Podcast 035: Generation Plus Enzymes

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Enzymes promote healthy digestion, intestinal health and healthy circulatory system. The mission statement of Generation Plus is to help you to live a longer, healthier life – an admittedly broad goal that is achieved through raising awareness of alternative health methods which have the potential to lead to a higher awareness of just what health and wellness can be.

All products offered by this company are heavily researched. As a result they have a level of customer loyally that I’ve yet to see anywhere else.

Zymitol, a pain manager and performance enhancer designed to allow one to train harder than before, through powerfully potent enzymes. Naticor is designed to promote a healthy circulatory system. Most people are unaware of how drastically this can affect blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

Podcast 035: Generation Plus Enzymes

Scott Paton: Welcome back everybody. You are listening to the Life Enthusiast Co-Op podcast, restoring vitality to you and to the planet. I am your co-host Scott Paton along with Martin Pytela and last week we had just an amazing conversation with the President of Generation Plus, Patrick Buehl, and he has agreed to come back with us this week and continue our discussion on enzymes. So, Patrick, Martin, welcome to this podcast episode.

Scott Paton: So, we were talking about enzymes and the power that they had in terms of health and anti-aging and all that sort of stuff and I am kind of curious about the impact that enzymes have in the digestive system. So, I was wondering Patrick, if you could maybe start this episode off talking a little about that.

Patrick Buehl: Certainly. Enzymes play the critical role digestive system. They work in the small intestine or upper GI, where the balance of the breaking of down of food happens after it has passed through the stomach. So, digestive enzymes are critically important and if people will remember if they had listened to last week, we talked about enzymes in the body being depleted, in the human body after the age of 30. Well, this severely compromises the digestive process of every human. So, after the age of 30, you simply have to select a digestive formula to aid in that process if you want to enjoy a higher quality of life. It’s not, if I should, it is who should I take. Honestly folks out there, it doesn’t matter to me as long as you select quality manufacturer that provides your product you can count to do that, just select someone and get on the road to better health. Digestive enzymes are still important because they aid the process of simply that – digestion. Now, digestion starts in the mouth with the saliva and amylase comes out in the saliva to start the whole digestive process, passes through the esophagus into the stomach with that biliar acid and hydrochloric acid will really start the breakdown of the product that we consume and it passes through into the small intestine as the enzymes do where it continues its process. This is where all the work is really done. If you don’t have an adequate amount of enzymes for that digestive process that will lead to a host of ailments. Improper digestion we think is responsible for up to 80% of today’s degenerative diseases in the United States of America. So, if we can correct that digestive process, we are going to eliminate a lot of diseases we see.

Whenever we talk to somebody, whenever I do a physician consult, we always take a look at the digestive system first, because if we have an improperly functioning digestive system, we want to get that straightened out before we do anything. that will show us the path, show us the way, to our next step. Do we need to take another step or is this simply an eliminate a problem that was caused in our mouth by improperly functioning digestive system. Our product, Digesticol, contains all of the necessary enzymes to break down whatever you consume. You know there are proteins in all kinds of things that we consume whether it is either cell wall of a cereal grass or any type of plant source, there is protein that need a specific enzyme to break them down. You know improperly functioning digestive systems could look like many things, but generally what happens is this pass-through things, not properly digested and they may just lay in the wait in the GI tract and end up as impacted feces and clogging the whole system. There are so many things that these do, it is hard to get your hands around how important they are, but just know that they are so important, without them you will die. It is just that simple. When we can supplement with a product like Digesticol, we are not only improving our quality of life, but we are extending our lifespan as well. Did I answer your question?

Scott Paton: You certainly did.

Martin Pytela: You know, I have a little example of it. I have a partner who lives in Germany and her husband, a 33-year-old guy, started just a month ago taking the Digesticol and she says, he is just so religious about taking this. He is now understanding that even at his fairly youthful 33, he has to do this because he was not feeling as energetic as he once was and he was already appreciating just supplementing the digestive that it gives him the energy that he didn’t use to have or that he lost already and so, yeah, it’s for everybody. It’s a… I know people at 50 years of age, they don’t… they start to forget what that used to feel like to be full of energy, vim and vigor, be able to run, all these other activities that a person is able to do and when the enzymatic function in the body is running at full tilt.

Patrick Buehl: That’s very true and I didn’t mention this before and I won’t take too long on the subject, it is very important, maybe I will be lucky enough to be invited back on the show, but we infuse all our products with subtle energy patterns and the reason I bring this up, several years ago, I partnered with a quantum physicist from a technology standpoint. What we do is take my formulas and actually extract the energy patterns in which they output and reinfuse them back into themselves, making them more efficacious of a product, but the real neat thing here is he has created a plasma based computer system that actually allows humans to create and maintain different energy patterns and this can be related a lot to like Chi or prana or acupuncture. So, with Digesticol for instance, it is a digestive aid product, so what we infused in it for extra energy patterns are things that aid the process of digestion. It harmonizes the ingredients with the human body, it harmonizes the ingredients with themselves, it is a very symbiotic formula. This is what we do to every single product. So, this physicist got a hold of the formula and he just loved it when he first got it. He happens to be a Russian and he has a very dear friend that was involved in the Chernobyl incident and obviously this person had very compromised digestion. We put the formula together, got it to the doctor, he infused it, sent it off to his associate, and lo and behold this person now is able to eat whatever she wants to eat where she used to have to be very, very selective on her food choices because they just would not pass through the system properly. Now, she can eat whatever she wants and she attributes it a 100% to Digesticol. Not only does it have the bacteria responsible, but also… I am sorry the enzymes that are responsible for the digestive process, but it also has some very specific bacteria that aid in that upper GI process and help bring it down down to the lower GI process where bacteria does the prevalent work on the digestive process. So, that’s just another testimonial to how this things works and again, this is not an issue of who is… or should I take a product, it is which should I take? You have to take a digestive product after the age of 30 if you live in the United States because of our over farmed, toxic food chain and even if you are a strict organic, raw fooder, this is still an issue and it still needs to be addressed because today you can get about 60% less nutrients in a cup of spinach that you could have got 50 years ago. It’s just that dramatically different even with our raw organic choices. So, this is something that everybody needs to do metabolically. We don’t have enough enzymes to finish that process out, the longer we are on Earth, the more we age, the less we have internally to help this process along and therefore the more events manifest, more degenerative disease manifest themselves and it is just a catch 22. Get the proper amount of digestive enzymes in your system and you will live longer, it’s that simple and you are going to be happier when you are here.

Martin Pytela: Couldn’t be said better. You have actually formulated a number of products that relate back to digestion. I recall we have Floracol, which is for the large intestine to repopulate the flora and fauna into the colon and you also have this Cholesticol and you have with lipase… what is it called, Lipalone, right?

Patrick Buehl: Lipalone, right, right, right.

Martin Pytela: So, the Lipalone is mainly for fat people to get thinner right?

Patrick Buehl: Well, I will tell you that fat is the hardest nutrient for the body to digest. So, improper fat digestion leads to its own host of illnesses. You don’t have to be fat to take this product. All you have to be is someone that eats an American diet to take this product. What this product will do is not only not allow the fat you consume to be stored as metabolic body fat, it pushes it through, converts it to essential fatty acids, where the muscle tissue can actually burn it as energy. So, we are taking what would be a waste and turning it into real fuel for the body and letting it… your body expel the energy by use of this essential fatty acids stored in the muscle tissue instead of growing our waistline with body fat. So, in addition to that, yes, it is a wonderful, amazing diet aid. It contains more lipase than any product in the world. Lipase is the only enzyme, it is the enzyme, its only reason for being is the breakdown and eliminating fat. If you look in nature at things like avocado, why is an avocado, why do we call avocado as having beneficial fat? Well, that’s because they have a very, very high amount of lipase in them which makes that conversion for you. Well, it turns an otherwise nasty transfat, saturated fat into an essential fatty acid, which is beneficial for the body and lipase, its sole responsibility is to do that process in the human body, in the food we consume and it will also break down metabolic body fat. So, we are talking about the obese, we are talking about somebody that just needs to lose a couple of extra pounds, lipase is the product for you without the use of any sort of stimulant. This ingredient breaks down fat, that’s all it does, it’s the only reason it is here. So, it does work, but it is also for anybody that eats an American diet. For crying out loud, it is so high in fat, this conventional American diet, you can take one with meals and it is going to stop the storage of body fat even if you are not fat or help clean up your blood; it will help you from that angle. So, Lipalone contains the highest amount of lipase of any product in the word and lipase’s only job is to break down fat wherever you find it.

Scott Paton: Oh, that is very interesting.

Martin Pytela: You certainly sold me on that. [laughs]

Patrick Buehl: Well, you mentioned Floracol Martin.

Martin Pytela: I did.

Patrick Buehl: Floracol is our other piece of the digestive process. We have a guaranteed protocol here to improve any digestive system and we guarantee this if we get compliance. if one were to use Digesticol which we spoke about and Floracol which you mentioned, Floracol contains enough beneficial bacteria to complete that digestive process as you mentioned that the lower GI and this product combined with Digesticol and two other things that we cannot buy, one of them being water, you need to consume about an ounce of water for every pound of body weight. I am sorry, half ounce of water for every pound of body weight to get proper hydration. Proper hydration isn’t just to quench thirst. Proper hydration is to allow our nutrients that we consume to be properly absorbed into the body. Well, if we get a half ounce of water each day for pound of body weight, we consume 30 g of fiber each day, the best thing to do is get a 50-50 split between soluble and insoluble fiber that you have got the roughage and you got the bulk forming agent and then you take Digesticol one capsule with any meal or snack, that’s just one capsule with any meal or snack and then you take Floracol with it, we can improve every single itis, whatever it is. Diverticulitis, prostitis, ulcerative prostitis, ulcerative colitis, Crohn disease, IBS, whatever type of digestive ailment you have, with that protocol, we guarantee results as long as people comply. We have never had it not improve anyone. It always improves people’s health. It always improves their digestive condition, ailment or disease – oops, did I say that, I didn’t mean it, but at least we know that the product works with that, comes with testimonials and I wouldn’t recommend it so full heartedly if we didn’t know it worked and in fact, we won’t even put a product out on the market if it didn’t work. We test these and send them off to people just like you Martin, that test them for us before we ever bring them to market.

Martin Pytela: Exactly. Would you say, it is better to take the Floracol in its powdered form or is capsulated okay?

Patrick Buehl: Well, the capsule is fine and here is the difference. We can take Floracol for two different reasons. One would be to aid the digestion of the food that we consume okay? And that has a lot to do with digestive disorders that we have today, but we could take it simply to address those issues systemically. So, if we were to take the powder, which is going to get us faster acting that maybe a better way to systemically address these issues, that is letting it pass through the stomach lining 45 to 60 minutes prior to or after any meal, then it pushes through the stomach lining into the small intestine where it is absorbed by the blood addressing these systematically or whole bodily. If you take them in a capsule it is going to delay that process, now, not too much, but it will delay it enough if you take it with meals, it is going to be a better bet that way I think. It is kind of six of one, half a dozen of another. We get testimonials in both cases. We have had people try both and can’t come up with a difference. It all has to do with when you take it and which one you take. I guess you can take it with meals or outside of meals. If you take of outside of meals, you are going to get the systemic value; if you take it with meals, it is going to concentrate the bacterial activity levels on breaking down the food before it passes through the entire system. So, there is kind of a two fold approach and it does mention that right on the label for systemic or digestive purposes.

Martin Pytela: I know I was in London just a couple of months ago and I was showing the product to the nutritionist there and this is a guy who is the nutritionist to the stars. I mean you should see his Rolodex. Anyway, he was telling me, “My God, I cannot see. I have not seen anything like this before. I mean this Floracol, this value that are just unmatched by anything that I have seen in my 25 years of practice” and I am saying, “See, I told you that you should carry the Generation Plus products.”

Patrick Buehl: Well, that’s nice to hear. You know we simply do not compromise where other companies may. There is a time in the formulation process when everybody has to make a decision. Are the ingredients that we are selecting going to be palatable for the market from a pricing standpoint? That’s something we never compromise. We always select the best ingredients and the pricing for that falls out where it may. If it’s an inexpensive ingredient, it is going to be really inexpensive; if it is high priced ingredient, it is going to be a moderately priced product, never overpriced, but we will never select ingredients either that are going to allow us to come into the market with a lower price point. We bring to you the ingredients that are going to be most beneficial or whatever product price it is.

Martin Pytela: Indeed. People have been totally impressed with the Generation Plus products.

Patrick Buehl: Well, I thank them for that and you know our mission is to continue on. We have got eight new formulas due to come out here in the next several months. We are working on our brand new January ’08 catalog right now, which is going to answer just about any question anyone has about enzymes. I think… you know, if I have got just a second to really breeze over the difference between systemic and digestive, do we have time for that or no?

Scott Paton: Sure. You go for it Patrick.

Patrick Buehl: Real quickly. The enzymes taken as a dietary supplement should be broken up into two distinct categories, one being systemic, one being digestive. Systemic is for the therapeutic reasons that we would take them for degenerative disease or sports injury, sprains, strains, thick blood, whatever, digestive is just for that, digesting food. The differences are this, digestive enzymes are going to contain many, many more different types of enzymes than a systemic enzyme formula. A systemic enzyme formula is going to contain only the enzymes needed to affect that condition, digestive enzymes are going to have almost all of them available that makes sense to digest any type of food you can consume. Also, systemic enzyme formula, the activity levels on every individual enzyme are going to be much higher on a systemic enzyme product than they will be on a digestive enzyme product because you need the higher activity levels to make it pass through the small intestine to be put into the circulation system where digestive enzymes don’t. there is a lot of work right in the stomach. So, you don’t need that high activity level. That’s really the biggest difference. It seems to be a question that pops up every single day and I just wanted to throw that out there.

Scott Paton: That’s great information Patrick. Thank you very much for sharing that with us. We have come pretty close to the end of our time for this podcast. Martin, do you have any sort of last words or maybe a last question that you wanted to ask Patrick before we go?

Martin Pytela: No. Not specifically. I would like to suggest that we are going to make this a regular program for enzyme education because I think that this is one of the critical and most important points of what Life Enthusiast is all about. So, I would like to bring Patrick back from time to time and expand the customer education about all of the importance of enzymes and… I mean Patrick has so much more experience to share with… about all the other things he has done in his life. I think it will be most beneficial to our listeners to hear that.

Patrick Buehl: Wow. I am flattered and just so you know, I would be available for whatever you gentlemen wanted to do. Let me know, I will be here.

Scott Paton: Excellent. Well, thank you very much.

Martin Pytela: Yeah. Let’s get our users to write in their questions.

Scott Paton: Yes. If you have got any questions for Patrick or for Martin, you can head over to lifeenthusiast.podomatic.com, leave it in the comments there. We check them all and we will answer them either personally or in an upcoming podcast. So, that’s… Life Enthusiast Co-Op podcast, is at the lifeenthusiast.podomatic.com and you will be able to see all our previous episodes as well and listen to them. If you have got any questions at all about Generation Plus, head over to the Life Enthusiast Co-Op website at life-enthusiast.com and just click on brands and company and then Generation Plus and you will be in a huge section with tons and tons of great information about enzymes and the different products that are available there.

Patrick Buehl: Excellent.

Scott Paton: So, you have been listening to the Life Enthusiast Co-Op podcast, restoring vitality to you and to the planet and Martin, any last words before we sign off?

Martin Pytela: No. Just thank you everybody for staying with us and looking forward to doing the next one.

Scott Paton: Goodbye.

Patrick Buehl: Thank you. Best of health.

Author: Martin Pytela