Podcast 013: Supercharged Star Chamber Water

The Star Chamber and Orgone, Life Force Energy

Jim Carter was the founder of Twilight America and the Star Chamber was the result of his long journey to re-create ancient water structuring technology (now we call it Energized Water). Laminar Crystals played a big part in this journey and over 100,000 lbs of the crystals were used to build the Star Chamber Factory. It’s these same crystals which restructure the water – creating Energized Water – and allow the life force to enter the body and mind.

This orgone energy attracts and radiates life all around crystals, forming a bubble of positive influence. It is like a transmitter which resonates with the Universal Source of all existence through a form of energy that is not easily measured. In the end, the only way to know what this product is all about is to experience it for yourself. Once you do, you’ll wonder how you ever did without it.

Podcast 013: Supercharged Star Chamber Water

Scott Paton: Welcome back everybody. This is Life Enthusiast Co-op Podcast, restoring vitality to you and to the planet. I am your co-host Scott Paton along with Martin Pytela. Hey Martin, how are you doing today?

Martin Pytela: Wonderful. Thanks Scott and you?

Scott Paton: I am doing excellent. I was just… before we just started the podcast we were just discussing my hair and I was telling Martin that since I have been on Exsula Superfoods and some of the magnesium products, I have noticed a small patch of dry flaky scalp has become vibrant and not itchy and healing. I can’t see it, because it’s behind my ear, but according to my fiancée its decreasing in size rapidly, so.

Martin Pytela: So, yeah, there it is.

Scott Paton: The products are working, it’s amazing.

Martin Pytela: Yeah it’s working well. You know what you have there is dry flaky skin typically is a sign of inner inflammation, inner oxidative damage and inner toxicity. Of course it reflects itself from the surface, because your body pushes toxins outward.

Scott Paton: Right.

Martin Pytela: It protects its organs at the peril of all the other things and the skin of course it’s a dumping ground for many things.

Scott Paton: Right, so it’s just…

Martin Pytela: Actually, you know what, that’s why people lose their hair when they go into chemotherapy, because you are poisoning the body at such a fast rate, so the body just tries to push those toxins out and it just totally poisons the hair follicles and it all just dumps.

Scott Paton: Yeah, it’s incredible. It’s just amazing and how soft my hair is and just my fiancée likes putting her hands through my hair now and just…

Martin Pytela: Look at those fringe benefits you get.

Scott Paton: So, last time Martin you teased us all talking about something called the Star Chamber?

Martin Pytela: Oh, yes.

Scott Paton: And I am not going to let you get away with that, it’s the next podcast we all want to know what it is, so tell us a little about this thing?

Martin Pytela: Yeah this one is well worth talking about. The Star Chamber is the name that Jim Carter picked to call the Orgone or the Energy, Life Force, life energy accumulation device that he created.

Scott Paton: Wow.

Martin Pytela: There have been so many names given to this Life Force. You know this force is opposite or behaves in an opposite way to electromagnetism. The electromagnetic energy is explosive, orgone is implosive. The electromagnetic is conducted by metals like silver and copper. The Orgone is blocked by those. The electricity is blocked by quartz and mica and other crystals like that and the Orgone energy is conducted and handed over by those.

Scott Paton: Interesting.

Martin Pytela: So Jim Carter, when he started investigating this ancient artifact that was handed to him over back in the early 1970s, maybe late 1960s, I don’t remember the exact date. It was that stone given to him that came with the old instruction this is liquid, sunshine and it will change the structure of water. Jim spent years, many, many, many years trying to figure out how to duplicate that. You know when I was in Jim Carter’s office back in 2002 I think it was, he handed me this artifact and since I do dowsing I held it and I asked it to tell me how old it was and you know using a pendulum I just said “Okay, are you older than 2000, 3000, 4000 whatever years” and he told me it was exactly 4,564 years old which would put it long before the time of Moses.

Scott Paton: Wow.

Martin Pytela: Anyway it was an ordinary looking thing, you know it was something about the size of your hand and it was looking ceramic like and I asked what it was for and it told me that it was a water structuring device and it would have been used in the bottom of storage vessels to keep the liquids that were stored in it at an optimal state and indeed you know Carter went on trying to duplicate the technology and he figured it out, he found a crystal, he calls it the laminar crystal and this crystal has been the basis of the energy charging that we do with the Twilight America Products. How is that for starters?

Scott Paton: That’s very cool.

Martin Pytela: So, anyway Carter created a place that he named Star Chamber. Actually Dr. Shealy in Springfield, Missouri has also what Carter built one for him and Shealy has been using it to treat people in his rejuvenation practice and that’s what this is about. When you return the life force or when you charge the human being with a lot of this life force, they feel rejuvenated. I can’t come up with a different word. I went and experienced it back in 2002.

Scott Paton: So, tell us a little bit about your experience with it Martin?

Martin Pytela: Yeah its quite straight forward you know. It’s a spa setting where you have two beds and a bath tub. The first bed was bed of black crystal, very magnetic crystal, where I would lay down for half-an-hour and then the bath tub which was filled with magic water. We can explain the Twilight American magic water in detail, but it’s essentially water that has been charged with these crystals to change the water structure, so that the water is supremely hydrating to the human body and then after half-an-hour in the tub, I was put on the laminar crystal for about an hour and there I lay and it was just like the bun in the oven, really. I mean I was just processed through this Star Chamber, it took about two-and-a-half hours going through it. So, I had plenty of time to relax and when I came out of it, it felt like I was walking about 8 inches off the floor you know.

Scott Paton: Right.

Martin Pytela: I was light, I was just filled with optimism and joy and just ready to take it on anything. Here is the interesting thing after I came back home, this was a five day business trip, I came back and the folks that I used to have a lunch with a group once a week, every week, several came up to me and saying “My gosh, what did you do? You are looking so good.” So, you know they couldn’t help, but notice that I was definitely much improved when I came back and it felt that way, you know I felt like I could do anything.

Scott Paton: Excellent, excellent.

Martin Pytela: Of course you know stupid man as I am. I used all that excess energy to work. I stayed up past midnight and got up early and worked long hours and sure enough six weeks later, I was pretty much to where I was before I went to that session. Essentially, I had an excess of energy and I lived it off, you know this spa that in fact… since that time Jim Carter passed on, he died a year ago in November and so since that time we have started to making the Star Chamber available to any Spa owner that wants to have it and we have also started making available a home version of this spa, a smaller, lighter, more affordable setup, because we were selling this spa professional version for $20,000 and the domestic for $5,000.

Scott Paton: Cool.

Martin Pytela: Anyway, so there I was feeling like a million dollars and continuing to make sure that people are able to get their hands on these Twilight American products, because they can indeed they bring some of this energy into their own hands, into their own home. You want some Scott?

Scott Paton: Yeah, I think that sounds like something everybody would like, what…

Martin Pytela: Actually, you have some of it, sorry to say you know that magic oil that you have been using on the back of your head in you hair?

Scott Paton: Yes.


Martin Pytela: That is a product that is made in the Star Chamber. It has the life force energy programmed into the water and makes the magnesium that this magic oil contains much more absorbable to the human body.

Scott Paton: Oh interesting. So, I have been talking… we have been talking little bit about some of the byproducts of the Star Chamber without me even knowing about it?

Martin Pytela: Oh yes, yeah much of what we sell is based on the energy or energetic treatment and energy medicine and energized water and we have been talking about that since the beginning of these podcasts in different ways. When you change the structure of water for the better or for the worse, you affect the body’s ability to utilize whatever that product contains and the best example of this has been at the work of Dr. Emoto.

Scott Paton: I was just kind of bringing that up, because last night Marianne and I were watching for the second or third time What the Bleep Do We Know?

Martin Pytela: Yes.

Scott Paton: And of course.

Martin Pytela: Wonderful movie.

Scott Paton: Yeah and of course it talks a lot about the work of Dr. Emoto and every time I see those pictures of the water crystals it just reminds me again, again and again to be very careful about the thoughts that I think.

Martin Pytela: Yeah. Oh yeah, we could expand on that, but let’s start with water. When you run water through the industrial processing that we give it, you know metal pipes and concrete pipes and plastic pipes at sharp angles, it just gets programmed with memories that are not life supporting and the water really, it will hydrate, but it will not… well I should say, it will irrigate, but it will not hydrate, meaning this, when the water is large cluster water the… this could be a long conversation trying to explain without pictures, how the relationships of water molecules in the badly structured water work, but essentially the water that’s processed in an industrial process gets to be in fairly large clusters, clumping together. Sort of like if you see a group of kindergarten children walking on a street holding hands, they are, they are holding hands all 20 of them, all at the same time. You can’t separate one from the other and it’s a large clump, but your cells when they want to take in water for cellular hydration, they can only do it one cell at a time, so before your body can utilize that water, it needs to break up all of those bonds, separate the kids from one another and that’s what these products that we have, do. They erase the water structures from the water itself.

Scott Paton: Nice and so they put into a structure that we can use better in our bodies?

Martin Pytela: Yes. Yeah, essentially the clustering that’s there is removed. A lot of people have been calling the energized water, clustered water or structured water, but that’s really a misnomer, because it should be called declustered and unstructured.

Scott Paton: Right, which is the way it is naturally running down the streams, right?

Martin Pytela: Yeah. Well, when the water first condenses like due on the leaves of plants in the morning, it’s come out of individual molecules of water vapor in its gaseous state and this condensed into a liquid and it has minimal clusters in there.

Scott Paton: Right.

Martin Pytela: And water like that were form those gorgeous symmetrical hexagonal shapes, that Dr. Emoto is photographing.

Scott Paton: Right, right.

Martin Pytela: It’s the water that has been badly programmed, it will create malformed or down right amorphous just glob like structure, they don’t like a proper snow flake.

Scott Paton: Right, yeah and that’s… so you with the choice of a beautiful entity…

Martin Pytela: Symmetrical.

Scott Paton: A symmetrical entity coming in the form of water or ugly blobby thing that.

Martin Pytela: Yeah, so that blobby thing is hard to absorb to the human body and does not support the structures that our body is supposed to create or it’s at least demands extra energy for the body to deal with that. So, that’s why for instance you are told that you need to drink eight glasses of water. Well that would be eight glasses of industrial water. You only need about three glasses of good structured water.

Scott Paton: Okay and so things like the ADR-4 Harmonizer that would restructure the water?

Martin Pytela: That’s right, that’s one of the ways how we can help structure the water properly.

Scott Paton: Yeah, we spoke a lot about that in our earlier podcast?

Martin Pytela: That’s correct and so these Twilight America devices, they do the same thing. We have the laminar crystal and we have it available in a pillow you know that’s about one-and-a-half pounds of crystal or we have it available in the ceramic devices, we call Crystal Pearls and Crystal Cupcakes and the Pearls are mostly used for water structuring, you know you can take these Pearls and put them in water bottles or wherever you keep your drinking water. The Cupcakes are mostly used in energy work. People who do massage or other physical therapies. They would be using them on your body. Or you can actually carry one in your packet, if you want and it helps structure the water inside your body.

Scott Paton: Oh that’s interesting. So, even if we had taken the industrial waters, it’s all clumpy and we had one of these things on our person, it might work to restructure that water as it flows through our bodies?

Martin Pytela: Certainly, yeah, because of course the blood will circulate all the way round. In fact all of your blood runs through your body about five times a minute. I mean its huge amount of liquid that keeps running around.

Scott Paton: Right. We have about 80% water, I think.

Martin Pytela: As well, that’s right. So for instance, I had several guys who have had problems with their prostates and used the cupcake by sitting on it, you know like a chicken would sit on an egg and allowing that energy to radiate out into the area where their prostate is and dissolve the energy blockages that exist there and helps things to normalize.

Scott Paton: Oh.

Martin Pytela: And next thing you know their function is returned to normal and that’s pretty exciting to a man who can’t go and oh well I guess, I am not going to get too graphic.

Scott Paton: Well as 50 years old, I am very interested in knowing more about that let me tell you?

Martin Pytela: Well, I will tell you. If you are not able to have a proper open urine stream when you go, its awfully frustrating and I think its about 35% of men over 50 who are suffering from enlarged prostrate and this energetic treatment does help at least you know the number of people that have bought it for this purpose, they all have been happy with it.

Scott Paton: Right that’s really important. So, the Crystal Cupcake there is number of different styles and sizes?

Martin Pytela: Yeah.

Scott Paton: That people can get, they can get it at the life-enthusiast.com website, just looking under Twilight America brands, right?

Martin Pytela: Yes, that’s where you will find it.

Scott Paton: And that’s really…

Martin Pytela: Yeah, so you can bring a little piece of that Star Chamber technology into our home.

Scott Paton: Yeah, try.

Martin Pytela: But hey, if there is a spa owner listening to this podcast that would like to have a rejuvenation station installed in their clinic, this is your chance, contact us. We can help people by the thousands to reverse the ageing process, it’s quite significant.

Scott Paton: Wow. So, if a spa owner wanted to get a hold of you Martin what would be the best way to do that?

Martin Pytela: Well, www.life-enthusiast.com, look up our phone number and call us.

Scott Paton: Okay. Excellent, well that’s absolutely even fascinating and one of the things that I always enjoy is the fact that everything we talk about are things that you or I have personally experienced as opposed to what we think theoretically might work one day if you did it absolutely perfectly, do you know what I mean?

Martin Pytela: Oh yeah.

Scott Paton: And I just want to say thank you very much again Martin for taking out of your busy day. I know that you got lots going on and sharing all this great information with our listeners and myself, we really appreciate it. So, if you want to listen to previous podcasts that we have done in the series, head over to lifeenthusiast.podomatic.com. If you have any questions for Martin or any comments about the podcast, you can leave them there. If you are interested in learning more about the Star Chamber devices, we will have a link to the pages on the podcast page and also you will be able to get to them at www.life-enthusiast.com. So, until next time, this is Scott Paton saying goodbye and Martin any last words.

Martin Pytela: Oh yes, Life Enthusiast Co-op, restoring vitality to you and to the planet. Thank you.

Scott Paton: Bye, bye everybody.

Author: Martin Pytela