Oxidative Stress is Aging and Disease

From the holistic, or functional perspective, there are only a few major causes of all the chronic illnesses that cause so much suffering. One of them is oxidative stress. The most visible signs of out of control oxidation are the signs of aging wrinkles, arthritis, stiff joints, loss of flexibility, farsightedness and so on.

The process of oxidation is essential and necessary for your body’s functioning it is how we generate all cellular energy. Out of control oxidation contributes to, or is the cause of, practically every known disease that is occurring inside of you at this very moment.

Oxidative stress is the result of dietary choices, lifestyle habits, stress and environmental exposures.

Oxidation is one of the basic principles of life. It is not all bad we need it to live, and we need to keep it in balance. We know oxidation as the rust on our car, the brown stains on a freshly cut apple or potato when exposed to air, the rancid smell of vegetable oil on stale foods, and even the wrinkles that form on our skin. Because it happens slowly, we don’t usually notice that our own tissues are rusting, our own fats are going rancid, and our brains are melting as we go about our daily life. The oxidative process is initiated by the ordinary metabolic process, and can rage out of control with too many calories, smoking, sunburn, toxins, or whatever else that tips the balance, starting a chain reaction of cellular and tissue damage.

The point I want to make is that there is much you can do about reversing the oxidative damage. Supplement with Antioxidants and Adaptogenic Herbs that help raise your ability to control and even reverse the damage, the signs of aging. Anther way is to ingest an abundance of required nutrients. Every day not just once a year for a week in a cleanse or on a retreat. High-nutrient Superfoods are an ideal way to obtain ample powerful antioxidants naturally. We need to view all antioxidants as members of a team, not individually as vitamin B3 or carotene, the way the pharmaceutical reductionist model investigates them. Antioxidants are most assimilable from whole nature-made foods, not from concentrates made in pharmaceutical labs. The multivitamin supplement that is made in a pharmaceutical factory is missing many desired and necessary components. Why would we want to second guess Nature?

Darren Beddard wrote the words below. Hes been a steadfast supporter of Exsula Superfoods for years, and has also been instrumental in the re-launch of Life Enthusiast back in 2001. He has been a great supporter of our mission. After 23 years of being faithful to Exsula Superfoods, I almost fell by the wayside. Back in 2004 we couldn’t get any Exsula for several months in a row. From that time I had made a habit of always keeping a couple extra bottles in the freezer. But when I ran out the last time, I was upset and wanted to find a substitute. I tried several products, some at comparable price, and some for much less per bottle. I wanted to reassure myself that the price was still worth it on top of the inconvenience of having to wait for my Exsula.

My test, in absentia of Exsula for a few months, had me shopping at health food stores where I chose the five best-selling brands recommended by the nutritionists and advisors. I don’t need to bring up brand names. Some were better than others. Without exception every product I used left me wanting by mid-day no exception! Every one I tried failed to give me that glow that Id become accustomed to with Exsula. The glow just doesn’t fade with Exsula Superfoods. I’m convinced after my experience that despite sometimes having to wait a week or two for Jevari to complete another batch of Exsula, especially Iridesca, its more than worth the wait.

While I was closely associated with him, I was privileged to observe the painstaking and time-consuming process that he has to go through each time he hand-prepares a new batch. Working with you over the years to figure out a way to get production automated so supply could keep up with demand has proven to be a reality that just wont address the fundamental reason Exsula has to be hand-made. There is no way to automate any aspect of the Exsula assembly process without sacrificing some energetic value that contributes to its synergism. I know that every ingredient in Exsula is selected for its resonant frequency and watching Jevari test them all for buzz, has him returning many raw ingredients back to the supplier for myriad reasons. My hat’s off to Jevari who knows there can be no shortcuts to perfection.

Author: Martin Pytela