Podcast 005: Exsula Superfoods – Part 3

Tantalizing podcast about the importance of a healthy diet to maintain a healthy liver and all around wellness, and about various foods and why they might have a positive or negative effect on one’s health.

The best part though, is that this episode includes a tasty recipe!

Superfood Smothie!

1 organic apple (cored if you like)
1/2 cup frozen organic blueberries
1/4 cup frozen organic raspberries
1 oz ZoeTein
2 tsp flax seeds or hemp seeds
1 tsp maca powder
1 tsp Himalayan Crystal Salt Brine
2 tsp hemp seed oil or virgin coconut oil
1 – 2 tsp Exsula Superfood of your choice
24 oz your choice of Pre-Energized Water

Place all in a blender for one minute on high speed.
You’ll have a delicious Superfood Smoothie that should keep you going all the way until lunch time!

Podcast 005: Exsula Superfoods – Part 3

Scott: Welcome everybody, you’re listening to the Life Enthusiast podcast, restoring vitality to you and the planet, I’m your co-host Scott Paton along with Martin Pytela and Martin we’ve been talking about superfoods for the last couple podcasts and it is just absolutely fascinating and you’d mentioned a couple in our last podcast briefly that I wanted you to get into it with a little more depth and if you hear any clinking it’s because I actually have some of the superfood here and I’m drinking it during the recording of the podcasts. If you hear tinkles that’s because I’m stirring it up and what I’ve noticed about this is I only have to stir it once. I almost like an infomercial here, but you know, I stir it up, it breaks down. I don’t have big huge globs of anything and it doesn’t really separate, and you know oftentimes will sort of settle to the bottom and I haven’t noticed that at all with any of the superfoods that I’ve been taking the last little while.

Martin: Yup, well that’s the effect of the micronization. When you make the particles small enough, that’s when it will blend to with the water forming a colloid, forming a liquid that’s consistent and smooth.

Scott: And it’s so nice not to have to get out a big blender or something and try to force it to stick together.

Martin: Although that’s what I do, I have a big monster of a blender, a Vitamix and I make smoothies every morning. And so what I do is I actually throw in like a whole apple and a handful of blueberries and a handful of raspberries and throw in some flaxseed and I also throw in a spoon or two of these superfoods just to spike it up. That’s what I sip for my breakfast. Oh yeah, I feel well-nourished. In fact, I can keep going all day long on that stuff.

Scott: I’m thinking too, that you should write that up as a recipe and we could put it on our podcast page for our listeners and for me so that we could try that out as a morning meal.

Martin: Oh gosh yes, the super breakfast of champions. I will do that, in fact, we are releasing a new product called ZoeTein super food grade protein and amino acid synergist blend. People, who want to manage their liver. The digestive system has its main components; we talked about the intestine with the Strata Flora product. And that focuses on that end of the business. In, this is ZoeTein product we focus on the liver, liver is the source of the glycogen, which is the sugar that there are body uses for energy. So when your liver is working correctly and it is fed correctly, you have high amounts of energy and can go for a long time. If your liver is dysfunctional, such as in hepatitis C you’re barely able to get out of bed and shuffle around because you don’t have the fuel to power you.

Scott: I’ve had one of the hepatitis, it wasn’t a bad one, but they did say it really broke down my liver. So I’m always interested in anything that can improve it or help it rebuild better, this was like 20 years ago.

Martin: Liver is one of the amazing organs, it will rebuild itself, it will renew itself and you can indeed return to full function and doesn’t take that much. This ZoeTein super food blend is for people, who want to build muscle mass and lose fat, that’s what it’s about. That thing is formulated based on raw undenatured highly bio available protein and nutrients in their specially formulated to control your appetite, to build your muscle, to burn your fat and to strengthen your cells and tissues so if you’re training or working it makes you stronger, and also supports the immune function from a nutritional standpoint.

And of course it’s wonderfully flavored, so it will actually feed your morning smoothies in a wonderful way. A lot of people take these protein drinks and it’s become quite popular. Either whey protein – I think it is the most popular of the lot – made from milk, and there would be other protein concentrates like egg proteins and albumin and things like that.

Well anyway so what we do is we make ours vegetarian, raw, uncooked. Unlike the whey or egg albumin which are coming to you already cooked, we give you raw protein. Huge difference. When you cook proteins it becomes less available to the cells. They have to struggle hard to find the enzymes to decompose the proteins. You don’t have to do that with our product, so there are two functions: at the same time as we’re building our muscle, we’re also causing fat loss. Yeah, I think especially the males would love to have less of a paunch and more of a bicep.

Like this whole weight loss craziness in North America is totally missing the point, it’s not the weight – it’s the inches, and it’s not even the inches it’s the ratios. I mean bone in his heavy, muscle is heavy. You should be heavy, a female you shouldn’t be 115 pounds you should be 145 of muscle and bone and men same thing, you shouldn’t be 160 pounds you should be 200, but not fat. So we need to de-emphasize the pounds, and start looking at the inches and the composition. So, appetite control, when you actually get good nutrients in. You won’t be feeling these horrendous pangs of “feed me, feed me!”, the SAD, standard American diet.

Scott: And actually as I mentioned in our last podcast, I’ve been on the Excela-50 for the last little while and what I’ve noticed is I am not as hungry and I don’t feel a craving. normally around 7 or 8 o’clock at night I’m pacing up and down the kitchen opening all the drawers looking for Oreo cookies or chocolate or potato chips. I don’t keep any of it here because I know I’ll eat it and I know that I don’t want to eat that, it’s a conscious choice not to and then I spend about an hour just going through this period of craving something. I can jump out of my skin. When you mention the food, I realize that in the last three days and maybe it’s longer but I don’t remember specifically last three days in the evening I have gone for walk, I spent time with my kids and my fiancé and read books and haven’t even thought of chocolate which is really cool. So here’s a way to get rid of cravings, folks.

Martin: Yeah, you know your body is asking for nutrition. It is really lacking nutrients, and of course unfortunately you don’t find them in a bag of chips even though that’s what the body says it wants. It wants something savory salty or sugary sweet, something intense. Right, in fact that’s really just the surface what it really wants is decent nutrition.

Scott: And the quickest and easiest way to get that is through super foods, Martin?

Martin: Yeah, raw organic anything, especially if it’s grown biodynamically, but that’s another whole topic we could get into later. You need to find decent food grown in mineralized fields that’s not too long refrigerated in the stores … oh I could go on for a long time. You know the big deal about these super foods is convenience. We find nutrients that have been preserved. Well first of all grown for perfection, preserved quickly so that the nutrients don’t decay, and then we actually process it in such a way that preserves majority of the nutrients that are in there so what you find that in 1 teaspoon of the super food that we deliver you is worth a whole salad you would eat otherwise.

Scott: And probably better than if you went to a regular grocery store and pick up a bunch of lettuce and stuff that had been pounding around in the back room.

Martin: Yeah well hopefully you can go buy some organic stuff that is decent quality, but you certainly won’t find good nutrition in a head of iceberg lettuce. Sorry Sam it’s just not there. So last week, we bumped into mentioning the product called EllagiPlex. It addresses one important function of the body.

We have natural stages of growth. The cells are born by division. When there is a need for a cell with if we’re growing or another cell dies, the neighboring cells simply divide creating a sister cell. It’s cloning really, cells divide and fill the need for the tissue. The division is not always perfect, if you’re poisoned through chemicals that might cause mutations then the cell that’s being born is imperfect. It is DNA damaged or functionally damaged, the most common dysfunction is called cancer. Cells at the end of its useful life, instead of shutting down and recycling, it continues in its crazy way, refusing to die. And there is a process that’s shutting these cells down, it’s called apoptosis and cells normally respond to nutrients that are found in seeds. These nutrients are called elagic acid or ellagitannins, these are richly present in things like raspberry seeds, strawberry seeds, blueberry seeds, well seeds in general, and this material is hard to get at because your teeth are not grinding the stuff well enough to expose a good amount of this material to your digestive system. But when we mill it to a fine powder all of a sudden, this becomes completely accessible to your digestive system and to your body.

Scott: And these components in the seeds, can you tell us again how they help the cells.

Martin: These alkaloids include lycopene and ellagitannins in general. I think I’m mixing too many things together, but anyway, these nutrients help the cells remind them that their functioning needs to be perfect. If the genetic design of a cell is to do a certain function then these nutrients were reminded that it’s not doing it, and it says oh I need to recycle, I need to die.

Scott: So if you have a cell and it’s mutating and it wants to become more and more and more of itself, but it’s not heading in the right direction this sort of says hey, now you’ve got it wrong, you need to sort of lay down and die and so it’s sort of stops it.

Martin: Yeah, that’s the natural cycle of life in the human body; you know we all have cancer in our body. It happens all the time, but in a functioning body, the immune system is able to recognize these cells and recycle them so they die, there are billions of cells being created and dying every day in our body. There’s normal natural recycling: start, go through normal life cycle and shut down at the end. In a young body, in a child you can see how vigorous and beautiful the cells are.

Scott: That’s right and you watch the child grow, and that’s a natural growth that’s supposed to occur. Not the unnatural growths that occur in things like cancers and stuff like that.

Martin: In an older body with more toxins present throughout the cells are starting to mutate to the stay mutated and the more of it stays mutated, the larger the chance of actually getting together and creating a tumor. Normally they’re just all over the place like individual specks of dysfunction here there and everywhere, but once it’s starting to create islands of dysfunction, that’s where we start seeing it as tumors.

Scott: Right, so when you talk like its all part of a natural process it’s great, but when it becomes excessive that’s when we run into problems.

Martin: So anyway when you feed the right kind of nutrients to the body, the apoptosis process kicks up and starts making those cells disappear, so people in stage one, stage two cancers, just taking these products will get right. Even in stage three it is quite common that they get better, but the stage four is really unpredictable because by that time you can get major organ shut downs, and it’s hard to know what’s going to happen next even though we may get the apoptosis going, 70 percent of a particular organ is gone, and then the body is no longer able to function.

Scott: So what if you’re talking with somebody that has say cancer is diagnosed with it would you tell them to get on this right away or is there something you want them to take before they took this, but we are not trying to be doctors.

Martin: Well, number one we don’t diagnose, your doctor will diagnose. Number two we don’t prescribe, number three we are selling you food, please understand that what we are selling is food even though we are calling it super food, it’s still food. So if your doctor tells you well, you should eat more raw fruits and raw vegetables, while that’s what we do is make it more convenient and if your doctor tells you well, I see all these studies, and we have published all of the studies on our website about the ellagitannins and how the ellagitannins are affecting cancerous cells. The science is all there and shows you that when you take this material in these nutrients in, the cancer cycle is shutdown. So instead of taking a machine gun like a radiation or chemo and shooting up the wall of cancer we just walk up to it and say guys, have you heard that there is better life over there on the other side? And they just say “okay”. It’s sort of like handing flowers to the soldiers and saying just stop being so violent.

Let’s disband here okay folks; there is nothing interesting here let’s just disband. But it’s a perfect metaphor for what happens in the body. Instead of having this hard tumor in there all of a sudden, the tissue is just gone and people are just so surprised, because they go to their doctor after three months of EllagiPlex and the doctor says there’s no cancer there’s no sign of it. So that’s what happens, but I can’t promise everybody that they’re going to be cured just let your fingers take three bottles of EllagiPlex and you will be done, because we need to address the cause that got you there. There’s a huge amount of benefit to be dragged from eating better things, and EllagiPlex is the best thing you can eat if you have cancer.

Scott: And if you don’t have cancer, but you wanted to something of a preventative nature this would be a good product for that too.

Martin: Actually correct, because you know, aging is really the same process that when taken to extreme leads to cancer. So when you take EllagiPlex and you’re not really sick, you are still shutting down the cells that are not 100% and causing them to renew. So it’s a rejuvenation process.

Scott: That’s very, very interesting Martin, I’m fascinated by all the information that you so generously share with me and our listeners every week. It’s just great.

Martin: We have barely gotten started, there’s so much more than that, but I think it is probably enough for this one message today.

Scott: All right well, if you’ve got any questions or comments for Martin or myself. You can head over to lifeenthusiast.podomatic.com, we want to hear what you say and if you have any questions we’ll certainly bring them up in future podcasts. If you’re interested in the EllagiPlex or any other super food’s head over to life-enthusiast.com and there’s tons of information there about all the products in the studies that Martin mentioned.

So until next time, this is Scott Paton and Martin of the Life Enthusiast, restoring vitality to you and the planet. Goodbye.

Author: Martin Pytela