Pain Relief Drugs Don’t Heal – They Harm

The mainstream solution to chronic pain is a pain-killer, NOT a solution. It just blocks the signals until they no longer can be blocked, at the price of wrecking your liver and kidneys.

Do you know anybody who has suffered from chronic pain? Sore back? Sports injury that just wont get better? Arthritis or joint pain? Loss of mobility? Is it possible that you know someone like that really well?

It would be exceptional if you did not. Most likely you are intimately familiar with such a pain yourself. Pain caused by chronic inflammation can be cleared not by painkillers that suppress the symptoms, but with the help of immune system supporting supplements that allow you to recover your mobility, quickly and permanently. Dr. Barry Sears, President of the Inflammation Research Foundation and the most recognized spokesperson and advocate for Omega-3 long chain fatty acids, advocates that we supplement with quality omega-3 nutrients. These include coconut, fish, flax, borage and hemp oils.

Sub-clinical Inflammation

The root cause of many of the major chronic diseases is inflammation and there are many nutraceuticals that can play a role in curbing this risk factor. Classical inflammation differs from its silent sub-clinical counterpart. Inflammation serves as a signal to announce an imminent problem caused by toxic foods, microbial attack, or injury. Sub-clinical inflammation festers at the cellular level in a person with a stressed immune system. We usually continue undermining our immune system until we no longer can the inflammation becomes clinical when cumulative effects reach the internal threshold of resistance.

The silent sub-clinical inflammation sustained over years results in degenerative disease conditions that include arthritis, heart disease, and cancer. You will have no perception of pain while the damage is taking place at a deep cellular level. And yet, this inflammation is slowly causing a significant injury within. The pharmaceutical industry has made very little progress in the search for effective anti-inflammatory medications since the beginning of modern medicine. And yet More people die each day using the correct dosage of anti-inflammatory drugs than die from AIDS.

Eicosanoids are a group of hormones derived from long-chain essential fatty acids (omega-3). Drugs may temporarily block the signals from your acute inflammation but they are also inhibiting the eicosanoids, which are natural anti-inflammatories. Anti-inflammatory chemical drugs only impede our natural healing processes. There are two effective ways to target and eradicate pain and silent inflammation.

Products rich in long-chain omega 3 fatty acids, DHA and DPA is the bright shining light in this dark corner.

The other way involves Anti-inflammatory supplements that correct damage at the root of the inflammatory process. For help with inflammation, pain relief and post-trauma (injury, operation) rehabilitation. Unlike the now banned COX-2 inhibitors, our supplements do not just eliminate symptoms, they can heal the problem at its cause and provide significant pain relief.

As a nation, we spend more money per capita on healthcare than any other nation on the planet, with very disappointing results. The ever increasing obesity rate is reaching a crisis point and is already straining the medical system beyond its ability to provide meaningful service. The American diet rich in processed foods and rancid fats is the number one contributing factor towards inflammation. Change in eating habits eliminating processed foods and adding effective supplementation is critical to stop and reverse the cellular damage. The path out of this crisis includes diet modifications and use of effective supplementation.

Author: Life Enthusiast Staff