than understanding that we actually make them happen FOR us to learn from, and that our own thoughts, words and actions are what makes the things in our lives happen the way that they do. Once you understand this, and commit to changing your thought processes, and consciously controlling the way you react to the things that happen to you, and how you react and relate to those around you, and continue to patiently saturate your body with M-state – that experiential manifestation process will greatly accelerate, indeed it can become totally mind-boggling, trust me!

I could go on for hours, but I’ve probably lost many of you already. If you are asking the kind of questions like the ones that I quoted above, then you’ve probably already learned about “recreational drugs” and found them wanting, or else you wouldn’t be here, you’d be out burning a blunt and bangin’ your head with the crew. Realize that something brought you to this forum. Something led you to find out about this material. Don’t be so surprised to learn that it does not “live up” to your preconceived notions about it – it just doesn’t work that way, but it does work.

Joe Lello

It is one path with many entrance ramps, only one of which is ORMUS The idea is to build the Light Body itself, not to “feel it.” To spiritualize the physical body and increase the vibratory rate to such a point it allows for exploration of the expanded “higher” energetic states consciously. This is almost precisely what this has been for me, much attenuated by the ORMUS intake. I have taken many products over the years I have been taking ORMUS, but mostly I drink trap water. I have had WPG prepared like Hudson supposedly did, I have taken most of the commercially available products. I have even consumed the elusive “Red Tincture” from two(!) different sources. It was all the same effect.

The effect has been a huge increase in internal vibratory rate and expansion of all my physical and nonphysical senses. I believe I am aware of and simultaneously “being” in many dimensional folds or levels as I have consciousness at those levels with my physical eyes open. It has been very helpful to me to read Robert Monroe’s series of books (three of them) on Out of Body experiences, as put in context I think this is what is “happening”, though I am also certain I am doing this for me from a higher (wider?) perspective, which I call my Highest Self, HS. This inner guide has many suits of clothing and endless experience, and is me at a monad level (or perhaps the Monad).

In any case, his books have provided a map of those expanded states, and some definition and structure for the left brain to use in exploration. I have been fortunate enough to go to several programs at the Monroe Institute in Virginia (a five hour drive away), and it has with the binaural beat programming in the isolation booths provided an overlapping experience hugely enhanced by ORMUS Binaural beats induce IDENTICAL EEG changes as ORMUS does. Intake of the ORMUS will cause full brain synchronization on EEG instruments within minutes of ingestion, and with practice deep delta and spindles of gamma can be produced for several MINUTES at a time.

The Dalai Lama sent his best and most experienced meditators to the Monroe Institute and they recorded their spindles of gamma rhythm and produced binaural CDs which induce similar spindles. ORMUS does the same. Sun-gazing does the same. I cannot tell if it is the Melatonin and Pinoline and other neurotransmitters that are released as a result of the spindles, or if the spindles are the result of the release. Such substances can be measured, and it has been confirmed that such releases can be induced in several ways (essential oils, binaural beats, Sun-gazing, ORMUS, etc.). Either way, the result is ecstatic and now channeled such that I remain mostly (60%) in my physical C-1 level consciousness body.

This has been most intriguing, as I initially thought they were overwhelming full-body non-sexual orgasms. This is much more controllable now with experience. I can easily see energetic auras many layers deep on people. Physical ills are immediately apparent, and reading the fields allows what some might call mind reading and healing (though this does not mean cure necessarily). I receive verbal guidance about what to do and what to tell the person if it is important that they know something, but I am not clear if it is from their guide(s) or my own. I think it is the same. It is difficult to be in a crowd. Most people do not think about uplifting things or even have many happy thoughts, and the consumer and fear society we see and watch on TV and such feeds it all.

Trees, rocks, birds-everything on which attention is fixed glows with energy. I find that I can see it and hear it when I allow myself. I am “hearing” the elementals and the nature divas, the fairies and the gnomes and leprechauns and such. I do not talk about it much, because it seems so unreasonable to my rational mind. I remember similar experiences as a child before it was trained out of me. My out of body experience has been helped by my map of “out there.” Mind awake-body asleep (Focus 10), then Universal Focus (Focus 12), then the Void (Focus 15) and the Rainbow Bridge (Focus 21), the first fully out of physical level where it is possible to “meet” your expanded selves and your guides. And more expanded areas beyond (all the belief levels including the Flaming Pits and Angelic Choirs, everything anyone has ever imagined), and then Focus 27.

It is “there” exists the Healing and Rejuvenation areas, Great Libraries of Akashic Records and Planning for one’s next physical voyage – The Park at the end of the tunnel of Light many people describe in near death experiences. And levels more universal and senior than these, where HS resides, where God calls to the I AM, where you came from…. I have begun to “see” the ORMUS as an aquamarine and purplish iridescence and have modified my homemade magnetic trap to increase the amount I can concentrate from the water. I agree that water can hold many many times the amount as a dry powder.

I MUCH prefer the naturally occurring types to the tortured metals, and it seems easy to “see” who takes what (or has never tried anything) by the energy associated with the posts. I cannot say I ever “felt” it more than a little buzz and the “M-state whirlies”. What is this “I can’t feel it” all the time? What is it that you expect to feel? You can “feel” morphine, but it leads nowhere. What you will “feel” is your Highest Self trying once again to get your attention and get you to….. awaken. “Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists. Herein lies the Peace of God.” I am nothing you are not. What I can do, you can do. This and more shall you, too, do. I did not find that the amount matters, or the source so much as my intention.

Thomas Geckler

You have my permission to print the following letter I am sending you in hopes it might benefit others… that those who seek will find the info… for aren’t we all in service?

To refresh your memory, my 8 year old grandson was diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (dmd). He slowly deteriorated (it had been coming on for a few years but we’ve never had any experience with md and didn’t recognize the signs). Then suddenly the progression of the disease accelerated. He had problems walking, falling down often; raising himself off the floor became a challenge. He is unable to climb stairs, having to crawl up the stairs. After crawling up the stairs a couple of times he would be exhausted and I would have to carry him up and down the stairs. His energy level was low, tiring very easily. His arm and leg muscles caused him pain and cramped often during the day, even when he was laying in bed.

His breathing was labored after physical exertion. He had been experiencing abdominal pains for over a year and they had been getting increasingly worse to where the school nurse calls for him to be picked up, missing many days of school. He would wake up with abdominal pain, have it just before eating, during meal times, be unable to finish his meals and have pain after meals. He is also a finicky eater and generally is a poor eater. He has night sweats, nightmares and night terrors. He is generally a happy child but with the progression of dmd he often became very angry, lashing out frequently at his parents. All these are symptoms of dmd.

I had just received my order of M-3 ORMUS when my grandchildren came over the following day to spend the night. The following morning I gave my grandson 1 full tsp of M-3. An hour or so later I fed him breakfast, then lunch and later dinner. He did not experience any abdominal pain throughout the entire day. His energy level was high, playing and running around the house with his sister, being very active. He was able to go upstairs quite a few times, not walking but crawling and walk down the stairs slowly by himself hanging onto the banister. He did not experience any leg cramps that day and did not fall once due to weak muscles. He did trip once over a toy they had left on the floor.

His appetite was good that day and continued to increase over time to where it amazed us. Imagine, such a marked improvement with just a 1 tsp dose of M-3! I am so happy he was with me when he received the first dose so I was able to see it for myself. My daughter works many evenings and long hours on weekends and would not have seen the difference the M-3 made. It has been 4 weeks now since he has been on the M-3 ORMUS He still has problems with bladder control, getting up off the floor and occasional minor abdominal pain when he eats the wrong foods or over eats.

He still falls, his leg muscles giving out when he over exhausts himself; and/or it could be because my daughter has not been giving him 1 full tsp each dosage in order to stretch the M-3. But he hasn’t been experiencing muscle cramps in his arms and legs (it used to take 2 people, 1 massaging his legs and another his arms in order to give him some relief), his energy level is much higher than before and he can walk without his legs giving out from under him though he still has to pace himself, which is hard for an exuberant 8 year old. He seems to breath easier now after physical exertion. His night sweats, nightmares and night terrors are lessened.

He still has them but instead of screaming when he wakes up during the middle of the night, wakes up with a start. There are less nightmares and overall, concerning these, it is still better than previously. He no longer lashes out in anger and frustration. He is much more in control of his anger and has mellowed, being much more laid back. Duchenne’s is the fastest progressing muscular dystrophy. Generally by the age of 8 years they are in a wheel chair half of the time and wearing leg splints. By the time they are 9 years of age they are most likely in a wheelchair full time. After that, the other muscles are worse too and they are using an apparatus to help them breathe.

They rarely live beyond 22 or 23 years of age. Life expectancy is generally up to their late teens. This is why there was such an urgency on my part to try alternative treatments and to catch it early enough so there is possibility of a reversal and hopefully, a full recovery and healing of the disease (Edgar Cayce’s readings say a reversal is possible when treatment is started in the early stage of the disease. That was of course, using his wet cell appliance). We currently have him on M-3 and other ORMUS, many food/nutritional supplements and many anthroposophical herbal/homeopathic prescriptions along with the M-3. The M-3 was the first of the ORMUS and prescriptions to be given him; of which I am glad, so I actually saw for myself the huge difference it made towards Wesley’s well being.

Blessings, Helen

I have been taking “ORMUS” or “m-state” preparations for nearly two years now. Barry Carter was enormously helpful to me in deciding what to take. I had the opportunity to meet Barry and attend one of his seminars about 1-1/2 years ago. I have had about 99% remission of back problems and about 95% remission of neck problems by taking this. I have regained nearly an inch of previously lost height. At the end of the article “white dove” is mentioned. The product that worked for me is named The White Dove. I have had many other positive effects from it. It has helped my wife enormously to deal with her female problems, and caused remission of one daughter’s Opthalmic Migraine episodes.

I rarely mention these things on other forums. Who can even prove the existence of ORMUS? I sure can’t. But listen people: this is for real. I have come to the conclusion that these substances are not the all and everything that some wish to believe, but they are desperately important. If you start getting more of these substances back into your body (they escape), then you will also be gradually led towards other things that you- as an individual- need for your physical health. You do not have to start out with man-manipulated products; there are natural sources, such as kelp from volcanic waters (Hawaii, Iceland) and Tamahi Calcium. There are also people making magnetic water traps to concentrate these substances from tap water.


Hey Scratch; I am interested in expediting the manifestation of things I want to be, have and do. Will you be kind enough to provide some details on how you get things to manifest quicker or immediately? Thanks and have a great day, Ken

No problem Ken… just clear all blockages related to what you want to manifest, emotional/mental/and physical, and voila, it appears very quickly! WPG has been a wild trip for me. Every unconscious blockage related to what I was trying to manifest surfaced to be cleared. I didn’t understand so much what was happening, so I resisted…and suffered… I gradually learned to view the surfacing material as a positive aspect of healing… and I cut back on the ORMUS and things started coming to me. I’m sure I didn’t clear everything and I still resist some. This ORMUS affects me different than most… Maybe that is a belief I have, but when I initially ingested, I had nothing but positive expectations… It is definitely amazing.. and again, I have to be very careful of what I focus on…

WPG will definitely expedite manifestations but the important thing is to manifest those things you WANT in your life and the teachings of Abraham by Ester and Jerry Hicks will greatly help in this regard. It did me. Think about the things you want in your life NOT the things you don’t. We cannot stop the thoughts but we can control the energy we give to those thoughts and that is the KEY. Get the book “Ask and it is Given” by Jerry and Esther Hicks… it explains manifestation better than anything I’ve ever read!

Author: Life Enthusiast

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