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Podcast 319: Digestion Sessions: Free Lectures This Week

Are you one of the sixty-percent of Americans afflicted with at least one symptom of digestive dysfunction?

Take your pick: gas, bloating, heartburn, abdominal pain, candida, constipation, diarrhea the statistics say that more than likely you are experiencing one or more of them, right now, at this very moment.

Living with digestive problems has become the new normal. Typically, they begin as minor complaints a little indigestion here and there, the occasional tummy ache or bout of heartburn.

Watch the Digestion Sessions free lectures.

Sooner or later, what was once a minor annoyance becomes something that can literally take over your life. This usually happens for two reasons embarrassment and ignorance.

Let me explain. Who likes to talk about their digestive problems? What happens in the bathroom is a private matter, right? So you keep it to yourself and hope it goes away. But it doesn’t.

And that’s when you find yourself in the doctors office, finally revealing every detail of what youve been going through for months, maybe years.

At some point during this cathartic act of courage you realize that youve used up all of the 12 minutes of your allotted appointment time and suddenly find yourself in the pharmacy with a prescription for a drug that comes with two pages of side effects.

No exam. No testing. No investigation whatsoever into what may be causing your symptoms. Just a guess, and a pill.

What now?

THAT is the very question hundreds of millions of people worldwide are asking about their digestive problems.

Today, we come with some answers. Current medical practice has fallen 10+ years behind the latest research. Decades will pass before your doctor recommends what most recent research is discovering.

Chances are, your doc is unaware of the growing number of research studies demonstrating these alarming findings:

  • The toxicity of persistent constipation may cause common, everyday symptoms like fatigue, attention deficit, and brain fog.
  • Autoimmune conditions like Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, rheumatoid arthritis, and multiple sclerosis are almost always rooted in digestive dysfunction.
  • The inflammation from gut dysfunction can spread throughout the body, causing inflammation in the brain, joints, and other important organs.

By the way, inflammation in the gut may also shut down your body’s ability to burn fat. Not good.

Most doctors are either unaware of this information and are too busy to learn. Meanwhile, people like you are paying the price in unnecessary suffering and medical bills.

You can put a stop to it. Now.

Sean Croxton of Underground Wellness a real life health crusader put together a FREE online event called The Digestion Sessions, featuring 25 on-camera expert interviews and gut-healing cooking classes on all things digestion so you can get the answers youve been looking for. Without the 17-year wait.

Heres a sneak peak

  • Dr. Daniel Kalish reveals the hidden stomach infection that causes heartburn and reflux 50% of us have it but don’t know it!
  • Christa Orecchio outlines a step-by-step program that kicks candida for good.
  • Dr. Shawn Soszka discloses how digestive problems can cause depression, anxiety, and other mood disorders.
  • Dr. Michael Ruscio details a stepwise approach to solving diarrhea.
  • Drs. Jillian Teta and Tom O’Bryan show you how to use food to cut the inflammation and heal your gut.
  • Sayer Ji breaks down what the research REALLY says about gluten sensitivity.

And there is a lot more!

Click this link to get the scoop on this FREE online event kicking off this weekend and watch the incredible video trailer. It’ll give you chills!
Get INSTANT ACCESS to the free Digestion Sessions Quick Tips video series including:

  • Dr. Tetas 3 Best Tips for Beating Constipation with Dr. Jillian Teta
  • 3 Critical Lab Tests Your Doctor (Probably) Isnt Running with Christa Orecchio
  • How to Save Your Gallbladder, And What to Do If Its Been Removed! with Dr. Alan Christianson

It is on until November 23. Do not miss it. New sessions every couple of days!

If you know anyone with digestive problems, please share it. They’ll thank you for it!

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