Podcast 052: Sea Plant Minerals

Iodine, Cancer and PMS

Sea Plant Minerals is a natural vitamin and mineral supplement. Contains kelp extract from Laminaria digitata harvested near Iceland, in the cold waters of the north Atlantic.

  • Whole Food Nutritional Support
  • Controls Your Metabolism
  • Disinfect Your Blood
  • Prevents Cardiovascular Disease
  • Detoxifies you From Heavy Metals

Podcast 052: Sea Plant Minerals

Scott: Welcome back everybody; you’re listening to life enthusiast co-op podcast. I’m your co-host Scott Paton and along with Martin Pytela, restoring vitality to you and the planet. Hey Martin, how are you doing today?

Martin: I’m doing great thanks Scott. How are you?

Scott: I’m doing good. We happen to have a foot of snow on the ground here. It’s January and unfortunately it got cold and the rains came and turned to snow and in one day we turned into a winter wonderland. Quite magnificent.

Martin: That’s quite beautiful especially when you’re a guy who doesn’t have to drive anywhere.

Scott: That’s right, I’m very happy that I don’t have to drive and it’s amazing how quiet it gets with the snow. I think it absorbs a lot of the sound but of course half the people don’t drive anymore.

Martin: That’s right you have both of those things happen.

Scott: So I understand you’ve been having some very exciting results with some of the people you’ve been talking to and some of our listeners may not realize that they can pick up a phone and call a number and rather than going through 3 or 4 buttons that you have to push before you have to leave a message, you usually pick up the phone and answer it if you’re not on the phone talking to somebody else. I was hoping you would share some of those stories with our listeners today.

Martin: Sure, would be glad to do that. In fact I actually usually interrupt who I’m talking to, to say I’ll take your name and number and call you back. Lately I have been on the phone a lot. People must have discovered me. Which is good but I tell you we are getting some great results. I guess now that I have had more practice over the last five years. I have a better hand at understanding what people need to hear. We are getting some really good results and of course my own conviction that we should offer people the best value as opposed to loading them up with thousands of dollars of stuff.

Scott: That they may not need.

Martin: You know there is a difference between need and want. If for instance you find out you have cancer and you call me. I can say let’s just throw everything we can at the issue. You can say I want to alkalize my body. So let’s start sweating you and sell you an infrared sauna for 4000 dollars. Let’s start detoxing your feet, let’s sell you a 1000 dollar foot ionic spa, feeding you some of the high end supplements and all of that. I could empty 10,000 dollars out of your account in the first two weeks with all sound advice, it’s all justifiable.

Or I could just say what is the greatest need, what you can possibly absorb at this moment and we usually start you off with, well in cancer there is not a lot of time so we need to push a little harder but even that at 500 dollars a month on an intensive program as opposed to a 10,000 dollar let me skin you alive while you still have your wallet in your hands.

Scott: Right, cause it can be pretty expensive.

Martin: It can be.

Scott: We are talking about going into a hospital and doing chemo therapy and doing all the drugs and everything they want to give you. That’s pretty expensive stuff.

Martin: Well, people who do not have insurance would be insane to go the medical route and you see it time and again people get cancer and they go and hand themselves over into the medical system and they have to sell their house and their retirement is gone and whatever they have saved up because it costs a quarter of a million dollars just to deal with it. We usually turn things around in 3 to 6 month at five thousand dollars tops compared to 250 grand, we are champions.

Scott: Yeah, and you get the results too because I know a friend of mine many years ago who had cancer and they did chemo and they thought they got rid of all the cancer. They said that they did and a month later he was dead. Yeah, we got rid of the cancer unfortunately the cure was worse than the disease or just as bad.

Martin: I was just talking to a lady, she’s in Hawaii and she called up with breast cancer and it’s lymphatic cancer, metastatic into the breast and all that and she says should I go do chemo and I said well look at, before you do chemo why don’t you give us 60 days to just try the natural diet. All we are suggesting to you is we are not doing any medicine here. All we are telling you here is that we can help your body eliminate toxins a little better and we are going to give you some nutrients that are going to help your digestive system function and some nutrients that are going to help your immune system function and so she ended up with a three hundred dollars worth of a few super foods and a bit of water structuring and I said I can promise you energy and she said really can you and I said yes you will feel better and sure enough she called in three weeks and said I can’t believe it, I have done my spring cleaning and it’s January. I have so much energy I can’t stop myself. I’m working, I’m working out, I’m living, my life is full and I was thinking I was going to be dead in four months.

Scott: What a difference.

Martin: All we are doing is changing the oxygenation of the tissue, because cancer really in its nature is oxygen deprivation at the tissue level because when there is not enough oxygen at the cellular level instead of digesting oxygen and producing carbon dioxide the cell turns into a fermentation regime where it ingests sugars and outputs lactic acid. Once we turn it back it’s just a simple nutritional and detoxification change. If the person is not too far gone, they experience this sort of change almost immediately.

Scott: We keep saying the body is a magnificent functioning mechanism and if you feed it the right things help it do what it’s supposed to do and give it rest and relaxation it can do amazing things. It got you to where ever you are and it can get you to some other places if where you’re at is not that nice a place.

Martin: Yeah, that’s right. It’s all about the function, the cellular function. Can we alter? It’s just like a tune up on a car, instead of running at three and a half cylinders maybe we can get you firing on all eight.

Scott: Or instead of having old gunky oil running through the engine, you’ve got some nice crystal clean oil running through it. So you had an interesting story about a young lady that you helped recently that had a problem with her dad or her dad had a problem.

Martin: Well she is not that young of a lady because the dad is 92 but sure.

Scott: I was being polite.

Martin: This wonderful woman, I may as well just read it. She submitted it to a forum somewhere. The forum is called I am an IMSD which is an immortality institute. A lot of people are posting there and she said the following…. Since most of the members of this forum are male I thought this might be of interest. My dad, 92 years old had a PSA test three weeks ago and it was sorry correction it was 6 not 7.4.

Scott: Sorry, before you go any further, what’s a PSA?

Martin: Prostate, you know what I don’t remember. It has to do with antibodies and essentially is an indicator of how much prostate cancer you have.

Scott: We don’t need to know what the exact letters means but what it was.

Martin: I think the first word is for prostate and the last word is for antibodies but I’m not really sure. So she is giving the back ground here and I don’t think I should read it word for word. The back ground is that her dad went to a local health food store and was given some advice which included the correct advice that sea plants or kelp in general which really is all about iodine which help regulate the prostate function. We’ve been saying this for the longest time but deficient iodine will not show up in the thyroid function, it will first show up in the sexual organ function. It shows up in men with prostate problems and then in women with the first PMS syndrome. That’s a classic, tender breast’s, bloating just before the period, water retention, emotional outbreaks and all of that. That all can be corrected with simple supplementation with sea plants.

Scott: Just take some kelp and you’re away to the races.

Martin: Well not all kelp is made equal. There is a difference between a good thing and a bad thing. We always make sure that we energetically check these things out. I was talking to Dr Vickery about it, he’s the formulator of the SuperNutrient Corporation products and he said he tested 50 different kelp samples before he was able to find three sources that he was happy with. So its not all made equal.

Scott: So you can’t just go down to the local ocean and grab some kelp out of the ocean and dry it off and out it on your salad.

Martin: Especially if you live near a large urban center with all its pollutants going out there, no probably not. So anyway, the story goes something like this, this hundred dollars per month kelp extract treatment was correcting dads problem. It went down from 8 to 4.

Scott: And this was over how long?

Martin: Six weeks. Okay and so he continued on it and it went all the way down to 2.

Scott: So that’s good right?

Martin: Yeah, excellent. But then the nutritionist stopped carrying the cheaper product and the 100 dollars a month and introduced something that was 200 dollars a month and dad got upset by about it and said forget it I’m not spending 200 dollars a month. That was a about a couple of years ago and he just had himself tested recently and his PSA was up at 6. His daughter started looking around the internet and found us. The sea plant minerals and you know we say there that yes it has a positive effect on PSA and she talked to me and we discussed it and I said yes this is the right thing and I said its 17 dollars a bottle, 17 dollars a month.

Scott: As opposed to 100 dollars.

Martin: Yeah or 200 now. So she was mighty pleased and she said okay 17 dollars a month it is and she ordered 3 bottles and she is writing that after 3 weeks he went to a test and the thing was down at 4.9. Which is a good thing, in a mere three weeks.

Scott: Three weeks that’s a big change.

Martin: So naturally he is continuing to take it she says, just wanted to pass on the news for those who might have a similar issue.

Scott: And she went and posted that for everyone to see. That was a very nice testimonial from her.

Martin: For sure, yep it’s out there in the open on Immortality Institute.

Scott: So tell us a little bit more about the Vickery Sea plant minerals since it’s obviously had a huge impact on her and in our aging population we’re concerned about, I know as a guy I’m concerned about my prostate. So how does that work?

Martin: Well what you need to understand is that it’s the iodine that does it and there are a couple major main ways to take iodine. One is to just simply take either Iodorol or Lugol’s Solution which is the mineral form of iodine. That has its problems because similarly we should take natural compounded minerals that are chelated as opposed to just eating rocks. We shouldn’t be taking the iodine directly; we should be taking it in a compounded way that nature meant for us to get it. It’s in the oceans and sea plants concentrated in their bodies. These, either kelp or dolls those are the two most common things. There are multiple species of kelp, the stuff that Dr Vickery found that works the best is the one that’s called Laminaria digitata of the species and this one is grown in Iceland, on the shores of Iceland. The pollution around Iceland is still minimal.

Scott: I would say it’s a lot better than around New York.

Martin: Even where you are on the Pacific coast you could find yourself swimming in kelp if you want to but the bay where all of the saw mills and pulp mills and other factories have been spilling their toxic stuff for the last 200 years. It’s a concern. I am so concerned for everything in nature as we keep spilling these pollutants into the environment. So anyway not getting off on that, they are straight forward once you have a decent source, all you have to do is mill it and put it in capsules and send it over.

Scott: So we talked about this having a good impact on women’s PMS and men’s prostate but does it have an impact on the thyroid gland because iodine is important for the thyroid. Does that affect other parts of how are body works, like our metabolism or anything like that?

Martin: Actually you know, the thyroid will steal all the available iodine at the expense of the sexual organs because of course if you mess up your metabolism you only have a couple of days. If your metabolism stops working you start shivering uncontrollably and just go cold. If your sexual organs are deprived you can go for a long time. It actually takes about 20 years for these cancers to develop. In normal medical tests, if they test your thyroid it will look normal because the thyroid is still working on the minimal levels of the iodine but it’s not enough to maintain the rest of the body. In fact, interesting in Japan they take about 100 times as much iodine as a typical North American will do. Not only do they eat Nori which is that black sea weed that they wrap around the sushi rolls and things like that or they have Miso soup again with the sea weed floating inside of that. They also use kelp for fertilizing their gardens. They actually take the kelp plants themselves and they heap it on their gardens in the fall to compost it. So the vegetables that they grow are also fertilized by iodine rich plants.

Scott: So they get a lot of iodine.

Martin: Yep, the average is about 100 fold from what we get. That’s also statistically significant because they don’t get the cancers that we get here. As soon as the Japanese person moves to North America they start eating the North American diet, they start having the North American illness. But if they live the Japanese life style they don’t.

Scott: So could you also use the sea plant mineral to detoxify, does it have a detoxifying effect as well?

Martin: Indirectly, when your thyroid is working properly then of course everything else in your body is working right then detoxification takes place and all of that. But it’s more about the metabolism and how that’s running, having the energy, having normal weight because if your thyroid is under functioning you’re putting on weight. If it’s over functioning, hyperthyroid then you are becoming very skinny.

Scott: So one way of telling how your thyroid is doing is what your weight looks like.

Martin: Right, yes. It’s so complex; there are so many very ways that the kelp is involved in the human body. There are polysaccharides which are very important in many other functions. It has to deal with the circulatory system; it has to deal with the entire glandular system, all of the endocrine system working together. It even has to do with metal toxicities and things like that.

Scott: So it will have a good impact on that? Actually I have a story I wanted to share with you and our listeners. I was talking to a friend of mine actually today about two hours ago and he had a very distressing new years and his wife thought she was having a heart attack so he called; now she is probably 65, maybe a little bit older, maybe a little bit younger. I don’t want to insult her by saying she is older then she is but he’s in his early 70’s. They were getting ready for new years and she thought she was having a heart attack; she had this pain in her chest so he called the ambulance and the ambulance was there and the firefighters were there, they were all there and they were all running around doing their thing and one of the guys, one of the firefighters who was 27, 28, 30 years old and you know those guys all look like they are in pretty good shape and the first question they ask is what medications are you on. They spent a lot of time on preventative medicine and very little time on drugs and she said I’m not on any and he was like what? You’ve got to be on some drugs. No I’m not on any drugs and he says lady, I’m 28 and I’m on two different types of drugs, prescription drugs and they couldn’t believe she wasn’t on any drugs. So they took her to the hospital and her doctor or the doctor there at the hospital not her doctor says who’s your family doctor and they go we don’t have a family doctor. What you don’t have a family doctor, are you insane? He goes well no we have a naturopath and we work on preventative medicine, we don’t work on taking drugs and stuff and she just couldn’t believe this and thought that my friend was absolutely insane so they pumped her up with a bunch of drugs and did a bunch of tests, they did all this stuff and decided she wasn’t anywhere near having a heart attack and so then they went up to see the naturopath and he spent four hours with her detoxing and he kept pointing out to her, here’s a toxic reaction you had to that drug, here’s a toxic reaction to this drug, all the toxic reactions she had to all the drugs they put her in. Plus all the radio activity that just back ground radio activity from just being in the hospital, he pointed that out to her. So this hospital was an incredibly unhealthy place for her to actually have been in.

Martin: So did you hear what the diagnosis was. What was with her in the end?

Scott: I think she was just excited about life and about the New Year and got a little bit too excited and short of breath.

Martin: You know one symptom of metabolic stress is that it feels as though someone put their hand on your heart and started squeezing. Some people call it anxiety pains or anxiety attack, more often than not it is when your cells are not responding to insulin correctly and we actually talked about this not to long back when we did our talk on metabolic stress and it’s not commonly understood if you’re not taught the functional medicine or earth molecular medicine you won’t understand what’s going on. You would think it’s a heart attack when in fact what you’re doing is you have a potassium imbalance. So maybe all she needed was to eat a couple of bananas and drink two glasses of orange juice.

Scott: Well, her husband is going to be listening to this pd-cast so he can get her some orange juice and some bananas.

Martin: I only hope I’m right.

Scott: And if you’re wrong, how hard is it on your body that you have a couple of bananas and drink a glass of orange juice as opposed to all the things that people will stick in your body to see if that works right, when it comes to these drugs.

Martin: I was again talking to Jock, the fellow that we read a quote from one of the last podcast, he actually went all out and he emailed his entire mailing list. Some of these people have been calling here now. He’s 38 and his class mates are calling so men, women. I’m just astounded that people in their late thirties are having as much trouble as they are. But anyway the point of that was that the 20 minute consultation that I did with him pretty much set him in the right direction. He took it up, ran with it and three weeks later he considered himself free of all the symptoms that he’s had for nine years. Nine years and he says hundreds and hundreds of dollars worth of medicine that he’s pumped into himself and you know all the medical appointments and all that and all it took was a fairly simple nutritional change. I mean all he needed initially was he spent 150 dollars on his initial order and now is on an 85 dollar a month maintenance program.

Scott: Nice, that’s less then I pay for my medical.

Martin: Well you pay for your medical just in case you slip on the ice and crack your skull open.

Scott: And because I have no choice, that’s the other part of it.

Martin: Well yes, but I tell you I do want to have my emergency insurance just in case I do something like I just what I described or something similar, because if you bumped your head somewhere in a car accident I will be so grateful to the surgeons to be there with their emergency room and all that heroic medicine that are able to keep me alive until the stuff heals.

Scott: That’s what we keep saying, there is a purpose for it just use it for the right purpose.

Martin: Yes, unfortunately when they started using emergency medicine or emergency room tools for dealing with chronic disease it’s completely upside down.

Scott: Well Martin this has been a fascinating podcast as usual and I was wondering if you would let our listeners know a number that they can call you if they want to talk about some of the specific issues that they have with their health.

Martin: I will do that but before I say that I also want to mention in the super foods we make and the Exsula superfoods we actually have significance and noticeable amounts of the kelp and dulse so that anybody on the super foods has no worries about being under supplied with iodine and that’s important. So anybody who feels they would like to give themselves some nutritional consultation, my direct line is 775-299-4661. Canadians can call 250-483-4149 or call the direct office line, which is 1-866-543-3388. They will take a message for me.

Scott: Excellent, alright any last words before we wrap up this episode.

Martin: Well folks, there is common sense that can keep you out of trouble, it’s simple, it doesn’t have to be expensive. Don’t believe the high priced items are required to make significant health changes. Here it is Life Enthusiast Co-op, restoring vitality to you and to the planet.

Scott: And if you want to listen to previous episodes, head over to the Podcast archive, we will have a link to SuperNutrient Corporation and  Exsula Superfoods on there but if you want to look at any of the hundreds and hundreds of pages of articles on kelp you can head over to www.life-enthusiast.com.

Author: Martin Pytela