Podcast 112: Nano Minerals and ORMUS – Part 3

Is our consciousness affecting the Planet? And how about the Sun? ORMUS has been in human experience since ancient times. We have records of Egyptians using it – this Gold of the Gods – for transfiguration, wisdom and illumination. In medieval alchemy it was known as the Philosopher’s Stone. In modern times it’s degraded into Nano Minerals, but there are a large number of modern-day alchemists that talk about ORMUS. Some talk about Colloids and sub-atomic particles.

ORMUS and Nano Mineral materials form a link between our material world and the non-material worlds, and are easily imprinted with the energy of thought forms. Before ingesting, you should use meditation, prayer, or other loving methods to encode your intentions into the medium. You may also use radionic programming techniques, including writing words on paper that you set your product upon.

Their purpose is to nourish your body, mind and soul, for healing and enlightenment. These products have provided many people with general health support, rejuvenation, and spiritual practice enhancement.

Podcast 112: Nano Minerals and ORMUS – Part 3

Scott: Welcome back everybody you are listening to the Life Enthusiast co-op online radio network restoring vitality to you, the planet and the solar system in fact Martin I have to interrupt our introductions because the Sun is going through a very interesting phase right now there are no sun spots on the sun as of a couple of days ago and there haven’t been any for about a week I mean there has been the odd time when they haven’t seen any sun spots for like a day but they are thinking it is kind of like the calm before the big storm or something like that and of course we haven’t had time to study the sun long enough to know if this is a part of the natural functioning of the sun and a natural occurrence and what happens when they do come back do they come back fast and furious or are there flares or is it just a non event. So we are restoring vitality you the planet and the Sun.

Martin: Oh boy we better start meditating now all of us collectively on keeping the Sun in good shape because if that old giant stirs you know the proverb about he who sleeps with elephants must be very careful how they turn when they sleep or something like that you know I am lost on this one you know if you go to bed with an elephant expect to get tossed around or be careful where you lie down kind of thing.

Scott: Yeah because if they roll over you are going to get squished.

Martin: Yeah so when the sun decides to I don’t know what controls it decides to turn off the spots I mean a few years ago we had massive amounts of spots and magnetic activity and it was creating all kinds of storms on the planet and mayhem and then all of a sudden nothing… ?

Scott: Well I say a movie the other day called the Knowing with Nicholas Cage and it was all about this girl who makes these prophesies and the prophesy at the end there is this huge flare from the Sun and it is going to wipe out all life on the planet Earth like we have had huge flares that have knocked out satellites and cell phones and electric grids and it will be very interesting to see what happens.

Martin: Well indeed if it is the calm before the storm, may god have mercy on us all.

Scott: We live in interesting times that is for sure and when you brought up the elephant that reminded me of a story you and I have discussed about a blind man and an elephant and we were talking about that because we were talking about how to talk about the topic we wanted to talk about today which is ORMUS and we have been talking about Nano minerals and electrons and stuff that is effecting our health at an almost quantum level if you want to put it that way and ORMUS is an amazing topic and interesting subject but it is a tough thing to describe so we thought we would start off telling you about the blind men and the elephant.

Martin: Right I would like to preamble it with the topic of ORMUS it has been in human experience since ancient times we have records that the Egyptians have worked with it, the pharaohs and all of that, it was the powder of materialization and we have an article on the ORMUS education pages that describes Star Fire: Gold of the Gods which is an article written by a fellow from the UK, Sir not just an ordinary fellow Sir Lawrence Gardner he is an official historian and worked with the nobility in England, I don’t know his entire credentials but he has done a lot of research into the origins of the human race and he calls this alchemical substance star fire and he talks about all kinds of stuff in his writings. He talks about how the Egyptians were already aware of it and how they were playing with it and how they used it as a form of transfiguration and the wisdom, the illumination and the ascension and spirituality and so on. So this item existed for a long time, in medieval alchemy and was known as the philosopher stone and in modern times it has just degraded into Nano minerals but there are modern day alchemists large in numbers who are talking about ORMUS.

Scott: You are hearing about it here folks.

Martin: Well we can’t ignore it, it is part of our reality but it is a reality that is hard to describe some people talk about colloids some people talk about electrons or subatomic particles you know some people I have discussed this with believe the ORMUS elements are smaller than atomic and I would like to give you a visualization. If you visualize the solar system it has the nucleus which is the sun and then it has planets which are in the orbital’s outside of there and that is very much the model used to describe the atoms so if you were to describe something like an atom of gold you would have a cluster of protons and neutrons in the center and then you would have in the outer layers orbital’s the electrons and you can visualize the solar system as having a huge amount of space in between these things. There is room for all kinds of cosmic dust and little asteroids and comets and other things just flying around without much trouble except now and then something collides with something else. Well similarly the metaphor for the ormus was much like the asteroids within the atomic structures so it could be inside of oxygen or maybe inside of carbon or something that these particles are not readily detectable exist as the atomic debris so that is one language people have used to describe it. Another language they have used is calling it colloids and a colloid by definition is something that has multiple atoms, several atoms in size well a colloid is actually more complex it is anything that is a suspension in water such as milk or blood or liquids of that sort those are typical colloids. But you could have metallic colloids like bits of silver and bits of gold suspended in water as long as the particles are small enough that the molecules of water can bump it around and keep it in suspension then it is a true colloid. Going forward these guys who are making these statements they don’t even have the tools to justify these statements. There really isn’t an electron microscope that has the resolution of the electrodes bumping into stuff and describing to you what they are seeing. I mean electrons are bigger than photons so people who are making statements about what this stuff really is or how it really behaves are doing that which we talked about when we brought up the story of how many blind men and an elephant?

Scott: Well it depends who you talk to but it ranges from three to six.

Martin: Right I have gone to Wikipedia to look it up and they talk about the original Jain story of six blind men but there are others that have written it shorter probably for brevity because we don’t need to really go into a great lot of detail about it. The point of that exercise is that if you lead blind men into a room with an elephant and let them explore the elephant they will have their experience with it and they will talk about it and try and tell you what it is all about. I guess do you want to summarize it a bit? Should I babble? I guess I will continue you know one blind man runs into the side of the elephant and experiences it as a big solid object as a wall and another one crawls around the bottom and finds the big feet and believes this thing is a whole lot like tree trunks more than one perhaps and another one is somewhere at the back end of the elephant and believes that is somewhat like a rope because he encountered the tail and another one who is at the front believes that thing is like a snake because he encountered the trunk and yet another one tells how it behaves like solid pipes because he ran into the tusks.

Scott: So each of them got to see a different part of the elephant, they didn’t get to see the whole thing and they came away with a very strong opinion on what an elephant was which was different from what everyone else thought.

Martin: Right if you talked to the first one you he would say it was a huge thing sort of like a wall.

Scott: Or it is like a tree trunk or a snake or a sharp object.

Martin: So here we are listening to these blind men describing ORMUSto us and one says it is like colloids and one says it is like sub atomic particles and another will say it is like photons except they are not moving and then there are these allegorical stories from the Egyptian times from the biblical times.

Scott: Right and then you have the quantum physicist who says maybe it is a particle and maybe it is a wave.

Martin: Yes at that level it actually goes in and out that when it is not moving it is a particle and when it is moving it is a wave or something like that and at our level at our size as human beings living a life in a human body these things are so tiny that we can only experience these things in food or drinks so to me ORMUS is only useful in making my food more healthy or my garden grow better or prevent illness in humanity and that it can.

Scott: My next question is how do you get ORMUS?

Martin: That is a fantastic question; I believe that it is richly present throughout nature in a fairly low concentration. I believe it comes up from the low surface in volcanic activity so it is very possible that the core of planet earth isn’t all iron or molten metals but it could actually be molten ORMUS. After all no one has actually been down there we have drilled back as far as three or four miles into the lithosphere but there have been no visitors down into the molten core at all that I know of. So what we do know is that volcanic soils contain a lot of it and we have plants that grow in these volcanic soils that produce better and healthier produce and it is healthy and great to consume. I further assume that these billions of years of further erosion have been wearing down the rocks that come up from below that all of this stuff ends up floating down rivers into the oceans so there is a whole lot of it in the ocean water and so I think I talked about this earlier is where I believe corals and pearls and other gastropods, molluscs and those type of creatures are concentrating the ORMUS in their shells. That is why there is such great health benefits from consuming coral calcium or lately there is a new product coming to the market called Pearlcium which is essentially the mother of pearly turned into a consumable protein.

Scott: Wow I hadn’t heard about that.

Martin: Yeah there is a fairly young network marketing company called Pearlcium that is coming in and I contemplated offering that product to our audience but gosh so many networking companies I just can’t handle all of that.

Scott: Right we have to remain focused that is for sure.

Martin: So there we have the presence of ORMUS throughout nature it is possible that when you are walking on a beach and all that stuff you are walking on that appears to be just ordinary silica or quartz crystal it actually be white powder of gold. It could actually be the glassy white gold but you wouldn’t know it because it is chemically inert and it doesn’t react to anything so there are these wonderful product out there on the market like Sea crop that you can get and put on your garden and make it grow like it is the Garden of Eden. Like I have seen pictures of walnuts the size of baseballs and oranges the size of melons grown on trees that have been fed ORMUS for several years.

Scott: Have you ever heard the place in Scotland I think it is called FangHorn?

Martin: Findhorn yes.

Scott: They talk there about just amazing fruits and vegetables that come out of their gardens and I am wondering if that is the result of ORMUS in that particular area.

Martin: Well they are not talking about it but they are practicing bio dynamic farming and they are a very spiritual community and they talk to their plants and they practice energetics that allow them to produce just phenomenal produce. It would be nice if our corporate agri-business would learn something from that example that we don’t need larger areas planted that have been dusted with MPK fertilizers and refined and mined somewhere and we don’t need herbicides and pesticides we just need to talk to the plants and to the pests and have a conversation and maybe just share the space with them.

Scott: Right well it is all part of one eco system right.

Martin: Yes it is I think there are essentially two thoughts or two thought forms that co-existing on the planet and one would have us be a part of the environment and the other which would have us be separate from the environment and currently the technological world is that which is separate and if you are separate you can rape it, explore it, exploit it, rape and pillage it and plunder it because it is separate from you or you are separate from it, whereas the Native cultures the Hunter Gatherer Stone Age kind of thinking and saw us as being one. Being one with the environment, I recall a Native elder once saying we must tread very lightly on the Earth because we are stepping on the faces of our grandchildren who are coming through the ground looking at us. I just see the poetry of it because when you are walking and interacting with nature, you must remember that whatever you are going to do is going to be felt by several generations after.

Scott: That is a very wise and profound thought Martin.

Martin: Oh very much so and it saddens me greatly and I find it very difficult to co-exist with people who don’t consider their moves and their existence and you know they would call me some sort of green freak or tree huger or something like that but you know we all are living in the same aquarium. I think we used that metaphor a little earlier is that if you are a fish living in an aquarium you are going to take the food from the water into which you are going to be pooping in so the environment itself can become poisonous and will if you are misbehaving and indeed we can see the effects all around us and I think a lot of wrongheaded theories have been put forward but one of the biggest concerns I have is the population expansion the number of people on the planet is growing so fast that it is sort of like a virus or a fungus that is taking over the organism you know it is possible that humanity itself is like cancer on the body of the planet.

Scott: Yeah it definitely seems like it is out of control.

Martin: It is really a concern for me so I would like to advocate practicing a small footprint lifestyle especially when it comes to the environment and co-existing with other species. I think the statement that we have been put on the planet to be in charge of everything is terribly arrogant.

Scott: And if it is a true statement we are doing a terrible job so if we are in charge those poor bears and tigers and all those species of plants and animals that are going extinct could you imagine if you had a store and all your customer count went down every day and what your boss would end up saying to you. What are you doing with all our customers well we are killing them.

Martin: Yeah we don’t need those.

Scott: There goes the honey bees and the dodos and a couple of elephants and there goes a species of panda bear and a couple more fish species are gone and plants you know there are only three species of carrots left but we are alright there is still stuff for us to sell.

Martin: There is a wonderful book that is written by Daniel Quinn, Ishmael. it is a story that is told by a gorilla who figured out how to telepathically communicate with people and he cannot speak because gorillas cannot speak human language but this gorilla learned to communicate and picks this protagonist of the story and tells him about this culture and he calls it takers on the one side and givers on the other and the givers contribute to the fabric of life and takers well they take away and don’t contribute and he describes the conflict and I would recommend to all of our listeners to pick that book up because it is a wonderful source of food for thought.

Scott: Sounds like a fascinating story and one we all need to hear.

Martin: Yes I would recommend it, it gives one pause about the sort of behavior that we engage in as we interact with one another and with our planet and with the resources that we come into contact with. So here comes ORMUS, richly present on the planet and where ever there is more of it plants are healthier and if we consume these plants they make us healthier in turn.

Scott: So we are all connected.

Martin: Especially through ORMUS.

Scott: Wonderful so Martin I think we have come to the end of this particular episode so if someone wanted to get more into ORMUS of course they could go to the Life Enthusiast co-op website at www.life-enthusiast.com and look it under the health education and under minerals ORMUS but is there anything in particular product that you’ve got that you would recommend to someone really interested in trying some of what this ORMUS can do on an individual basis.

Martin: I find it very difficult to pick any favorites we represent several makers, alchemist so just click on the, I mean select product and click on minerals and click on ORMUS, and pick the one that you feel attracted to. Let your intuition guide you to that we have put a coupon into the system and the coupon code is ORM77 and with that you get a ten percent discount on any one of these, go ahead and pick one personally I would take The Gift which is well we have talked about it in the past but there are others I am currently testing one of the ORMUS oils called Tranquility and I am very pleased with that.

Scott: You have been incredible tranquil this whole hour.

Martin: Oh yes I have and well I tell you this one there is one called Cold fire and I have a great report back from one of our customers who has had outbreaks of genital herpes and putting cold fire on it has been soothing it very nicely thank you very much. You know side bar ORMUS is the substance that heals everything. Remember it is the most healthful thing that you can put in your body because it is the interface between the consciousness and the physicality it is that which connects your higher self you know the driver to the computer. You know the body that I am occupying and moving around is like a vehicle right, it is like a robot really that somebody is wearing I mean who is moving this arm that is scratching the forehead, who decided that it was time to scratch it and who decided that I am supposed to share all of this knowledge with humanity I mean who was that?

Scott: That is a very deep question.

Martin: Right and to me the interface between the person or the entity that decides that the bigger picture and this wet-ware that I am wearing as a suit moving around and flapping it’s lips and making these sounds and I believe the interface is the ORMUS and the more of this interface material that I have I become clearer and louder and more effective this transmission. In fact I would even speculate that when I have lots of ORMUS on board my power of creation improves that I can actually speak into existence or birth into existence, into reality things or events more effectively when my body is well fed by ORMUS and that is an enormous concept.

Scott: Huge, well everybody you have been listening to the Life Enthusiast’s online radio network restoring vitality to you, the planet, the sun, the solar system and our higher selves and Martin do you have any last words of wisdom before we sign off?

Martin: If you think that I am full of it call me tell it to me in my face I am at 1-866-543-3388 and I am waiting for your call.

Scott: And if you agree with him you can call too right?

Martin: Well sure I like a bit of conflict but call anyway and praise me; I crave your praise so call me and tell me that you are listening to this. I have never heard enough of that.

Scott: And if you want to listen to previous podcasts episodes you can head over to LifeEnthusiast.podomatic.com or on the Life Enthusiast website there is a little tab that says podcast and it will take you right there and we have over a hundred and nine or a hundred and ten now up there full of amazing information, secret information that we are trying to make not so secret and for your education and enjoyment.

Martin: Okay well get your ORMUS thank you for listening folks.

Scott: See you next time.

Author: Martin Pytela