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Podcast 036: Amino Acids and Probiotics

Podcast 036: Amino Acids and Probiotics

Podcast 036: Amino Acids and Probiotics

In this week’s Podcast, Martin Pytela and his co-host Scott Paton discuss success stories they have heard from various customers of Life Enthusiast. The discussion focuses on the elimination of discomforts, diseases, immune system deficiencies, heavy metal toxicity and the repairing of damaged tissue.

Strata-Flora is the perfect aid for that persistent cough you’ve had for months that won’t respond to antibiotics. Due to our supermarket diets and our increasing use of antibiotics, the digestive flora that normally accumulates in the intestines is not there anymore. As a result, you are left with only the strongest antibiotic-proof bacteria thriving in an environment purged of all threats or danger. No wonder that cough won’t go away!

Podcast 036: Amino Acids and Probiotics

This is the Life Enthusiast Co-op podcast, restoring vitality to you and to the planet. Let’s join our hosts Scott Paton and Martin Pytela now.

Scott Paton: Hey Martin, how are you doing today?

Martin Pytela: I am doing wonderful. Thank you very much. How are you?

Scott Paton: Excellent. Excellent. We have been getting lots of great feedback from listeners of the podcast and I thought it would be kind of nice just to share some of the comments and feedback from the customers and from our listeners on today’s podcast.

Martin Pytela: Indeed, I think it would be appropriate and inspirational, you know, people wonder who are they doing business with or who might they be doing business with when they decide to actually pick up the phone and call Life Enthusiast Co-Op or place an order. So, I thought I will do this. So, I have a letter here from Gina. I am not going to use her last name, just in case she feels embarrassed about it, but here goes, okay?

Scott Paton: Yep.

Martin Pytela: “Good morning Martin. Thank you so, so much for giving me my life back. I am so grateful for all the time you have given me. It has become very clear to me that the Lord has put you in my path for a good reason. I have cried with tears of joy for your guidance that you have given me.”

Scott Paton: Wow.

Martin Pytela: “Right now as I am writing to you, I just have this feeling of elation and tears of joy are still flowing. I don’t remember the last time I had this feeling.” Well, so, that’s the opening. Here are a few more paragraphs out of that. “In the last e-mail you sent me, you told me there were good people out there and you just had to know where to find them. I found my #1, first place winner without a doubt and that would be you, Martin. Because of you and all the wonderful, unselfish information you gave me, I am finally on the road to recovery after being so sick for all these years.”

Scott Paton: Nice.

Martin Pytela: You know this is quite typical. People spend many, many years in this distress because the medical system does not handle chronic conditions well. I mean the allopathic, western medical system is absolutely wonderful at dealing with emergency situations like if you are showing up at an emergency room half dead with a bullet wound or with a heart attack or with you know any other traumatic injury or your kidneys are shutting down…

Scott Paton: Yeah, yeah. If you fall out of a tree, they are great.

Martin Pytela: Even if you have a chronic condition that has gone into what I would call acute, you know like something really already breaking down, shutting down, they will save you and it’s great, but they have no clue how to prevent getting to that spot and we do. So, anyway, here goes to continue. “I am finally on the road to recovery after being so sick for all these years. I have to share with you and you are welcome to use this part on your site, my road to recovery starts with you and Platinum Plus.” This is the Supernutrient Platinum Plus amino acids. A lot of people have their immune system fall apart and their digestive system follows and when that situation evolves, their body is unable to take apart, digest proteins. So, you may eat a piece of chicken, but your body doesn’t take it apart into the constituent blocks, that being the amino acids, and so there it isn’t able to assemble proteins correctly because it does not have the source material. The Platinum Plus are free form amino acids, which means that… free form means they are loosely available. They are ready to be used by the body without any further digestion. So, a compromised digestive system is not a problem.

Scott Paton: It gets right through it.

Martin Pytela: It gets right through it and…

Scott Paton: It is almost like it is pre-digested.

Martin Pytela: Yes, that’s correct. That’s the idea.

Scott Paton: Okay.

Martin Pytela: Okay. “Do you remember how…” this is the letter again. “Do you remember how you… how I told you that before each meal in order to eat without being sick I had to take a very expensive probiotic, a couple of enzymes and 300 mg of vitamin C? If it wasn’t for these supplements, I would with no exaggeration, be dead.”

Scott Paton: So, she really couldn’t digest any of the food that she was taking in.

Martin Pytela: That’s right. Yeah. She says, “Even though I knew that taking that amount of vitamin C could do some bad things to me, it gave me my life, so I could eat. I have tried over the years to at least cut the dose, but I was too sick to function without it. Even though I took them, I still had a lot of bad days dealing with nausea. I also had to puree all of my foods and refused to do the proteins. I ate that with knife and fork.” Oh, I guess, I guess she pureed everything, but her meat.

Scott Paton: Her meat…

Martin Pytela: Yeah. Okay. “I would tell myself to try to ease the worrying of taking such a high dose of vitamin C that I would more than likely have worse effects by taking a prescription. Anyway, so here we go. I have been taking Platinum Plus for about two months now. When I read how you didn’t need to take enzymes with Platinum Plus, I was really worried, but I wanted to try it hoping that I could cut down on all the other supplements. The first week I was on them, I tried cutting just my enzymes and that didn’t work, but what kept me going was that it controlled my food sensitivities a little. Last week I started cutting them down and then I went cold turkey after two days and took none of the enzymes and I was preparing myself to start feeling sick maybe in a day or two, but guess what? I didn’t. I never got sick. So, now as I am writing this to you, I am thinking wow, maybe I don’t have to puree my foods anymore, only when I want to. Believe it or not, I now love my mixtures that I make. I might even be able to eat salads again.” [laughs]

Scott Paton: Wow.

Martin Pytela: “And you did tell me that one day I would be able to eat raw foods again in one of your e-mails. Martin, so, you see why I am so grateful to you? I was so afraid to try Platinum Plus and you guided me in the right direction with your knowledge and now I want to thank you again for not being selfish and giving me two leads to try to find my answers for my failing health.” See what happens is we don’t have answers to everything. I mean we deal quite successfully with people in fairly normal conditions or when they are not too far gone. Gina on the other hand was quite an extreme case. I mean imagine a person that cannot eat anything without throwing up and just severe, severe problems. I didn’t read all the other you know preceding e-mails.

Scott Paton: Yeah, her list of illness goes on and on and on.

Martin Pytela: Yeah, oh yeah.

Scott Paton: Because how can you be healthy when you can’t absorb anything?

Martin Pytela: Right. Anyway, so what I did do is I pointed her to a place where she actually could get serious help and told her, “Do this; just go there.” Anyway, me make no money on the referrals. I just sent her over there and yeah, she got help. So, she is closing, “Again Martin, thank you so much. Love, with deepest gratitude, PS: Are you Italian?” [laughter] No Gina, I am a Czech. I was born in Czechoslovakia, I grew up in Central Europe, behind the Iron Curtain, in a communist country, in a police state.

Scott Paton: So, you appreciate the freedoms you have here.

Martin Pytela: Oh yes. I appreciate the freedoms I have here very much and I also appreciate how people are starting to lose those freedoms and I am just freaking out. I think most of American society is like those proverbial frogs sitting in a pot of water that’s being slowly warmed up. It’s not boiling yet, but man… ugh… anyway, don’t get me going on that.

Scott Paton: [laughs] So, let’s hear from another one of our customers.

Martin Pytela: Okay. So, let me just recap… let me just recap this a little bit just so we get a clear understanding what this is all about. We have a person with a completely broken digestive system and she needs to rebuild it because her gut is already just messed up so much that it cannot actually digest. So, we need to actually introduce the free form aminos that will rebuild the tissue that is damaged and gone and that’s what this product will do and it is not terribly expensive. It is $40 a month for a few months and it will repair you and you can return to normal life.

Scott Paton: Right. So, let’s suppose that someone listening isn’t… is in moderate health, maybe like most people 10-15 pounds overweight, gets the odd cold or flu in the cold or flu season, probably is finding that they are not quite energetic as they were five or ten years ago. Would this be something that would really perk them up and get things moving again or…?

Martin Pytela: Actually, we are going to get to that product in the next quote. The Platinum Plus would be excellent for people who suffer with chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, massive digestive problems, you know, it deals with metal toxicity, I mean Platinum Plus works on autism, works on Lyme disease, you know like serious, painful conditions and it also works exceedingly well on bad backs. People whose lower back hurts, falls apart, people who go to a chiropractor, but cannot hold an adjustment, there is this particular… what do I call it… the syndrome that’s tied to the heavy metal toxicity causes the outer shells of the discs that separate the vertebrae on the spine to weaken. It’s sort of like when you underinflate a tire in a car, you know, it starts bulging out.

Scott Paton: Yes, yes.

Martin Pytela: It’s… that’s a good visual of that. So, the rubber that would normally hold the tire stiffer is weak and it just bulges out. So, when we start supplementing the Platinum Plus, it strengthens the wrappings on the discs and they… again, they make it look as if you inflated your tires. The whole system stiffens up and finally holds the adjustments. I mean I had that situation myself you know. I went to the chiropractor and he… you know good, skilled chiropractor puts me exactly in the right alignment, but two or three days later, I would be gone and out. Why is that? I mean he did his work. It was my body that was failing and most chiropractors don’t know this. It’s sad. It’s a nutritional problem. They think, “Well, I am a good chiropractor, how come these people keep losing it?” And I have even heard this rumor, people say don’t go to a chiropractor, they all just loosen your ligaments and you will be coming in and out of adjustments very easily. That actually is a old wives tale. It’s bad… bad news. It’s not because of that. It’s because of your weak ligaments and weak…

Scott Paton: Whether you go or not go to the chiropractor, you are going to be going in and out of adjustments, right?

Martin Pytela: That’s right. You are going to be like that Jack in the box flopping around, boneless, spineless.

Scott Paton: Ouch.

Martin Pytela: [laughs]. Well, anyway, so…

Scott Paton: You are on… Martin, your analogies and visual pictures today are you are right on, because I am just squirming in my seat here.

Martin Pytela: Oh, dear.

Scott Paton: [laughs] Keep going. Spineless and boneless, it’s oh, no, I want to keep them.

Martin Pytela: Okay. Well, anyway, so when you do get the proteins that you need to have assembled from the amino acids, it will strengthen the outer shells in the discs and strengthen the ligaments and your adjustments will hold and then you go to the chiropractor, get yourself straightened out, and you stay straight. No more back pain. I mean hallelujah. One of the most popular complaints in North America, back pain.

Scott Paton: And that’s what the Platinum Plus will do for us.

Martin Pytela: Absolutely. No doubt. It was invented by a chiropractor in his 40 year practice. I mean he actually was looking for the solution to the same problem that many other chiropractors have and he found it, he diagnosed it, and he developed a product that takes care of it. It is a patented formula and the secret is you can’t just go and take any amino acids. The big deal about the formula is that it has co-factors in it. There are catalysts that are required for the transaction to actually take place. The chemical reaction will not go forward without molybdenum and sulfur and so there are other formulas, you know, amino acids on the market, but they don’t have these… they are not secret, they are on the bottle, but they are patented, so other companies can do it and yeah, when you get it like that, it works.

Scott Paton: Cool.

Martin Pytela: Yeah. So, anyway, going back to this other issue, the not quite so sick, people who… well, people who are dragging on the… anyway, this other woman, her name is Anne. She lives in Australia and that’s another story. I will tell about that and she has had many, many years of very difficult, not so good health and she is writing… we have had some trouble with Australia. They are really intense about not letting living things across the border. For instance, they have taken issue with slippery elm. Slippery elm is a wonderful ingredient that soothes the bowel, soothes the whole digestive system, but the word elm gets the Australian importation, I think it is called…

Scott Paton: Dutch elm disease.

Martin Pytela: Yeah, the Dutch elm disease, they want to protect themselves against that and of course we use only raw ingredients. We don’t cook them. So, they said, well, you can’t ship this, only if you encapsulate it or if you boil it. Well, we said, we don’t boil it.

Scott Paton: kill it.

Martin Pytela: Yeah, kill it. Well, why would we want to ship useless ingredients, right? Well, anyway, so Anne wrote… so, Anne was buying two different products from us. She bought the magnesium in the form of the bath crystals, Twilight America bath crystal, and she also bought the Strata Flora made by Exsula and so, we were trying to find ways to ship to her in an affordable way because Australia you know is pricey and to send a $30 one kilo package of the bath salt costs $30 more to deliver. So, that’s pretty painful, but here is her words, “I appreciate your effort on my behalf so much. Let’s just go ahead with air mail in the US this time since I am almost out of the bath crystals, but next order, we might be able to get far enough ahead and use the Canadian slow surface mail. How are you able to get to a Canadian post office without much trouble?” Ha, I laugh.

Scott Paton: [laughs]

Martin Pytela: It’s because we also have a Canadian warehouse. Here is the interesting thing. The US mail has actually canceled surface mail. They only now do air mail. They don’t do shipping by boat to Australia anymore, but Canadians are still doing it. So, that’s why this came up.

Scott Paton: I see.

Martin Pytela: But anyway, she goes, “Thanks and please hurry. My postmenopausal system sorely knows it when I don’t get the magnesium and the DHEA levels drop and it only takes a few days before I start suffering.”

Scott Paton: Wow.

Martin Pytela: “I want to report to you on my one time use of Strata Flora.” She actually did get two bottles through and that was it. The next shipment got stopped. Anyway, she says here, “Remember I got one through the customs quarantine, but the next two got busted and a lengthy search for a way through ensued resulting in and eventually having to have them sent back to you.” Yeah, they came back. “So, I only used the one lot, stretching it over three months. Initially, I used the higher dosage, but then I found that I best just take a tip spoonful with every meal every day. Well, recently I came down with a nasty flu virus that is around this southern winter, a mean and deadly strain. I hardly ever get respiratory infections due to my clean diet and lifestyle, but anyway, it charged through, starting at the sinuses like a wounded bull. Voice box, throat and bronchial tubes followed in close succession, high fever and really nasty aches and pains completing the picture, brain utterly defunct and misery acute.”

Scott Paton: Ouch.

Martin Pytela: What a writer she is…

Scott Paton: She is… what a picture she paints.

Martin Pytela: Yeah, anyway, “My sinuses were so blocked at one stage I could not swallow because of the back pressure that it brought.” Amazing. “Much hot bathing and hot water bottle to rest my face on at night were the order of the day. Did you know a hot bottle water as a pillow will clear the most stubborn sinus and nose blockage in minutes.” You too, me too. “I channeled that one direct from the universe.”

Scott Paton: [laughs]

Martin Pytela: [laughs] It’s interesting that she actually just invented it and it works. Anyway, “By day three, it got into my bronchial area and I laid the hot water bottle on my neck and upper chest for hours to stop it going to the lungs. Well, at the end of that day, my immune system, which I had literally felt working on each area of infection in turn like a battleground it was, got on top of it, and it was over; just like that.”

Scott Paton: Wow.

Martin Pytela: “All that was left was mucus in the voice box and a dry cough which persisted for a few more days, but no unwellness. The sinus blockage which so often endures for weeks in colds and flu never happened after the onset. It simply cleared quickly. I have since embarked on a daily course of tea and my fenugreek tea, and the voice box is clearing.” Anyway, I am going to have to skip a few things. “Until recent times my immune system had been persistently low. That is the deep and silent effect of one bottle of Strata Flora which I finished months ago, that I am able to overcome this illness. Felt you would like to know this. If you want to post this testimonial, feel free.”

Scott Paton: Nice.

Martin Pytela: [laughs] So, thank you very much Anne in Australia. She is a wonderful person and she has suffered a long, long time with a debilitated immune system and we were able to set it on the right course with just a single bottle of the Strata Flora. See what happens with the Strata Flora, it is a self colonizing digestive system rebuilder. You take a bit of territory by the means of poisoning out, well not poisoning, but pushing over the critters that shouldn’t be there and in colonizing them with the right critters that start growing and they wouldn’t start growing had we not fed them. You know these things are called probiotics. They are like yogurt culture and other critters like soil based organisms that live on vegetables. So, when you take them, they start colonizing, but if they don’t have the right food, which we call prebiotics, they actually don’t grow. So…

Scott Paton: Oh, that’s interesting.

Martin Pytela: Well, so we have the prebiotics in the blend as well. So, that gives them enough strength to actually build a colony. It is sort of like a beachhead you know. You just you know land the first few troops, and then you need to support them. You need to resupply them with ammo and food and everything else and that’s what the prebiotics do.

Scott Paton: That’s very, very cool Martin.

Martin Pytela: Yeah. So, there is this Strata Flora, the universal… and it’s… it really is a universal digestive system healer. It works all the way from the mouth down to the anus. You know there is something for the stomach, there is something for the small intestine, there is something for the large intestine. It is a really good product. It is not cheap at $87 a bottle, but that represents a three month supply and usually that one bottle is enough to set a compromised digestive system on the right course.

Scott Paton: Wow.

Martin Pytela: And you know how do you compromise your digestive system? Well, you kill off the bacteria that are naturally living in the digestive system.

Scott Paton: So, when you drink something like chlorinated water with purposes to kill bacteria and bugs in the water, you are probably doing the same thing to your stomach.

Martin Pytela: You put your hand right on it. Yeah, what kills bacteria? Chlorine. Yes, sir. So, if your water is not filtered, you know, you need at least a carbon filter to remove the chlorine, no… too bad. It’s killing off the flora in your digestive system. So, if your kid goes to school and drinks the water out of the water fountains, it is killing off the digestive flora for sure.

Scott Paton: So, there is really no way for anybody to not have compromised digestive systems.

Martin Pytela: Pretty much. The sure way to kill all of it, all in a single swoop is a course of antibiotics. I mean that kills all of it, straight out. That’s why people have yeast infections starting usually after a course of antibiotics because the antibiotics wipe out the flora in the whole body. They kill everything. You know they kill the infection and they kill the good guys as well. That’s why they are called antibiotics and the other folks are called probiotics. So, yes, you need to, after a course of antibiotics if you had one, you must repopulate your probiotics and you need to feed your probiotics with your prebiotics. If you don’t, they are good for a little while, I mean there are some other popular probiotic mixes in the market, but they are… they are addictive in the sense that if they don’t have the prebiotic mixed in with it, they work only so long as you are taking them. The moment you stop taking them, if you have not established the colonies of the new cultures, they will just drop off and you go right back to the sick stage and we don’t do that. We are such silly people we don’t want you addicted to our products.

Scott Paton: So, Martin, thank you very much for sharing those two great success stories because I know that it gives inspiration to a lot of people who you know maybe are feeling helpless, feeling like they don’t know where to turn and what to do and you know how can you get from being in a really acute situation with you know lots of pains and aches and everything else which really just means our bodies are inflamed right? and we need to look after the inflammation. To those of us that have a moderate health, but really remember what it was like 10 or 15 years ago and not nearly as active or as energetic or as quick moving as we used to be and last week’s podcast was really inspirational for me because when I heard that aging, you know our enzymes don’t go down as we age, we age as our enzymes go down. To me, that was like really? there is hope here for me to have a long, active life because my parents are very healthy in their late 70s and my grandparents all made… you know two of them made it to over a 100 and one made it to like 98 and one made it to almost 90. So, I think of life going for another long, long period of time and the thought of being in a home for 10 or 20 of those years just does not appeal to me at all.

Martin Pytela: Yeah, I sure can relate. Isn’t that neat though when you are 50 and you are thinking, oh, I am only half way through, eh?

Scott Paton: Yeah and how long ago was it when… if you are 50, you were like really the old guy because everybody else died when they were in their 40s or 30s.

Martin Pytela: That’s true. Yeah, it is important that we understand that the last 30 years you don’t want to spend in a wheelchair plugged into an oxygen bottle and a drip.

Scott Paton: That’s right.

Martin Pytela: You want to still be surfing. [laughs]

Scott Paton: [laughs] That’s right.

Martin Pytela: Whether it is the surf boards or the web, I don’t know, but yeah, definitely stay active.

Scott Paton: [laughs] Well, I would like to be able to walk down to the beach easily and quickly and watch my son surf. I could do that.

Martin Pytela: Well, you know you will be watching your 80-year-old son surf… it is your 100th birthday, so, I don’t know…

Scott Paton: That’s right.

Martin Pytela: [laughs]

Scott Paton: So, thank you very, very much for sharing all of that and if you want to find out more about the two products that we discussed in this particular podcast, if you head over to and look at the show notes, I have got the direct links. If you are just interested in finding out more about how you can really take your health to the next level or you know find out more about specific issues that you may have, head over to the Life Enthusiast Co-op website, which is We have got thousands and thousands of pages of information there. Right Martin?

Martin Pytela: Oh, yeah, there are thousands. Yep, there are.

Scott Paton: And lots of information on different things that you can do and you know we know people that go and just spend weeks and weeks and weeks because it is so interesting to see all the possibilities that come from stuff that you know your doctor or the pharmacist or the pharmacy industry is not going to tell you about, right?

Martin Pytela: Yeah. Yes. Well, you know, I would like to point out to people you don’t have to spend weeks of reading on the website to get help. We have the website quite well organized by the type of conditions that are bothering you. There are really only five major issues and we will talk about which they are in our future podcasts. You know you either have toxicity going or you have inflammation going or you have nutritional deficiencies. You know these things… people usually don’t have all of it at once although some are pretty complex. So, you don’t need to do everything that’s on the website. You just need the stuff that applies directly to you.

Scott Paton: That’s right. Great. Well, thank you very much again Martin for taking time out of your busy day and to all our listeners, we appreciate you and we appreciate you listening. If you head over to, you can subscribe to iTunes or leave a comment and a question if you have got any, we’ll… we would love to hear from you and any questions, we’ll bring up in future podcasts for everybody to hear the answers to.

Martin Pytela: Right on. Okay. Well, thank you folks. This is Life Enthusiast Co-Op, restoring vitality to you and to the planet. Thank you.

Scott Paton: Bye, bye.

Author: Martin Pytela
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