Today’s Podcast starts with Scott telling a story about his Zeolite supplementation (detoxification) program, and his son’s 50 pound weight loss. Martin begins with the story of selling his rebounder to someone who needed it more than him, so he went months without one. The common thread in both stories is that simplicity is one of the keys to health.

The discussion continues on about an exciting new product called Topically Everything. It’s designed for people who have suffered from serious health conditions including bursitis, rheumatism, diabetes and other magnesium deficiency conditions. It magically restores health and vitality almost instantly. This is no joke: results are often instant once the product is applied to the skin.

Herbal remedies are seldom applied at the cellular level, but this is how Topically Everything works. Because the product is applied to the skin instead of orally ingested, it is able to reach the cells much quicker than expected.

Topically Everything really is the ideal supplement because you don’t need to swallow it. It delivers magnesium to your cells directly through the skin with a special formula containing over 300 individual applications, providing vitamins, minerals, & amino acids, extracted from alfalfa and kelp – two of the major ingredients that allow your cells to be rejuvenated in ways you never thought possible.

Author: Martin Pytela