Podcast 002: ORMUS Nano-minerals

Although Tamahi Calcium is no longer available, we have many other ORMUS supplements to suit your needs.

ORMUS nano-minerals are smaller than atoms. They are subatomic in size and are not detectable by standard analysis.

Since 1996, Martin has been experimenting and experiencing the effects of ORMUS, such as better functioning of the whole body, elimination of allergies, aches & pains, clear thinking and enhanced spiritual practice too.

Podcast 002: ORMUS Nano-minerals

Scott: Welcome back everybody this is your co-host Scott Patton and along with Martin Pytela of Life Enthusiast and this is the Life Enthusiast Podcast restoring vitality to you and the planet and today we’re going to be talking about nano minerals. How are you today Martin.

Martin: I’m great Scott, thanks for asking.

Recently I was invited to talk at the ORMUS monthly call. This morning the coordinator who happens to live in Australia called me up, says Martin, “we’d like to have you as a guest speaker at our monthly call. Many people from North America, Europe, Australia and Asia will be on the call.

I was thinking, what do I have to offer?

ORMUS, manna, whitegold, nano minerals are names people have used to describe it. They are trying to describe material that defies known rules. David Hudson (you can read about him on our website) spent a lot of time and money investigating it, and spawned a movement and a community that is growing every year.

Nano minerals in this sense means particles smaller than atomic, sub atomic minerals, There’s a whole class of minerals that belong here: trans platinum metals including gold, rhodium, iridium, ruthenium, osmium and palladium that can exist in a form that is non-metallic and crystalline. It is not detectable by a standard chemical analysis, inert, superconductive, and many other exotic or unusual adjectives.

A good analogy to describe the elements would be that of carbon. It can exist as charcoal, and as diamonds, looking and behaving very differently, yet they both are pure carbon. In a similar way you can have gold in its well known yellow form, and you can have it in its crystalline form, clear as glass. The yellow gold is conductive and pliable and shiny and the crystalline gold looks just like diamonds and in larger quantity it looks like glass. In nature you would probably not be able to tell it apart from beach sand.

When it’s first extracted from a natural source such as salt water or water spring, to a standard chemical analysis it looks like calcium carbonate (chalk), or magnesium carbonate, and yet it is actually chock full of the crystalline metals. Another form that hides a lot of the ORMUS material is coral calcium that has been on the market for some time as a very healthful product. Coral calcium has had a lot of wonderful stories published about it, especially by Robert Barefoot and Kevin Trudeau. They ended up in trouble with FTC that took significant action against them.

I speculate that these folks didn’t know what made the coral calcium really work. They probably thought it was the calcium (at least that’s what they said in public), but in my belief it is the nano-minerals hiding inside the coral calcium, the white gold that is responsible for most of the miraculous health benefits. We used to have a manufacturer in British Columbia called Tamahi Minerals and we used to sell their product. They went out of business because of mineral rights dispute they lost. They had their product analyzed for their application with Health Canada. To sell a health supplement in Canada you have to get an approval for the claims you will be making. John had the product analyzed, and it was found to be mostly Calcium Carbonate. In his application John asked to call the product Nano Crystals of Gold. They told him well there’s no gold in this. It’s calcium carbonate. You can’t call it gold. But if you prove to us that there is gold in it, it will be classified as Class C drug, by prescription only. Do you want to prove to us that there is gold in it? John decided to name his product Tamahi Calcium.

I was in his laboratory and he showed me the manufacturing stages. He started with water from an aquifer that was just above an active volcano, concentrated the dissolved minerals, and settled it out. Then with a few skillful steps he had gold beads coming out of this white chalky liquid. He called them goldberries.

Tamahi Calcium was a great product we sold for several years and unfortunately we don’t have it anymore. We have several other nano mineral products manufactured by other alchemists. You can concentrate the nano minerals from materials found in nature – salt, soils or volcanic rocks, and you can also manufacture them from metals. The process is described on our website on the Health Education pages. I have made lots of the Dead Sea manna, a concentrate from the Dead Sea salt, and have consumed lots of it … These days I take the Himalayan Crystal Salt brine, a teaspoon of it every morning. There are plentiful nano minerals in the salt. You may think it is just the trace minerals we can analyze by spectrographic analysis, but apparently there is much more to it.

Author: Martin Pytela