Pancreatic Cancer

Karl wrote: My wife has pancreas cancer that has spread to the lungs, back and legs. She can still eat a little.

Dear Karl,

I’m sorry that your wife is so ill with cancer. Bruce pointed out the importance of a healing diet. Foods are powerful – some can damage; others can heal. One of the fast-acting and easy protocols that has a long track record (50 years) of healing very ill cancer patients is a plan created by a nobel prize nominated scientist, Dr. Johanna Budwig. The diet involves consuming flaxseed oil, which has healing omega 3 oil that our cells need to function correctly and yet omega 3 oil is not a part of most regular diets.

The flaxseed oil is blended thoroughly with quark or cottage cheese and freshly ground flaxseeds are added along with fresh fruits at breakfast or raw vegetables at lunch. The cottage cheese is a sulfur protein and helps to make the oil more easily usable to the body’s cells. Along with this, one follows a healthy diet of fresh natural foods and juices and eliminates damaging foods such as those with preservatives, dyes and chemicals, trans-fats and others.

Below is a testimonial from the Flaxseed Oil 2 Yahoo Health Group where people who are now on the diet discuss how they are doing. If you would like to join the group, here is the link: Also, if you would like an outline of the diet, let me know and I will send it to your email address. There is nothing to buy except the healthy food. No supplements are needed or recommended with this diet.

The Budwig Protocol has healed people who were told they would not live much longer. Also, because your wife has trouble with eating, the flaxseed oil/cottage cheese mixture with fruit can be made into a smoothie that she could drink. This protocol can heal many types of cancer as well as heart disease, diabetes, arthritis and others. Here is one testimonial. There are many others in the files of the FlaxseedOil2 group:

Pancreatic Cancer

A testimonial written by Nan: … my husband had a very large, and metestacized pancreatic cancer, in 1993. He took many things in the alternative field, but NOTHING IN the medical field, (unless you want to consider his 3 weeks of IV treatments of Laetrile) He also took FO/CC [Flaxseed Oil & Cottage Cheese] 3 times a day.

To his surgeon’s astonishment, he was well in 5 months after surgery. The surgeon had told us that he would die and that he might live 3 to 6 months – 3 being most likely.

He had gotten ill at the end of December, 1993 and was in and out of the hospital until May 25, he had exploratory surgery and got the grim reports I explain above. But after we got home and got him on the juicing, he just began getting better. I was making fresh vegetable juice and giving him 12 ounces about every 2 hours. And we followed the [Budwig] diet exactly – no meat, absolutely no pork, no sugar, no processed foods of any kind, etc. and he just kept getting better.

Finally in November 1994, I wrote to the surgeon and ask him if he would schedule a CT scan for when we had an appointment on December 5, 1994. He did that and when he came to give us the report, he was just shaking his head. He said “I don’t know what to tell you folks, but there is no cancer in there. I even had the radiologist come back and study that with me and we can see nothing abnormal in there of any kind.”

My husband was 54 the year he got sick. He is still well and still with me today.

Karl, I hope you find this helpful.

Sandra Olson

Author: Life Enthusiast