Drug Reactions and Death

This document questions the motives of the coming “clampdown” on vitamins and minerals. Please pass far and wide. The world trade organization’s “harmonization” simply means a transfer of control to global national corporations and banking empires. Adverse drug events (ADE) are estimated to injure or kill more than 770,000 patients in hospitals annually,


Comparative Causes of Death Annual Average in the USA,

Adverse Drug Reactions100,000 to 140,000
Automobile Accidents39,325
Food Contamination9,100
Boating Accidents2,064
Household Cleaners74
Pesticide Poisoning12
All Vitamins0
Amino acids0
Herbal Products0

Yet, Governments Want to Set ‘Tolerable Upper Limits’ on vitamins, and Europe is Banning Hundreds of Vitamin and Herbal Products?!

Sources Data as of 1995 from American Association of Poison Control Centers, National Center for Health Statistics, Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), Centers for Disease Control (CDC), March of Dimes, Consumer Product Safety Commission, FDA Reports.

Before Ephedra scare; recent problems attributed to synthetic Ephedra and are not proven.

Author: Life Enthusiast