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ORMUS User Reports – Part 2

ORMUS User Reports – Part 2

ORMUS User Reports – Part 2

Compiled by Life Enthusiast Staff

Please remember that we all are individually different. These products are experimental.

Danae Harding <>

In the context of explaining the ORMUS phenomenon we need to think of metal gold, as well as all other elements, as having three forms. In the form of matter, such as in the metallic form of gold, it has 3 legs here in this dimension. In the ORMUS form, it has two legs here but one still in another dimension. It has taken on a material form that is solid but not organized into the atomic structure that we know as gold. Taking still one more step backwards, all elements come to us in the aetheric form first as when it is such it only has one leg here and its form is not organized in a manner that it can hold onto its material form. The same thing happens in our blood and in the oceans and waterways of the earth.

The regulators or protits or bions of the blood were called by their original discoverers “colloids of light that have become colloids of life.” Aetheric elements love moisture and “incarnate” here in water or moisture. Once here, they organize themselves and first take the form of spectroscopically invisible elements and then continue to atomically arrange themselves to become elemental matter such as the minerals and metals that we call our periodic table. To catch the aether and organize it into a form the gateway is water. In that form it is spirit in organization and can act on the spirit. Since the body follows the spirit, the effect is indirect but distinct on the physical body.

It has increasingly more influence on matter as it becomes denser and more “congealed” as ORMUS In that form it works on the doubt or belief systems of the mind. Finally, in its purely material – 3 legs here – form of matter it acts purely on the physical body and not on the mind or the spirit. Of course, since the body follows spirit, the effect is only temporary and has no lasting benefit on the body other than a temporary fix. If “it” the healing or the purifying or the vibration increasing, does not happen in the spirit first, the body has no way to hold onto the vibration of wellness or life or love or anything else and will simply return to the state that the spirit is in.

So the way to correct all problems is in the aetheric or spirit form first. Then apply the ORMUS to get rid of the doubt system and start believing in life and love and manifesting. Unfortunately, When the ORMUS finishes its birth process, if it goes to the metallic form such as gold, copper, etc, instead of the mineral form such as calcium, magnesium, etc. then it becomes a toxin to the body as it cannot be assimilated and accumulates as heavy metal poisoning. Whereas minerals are beneficial to the body metals are not. I would hesitate to eat too much of the gold leaf for this reason.


From: “Farrell Brenner, Smart Minerals

Excellent exposition. I see that you understand matter from the aetheric side. To continue your idea further, two legs in the other dimension equals prima materia here. This would not be the same as ORMUS IMO. Three legs in the subtle dimension equals subtle matter, i.e., nothing on the physical side. I notice this subtle form of matter when I work with people mentally and energetically. As people go through radical energetic or mental shifts, I notice a whole spectrum of subtle matter transformations around their physical body. (I think it is this spectrum of degrees of manifestation of subtle matter that is generally called the aura.) These observations are consistent with your theory that beliefs can be strong determinants of states of matter.

I witness similar types of events daily. Therefore, I long ago concluded that alchemy is mental, psychological, emotional, energetic, and physical. And that, what is called alchemy these days is mostly the study of the physical. Hopefully this limited view of alchemy will become corrected. As regards eating the gold leaf, it is likely not harmful in that it is nearly totally indigestible. Whatever effects it has tend to be local to the gut. This would be less true to the extent that it is used in cooking. Traditionally, that was not the case. It was applied as a decoration afterwards (in my experience while living in India.) I would call it the exoteric version of Ayurvedic alchemy.


I doubt that anyone is truly capable of giving you definitive information, but I’m posting here an experience I had and which I wrote in 2002. It may stimulate for you, as it did for me some intuitive understanding.

Warmly, Sharon

Oh boy… This is hard for me to post. It’s going to sound completely wacky to some, but since I can’t allow fear to lead my reasoning I am posting this to the group hoping that somewhere, someone will find something useful that spurs or confirms a different way of thinking about ORMUS. It began last night before going to bed. I was in a skippy, happy mood. I prepared my husband’s and my evening beverage which included a shot of Liquid Chi. As I returned the Liquid Chi to its comfortable storage place I kissed the bottle, still so appreciative to have ORMUS in my life. It was still early as I lay in bed when I had the whimsical thought “I wonder if I can talk with an ORME?” so I tried. Following is what happened:

I followed the energy of the ORME to its origin, deep out to sea. In a particular place deep in the ocean, I had the impression of an underground tunnel below the ocean floor. Rising from this was an upward spiraling of activity that reminded me of a flurry of bubbles. I asked questions and following are the responses I got:

The ORME said that it is a particular shape and that other ORMEs have other shapes. The different shapes are like different languages, each one functioning in different mediums. This shape (which looked like an oblong hexagon-type, although I do not know how many sides it had) was particular to water. As such it functions within the fluids of the earth and within the fluids of my body. I asked if it was the same shape as fresh water ORMEs and it replied that it is of the same family with slight differences. I got the impression that fresh water ORME shapes are a bit simpler in structure, and less oblong.

I asked if the ORMUS that is derived from salt is of a salt water shape and was told that once inflated it would return to the shape where it was originally formed. With the word ‘inflated’ I got the image of a balloon. In addition to the general shapes of these water based ORMEs, there were little + and – structures all around it. Later in my dreams I saw how these +’s and -‘s could be changed to create different physical life forms. I recall thinking about how the water ORME functions within the fluids and how I had unconsciously desired something that addressed my structure when I consumed Liquid Chi. The ORME pointed out that my attitude is why I do not feel a reaction to this type of ORME.

Whereas, I KNOW I’m drinking water based ORMUS when I drink trap water, I have mistakenly confused Ocean Precipitate as a structural ORME. I asked about its history and it replied that it has been around longer than it can remember, but it has evolved and changed greatly. It was a much simpler structure before [I saw a diamond shape], and although these structures are still around most have evolved into more elaborate shapes. At this point I got the impression that there are more than two categories of ORMEs, one general category for water based ORMUS, one general category for mineral (land) based ORMUS, and another that I don’t know (ether, gas or air?), and maybe more. Then the ORME said, “I am the life force”.

As if to emphasize this fact I found myself back out at sea and deep within the ocean. I saw marine life dancing around the bubbles. Then I heard the ORME repeat that it was the life force. I got the impression that marine life collects this life force and carries it with them in great abundance to other areas. Then I reflected on the liquids in my body and found it lacking. The ORME encouraged me to fill my environment with this life force to reach some type of critical mass. I got the sense that bathing, and circulating it in the air was as important as ingesting it. The idea was to submerge myself in it. I also got the impression that microorganisms collect this and circulate it throughout my body.

Later it occurred to that a simple way to determine if a person should take a water based ORME or a land/mineral based ORME depended on their physical issues. For urinary, blood or lymph issues then a water based ORMUS would be advised, and if there was an organ or structural problem then a mineral based ORMUS would be advised. As I began to drift off I thought how I was going to have to make my own precipitate and drink a lot more trap water, and diffuse ORMUS in my house to reach a saturation point. Then, just before falling asleep I saw a knight kneeling at a pool and drinking from a golden chalice.

Knighty knight!

Sharon Rose

I went to my eye doctor yesterday and he was somewhat baffled by the improvement in my vision, and so was I. When I came home I searched this database to see if anyone had reported improvements in vision as a result of ORMUS use. I found other reports of positive results. I have a condition which is called kerataconus which is noninflammatory protrusion of the central or paracentral region of the cornea. It is worse in allergy sufferers and may result in marked irregular astigmatism. Normally vision is corrected with hard gas permeable contact lenses and about 15% of patients eventually need a corneal transplant. I go back in two weeks to have my contact lens fit checked and I will find out if the shape of my cornea has changed. I will get the before and after prescription for my eye glasses to document the positive change in vision, and let you all know if there is any change in the shape of my cornea.

I am, again, in awe. Anne Pomeroy Dixon


I have been taking home made ORMUS made from dead sea salt and I usually take as much as I feel is right for me. Recently though I have taken ORMUS purchased from two places, one which I didn’t think was too good. I have only been taking it for the past few weeks. I am 35, female and about 10st 7lbs. Today I have realized that I have moved completely into the moment, I keep having to think if I have anything that needs doing. It is a strange sensation I am so consumed with my now being comfortable that I have dismissed all memory of the past, like it never even occurred and where previously odd memories would arise now if they do they take me by surprise as though it were someone else’s life.

I understand why people say that if you are not prepared for the awakening it can be quite a shock. I have been through today with a massive expansion in my head which I can influence by focusing on it and my third eye has been pulsing all day and my medulla also started. Don’t get me wrong, I have been working on the meditation and spiritual growth way before the ORMUS, so this seems natural progression. I am tripping in and out of being focused behind my third eye and my visualizations are almost real and I have to remind myself what reality I am in, hard to describe exactly. I wonder what would happen if I allowed my visualizations to take over, would they become my reality.

I am someone that believes that anything is possible, I am not bogged down with the solidity of reality and or anything being what it seems, so my mind quite easily accepted what now is my firm belief that anything is possible. I have been through a hell of an amazing journey, the universe answers my questions when I ask. In reality the universe is me, the truth that we are all one and that we are all god is something when it comes to each of us in truth will be the overwhelming feeling that will guide each of us on our own spiritual path.

If I told you some of the amazing things I have manifested and seen happen, and synchronicities I have witnessed, it would be enough to drive anyone mad. However it is all in the course of a day for me now and if I don’t see them I consider that odd. Funny how different life becomes when one simply changes what one is willing to believe. Also I don’t seem to be able to plan for any sort of future even immediate. I like that because I have finally managed to be in the present completely and I know that the past is gone and the future is unrealized and I can make it anything I want. I have a business so this sort of thinking is not ideal, (but I don’t seem to care). I reckon the universe will take care of the rest.

However, I have been practicing breathing through my third eye and medulla and allowing the breath to accumulate in my pineal gland and holding it there. I have now transplanted the air I take in as being ORMUS out of the air. This has resulted in a tingling in the third eye, and a sense of expansion in my brain. Pressure mounts and it is a good feeling. I can feel the power in there. It all sounds like hooeeyy, but I am getting to be where I want in realizing that all my power to manifest and be anything I want, is now.

Oh incidentally, I gave the ORMUS to my dog, and by gum he seems more alert, more with it and keeps staring at me as though he knows something. Perhaps I am imagining it, but someone else commented on it too. I really pushed my mind through meditation prior to eating ORMUS, the third eye was awake then but the ORMUS has sent it through the roof. I think one must judge the amount to take for oneself, but ORMUS does need the mental effort too. Do you meditate? It is important. I work on drawing the ORMUS into my pineal and medulla, it takes conscious effort and eventually I hope it will occur unconsciously.

Funny thing which represents the power within us, I had a notion the other day, unsure if I was daydreaming or lucid dreaming. But I sun gaze when I can in this rainy country of ours, UK. I find it helps a lot and ESP now with the added lifter ORMUS Sun gazing might help you to achieve the results you want. I had a vision (or something) happen whereby I was in a busy resort and I was crossing a bridge and stopped to look at the summer sun. As soon as I set my eyes on it, it moved and went to set. I was dumbfounded and then realized with my looking at the sun I had unwittingly made it set as though to protect my eyes.

Everyone in the resort was shocked as it became dark instantly and I cowered out of sight aware I had caused the sun to set in the middle of the day. This is symbolic of the power within us. We have the power to create universes, we just need to harness it. In my vision I moved the sun with no effort. We are – each of us – Gods, know it, feel it and act with unconditional love. Take control of your reality and make it what you want it to be and always act in the greatest good of all and of course yourself, for they are one and the same.

It is not inconceivable to know that every consciousness that has ever been, will be, is now in every dimension and every universe IS YOU. Remember time and space are linear concepts we created. They don’t exist, all is now. So if you are every consciousness ever, in every possible future outcome, in every possible dimension, in every possible universe and all that has supposedly been, then it all comes back to one. The one in whose image we were created. GOD, therefore it only makes sense we are GOD. Each and everyone of us. ACCEPT IT, REALIZE IT, LIVE WITH IT AND ADAPT YOUR LIFE AND WISHES AND THOUGHTS ACCORDINGLY.

It really makes all the difference, it has to me.
Love, light and luck to all, Nic Brahms

Author: Life Enthusiast

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