Podcast 027: Nutrition and Emotional Health

At Life Enthusiast, we think of nourishment as having these essential elements:

  1. Enzymes
  2. Minerals
  3. Carbohydrates
  4. Fats
  5. Proteins
  6. Water

Lifestyle and quality nutrition can keep us strong, balanced and stable in the face of adversity. Chlorophyll-rich food and magnesium supplementation improves our moods, our resilience, our ability to heal and recover.

The topic of this Podcast is ingredients. Martin takes great delight in debunking ingredients that other companies put into their products and how this can short-change you in terms of nourishment.

Life Enthusiast offers plenty of products to give your body the enzymes it needs. One product that really stands out is Exsula Superfoods Excela-50. It offers plenty of enzymes and is a green product, harvested in such a way so that the enzymes in it are preserved. This will always ensure increased nourishment. Preservation stops enzymatic activity.

All Exsula Superfoods are preserved in a way that preserves maximum nutrients. There are two methods of preservation that do retain enzymatic activity that involve slowly drying the plant material. Ingredients Matter!

Podcast 027: Nutrition and Emotional Health

Scott Paton: Welcome back everybody. You are listening to the Life Enthusiast Co-Op podcast. I am your co-host Scott Paton along with Martin Pytela, restoring vitality to you and to the planet. Hey Martin, how you are doing today?

Martin Pytela: It is a good day Scott. I am happy to be here.

Scott Paton: Me too and I have to tell you that the last weekend I flew from the west coast to the east coast, was up all hours of the day and night…

Martin Pytela: Oh, you mean the midnight flights, the red eye and all that?

Scott Paton: Yeah, it was a red eye flight and then when I got there, I was at an event called JV Alert and of course you don’t sleep at these things either, right, because you have got all the presenters and all the information and then after that’s done, then there is people that want to talk about all sorts of different things and they are all excited and it is… I was heading up to my room at like 10 o’clock because I knew that I had to get some sleep and by the time I actually made it to my room, it was 1 o’clock in the morning and then of course you are up at like 6, 5.30, 6 o’clock getting ready for the day, right, and once again I made the mistake of not bringing the Excela-50 with me, but what I noticed is that it wasn’t until I got back that… because I had been taking it for the last number of months that, it kind of worked its way out of my system and the day I was back, I was just like totally spaced out and everything else and I said, “Oh, yeah, I got to… so went to the fridge to get the Excela-50, pulled out the Strata Flora and had that by mistake, which should show you how awake I was [laughs], and….

Martin Pytela: [laughs] I guess… well, that’s all right. I mean it is an intestinal cleanser, you probably needed that.

Scott Paton: Yeah, I did. I got a nice little cleanse going on and then this morning I thought, because my habit is every morning the first thing I do is I drink the Excela, and I was like, “Oh, oh, what a difference this morning” and you know I have to admit like I didn’t go to bed that early last night and again I got up, so, I am still not getting myself as much sleep as I should have. So, it is not like I had a day of rest because I really haven’t, but I noticed like, “Oh, yeah, I am a little bit recharged. In fact, I think I am going to have a second one for lunch.”

Martin Pytela: Yeah. I have had these kind of experiences where my entire body just shivers in some sort of an orgasmic pleasure.

Scott Paton: Yes.

Martin Pytela: It’s that good.

Scott Paton: It is and I have to tell you a little bit about my trip because often times we have talked a bit about road rage and people being upset and everything else and what I decided, I live in Vancouver, Canada, and I decided I was going to drive down to Seattle and visit a friend of mine and then take the red eye out of Seattle to Philadelphia. So, am I about to leave, all the information about my flights, my friend’s phone number, e-mail and address, where the event is, all that stuff is in my little Palm Pilot and I talked to my friend, he says, “Well, just print out the Google map, put my address and click out the Google map, so you have got a nice… you have got good directions to follow, so I did that, I wrote his phone number down on the bottom of his page, and then I grabbed my computer, I grabbed my Palm Pilot and I was about to head off and I thought, “Oh, it’s not that… it’s like half charged,” so, I went to stick it in and somehow I had the polarity reversed, fried it!

Martin Pytela: You just killed the thing eh?

Scott Paton: I killed it. It smelt, like it had that burning smell…

Martin Pytela: Oh, dear.

Scott Paton: And I was like, “Oh, no,” but I mean I had to go right? You know, I am on a schedule, so, off I went and I am trying to think about how I am going to… well, at least I got my friend’s phone number and address and we will figure it out there, right? So… and I am not… oh, I am yelling at myself for it, just oh, man, well okay, we’ll fix that later. Headed down to the customs and of course as you go across customs, you are always worried that they are going to pull you aside or whatever and I am watching the guy ahead of me and the officer is walking around and pulling up the trunk and going through stuff and then he points over to the office and the guy drives to the customs office thing. Now, you often think, oh, great, they have a quota or something, there is quota, I will get through it.

Martin Pytela: Not me, yeah, every fifth one.

Scott Paton: So, I get through… I get up there, I get the fifth degree, I get the third degree, I get the fourth degree, he wants to see this official piece of paper that’s on the seat beside me, which was of course my license, the car insurance renewal, and then I go over there and I am sitting there and 10 minutes go by, 20 minutes go by, 30 minutes go by, I am thinking, I am not getting in to the United States. I am just going, oh, and then finally he calls me over and he asks a few more questions, hands me my stuff, and says, “Okay, you can go. Welcome to the United States” and I said… and I was just curious right and I said, “Well, excuse me, but like was there a problem?” and he says, “No. There was no problem. If there was a problem, you would be in handcuffs.”

Martin Pytela: [laughs] These people operate on a totally different wavelength than what the human would be, eh?

Scott Paton: Yeah, yeah, and the weird thing about the whole thing is I felt this wave of relief because I looked at my wrist and there were no handcuffs on it. So, there was no problem and I am absolutely convinced that he probably had a beer with his buddy afterwards and they were laughing about how they shook down this Canadian that was coming across.

Martin Pytela: Yeah, I scared the bejesus out of this poor little Canadian schmuck.

Scott Paton: Yeah, so I get into the car and I head down the I-5 and I am getting about halfway there and I am thinking, you know, I should get some gas. So, I stop over, I pull over, fill up the car with gas, head out back on the road, and there is this weird sound coming out of my engine. It is not quite grinding, it is not quite loose, but you know how cars just hummm.

Martin Pytela: Yeah and stuff changes the sound

Scott Paton: Yeah stuff changes and I go, oh, all I need now is for my car to breakdown halfway to Seattle and again, I am not, like there is no banging or gnashing your teeth or anything. I just totally… like I am observing a movie of this poor guy going through the day from hell and then I get to my friend’s place and there is a little buzzer, 303 is his number, I pushed 303, nothing happens. Pushing in, nothing happens. I am thinking maybe I am doing it wrong, so I pushed 306, it rings. So, I hang up quickly before someone comes and answers it and I think that’s weird, his buzzer doesn’t work. So, I went to the phone booth which was like 3 or 4 blocks, well, I like to walk so it is no big deal, and I dial in the number because I got that piece of paper… thank goodness he said because he has got a cellphone, he is not in the phone book, I phone it, and it rings, it rings, it rings. The answer machine comes on and it is a woman. Now, I know he lives alone and he hasn’t got a girlfriend.

Martin Pytela: Oh dear.

Scott Paton: It is a wrong number. [laughs] I am going ha and then I go back to his place.

Martin Pytela: Okay. Wrong cellphone, wrong apartment, wrong number… [laughs]

Scott Paton: Everything was wrong. So, I get there, I just walk around the corner, I think I know what I will do, I will buzz all his neighbors until I get one that is there that will go and knock on door and tell him I am here. As soon as I go round the corner, there he is because he knew I was late. He says maybe Scott is having a problem so he had come down to sort of see, you know look on the road to see if he could see me and we met. We had a great dinner. He drove me to the airport and then I continued on my flight and I think of that… I mean just imagine going through that type of day and not being totally frazzled and frustrated and upset and mad, right?

Martin Pytela: Right, you are just at peace saying we are difficulties. This is interesting.

Scott Paton: Yeah, this is interesting and I am thinking what have I done to deserve this? You know Colorado has one of the most highly advanced New Age cities on the planet, Boulder, Colorado, this is what I have heard, right and it is so advanced that when the muggers mug you, they stop and they say, “What did you do to deserve this?” [laughs]

Martin Pytela: [laughs]

Scott Paton: So, that was kind of what was going on in my mind, it was like, “What have I… what is going on in my head that I am kind of creating all of this chaos” and I don’t know, but if… since I can make up the answer, my answer is, it was to show you just how much at peace you are and how unrattled… I am.

Martin Pytela: So, this is your compliments to the Twilight’s Bath Crystal magnesium therapy?

Scott Paton: No. This is my compliment to the Excela-50 because when I was away for four or five days, I didn’t have any and my first day back, I was mad, I was raging, I was frustrated, I was just… I was tired and then I said, “Oh…” so, then I went to get the Excela-50 and I took the Strata-Flora by mistake and then I thought there is only thing to do and I had a bath and I put… I want to say a ton, I put a little bit more than normal of the magnesium salt in the bath.

Martin Pytela: Right on.

Scott Paton: Hot as I could, I lay there, I read a book, I had the music going, and after that, it was like… I had a good night’s sleep and today I am almost back to normal. So…

Martin Pytela: Yeah, the universe is rebuilt.

Scott Paton: If I had gone through what I went through on Wednesday yesterday, I would have been like….

Martin Pytela: A wreck.

Scott Paton: I would have been a wreck. I really would have been a wreck. So, you know to me that just… sometimes people notice differences and if you take some… this is why I like to sort of stop every once in a while and give myself three or four days without doing what I normally do because then I notice like oh, man, you are raging and you are just unfocused, and you are this and you are that and you are not feeling good and you are tired and then you see what happens when you take good stuff and when you don’t.

Martin Pytela: Yeah and I also want to remind you that air travel is doing a lot of that stuff to you as well because when you are crossing, especially when you go over the more northern latitudes, you know like transatlantic flights, where you go way over the magnetic pole, that really plays havoc with your internal workings because the magnetic fields change a lot, but even just switching from one location to another, it really takes it out of you.

Scott Paton: When you do it so fast too right? I mean if I had walked to Philadelphia from Seattle, it would have been fine.

Martin Pytela: Yeah, if you had walked there, you would just slowly adjust, but geographically the place where you are going through the energies, you know the geo… well, I don’t know what you call all those energy lines.

Scott Paton: The ley lines and stuff.

Martin Pytela: Yeah, ley lines, magnetics, all of that stuff, is there a difference in the place where you go and so, if you are not in great shape, if you are not resilient, you will end up with all kinds of adverse reactions.

Scott Paton: Well, I did and…

Martin Pytela: Yeah, good…

Scott Paton: But again back to normal. That’s the part that makes me happy.

Martin Pytela: Yeah. I have actually had a very similar experience on my return from my three weeks in Europe and I definitely did end up being run down even though I practically lived on Excela-50 for the last six days of my stay there because we were sampling the products to the customers at the trade show. So, I practically drank a liter of the Excela-50 shake everyday.

Scott Paton: Nice.

Martin Pytela: [laughs] It was most of the food I took, but even though I did that, when I got home, it was difficult to adjust.

Scott Paton: Yeah, it is also lot of stress and one of the things that I noticed just as one last point on this was that I have never had… like I have had lots of greens in the past, I have never had something that I have taken that I can… it is just like the room and the light switch is off and now the light switch is on. I mean that much of a difference in how I feel in that short of a period of time. So, I think the quality of…

Martin Pytela: I wanted to tell you that… I wanted to highlight this sort of a thing because I was trying to convey to somebody over the telephone that this product is not just like any other green food and I was just failing. The person says, “Well, I am looking at the ingredients here as you are listed them here” and I am thinking, “Yeah, that’s right, yeah, they are listed” and if you look at a piece of paper where the list of ingredients of our product is and you can compare it to something else on the market that may have a somewhat similar list of ingredients, I am still thinking, “Well, but how do I get it across that this is energetically enhanced, that every ingredient that goes in it is properly tested, we actually select them for their energetic balance, that all of that is put together in a most careful and respectful way so that the product is really like a fine tuned instrument.” Now how do I explain from a picture that this old violin is actually a Stradivarius and plays like, well, Stradivarius as opposed to some kind of a factory made plywood thing that’s just going to sound well sort of like a violin except not really or how do I compare, if I show you a picture of a car A versus car B, how does the ride compare?

Scott Paton: It is impossible to tell.

Martin Pytela: Yeah, it is impossible to tell and so, I am really frustrated by the fact that here we have this website and a podcast message and a label and we are trying to tell people that this is good and they are kind of thinking, “Well, what is it? How do I know?” and I am thinking we need to offer some kind of a irresistible guarantee saying, “Okay, we give you this with a 30 day money back, we promise you if you take it as directed, you will never look back. guaranteed.”

Scott Paton: Right. Right. Because you really won’t…

Martin Pytela: Yeah.

Scott Paton: You can see a huge, huge difference and that’s one of your pet peeves, right? It is like the quality and the quantity I guess of good nutritional products and molecules and enzymes and all those things that go into say the Exsula Superfoods products compared to what you could get at the grocery store is kind of like the… if you take a tomato from a grocery store and you eat it and then you go to my dad’s garden and he gives you a tomato, they look the same…

Martin Pytela: Yeah, grown on an organic, biodynamic, loving kind of way, right?

Scott Paton: He spent 15 years building up the soil in his garden because he had one inch of soil to start and so it is 15 years of love goes into that tomato. So, there is no comparison.

Martin Pytela: There is just no comparison, is there?

Scott Paton: No, no. It’s just totally different.

Martin Pytela: Yeah, yeah, that’s the kind of thing. So, how do we let people know that we are using stuff that is that good. Well, I guess we just need to keep telling them and hoping that they will actually take our word for it and listen to some of the testimonials that we have to offer, that yes, we have customers that have been with us since 1990 and still buying stuff. Well, I guess the best one is Jevari’s dad who has been on it since before the company launched. He has been on it since 1986 and he is now in his 90s.

Scott Paton: Yeah, 90s.

Martin Pytela: Right. He still drives, he still reads without glasses, he quotes the bible all the time, he is that kind of a guy and his doctor says, “Oh, I would swap your numbers with mine if you would let me” when he did the blood test on him last time.

Scott Paton: [laughs] Right. Right.

Martin Pytela: Yeah. So, anyway, so, there is a guy who actually… you know, he was 68 when he started taking the Exsula and he was having angina pains. He was actually having difficulty walking from the house to the mailbox and back and then he started on the right stuff and couple of years later, he was healthier and now he is even healthier now than he was 20 years ago. Oh, well, so that is one of the testimonials, huh?

Scott Paton: That is. That’s amazing.

Martin Pytela: I actually wanted to browse on one more topic. It has been bugging me ever since I read this. One of the e-mail marketers sent me an invitation and it says, “Join me in this phenomenally lucrative business of selling health products. You are going to make a killing like me, just see this. See here? I sell for $50 this particular product” that had to do with I think it was colon cleanse or something like that, “I sell it for $50 plus shipping and handling and guess what? It costs me about the price of the shipping and handling to get it to the customer. So, the $50 that I charge for it, that’s pure profit.”

Scott Paton: Ouch.

Martin Pytela: And I am thinking, “All right. So, you are actually taking the ingredients and you are marking it up 10:1.” It’s not the ingredients, the cost of the product, the wholesale price of the product, you are marking it 10:1. I was thinking, “All right, well, a bottle of Excela-50 is $30 bucks, so, I guess what we need to do is charge $250 or $300 for it; not the 50.” I am thinking either we are stupid or we are ethical or both.

Scott Paton: Yes. I would… [laughs] I don’t know but I should have listened to the question a little bit closer before I answered yes.

Martin Pytela: Well, [Voice Cross Over]

Scott Paton: I was answering yes to the ethical part, not the ethical and stupid part. [laughs]

Martin Pytela: Oh, stupid, we must be stupid, you know like, I mean how is it possible that we are out there making a living just making these products and competing with this crap that slick advertising gets to sell. You know it is that, it is slick advertising and it is skillful copy writing and just sheer marketing that gets people buying the stuff as compared to the high quality stuff that we get to make.

Scott Paton: Yeah, that’s an issue isn’t it?

Martin Pytela: Yeah. I need to come up with a better advertising method I tell you.

Scott Paton: Well, you got to keep plugging your way and get the message out and get those people that love the product to also pass the word around and let it grow that way.

Martin Pytela: Right on. Well, this is a direct request, then all of you listeners, if you haven’t tried Excela-50, do and if you have tried it and noticed that it actually is working, would you kindly tell somebody else?

Scott Paton: [laughs] That’s a good one and if somebody tries it and they… now, first of all, it is not ice-cream. So, it is not like it is going to taste like an Oh Henry bar or a hot dog. It is greens.

Martin Pytela: No, no. This is grass. This is going to taste like a health thing. I mean it is palatable…

Scott Paton: I mean it is not as bad as Buckley’s.

Martin Pytela: No, oh no. I mean to me it tastes lovely, but I know that the first timers, they tell me, well, this is not so bad. [laughs]

Scott Paton: Yes and I agree. Like I have tried lots of different greens and this is the best tasting green out there and I like it, but I could understand someone that wasn’t used to ever trying any greens would be… it is an acquired taste, right?

Martin Pytela: Yeah, yeah. This is not a Dilly bar.

Scott Paton: And it also depends on where you come from right? Like I traveled around the world and I started in Australia, I went to South East Asia; this was 20 years ago, went to India, when I was in India, I met a fellow from England and he had gone from England to Africa to India. Now, when I got to India, I am thinking, the food is like adequate maybe and he was like, it was a feast for him. Well, why was that? Well, in South East Asia, there were all these great fruits and papayas and mangoes and you know all that wonderful food that they have there and it was a wealthier kind of area of Asia and when I went to India, you know it was a little rougher, it wasn’t quite as good food and that sort of stuff and he had been in Africa and he said, “When I stayed at like a five star hotel in Africa, I was lucky if I had a little sliver of meat and a potato on the plate.” Like where he was eating, there was no food practically, right?

Martin Pytela: Oh dear.

Scott Paton: So, he was… so, when he got… he lived three weeks in that environment and then he got to India, oh, there is all this options and food and it is…

Martin Pytela: Isn’t that…

Scott Paton: Yeah, good.

Martin Pytela: A matter of perspective eh?

Scott Paton: Totally a matter of perspective. So, you know if you have been trying lots of different greens and you know that stuff is really important to have and you haven’t found anything that you liked, the Exsula you will probably like. If you have never tried a green, then you know it doesn’t taste like Coca-Cola right? So…

Martin Pytela: Thank God.

Scott Paton: Yes, thank God for that and I don’t particularly think Coca-Cola tastes very good, which just goes to show you what advertising and the media and social approval can do for you, so, give it a try and you know I am not saying that if you try it and you don’t like the taste of it, you should… because one of the issues we wanted to… one of the things we want to do is take away everybody’s risk, right?

Martin Pytela: Yeah.

Scott Paton: But I think it is safe to say you know if you tried it every morning for a week or 13 or 14 days in a row and then stopped taking it for two or three days, you would go back on it. I think for 99.9….

Martin Pytela: That’s a great idea.

Scott Paton: Yeah. So, take the two week Life Enthusiast…

Martin Pytela: So, take the two week Exsula Superfoods challenge.

Scott Paton: Exsula Superfoods challenge. That’s right. Try it for two weeks. If you don’t like it, give it to your best friend [laughs] and we will give you a refund.

Martin Pytela: We’ll give you a refund, yeah or send you something that tastes very different.

Scott Paton: Or yeah… that’s right. Well, I think Martin one of the things that really strikes me that you do differently than just about anybody else I know in business is you answer your phone right and you take the time…

Martin Pytela: Oh, yes we do.

Scott Paton: Yeah and you take the time to help people. So, you know if you try it and it just isn’t for you, call Martin and talk to him or e-mail him, right?

Martin Pytela: Yeah.

Scott Paton: So, you could call him at 8… he will even pay the 25 cents for the phone call right?

Martin Pytela: Oh yes.

Scott Paton: 866-543-3388 or you can e-mail him at and I don’t want to get it wrong Martin, so I will let you tell everybody your e-mail address.

Martin Pytela: Oh… make the order desk, that’s [email protected].

Scott Paton: Yeah. So, I don’t know if you could get any fairer than that because this is really life changing… well, here is a thing. We don’t get enough of the nutrients we need through our food and probably not through the supplementation that most of us do. I mean if you buy a $10 bottle of vitamin C, is that really going to make much difference?

Martin Pytela: Not as much as what you can get in ours because ours is all nature-grown. This is all plant made. There is not a extruded, synthetic anything in this stuff.

Scott Paton: That is so cool.

Martin Pytela: Yeah. Well, so there we have it folks. You just heard it. Take the Exsula Superfoods challenge.

Scott Paton: [laughs] All right. Cool.

Martin Pytela: I think that’s it for today.

Scott Paton: Yeah. We have come to the end of another really informative podcast, certainly, I have enjoyed our time together again Martin as always and thank you everybody for listening to us. If you want to listen to any of our previous podcasts, head over to lifeenthusiast.podomatic.com. We have them all archived there for you. You can leave a comment or suggestion. If you have any questions for Martin, leave them there. We answer and respond to all e-mails and questions that you have got and take the Life Enthusiast Co-Op Exsula Superfoods challenge today. Right?

Martin Pytela: Yes, today. All right folks, thank you very much. This is Life Enthusiast signing off.

Scott Paton: Restoring vitality to you and to the planet. Goodbye everybody.

Martin Pytela: Bye, bye.

Author: Martin Pytela