Podcast 051: Zeolite for Detoxification

A non toxic mineral called Zeolite, specifically clinoptillolite, binds heavy metals and other toxins by capturing them in its honey-comb like structure. It also interferes with viral cell replication. Zeolite is easy to take – you simply take it with any beverage, or on your food. You can take it anytime, with anything, no exceptions.

Zeolite is one of the few negatively charged minerals in nature. Zeolites are natural volcanic minerals with a unique, complex crystalline structure. The honeycomb framework of cavities and channels (like cages) is negatively charged and small enough to work at the cellular level, trapping positively charged heavy metals and toxins by cation exchange, its negative charge locking with the positively charged heavy metals and toxins, and locking them into its framework. After this, they are safely and quickly removed from the body (within 7 hours).

Natural Cellular Defense that we are talking about is a brand that is not available from our website, but other Zeolite products are.

Watch the videos below and learn about the hazards of mercury dental fillings:

Podcast 051: Zeolite for Detoxification

Scott Paton: Welcome back everybody you are listening to the Life Enthusiast Coop pod cast. I am your co-host Scott Paton along with Martin Pytela restoring vitality to you and to the planet, hey! Martin how are you doing today?

Martin Pytela: It’s a gorgeous sunny day where I live Scott it feels good.

Scott Paton: It is sunny here, too. Yeah, I am in the sun it’s wonderful and people listening to previous pod casts may recall that you have been going to the dentist to get your mercury fillings removed.

Martin Pytela: Oh! Indeed yeah, I just a few days ago did the fourth of the four sessions.

Scott Paton: So, you have got your mercury free now.

Martin Pytela: Well, amalgam free.

Scott Paton: Amalgam free.

Martin Pytela: Yeah you know the mercury it’s all over my body you know like when you chew food on mercury fillings it wears, it gases off, it gets into your system you swallow it, it’s everywhere and your body needs to deal with it and so it’s sequestered, it’s in the fat of my body, it’s in the bones, it’s in the joints, you know it’s all over the place.

Scott Paton: And you are particularly sensitive to mercury right?

Martin Pytela: Well, yes about a quarter of the population is genetically predisposed to not being able to deal with heavy metals and I won the ticket. I am one of those and this is how the mainstream gets away with continuing this barbaric practice, you know they can tell you, but this doesn’t happen to everybody, statistically more people are okay so how could you say that the mercury did it to you?

Scott Paton: Right.

Martin Pytela: Until you put that variable the genetic variable saying 100% of the people who have this genetic predisposition end up in trouble.

Scott Paton: And now you have got a problem.

Martin Pytela: Yeah, so you know it’s in children who have this if you inject them with a mercury loaded vaccine they go autistic. I mean, I don’t know if it’s 100% of the cases, but sheer majority of them, you know, you have a normal child, you take him to the doctor they give him a vaccination and three days later you have a basket case, and the — now the crib deaths, they are so correlated with vaccinations as well. So, anyway…

Scott Paton: I personally believe that we should only be putting good things into our bodies not dead disease so…

Martin Pytela: Right, but you know what is better to have a tooth that rots out in your mouth or to try and fix it, so of course it’s intelligent to fix it, but you shouldn’t be fixing it with a poison that is going to cause you untold trouble.

Scott Paton: Right, well we fixed your teeth right.

Martin Pytela: Okay, so I no longer have the amalgams, I am good with that and now…

Scott Paton: Congratulations.

Martin Pytela: …now comes the detox, now I need to get rid of all of the metal that has been just stashed away you know, it’s I know it’s in my — I mean I have had it analyzed I called Doctor Vickery and we did a remote session he was able to check where it is. And what the levels are. And it’s in my liver, it’s in my brain, it’s in my spine, it’s in my joints, you know it’s all over the place, so now comes the next chapter, how do we get rid of it?

Scott Paton: That was going to be my question.

Martin Pytela: Yeah what to do? Well Dr. Brice Vickery figures very large in this picture. I came to know him about six years ago when I ran into the amino acids the Supernutrient Platinum Plus Amino Acids that we [now] sell. They help people especially with metal toxicity, because the amino acids are able to wrap themselves around these toxic molecules and help escort them through the normal eliminative pathways like liver and kidneys out of the body, but it’s not as effective as some other things might be, although you know it’s really — it’s really good. So, all of the back problems that I have had because of it you know the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, the sore wrists, the joints aching and hurting, the back going out of whack, all of that I have been able to manage, but I was having to continue to take the amino acids, because of the continued toxicity…

Scott Paton: Cool. So, what is some way that somebody who is concerned about, you know, heavy metals in their body, mercury in their body could use to detoxify?

Martin Pytela: Well, this is the latest discovery Dr. Vickery called me up about two months ago, three months ago and said you know I have found this extra tool that is just so enhancing what I have been doing, it’s just phenomenal you ought to try it out. So, I did you know ordered it up started testing it and truly it’s amazing and believe me I did not want to get involved with any company that sells their product through network marketing, but this one does. The company is called Waiora and that’s spelled W-A-I-O-R-A and their flagship product is called Natural Cellular Defense and this product does what it’s supposed to do, it detoxifies like nothing else I have ever seen.

Scott Paton: Wow! So tell us a little bit more about what is in Natural Cellular Defense?

Martin Pytela: It’s made using a patented process made from Zeolite, zeolite is a particular volcanic soil that is a mineral that is when you crush it, it has a great affinity to attract toxins. The way this material is composed, it has a lot of sites that are attracting electro-positive elements, itself being a electro-negative cage. You could visualize it — you could visualize it like something like a little Pacman that has ability to hold within itself electro-positive things and itself remain electro-negative.

Scott Paton: So, in another words it’s kind of like a magnet right, it will pull the positively charged toxic metals out basically out of you and attach to it and then it removes itself from your body, is that how it would work?

Martin Pytela: Yes, well your body whenever it sees an electro-positive thing which the toxic metals are that, viruses are like that, lot of you know the oxidant, antioxidants our relationship that has everything to do with the electro-positive electro-negative things, antioxidants are electro-negative, oxidants are electro-positive. So, when you have for instance something like that toxic metal in the body Vitamin C will throw itself at it, but when the vitamin C molecule jumps on it, it hands the electron over to it, now itself it became electro-positive…

Scott Paton: Right.

Martin Pytela: So now this little hero vitamin C has to hand it over to something else, it has to hand it to may be Vitamin B which has to hand it to Vitamin A, which has to hand it to Vitamin E and finally at the end this go to glutathione that helps recycle all of this back into — reload it and ready too perform again. So, it’s a very complex thing you can visualize all of this sort of like a rugby team where, or may be a football team where in the back you have the quarter back that is Mister Glutathione and he just kind of deals with the ball and has to hand it to somebody and there is a whole team of performance that are involved with dealing with just this one play.

Scott Paton: Right, right.

Martin Pytela: This happens time and time again. So, anyway the zeolite by itself just in natural state has affinity for toxins, it pulls toxins into itself. So, when you are mining zeolite in it’s natural state, it has many of the potential sites already filled and the patented formula WAIORA has developed is this activated or the activation where they are actually able to strip it out, it sort of like, if you took an… You know if you iron a shirt you get rid of the wrinkles right.

Scott Paton: Right… Right.

Martin Pytela: So, if you apply this activation process to the zeolite you just remove the… You just remove the unwanted toxins out of it and you make it ready to accept a lot of the toxins when you put it in your body.

Scott Paton: Wow! So is it in a liquid form or capsule form?

Martin Pytela: It’s liquid… It’s a teeny little bottle with drops and you would use so many drops per glass of water that you drink.

Scott Paton: I see and what happens if you use too many?

Martin Pytela: Well sure enough I started on it just couple of days ago you know I tested it, but now I was going to go okay let’s go for it. So, the recommended dosage they say is one to three drops per glass of water everyday.

Scott Paton: So, one to three drops a day?

Martin Pytela: No…no one to three drops in every glass of water you drink which is probably about four times.

Scott Paton: Okay.

Martin Pytela: The objective is to spread it out throughout the day, you want to have a steady level of it all the time.

Scott Paton: Okay, so I drink eight glasses of water, so I would have two or three drops eight times a day.

Martin Pytela: So, that would make it about 16 to 24 in your case, so anyway that the normal dosage is about ten drops a day.

Scott Paton: Okay.

Martin Pytela: So you would probably do just one drop per glass in your case.

Scott Paton: Okay.

Martin Pytela: Well, anyway you know people who are really sick… By the way this product is patented not just claimed, but patented to deal with cancer.

Scott Paton: Wow!

Martin Pytela: Because of course cancer is an illness caused by toxins in the body. So, when you remove the toxins out of the body, the irritant that causes the cancer is gone and the body is able to revert itself back to healthy, so you know to treat cancer you would probably be using something like 50 drops a day total.

Scott Paton: Wow!

Martin Pytela: Well, anyway so I thought well what the heck let’s rush in and I used a little too much and sure enough by mid afternoon I could already feel how I was putting myself into a healing crisis. So, by the evening I just had to cut it out and had to crash and couldn’t sustain it, so today I am in a better space instead of using four five drops per glass I am using one drop per glass and I am managing.

Scott Paton: So, you could do it really, really fast and it end up basically on your back as your body is cleaning at a very, very high rate or you can do it more gradually and not incapacitate yourself is that what you are saying?

Martin Pytela: That is pretty much it, yeah because the symptoms I was getting was brain fog and you know just emotional you know it’s all of the symptoms that metal toxicity it’s just nasty, I was unable to… Go ahead.

Scott Paton: I was going to say give us some of the kind of an overall broad symptoms of metal toxicity, because those of us that are, you know, we’re listening we’re going well, you know, I don’t know what, you know I am like toxic or not and I often find when we are speaking that you will list of these are all the different symptoms and then I will go well you know I got all the those, I didn’t even know they were symptoms and that means I am this or that and one of my friends was driving me home the other day from the airport and I had made a mistake and you know I am human right?

Martin Pytela: Yeah.

Scott Paton: And I thought I was going to be arriving at 8 PM, but I arrived at 6 PM, so I phoned him and he was just about to make dinner and then he was going to sit down and listen to a tele-seminar and then he was going to come and get me, so I totally disrupted his life, as you can imagine.

Martin Pytela: Yes.

Scott Paton: He came and he got me and I heard about this basically the whole way home and I thought you know I am sorry like I called you as soon as I knew I didn’t know what time I was arriving when I got on the plane until they took off and they said we are going to be in at 6. I don’t know why I had the wrong time and I said and you know its not that big a deal, because it’s just like I am two hours early, you know I just didn’t understand, but then it tweaked with me, because you know you and I have talked about different things and I thought you know he is really upset and he’s probably short on magnesium.

Martin Pytela: Yep.

Scott Paton: So we ended up having a conversation I said “You know you kind of got this road rage going on here in the car and he goes “Yeah he says I am just like…” I said “You are probably you know little short on magnesium” you know, and he knew enough you know what we have talked about, what you know — I have had many conversations with him about what we talk about and he goes “Well yeah, may be I am” so I had an extra bag with the magnesium salt, so I said “When I get home I’m going to give you this, go have a bath” [Laughter].

Martin Pytela: Yep.

Scott Paton: Next day I talked to him he says “Yeah I feel a lot better, and mellower today”

Martin Pytela: Really good, Dr. Scott.

Scott Paton: But who knew that you know oh! Man I am all worked up is you know just have a magnesium bath you will be relaxed and happier right. So, I now know that and I watch for that, so I think it’s really valuable if you say okay you know if you are toxic and you have got a lot of heavy metals in your body, here are some of the things, because to me what always goes through my mind is you know the body may be doesn’t work so good, but I don’t think of the mental and emotional things that occur and so I think this would be really helpful.

Martin Pytela: You have got it. Well. I think these symptoms will vary you know there are issues, but the most common one is Brain fog and Brain fog is just the sensation that you already know something you want to say it, but it’s just not coming, I mean you already know it’s there you know like it’s on the tip of say at tip of my tongue, tip of my tongue I want to say it, but it’s not happening.

Scott Paton: Okay that is interesting.

Martin Pytela: What is the other ones, the sense of unreality, it’s as if you were walking under a glass dome, your senses are sort of reporting, but they are not reporting well, it’s similar to sort of drug — I don’t know so many years I don’t remember clearly now, but you know just smoking some pot or something like that.

Scott Paton: Yeah.

Martin Pytela: It will just alter your perception just enough that it will feel really strange, like as if things were moving slower or faster or its sort of bizzareness, but there are you know like they are, depending on the level of the toxicity you know like mild toxicity is just that sort of thing, once we get into the serious ones, you know we will get into symptoms you know like for instance mercury toxicity, you know metallic taste in the mouth, excess salivation, gingivitis. you know your gingivitis is an illness of the gums, where you start having gum recession or that sort of thing, tremors in the muscles, tremors in the body, digestive troubles, eliminative troubles, irritability, depression, psychosis, apathy, shyness this is its the mercury, lead goes on irritability, impotence, loss of libido, depression how do you like it so far of it headaches, weakness, cognitive dysfunction that that’s when you are, when you are just unable to think, those are the two most common ones.

Scott Paton: Okay cool. So you had your healing crisis, because you over did it, you got enthusiastic and that is really something that everybody I think can easily relate to, because I know I always think okay I have got the stuff and I am just going to you know put a whole bunch in and then the next thing you know it is like oh! My god we are a little…

Martin Pytela: Yeah, that is common I mean I deal with it all the time with our customers who enthusiastically jump into it and then what…

Scott Paton: It took ten years to build up all the toxins and I want them out of my body in five minutes.

Martin Pytela: Yep.

Scott Paton: Ouch.

Martin Pytela: Yes, so that is that, so I have listened now to a good number of interviews with medical researchers, doctors, practitioners who have been using the Natural Cellular Defense, in fact I have a whole 50 minute recording of it that I would like to add to our podcast library and I am totally convinced that this thing really is a universal tool of helping people deal with toxicity. So, I am very encouraged by it, I would suggest to everybody who is living in the western world who has lived in a urban center, who has ever inhaled any hydrocarbons, who has ever ingested water that goes through copper and lead pipes, who has lived in a place where they burn coal for electricity, who has had a filling put in their mouth to consider doing a run of this, even just as a preventive to just clean it up.

Scott Paton: Cool. So what are some of the other benefits of Natural Cellular Defense?

Martin Pytela: Well, the benefits are secondary you know the primary benefit is you detox, you get rid of toxic waste in your body. So, you start reversing all of these symptoms that I just listed you know. I mean, you have, if you have arsenic poisoning you know you have mental impairment, progressive blindness, paralysis, kidney failure, you know, brown skin pigmentation.

Scott Paton: Wow!

Martin Pytela: You know limb paralysis or deep tendon reflexes are reduced you know mental symptoms really include apathy, dementia and anorexia. So, if you have this type of illness caused by the toxins in your body, you will start reversing and undoing these symptoms.

Scott Paton: Wow!

Martin Pytela: you know that the type of illnesses that are commonly caused by toxins include multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, cancer, it’s just absolutely crazy what it applies to.

Scott Paton: Right, right.

Martin Pytela: So, what can we reverse, well you know we had the five forces of illness series that we just worked on not long ago right.

Scott Paton: That is right.

Martin Pytela: Well one of them we talked about was toxins, you know, if you have too much of stuff you shouldn’t have in your body you are going to be suffering from a variety of symptoms from it.

Scott Paton: That is right.

Martin Pytela: So we were talking about detox, we were talking about doing detoxifying baths and how that can release some of it, we were talking about, eating healthy foods that would help your eliminative system, so here we have the tool that is – I keep coming back to the image of the Pacman – you know we are just loosing a whole bunch of little Pacmen that can just go into the body and start gobbling up all the stuff that there has no business being there.

Scott Paton: Right, right we have also talked in the past about the importance of having the right, pH balance in the body and in the blood.

Martin Pytela: Yes.

Scott Paton: So, would this help with that as well.

Martin Pytela: Tremendously, yes it would, because it would help eliminate the things that cause the pH balance to be wrong.

Scott Paton: Right, right that is very important.

Martin Pytela: Yes it is, well ask me more questions, why would a person want to do it? Oh, to prevent horrendous symptoms that will come later in life. If you don’t deal with your toxins now it will come to haunt you later.

Scott Paton: Right.

Martin Pytela: If you already have an illness caused by toxins, well then you may as well start on it now.

Scott Paton: You had mentioned that this is like mined.

Martin Pytela: Yes, it’s mined.

Scott Paton: So, can you tell me little bit about how is it — they have these big drills drilling into the ground or…?

Martin Pytela: I think so. I think what they do is they just have to go to a place where this is located and they just take a huge shovel and just grab a bunch of it.

Scott Paton: I see.

Martin Pytela: But then they have to take it apart, they mill it to find powder and then they do this activation, the patented process that, I mean that is what makes this company of course so phenomenally viable, because they can take something that probably costs a thousand dollars per tonne and sell it for a million dollars per tonne you know, but so it is, it’s effective, their process does do what they promise to do, unlike other things. I have actually gone through the pains of purchasing three other zeolite products and testing them, I wanted to compare, I wanted to be sure that I am not paying 50 bucks for a bottle that I could buy for 10 elsewhere.

Scott Paton: Right.

Martin Pytela: Because this product is not cheap you know it’s selling for $50 a bottle or if you decide to sign up and you can buy it as a member for $33 a bottle and yes, there is zeolite out there that you can buy for $20 a bottle, $15 a bottle, but you know we took it to the test, I shipped it to Dr. Vickery to put it on the machine to test it against other patients on a comparison and this other stuff isn’t activated, it’s zeolite, but it doesn’t have anywhere near the power of it, whereas you know we get universal acceptance on the WAIORA brand, the other stuff is just, it doesn’t cut it.

Scott Paton: Interesting.

Martin Pytela: Yeah, so again here is a cool little company, the company history says that in 2001 they were preparing to take this through the FDA process of drug authorization to have it as a cancer preventive or anti-cancer drug and then they thought hold on we are going to spend $800 million, we are going to take ten years doing it and we will have an application for it where we are allowed to apply it to skin cell cancers, why don’t we turn it around? Why don’t we just get a GRAS generally recognized as safe rating on it, and introduce it to everybody?

Scott Paton: Right.

Martin Pytela: Then you can deal with it as a preventive tool as opposed to a drug, so that is what you have here now, instead we have an illness prevention instead of just trying to have another pharmaceutical drug.

Scott Paton: Neat.

Martin Pytela: So, the key benefits right?

Scott Paton: Yeah

Martin Pytela: Removes heavy metals and chemical toxins, so that would be the mercury, lead, the chemical toxins would be like dioxin and furans so in the process of course when you remove these toxins you help balance the pH and when you balance the pH that means that you are supporting the immune system so you are allowing it to thrive and deal with the illnesses that it’s already created which then leads to building overall health and the big deal about this is that it’s really hard to overdose and it’s safe, even pregnant women and nursing women can take it.

Scott Paton: Yeah, it’s totally non toxic.

Martin Pytela: Yes, in itself there is no toxicity whatsoever.

Scott Paton: Although you might have a little bit of a healing crisis if you take too much once.

Martin Pytela: Well yeah, that is right.

Scott Paton: So, you lay down and have a sleep and you’re fine.

Martin Pytela: Right.

Scott Paton: Which is what you did right?

Martin Pytela: Yeah, that is what I did I had to sleep it off you know I had to stop taking the high dose of course, I just said okay well whoa, whoa pull back.

Scott Paton: right, right that great.

Martin Pytela: Now here is a good little side benefits it will stop the acute diarrhea from food poisoning, so if you go somewhere traveling you know and you have a bottle of this with you and you end up you know the traveler’s illness especially when you go to Mexico or to places like that this will effectively stop that.

Scott Paton: Cool that is great. So, if somebody wanted to find out more about Natural Cellular Defense, where would they go on the website Martin?

Martin Pytela: Well, I only have it in one place presently under manufacturers WAIORA products.

Scott Paton: So www.life-enthusiast.com and then click on manufacturers and then WAIORA.

Martin Pytela: Yes sir. [we now sell other more affordable zeolite products]

Scott Paton: And then you will see there is a whole this I mean you have got five or six or seven articles up there already information about it, how it works. How it’s made. Where it comes from?

Martin Pytela: Yeah. All of that yes.

Scott Paton: All of that stuff, you know what you can expect and, I think that is just amazing actually that they were you know going to, start it off as an anti cancer drug and of course making it an FDA GRAS which stands for Generally Recognized as Safe by the FDA, so it got to market a lot quicker it is amazing, now we just have to get the message out.

Martin Pytela: Yes, and that is what we are doing, so I mean I, well I have struggled with toxicity for the longest time and I am struggling now to come up with the words of appreciation just how big a deal this is, because I don’t want to sound like I am trying to oversell it or over state it….

Scott Paton: Or over hype it.

Martin Pytela: Over hype it, but it’s almost like when you discover America you know or if you have a religious experience you know and all of a sudden your worries are lifted from you.

Scott Paton: You’re starting to feel a lot better.

Martin Pytela: Well the hope that it brings you know, like it’s just the expectation of oh Yes, this will completely take care of us it does, it will I mean I have listened to all these medical testimonies and it’s just astounding how well it will work.

Scott Paton: Cool that is really cool.

Martin Pytela: And here I am going to just quote just one of them Steven Trebiatti MD board certified Neurologist in Minneapolis, the “The Old adage an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure it takes on a new meeting with cancer where cures are seldom and ounce of prevention is worth years of an otherwise shortened life versus a ton of ineffective and miserable treatment. Since most cancers are caused by toxins, we either ingest or inhale prevention means ridding our bodies of these toxins. I will be using liquid zeolite and I will be recommending this to every member of my family and every patient I see thank you.”

Scott Paton: I just wanted to add something too, I noticed on the website here at Life Enthusiast Coop they did a test with 60 people for 14 to 26 common toxins heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, 801 of these toxins where initially found in the subjects livers, 825 were detected in the breasts, 824 were identified in brain tissue, they were found to have 90 to 95% of these toxins in their livers, breasts and brains regardless of their diet. Many of the people in the study where vegans who ate live food, after a week long NCD so Natural Cellular Defense.

Martin Pytela: Its Natural Cellular Defense.

Scott Paton: [Voice Crossover] green juice, so that could be like Exsula?

Martin Pytela: Yeah, oh, yes.

Scott Paton: Past protocol just 73 toxins remained in the subjects liver and 103 toxins were left in the breast and a 111 were detected in the brain, the overall percentage of removal of these toxins from the participants organs was 88%, only 12% in the systems were left in their systems overall, this concluded 91% removal of these toxins from the liver 88% from the breast and 87% from the brain, so in another words that means a huge, huge decrease after one week.

Martin Pytela: Yes.

Scott Paton: That is just amazing.

Martin Pytela: Yeah, that is why I was just stumped for words you know, how do I say that this is like magnitudes out of range from anything that you have experienced before.

Scott Paton: And if you want to have you know vibrant health, you have to get rid of those toxins.

Martin Pytela: Yes.

Scott Paton: So, this seems to be a good way to kind of wind up today’s podcast on a high, you can remove almost 90% of your toxins very, very quickly with the proper protocols and using Natural Cellular Defense as a part of that.

Martin Pytela: Yep, that is a beautiful summary.

Scott Paton: So, if you want to know more about Natural Cellular, so if you want to know more about…

Martin Pytela: NCD.

Scott Paton: …or Natural Cellular Defense, head over to www.life-enthusiast.com, if you have enjoyed this pod cast and you want to listen to more of them, if you go over to lifeenthusiast.podomatic.com we have got them all archived right there plus if you go over to lifeenthusiast.podOmatic.com I will have more information on — and links to all the information on NCD there as well. So, Martin as usual you get to have the last words.

Martin Pytela: Well thank you all for listening we appreciate you all, you are welcome to call here and get your specific questions answered that is 1-866-543-3388, this is Life Enthusiast Coop restoring vitality to you and to the planet. good bye.

Author: Martin Pytela