What is Pleomorphism

Why Does ‘Modern’ Medicine Not Know These Things?

God knows… Eclectic Medicine is Synthesis of Options

The collective knowledge that comes from these medical traditions makes freedom of choice attainable.

We were all taught pharmaceutical medicine. After ‘practicing’ such medicine for 30 years I KNOW it is dangerous (side effects) and that basically it does not work. Prescription drugs treat the symptoms of chronic disease, not the causes. Drugs do not cure high blood pressure, arthritis, cancer…all of them. They may control the symptoms of such diseases but no one is cured. You can cut out or radiate a cancerous tumor but the cause still remains.

Yet, the causes of such diseases and ways to eliminate these causes have been known for more than 150 years from the work of Enderlein et. al. on pleomorphism.

Why Does ‘Modern’ Science Not Know This?

Ignorance is Knowledge divided.

Medicine for one is many branches of specialized ignorance that when practiced alone do not work. Used together they do.

The Knowledge of Health has been divided into many ‘specialties’. At this time there are basically two, each competing for their share of the market. These are:

  • Modern allopathic – prescription drugs and so-called – alternative medicine; isopathic medicine, naturopathy, holistic medicine et al.
  • Alternative medicine, as sold in industrialized countries, is not much different from modern allopathic – prescription drugs or herbal drugs applied to symptoms instead of causes.

To take an herb for a migraine headache is not different in principle from taking an aspirin; you are treating a symptom, not dealing with the cause. Neither has cured anything. For a cure to take place the cause must be addressed. You use the best of all forms of medicine together, in a sequential and logical manner, individualized for every patient.

You treat the whole body by first dealing with:

  • ACID/BASE/pH imbalance which almost always is metabolic acidosis (needs adequate water, exercise, dietary balance, mineral balance)
  • OXIDATION/REDUCTION STATUS (how rusty you are/antioxidants) See Metabolic Typing for more info.
  • TOXIC METAL RESIDUES (avoidance of pesticides, prescription drugs, elimination of mercury, chelation).
  • MICROORGANISMS (Virtually all chronic diseases seem to be ’caused’ or contributed to by a chronic infection.) Bechamp, Enderlein, Gaston Naessens et al have described these ‘infections’.

Pleomorphism is the key as to the understanding where these ‘infections’ come from and where they go when ‘cured’.

Microorganisms tend to set up their housekeeping in the compartments of the body which are the most acid, the most oxidized and the most polluted with toxic metals.

This is rotting pure and simple, from the inside out. You don’t ‘catch’ these germs. Enderlein was right, Pasteur was wrong.

Of course these compartments have reduced blood supply so they need more oxygen (exercise, deep breathing) and nutrients (nutrition).

These compartments are fortresses in the body where the body’s own immune cells are also incapacitated so anaerobic bacteria, (germs that grow without oxygen) viruses and fungi multiply and thrive in an undisturbed way. They just ‘change form’ is all, which is what pleomorphism is.

There has been very sophisticated isopathic medicine for this available in Europe and many other countries for almost 150 years. These medicines derive from the work of Enderlein. This is not alternative medicine. Prescription drugs are alternative, there as a last resort.

Isopathic medicine is just recently available in this country.

Very few alternative health care professionals even, have ever heard of these things. Allopathic doctors certainly have not.

The microorganisms being found in the Chronic Degenerative Diseases are PLEOMORPHIC in nature. They change (Pleo) form (morph). If the condition worsens, viruses change into bacteria which can change into the fungi that consume the corpse. This is pleomorphism.


As our bodies become acid, oxidized, toxic and therefore old, “tiny white dots” or the Protits indicated by the arrow below, change (Pleo-), form (morph). This is called pleomorphism.

They change first into:

  • viruses which can change into
  • bacteria which can change into
  • fungi.

The Protits of Enderlein enlarge with acid pH, they join together forming rods and cocci. Acid Base, Metabolic Acidosis, pleomorphism and Enderlein complete the microbiology we all learned.

The small white dots the arrow is pointing to are the Protits.
The large empty circles are red blood cells.
The Protits of Enderlein enlarge with acid pH, they join together forming rods and cocci.


Isopathic medicines consist of protits. These are derived from the original cell cultures of Enderlein derived using the principles of pleomorphism.

These microorganisms (viruses, bacteria and then fungi), come out of the blood to clean up the garbage in our bodies; dead cells, toxins and the like. This is why modern science is finding such microorganisms in the diseased tissues of all chronic diseases, finally.

Pleomorphism = change. Acid base or correction of metabolic acidosis and the Isopathic medicines of Enderlein causes these bacterial forms to revert back to the protits they came from. This is pleomorphism.
The small dots again are the Protits, the large white rings, red blood cells.
Protits have joined end to end to form the long, bacterial rods in the middle of the slides.
Modern Biology claims this is not so, even though it is there for anyone to see, pleomorphism.

All microorganisms, all living cells, all living things … come from these ‘little dots’ and, all living things turn back into these ‘little dots’, when they die. These ‘little dots’ themselves, never die. They are immortal. This is pleomorphism.

These ‘tiny dots’ are called Protits in German and Somatides in French. There isn’t even a name for them or pleomorphism (as we use the word) in the English medical literature. Isn’t that strange?

The germs are not the problem, the conditions they grew up in is, the internal milieu, the cellular terrain. Do you treat the problem or the result? Pleomorphism is the answer.

Concerning protits and somatids: these are Enderlein’s and Naessens’ names for what Reich called bions and Bechamp named microzymas, i.e. vesicles around 1 micron in diameter and without a nucleus. They visibly radiate when viewed in the microscope, some more than others, and it is equally meaningful to view them as energy units and as organic building blocks.

All chronic degenerative disease begins as a relatively acid condition in the body’s place of least resistance.

ACID/BASE BALANCE or treatment of Metabolic Acidosis

To treat the cause of the above is to treat this internal milieu, the internal environment in which these degenerative processes happen. This environment is the ocean that surrounds each and every cell.

The main way this environment becomes acid is from the over-consumption of protein. High protein, fast food diets have killed off civilizations before our own. Protein is necessary but all a well-trained athlete needs, can use as food, is 40 grams of protein a day. The average American diet contains up to 200 grams a day!

The body converts excess (beyond the 40 grams we can use) protein into nitric, sulfuric and phosphoric acids, all strong acids like the battery acid in your car. The kidneys excrete this acid as they can but an imbalance develops as every time an acid molecule is excreted a basic-mineral has to be excreted right along with it. Sodium, potassium, magnesium (the main basic minerals) and all the rest become depleted, a relative base deficiency develops. This is the same as being acid.

Cancer cells, as do bacterial and fungal forms, make their own acids in order to sustain themselves. Cancer is the most acid of all diseases. This is pleomorphism.


To see how acid one is, you simply Test the pH of the Urine and Saliva. The pH levels of urine and saliva show how demineralized we are. This shows how degenerated or old our bodies are.

Address your pH Balance

In the long run, the only way to replace these lost minerals is to eat more fruits and vegetables grown on richly mineralized soils and less acid producing food. Fruits and vegetables contain the minerals we need, in an organic natural form.

You begin healing with correction of metabolic acidosis which is the re-creation of acid-base balance and resulting re-mineralization of the body. This is the foundation, the skeleton of our physical being. The minerals are the bases (basis) of our bodies and because these mineral/bases are leached out of us (osteoporosis), by the acid type of lives we lead, mineral/acid-base balance needs to be addressed first in any healing program.

When the acid-base balance of the body becomes right, the metabolic acidosis cured in the real sense of the word, everything clicks back online, so to speak, and you remember what it feels like to feel good. Once it clicks back online, it stays that way. If you continue to behave your self but even less than more now, you will be able to eat more of things you shouldn’t have when you were healing the metabolic acidosis. Acid reflux disease disappears.

Pleomorphism explains where the microorganisms that modern science is finding in all chronic diseases, go when the patient is ‘cured’. Naturally, pleomorphism explains where they came from in the first place.

Address the state of oxidation of the body

The BTA Machine (Bio-Terrain Assessment) measures and plots the pH, osmolarity and oxidation-reduction potential of blood, urine and saliva. This gives a very accurate assessment of how oxidized the body is and what to do about it. This is not an uncommon piece of equipment in use by Holistic Practitioners today.

Short of this, take a good antioxidant supplement routinely. In today’s world, this is a good thing to do for everyone. In the importance of things to do to stay healthy, this would follow only the eating of a good diet, exercise, drinking adequate quantities of good water and deacidification in importance.

Take extra Essential Fatty Acids, flax seed oil or mixed essential fatty acids.

Address the Heavy Metal Contamination of the body

Amalgam or silver/mercury fillings should be removed and replaced with a composite material. There is so much evidence to support this fact now, it is silly not to begin this. This takes time and money, so beginning the process is the issue. It doesn’t all need to be done at once.

Eat Organic Foods as much as possible. The Pesticides used on plants kill the insects they are directed against mostly because of the heavy metals they contain.

These metals are poisonous to all living things and accumulate as described above, in rather specific areas of the body. These areas again, foster the growth of microorganisms-bacteria, virus, and fungi. What form the organism is in when it is observed, is explained by pleomorphism.

EAV can be used to discover these areas of accumulation and unless such areas are neutralized someway (Neural Therapy, drainage remedies, chiropractic, acupuncture, massage… et al), treatment with anything (any form of medicine), is frequently blocked.

Treat the detrimental microorganisms of the body with Pleomorphic Medicine. It has just been in the last few years that these medicines have become available in this country. Acid reflux disease and stomach ulcers are treated, along with the above, with Fortakehl (see below).

There are only three basic types of pleomorphic medicine (isopathic medicine) which correspond to the three body types of Ayur Vedic Medicine. These are:

Mucokehl This medicine is for the heavier, slower body type that tends to get diseases involving anything flowing in the body, e.g. high blood pressure, heart attacks, strokes, glaucoma (fluid in the eye), hemorrhoids, etc.

Notakehl This is natural penicillin that lives in our blood. The medicine, Notakehl, is the protit that would turn into the penicillin mold if it were allowed to grow out that far. It is used to treat organisms such as staphylococcus, streptococcus, and others, all of which are contained in the pleomorphic cycle of organisms that come from the penicillium protit and end with the fungus/mold Penicillium notatum.

Nigersan This is the protit that would turn into the mold Aspergillus niger, if allowed to grow, degenerate, that far. On the way from protit to mold lay organisms of the Tubercular Constitution. People of this type have speedy, skinny bodies and tend to get musculoskeletal complaints. There are also many para tubercular diseases which include such diverse entities as hyperthyroidism, asthma and other chronic lung conditions and many others.

The above addresses today’s ‘common denominators’ of healing.

It addresses the essential, generic conditions found in all chronic disease, metabolic acidosis, acid reflux disease, acid-base imbalance and pleomorphism being the ’cause’ of the ‘germs’ of chronic disease. (You don’t catch these germs).

There is a plan to all this, an order. This is what a science is, an organized body of knowledge that makes sense. You don’t do it all at once. You don’t pop a bunch of currently popular and expensive vitamins or herbs either. This is how they practiced medicine in the hospitals, in the old days before antibiotics (it wasn’t so polluted then is about the only difference). It wasn’t alternative.

The above are the basics that you deal with first as described (before you have to go the the hospital). The basics, common denominators of present day disease (acid/base imbalance which again usually is a ‘latent’ metabolic acidosis (see below), oxidation/reduction now called Metabolic Typing, pleomorphic changes of microorganisms in the blood, heavy metal contamination… et al). The heavy metals, well you make an appointment with a dentist, a Biological Dentist, if you can find one.

When the above ‘common denominators’ have been dealt with, begun, then, you continue with other therapies, if you have to.

This is not alternative medicine. Correction of metabolic acidosis which is acid-base balance, Isopathic medicine, homeopathic medicine and whatever else is necessary, should be done before prescription drugs, surgery or chemotherapy or radiation are – “all there is left to do” (medicine’s most pontific, cop-out).

You continue by tonifying and rebuilding the kidneys, by any of the many ways there are to do this. Find herbs around your house, dandelions grow everywhere. You rebuild the liver; yellow dock… Then, the intestinal tract. Like a garden, the intestinal tract needs to be cultivated to assure the growth of the right kinds of bacteria. You eliminate food allergies. You deal with carbohydrate/sugar problems. You oxygenate the tissues, exercise, deep breathing and the like. You begin to eliminate toxins by not consuming them, by eating organic food. Fasting is the cheapest and most efficient way of detoxifying. You strengthen the endocrine system and immune system if necessary.

Then, you deal with the particular organ system that ended up being the diseased one, the result.

This is when you resort to surgery, prescription drugs and so on.

These are the last resorts, not the first things you do.
Thank God for sure for these procedures, when they are needed.

This is Eclectic Medicine = All forms of medicine are used, the best of each most appropriate form for each individual patient.
Three basic designs take care of many illnesses. It begins with causes that affect the whole body, and ends with the result, in the specific part of the body. Pleomorphism is your answer. It is WHOLE-ISTIC.

Topics you need to understand include:

  • Pleomorphism and Acid-Base Balance
  • BTA or Bioterrain Assessment

This quantifies the degree of oxidation of the body along with pH and osmolarity of urine, saliva and blood.

  • Metabolic Typing
  • Vibrational Medicine EAV or Electro Acupuncture According to Voll

EAV is the most objective of vibrational techniques. It maps the Chinese acupuncture/meridian system electronically.

  • Homotoxicology

Diseases in this view are expressions of the battle of the organism against toxins, in its attempt to counteract and expel them. It makes order out of Homeopathy.

  • Live Cell Therapy
  • Neural Therapy
  • Ayurvedic Medicine
Author: Denis Myers