Podcast 012: Recover from Pain – Part 1

Although Recovery is no longer available, we have many other supplements to reduce and eliminate Inflammation and Pain .

Recover from stress from travel and unhealthy lifestyle.

Martin Pytela speaks with his co-host Scott Paton about the body, health and nutrition. Scott, as an internet marketer, tours the world often to attend workshops and give talks, and often finds his health doesn’t stay at the level he would like.

Of course, being on the road can take its toll on anyone especially with the amount of flying and unpredictable diet. Martin talks about how this type of stress on the body can lead to internal inflammation<, especially as we age. He recommends a healthy dose of Anti Oxidants as a remedy, while also talking about how we can all avoid these types of situations and feel great all the time.

Podcast 012: Recover from Pain – Part 1

Scott Paton: This is a Life Enthusiast Co-op Podcast, welcome back, I am your co-host Scott Paton along with Martin Pytela and we are here restoring vitality to you and the planet. Hi Martin, how are you doing today?

Martin Pytela: Scott, I am actually doing good, but I hear you are not in the best of shapes, are you?

Scott Paton: No, I am in rough, rough, rough shape Martin and I have to tell you that it is all 100% self inflicted.

Martin Pytela: Scott, tell me how did you get there?

Scott Paton: Well, as you know I do a lot of internet marketing type things and we have internet marketing workshops and conferences and I live on the West Coast of North America and I flew to the East Coast of North America which of course is 3 hours difference and when I got there, of course I saw some people that I knew and we had a couple of beers and then we joked and we laughed and before you know it was midnight, east coast time 3’0 clock in the morning. I had a room mate coming whose train was 3 hours late, so it was like 4 am before he came and the course starts at 8’0 clock and registrations at 7’0 clock, so at 6’0 clock we were showered, we go and the good news was they had some fruits. Everyday was like 8’0 clock till 3’0 clock in the morning and up at 6’0 clock and I…

Martin Pytela: So you are doing 4 hours of sleep and going hard. Not only are you not sleeping much, you are also burning up the brain power, because you are thinking hard all this time.

Scott Paton: Learning and also you can’t be like a low energy person at these things, because you are always interacting, everybody is excited, so the energy level is high. I had black forest cake, and I had apple tarts with ice-cream and I had all this rich foods and I am looking at this thinking “oh no”, but you are in that environment and there is no place else to go to eat and you are hungry and you are stressed then…

Martin Pytela: Well, these are calories, I mean fortunately at that point you are burning up calories and such a high rate that doesn’t really matter.

Scott Paton: Yeah, so I got home last night and flew back last night got in at 2’0 clock in the morning, of course and then I am just like hyper from the weekend and woke up at 6’0 clock and woke up at 7’0 clock, woke up at 8’0 clock and you know…

Martin Pytela: So you must be excited about all the ideas that you have now to go forward with what you have learned, right?

Scott Paton: I am in total overwhelm in that area, like where do you start, what do you do first. I have got a list of 25 people I have to contact immediately, plus I had all the work I had to do before I went and I am telling you, I am sitting here and I am feeling like hung over and drunk at the same time, and I hadn’t had anything to drink for 2 days.

Martin Pytela: You are around 50 years old, right? And you remember still what it felt like when you are 24 doing athletics, right? And you are quite far away from that right, right now?

Scott Paton: Right now, I am as far away from that I think is you can get.

Martin Pytela: You are experiencing internal inflammation. This is why people take anti-oxidants because what you’re experiencing right now is oxidative damage. You have not allowed your body to recover, you have pushed it and you have created an internal fire that is burning without allowing for any recovery periods. This is what an 85-year-old man feels like getting up everyday…

Scott Paton: Oh, you mean I could feel like this everyday.

Martin Pytela: If you don’t take good care of yourself, that’s where you are headed.

Scott Paton: Oh, I don’t want to do that.

Martin Pytela: We have the tools to keep well, we can be well into our advanced years. And if you don’t do it right, I promise you, if you don’t supplement and if you don’t do the right things, this is what you will feel like. Are you a convert yet?

Scott Paton: Actually, I am drinking some Exsula Superfoods, so I know I will be feeling a lot better in a few minutes. My big mistake was not bringing it with me on the trip.

Martin Pytela: But any way I just heard that gulp. Hmm…hmm…tastes all right doesn’t it.

Scott Paton: Oh, actually I am just so amazed to see only greens I have ever had in my life, not that I had every type, but I just had about 4 or 5 different ones that taste very nice.

Martin Pytela: Yeah, very pleasing to the palate. There are two reasons for that, one is very high quality ingredients and the second thing is the talent of the designer who actually carefully selects the products and fits them together like a puzzle. Unlike other manufacturers that overpower the bitter taste of anti-oxidant ingredients with fillers and sugars, stevia and fruit flavorings and who knows what, we don’t do that.

Scott Paton: Is there something that someone like me can do to recover faster?

Martin Pytela: Yes, absolutely. We are introducing a new product line. Made by Biomedica Laboratories, and the product is called Recovery, imagine that…

Scott Paton: Nice.

Martin Pytela: They actually came up with the right name for this product. The inflammation – the internal flames that you are currently experiencing – causes oxidative damage in your body. It is also associated with a number of immune system disorders, including arthritis (both osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis), atherosclerosis, cardio vascular disease and it also is showing itself as back pain, as COPD or general breathing conditions, eczema, fibromyalgia, gout, general immune dysfunction, lupus, osteoporosis, psoriasis, tendonitis and bursitis.

Whether you are a sports person that can no longer do the athletics that you used to participate in, or a gardener that can longer kneel down because your knees are shot, or a home owner who would like to shovel his driveway clear of snow, but can’t because your shoulders are killing him, there is help. All of this pain is caused by the internal inflammation.

Scott Paton: Wow, I have two friends Martin both of whom have knee problems and both of whom are not old, like 30’s or 40’s, and they can’t bend down.

Martin Pytela: Lately this happens to people younger than before because of the environment we live in. The list of diseases I gave is normally associated with old age. If you lived on a farm back in 1890s you wouldn’t feel this way until you were well into your 50’s 60’s and 70’s.

Scott Paton: You are saying that we are living longer but we are feeling older earlier?

Martin Pytela: We spend more time feeling miserable than our ancestors did. I think it’s especially true for a certain segment of the population, some people are naturally resistant and they will last a whole lot longer than others, whose immune system is compromised. I was one of that people whose immune system was weak to begin with. As a 7-year-old, I would suffer from hives upon eating strawberries or some other fruits. As a 25 year old I ended up going to a dentist and got myself mercury poisoning through amalgam fillings which made me really ill. By the time I was 35 I was a total wreck; and I had to figure out how to fix myself.

That’s why the life enthusiast co-op is in existence today. I have dedicated myself to sharing this knowledge because I had to fix myself. The health care system, that’s an oxymoron really, it’s a sick care system that doesn’t have a clue how to deal with this particular problem, the internal inflammation. They understand the mechanism at the cellular level, but they are trying to fix it by suppressing the immune system, in a way similar to how a fire extinguisher would knock down flames. You needed to remove the cause, the fuel that’s feeding this inflammation. That’s the natural healing method.

Scott Paton: So tell us a little bit more about Recovery?

Martin Pytela: Recovery is based on two simple ingredients, green tea and grapes. It is not even complicated, but how you put it together and what you mix it with is critical. There is another important ingredient, sulfur in the form of MSM, and natural source of sulfur that has to come from natural sources, not through chemical manufacturing.

This wonderful product called Recovery is available for humans, small animals and large animals. The key ingredient that makes it run is called Nutricol.

Scott Paton: Tell me a little bit about sulfur, because that’s not something that’s ever come up before and I wouldn’t think sulfur was that good for you?

Martin Pytela: We have been scared into thinking of sulfur as “brimstone”.

Scott Paton: Right, actually that’s what I was thinking.

Martin Pytela: Yeah, you can’t get nutritional sulfur that way, that’s not going to a work.

Scott Paton: Right.

Martin Pytela: We have talked about the other products we have that help with inflammation: Platinum Plus Amino Acids. Dr. Vickery did a lot of research in his chiropractic practice and developed in 1984 a formula with free-form amino acids, sulfur in the form of MSM (that’s short for Methyl Sulfonyl Methane), which is two molecules removed from DMSO, another popular sulfur supplement.

I will talk about that in detail. Anyway, so we have that the sulfur and we have another which is molybdenum, molybdenum is a trace mineral. A trace element that’s required for cells to be able to correctly assemble the proteins. A human body is supposed to ingest a piece of protein like an egg and take it apart into its individual constituent components, which are the amino acids and then it reassembles it into its own image. You can’t take a piece of chicken protein and directly turn it into a human building block like a human protein what actually has to happen is it takes it apart into these individual bricks, so to speak and then rebuilds it into a human protein. And the MSM or the sulfur is important, important crucial without sulfur it just doesn’t work, by the way the most common sources of sulfur in plant world are garlic and onions.

Scott Paton: Oh, interesting.

Martin Pytela: Yeah, oh any ways so speaking of the… let us go back to the Recovery and then nutricol.

Scott Paton: Okay, yeah, I want to know more about that for sure?

Martin Pytela: Yeah, okay, well nutricol is a bioflavonoid complex, bioflavonoid is being the concentrated things that you find in seeds and it contains EGCG, which you can see advertised all over that’s the active ingredient in green tea. There are proanthocyanidins both theaflavin and further resveratrol. Resveratrol, that’s another popular thing that is sold separately and that comes out of grape seeds and that’s what makes the red wine actually work for the French farmer, where he can drink plenty of red wine.

Scott Paton: Right.

Martin Pytela: Without getting too damaged, anyway, so that this combination increases the membrane receptivity to hormones, such as insulin, IGF, thyroxin and that, that is what’s required for the anabolic repair in healing.

Scott Paton: I see.

Martin Pytela: So when you get tired, you need to recover, and the Recovery has a particular mechanism and we could get into the science, but I don’t want to keep this, this podcast into the scientific world. I want to keep it real, I want to keep it easy for people to understand where, you are hurting, take this stuff, you will feel better.

Scott Paton: You will recover.

Martin Pytela: You will recover, if you want to get a medical degree and understand the exact functioning of this, I mean we certainly have the pages about all of this on our website, its all there. I can tell you, I will just rattle it of here quickly just so that you understand.

Scott Paton: Sure.

Martin Pytela: The significant water and fat soluble anti-oxyidant actions produce anti-catabolic and anti-inflammatory effect. They stabilize the colagen which is in synovium, ligaments, tendons, fascia, bone, blood that were, blood vessel walls and in the skin. It neutralizes ROS and catabolic enzymes which decrease their negative impact on cellular extra cellular structure and function; this is getting too scientific don’t you think.

Scott Paton: Yeah, its hard to kind of follow it, I guess, one of the questions I had is, isn’t like an inflammation supposed you sort of like a good thing, your body is fighting off something?

Martin Pytela: That’s if you are dealing with something like a virus, like a bacterial or viral invasion, then of course you need to increase the temperature that’s what the body does, it just cooks the invaders, like giving you fever.

Scott Paton: Right, but if it, so but if you are under stress and you got all these issues and don’t eat well and everything else and your whole body is constantly inflamed like all the time, that is a big problem, isn’t it?

Martin Pytela: Yeah, it becomes chronic.

Scott Paton: Right.

Martin Pytela: It becomes a chronic condition.

Scott Paton: And so what recovery does is it helps to relieve that chronic condition.

Martin Pytela: Right, it provides you with the building blocks that your body requires to fix the malfunction, I mean you have probably heard of insulin resistant cells.

Scott Paton: Yeah, yeah.

Martin Pytela: Which leads to over weight and or at least inability to mange weight and on going pain and so on. So this particular substance counter-acts that mechanism and causes the cells to relax and become insulin receptive again.

Scott Paton: Right, and I want to kind of go back to something you said earlier about Recovery and there is green tea and there is grapes and you hear all sorts of good things about grapes seed extract and green tea and everything else and then you talked also about how its in the right proportions and it reminded me once, if when I was talking to, I forget who was now and they said well, you know you take oxygen, and you get pure oxygen, you put a match to it, you have a big explosion right and you take hydrogen you put a mass to it, you will have a big explosion and but if you put oxygen and hydrogen together and put a match to it, you will never ever ever have an explosion in the right proportion, right H2O. Because it water, you can’t light it on fire, right?

Martin Pytela: Yes.

Scott Paton: And when you are talking about the right proportions it just reminded me of, what if you had H3O or HO5, why you know like, it would be dangerous, right probably?

Martin Pytela: Yes, certainly.

Scott Paton: Or I don’t, I mean I am not a chemist, but that’s were my mind goes…

Martin Pytela: Yeah, heavy water will kill you which is another story.

Scott Paton: Right, so I never really thought about the importance of the formulation, because you just can’t go and eat a bunch of grapes and then go drink a bunch green tea and probably expect to get the same results that you would get from Recovery?

Martin Pytela: Well, it certainly wouldn’t hurt and I tell you anybody out there who is still drinking soda pop drinks, please switch to green tea and red wine.

Scott Paton: Yes.

Martin Pytela: In any combination you wish.

Scott Paton: And well that’s right, I mean it’s all the spectrum right, much better to eat grapes and chocolate chip cookies?

Martin Pytela: Yeah, that’s it.

Scott Paton: And very very interesting.

Martin Pytela: Yeah.

Scott Paton: So any last comments about inflammation and I have to tell you like, I feel like I am dragging today and that’s because I now know that I feel like an 80-year-old man and I guess I now know also that I don’t have to feel like an 80-year-old man when I am 80, because if I continue because, when we are really talking about ageing we are talking about the damage to the cells and if what I am getting from you over and over and over Martin is that, if we give our cells the nutrients that they need to do their job, they are going to do their job really well for a very very long time.

Martin Pytela: Yes, very much it’s like mechanical, if you change oil in your car’s engine and if you keep it tuned it will go for a very very long time. If you don’t, or if you even abuse it by adding sand to the gears or bad fuel you will wreck it in a very very quick order. So yeah maintain, maintain the equipment, if you do its going to serve you well for a long time.

Scott Paton: Right, so if somebody was listening to this and they wanted to find out more about Recovery or even get some, what would they do?

Martin Pytela: Well, it’s on our website, it’s…

Scott Paton: That’s www.life-enthusiast.com

Martin Pytela: Yes sir and on the brands look up Biomedica (Purica) and of course under products look up for anti-inflammatory.

Scott Paton: Great there it is.

Martin Pytela: Well, what Scott, this is going to go for the next podcast but what I want to tell you is we also have way of energetically enhancing the human bodies and I would like to spend another 15 minutes telling you about that and we can…

Scott Paton: Excellent.

Martin Pytela: And we call it the Star Chamber and…

Scott Paton: The Star Chamber.

Martin Pytela: Yes sir, it’s a human energy accumulator and I will tell you about it next time.

Scott Paton: Wow, that’s I am excited to hear about that. I will remind you the Star Chamber because we actually we have been talking about that of the podcast for about a month now I think off and on. So that would be awesome and so there you go, head over to life-enthusiast.com and check out the Biomedica (Purica) products that are there and recovery is the first one listed and is all sorts of information, a lot more detail of course in our short podcast we can’t give you all the details we just want to sort of wet your appetite and let you know what’s out there and if you have missed any of our previous podcast and you like to listen to them you can head over to lifeenthusiast.podamatic.com and they are all listed there, tons of great great information and Martin I appreciate you taking time out of your busy day to share all this information with myself and all our listeners and it has been great as usual, so thank you very much.

Martin Pytela: Thank you.

Scott Paton: Good bye everybody.

Martin Pytela: Yes, this is Life Enthusiast Co-op, “Restoring vitality to you and to the planet”. Thank you.

Author: Martin Pytela